I found this and some of the information there struck home.                                                                                                                                              Reptilian Trivia
Eyewitness encounters commonly take place along the fringes of society where tree lines meet rural communities and where there are densely ticketed habitats.

reptilian are suspected of living in geologically remote areas where Gravity Anomaly Maps (inverse topographical maps) indicate the presence of empty underground space. There appears to be a higher than normal percentage of reptoid sightings in places containing ancient volcanic ‘Tuffa’ (soft volcanic ash beds,) limestone, karst and sandstone (Missouri, Arkansas, Arizona, California etc.) ref: http://www.reptoids.com

Among a search on reptilian, we found this as well,


The renegade military-intelligence units deliberately intimidate, physically abuse, and even gang-rape the civilians they kidnap. The extraterrestrials do not. (Although the psychological warfare division of the renegade military-intelligence units, and their dupes who swallow their propaganda, put out lurid false stories in UFO magazines, books and internet newsgroups about “raping reptilian” and other sci-fi comic book fantasies.) http://www.greatdreams.com/reptlan/reps.htm

If you’ve read about our case your aware there is a huge  confusion factor,  the initial experience’s have an eerie ring, when the above is read.

1- we were forcefully abducted,

2- we were we believe probed or assaulted/ the voices on the tape reflected  it with their comments.

3- SOME SORT of military group (or a group of  individuals surely criminal, using military terms)- example   -( I love Recon)

4- strange e-mails , and a physical stalker, using his car to keep us from leaving a field’s entrance. Some time after.

5- The intimidation,,, again the emails and stalking, but there are reports in our area of roads that you cannot enter,, not barred roads, or ones with signs, but ones you will be stopped on.  By figures bearing automatic weapons who then instruct you to leave and not approach the area again.

6- close to 6 hours total of time was lost to us, in which we have no memory, over three nights ,, Alien or human, what was the purpose of that time?

Now are these just the well cultivated rumors of a populace that can vary in their integrity? No The editor of our towns  paper told us of a group that had been concentrated in the very area we found our troubles.   A group who supposedly guarded their privacy in such a way they  fired their weapons at planes flying over. Their were no reports of arrests or police actions in the area due to it.

What are we trying to suggest ?  well it isn’t with surety that our governments military has gotten out of hand, (but we do have the ugly stories and  images of our troops sexually abusing prisoners in the war.  If the need for such a crime  was so overwhelming , so necessary to them,, well how much more restraint would they have in their treatment of Americans once home?

With Sexual misconduct crimes at Fort Leonardwood Missouri a fairly short distance away,,and  in  what equates to  condonement  a member of the military clergy there  insinuated  a rape there   was the victims’s  fault .  It becomes clear that deeper and more regular psychiatric testing of (certain)troops( may) be necessary.

Are we sure our event was of this nature?    hardly   ,,,,,It would be much more sensible in the way of practical investigation to proceed with the notion our abduction was a more terrestrial one.  The use of a costume in the Alien figure before our jeep, isn’t an impossibility, nor is the source of our amnesia necessarily tied to Alien influence alone.   Drugs are used regularly by criminal organizations , and military groups to build  responses more in concert with their wishes.   We have a great pile of growing facts before us,  We were unaware of the suggestion of Renegade Military units, but frankly they make a lot of sense.

There are not only concerns of this kind before us, but a companion  that always shadows the military in any place they settle, im talking about the producers of drugs.  When i was at Fort Leanordwood, in 1979 in the regular Army’s bridge school for engineers, there was a real problem, one similar to that that my best friend experienced in basic and A,I,T, in Airbourne training.In Delta Company we lost a boy litterly before he could finish basic.  Not to a faulty weapon, or an accident during training but at the end of a chase when two drill Sargents took him to the pavement.  His back or spine was damaged and he died on the spot or shortly afterwards.   He had kicked one of the Sargents in the head, and made it out the door, i was in the hall as they passed, he wasnt out of sight at the time they finally caught up i could see the trio through the darkness still.

This wasn’t  a story told  to illicit shock or pity, The young man, was a man,  and chose his way, he was very sharp and had immense leadership qualities,, but he also had an addiction,  and apparantly a very willful nature. all of us are sources in the eyes of pushers and drug makers,, a source waiting to be tapped.   There was recently on KMOE, NEWS, a story of a huge pot field found in the area.  A bow hunter came upon 2 hispanics and their camp sight adjacent to this crop.  They fled the area, and the crop was confiscated.   David Cook, whose dissapearance has been featured on Americas Most Wanted,,twice,, and has been rumored as being a victim of the mexican drug cartel, very much alive  in America.      So it seems we have monsters enough without the need for Aliens as well. It is though,, im afraid a package deal

As of the moment we feel strongly that there is a  military like influence in our area. This we strongly suspect,  but what does it say about our area when i can likewise claim, to know ,,not doubt, but KNOW, there is a stationed? group of Aliens acting as watchers over certain areas.  Just the sort of  land mentioned .  Tree lines , dense thickets, connecting to our town, the areas we got each photo of that kind in. At this point id still like to believe they are playing at a role, and not affiliated with the government.  only time will tell if our trust is well founded.


— If this seems to have strayed from the initial conversation about aliens, i felt knowing all the players involved might give you a better insight into the overall situation.    In part two – we will look at a few pictures closely, brake them down, and seek an answer as to what it all means.