This report is short, its more an expression of the flabbergasted , than an informative offering.

We as ive mentioned before frequent the hospital, not out of a need by a hypochondriac , but out of  a response to my doctors orders.

The particular’s of those visits, are not important .   And there is a point of interest  just outside the emergency room.   It is the view to the south,,, it starts with a street just down the hill from the parking area, and Life Flight copter pad.   There in the  proximity  is a block of nice little track houses.  beyond this fields, and beyond that further south nothing but woods for a few miles.

This view has bothered me, in a fascinating way. its like i expect something, in that sky. every time i look at it im drawn to study that horizon,

So it shouldnt have surprised me when during a building rain storm, something odd presented itself near the area of my interest.

Possible visitors to the bates county memorial emergency room parking lot, whew,

There Was an odd light steady. moving through the clouds.  and we were locking the car up to go in. I snapped two shots the south-west in the direction of the faint glow, and turned my camera off and put it in my sweat top pocket and went in. The story ends there except for the viewing  of it later.  It came out the blurry photo was distinct enough to show the source of the glow i saw.  In it there is among the other chaos a silvery blueish object disc shaped, possibly cigar-shaped,.from the side both shapes mirror one another.


What is weirdest about the picture is the roofs of cars are barely discernible,  there seems a weird tall shape  that may be standing or walking among them to the right also difficult to make out.  There are also strange shapes among the reddish stuff,, but when it gets to the reflective surface in the sky,? This disc or cigar-shaped object is clearly outlined in comparison.  (Why would the one moving object in the scene be the clear focal point while everything else is a guess?