Probably two of the most grainy photos in UFO history,  The Trent Photos, also have three  more distinctions. 1: One  was on the cover of Life magazine. 2: They were not disproved in the Condon Report which concluded “The photographs confirm precisely what the witnesses said they saw.”  and 3: In 1974  an organization, GWS, was trusted with scientific  analysis of the photos .   They found that they had to echo the Condon Reports findings. They, GWS, found none of the traits that identify a photo as fraudulent. They were able to estimate its size as 60 to 90 ft in diameter.

There have been others just as surely genuine of the same time, gritty, but clear enough to show  a 3-D shape, that could be  identified.  The night the military  lit up the Los Angeles sky with explosive rounds and the accompanying photo in the newspaper  of what they were shooting at was of the same quality.   It, nonetheless, is also a classic. Images even today are taken at a distance and enlarged until the pixel quality near turns to mush. Yet  people still find ” them” in the image, find their craft, and bring these barely visible figures before the UFO community.

So, as we begin looking at the images from our most recent trip, please keep in mind it was shot on a road that yielded lots of gravel dust. The figure in question was probably at least 50 feet from the road, and my camera is a 10 megapixel variety that’s seen better days. I guess that’s all the excuses I  have. Hopefully we can take this at face value, a grainy photo with something that appears to be a figure in it.. We’ll break this down step by step , so you can see how I came to my conclusions.

This is the original image. It sucks.  It’s obviously of ground that is partially clear on the edge of trees and thicket. There is a group of what appear to be grasses,  maybe tall ones. They seem to catch the light well and hold it.   Outside of this, the two zones of light one, that is  closer to the viewer that is washed out, and that area that is starting to fade from sight altogether into the dark background. What we’re looking for is to remove our attention from the plants. Let our eyes wander, looking for lines that have relevance.

The human body can contort to poses that captured on film, are both astonishing and disturbing.  Just look at the major league baseball pitchers in some photos.   Their arms appear, for an instant to be more a thing of rubber than human flesh.  Our figure is  less dramatic in the sense of action.   It may be standing on slightly bent legs leaning forward, I’ts arms reaching not far from the body but low towards the ground possibly holding something.  See if you can find something that meets this description.

In the second version of the same image we have cropped it a little to get a closer look at the focal point in this image, and again looking past the thought of plants  and logs, look for that figure described above. The arrow points out what I see as the figure.  Only, now, do you see either a very odd head, or a large mask of some kind worn atop what could be the head? If you don’t, don’t worry, it will be shown soon.   Do you see bent knees? Do you see something that lends itself more to a humanoid appearance than to a bush?

The image to the left is still too lost in darkness. It needs a bit more light  and in the same image below we’ve done that.  Now, what I cannot help calling the figure seems to be coming into view. For the first time arms can be distinguished from the torso.  It is fairly sure now as well that there may be two bent legs .  The knee and forearm on the left side are in contact, and if this truly is a figure then it looks like something may be draped around its neck. Still what must be the head is confusing. It looks large and green, more like a headpiece than a clump of leaves.  ——————————————————————–

   To the right is a list of the things beginning to stand out.

They are no longer so vague that they can be completely ignored.  I’ve seen clouds that look like everything imaginable.  When you see a tree it may have a face in the bark, and you may even see a gnarly arm of a sort, some twisted branches impression of it, but when you see numerous points of detail that point not to a deer, a horse, a pile of lumber, or a bush , and they are in concert with each other,  the arm, the elbow, the legs all bend as they should and more importantly are in proportion to one another, you are no longer left with the question of if it is there. It becomes  an even more important question of is it man or what?

The next image was my test to see if my interpretation  still fit the figure in the image.  I had taken a cropped copy to paint to outline the shape, to show the lines I saw in the form.  It was enlarged and even fuzzier than in the smaller shots, but  it was still clear enough to find them.  Then I took the full image  to paint.

    There I  placed  the cropped image of my figure outlined in white , and tried to place my estimation of posture close enough that a comparison could be made.  I know peoples beliefs are hard bought, but I really approached this looking for the other things, the natural ones.

When the factors began pointing more to something just as natural, a living form, I still made changes in lighting , and contrast, to see if a bush or a pile of junk was going to jump out at me and say” hey dummy, here I am.”   Instead I began feeling more and more like a spectator to some sort of event.    The piece on top the head or the head itself is the same color as the piece that forms a mantle on the neck and chest and shoulders. The arms and legs, despite their fuzziness, have an outline to them. As silly as it sounds, I spent many a Sunday afternoon and school football game in that very position. It looks like someone having the ball hiked to them. The knees are bent, the arms are in the right position. I’m sure that wasn’t the plan. I’m not convinced, yet, it is a human in costume.

The only reason I could see for a fright suit would be to frighten people away from an activity or a spot. Drug labs and pot fields could explain it. Work done at night would  be lower profile.  Still, with all the other weirdness spread over such an area, with so many things seen by us,  I  just can’t believe pot farmers are responsible for UFO’s flying around our courthouse,  and being sighted all over Bates County.

there is doubtlessly a criminal element here, but these aren’t criminals with sophisticated flying craft. They aren’t  going to draw attention to the night through stupid costume play that might lead to disturbance calls that would bring more police into the area to investigate.  Not when there was a large bust recently in our area, a crop confiscated and burnt.   For now, please give me your feelings on these images and your opinions. If we’re wrong we want to know and we want to know why so we can minimize similar mistakes when they occur.   We need your help to grow. We value you, the reader, and your comments and opinions.

same image highly contrasted, brighter color is a result.with drawn overlay to compare