In June of 2010 i took a photo of what appeared to be 4 pods, long maybe 5 ft long and 2 and a half ft across. Even stranger than their presence was their placement, they were in a fairly deep flood swelled stream, that had backed up into a big culvert. The pods,, were floating one atop the other loosely in the water.   All i was sure  of was , there were 4 of these objects beneath the water, and that the water itself had a green appearance to it.

another peanut in a similar setting.

objects in the stream a peanut.

large shape moves across the sky over the square./ this and odd yellow lights.

Now i don’t mean a reflection from the plants or  algae like stuff , the water, the sardine like objects crowded together,both were as green as Uzzo is blue.   We were going to come back the next day, but frankly we couldn’t find the spot.   this waterway was concrete but it had bars running down out of it, ones of a metal almost white.   On our return there were streams and culverts but none that ended with bars.  We figured it must have been our lack of mapping skills, and we absorbed one more loss determined to keep a map constantly in the jeep.

metallic peanut makes it way from one cloud bank to another.

We found no more of its kind, no pods, (except one being handed across a fence down the road from us.) This was so vague in its clarity that it could have been a duffel bag for all we know.   Yet in the last year we began finding objects slightly in keeping with their appearance, only now these had an indention pressed around there middle, giving the look of a peanut.

Ufo’s are sleek disc shaped craft right, ? or triangles, or cigars,,,   but peanuts?   I laughed each time i said it,, but we kept getting more and more of these shapes the sky, ones the size of sofa cushions , and one’s the size of trucks.  In all kind of light or the lack of it, they appeared, and where some lighting situations explained in their brightness camera distortions , this was not the same thing.  Still,, Peanuts?

But then in another blind shoot, i found two more examples,, away from street lights, away from any source of light but the cameras flash, i found something beneath the water once more.   But this time not pods of the description given earlier,, no these were peanuts. ones better than 3 to 4 ft in length possibly more.     Add to this the object in the skies near the  bank of America, in Butler,   as well as the huge brown object cruising over the courthouse ,,compare them .

in black and white the spherical shape of each end is visible.