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Your riding along on a peaceful night. There ‘s nothing but the sound of the motor and your conversation.  You see something that flashes, momentarily, like lightning overhead, not across the sky, but isolated in a condensed flash over head.   You drive on, the witness, you believe, to just one more extraordinary act of nature. You think, I’ll take some pictures of the clouds. Maybe I’ll catch more activity of this odd lightning. What else can you call it?

see in top right corner the beam like expanses, attached like a frame, like and opening this was taken directly over our car on a rural highway. this was taken the 15TH OF OCTOBER

When you get home you look through the images , and bring them individually up on the screen.  It’s a pulse of light in a dark sky, like no lightning you’ve ever seen .  You lighten it some more  and something else is in the picture. There are  two straight angled bars, thick, reflecting the light that was pulsing over your car.  You lighten it more. You see they are connected like a picture frame, like you had taken a picture over head of half of a box or squared opening.   Again, it is thick with real structure.    Your ideas about lightning are changing, unspoken and you feel something sink inside you. It’s happened again!

Since the time we began this study of  Bates County, we have tried to disprove the theories we had. We hoped we would find satisfactory answers of a natural kind. We tried to go someplace in the county with no response, no discovery.  There were far too few of them( normal places )left.

lights over our jeep on the Butler square , these two white lights followed us all the way home from Rich HILL

In 2009 we were brought into this in a very criminal and brutal way. We were abducted 15 minutes outside of Butler on the east side, on or near  E.Dakota St.  We were taking pictures in a poor attempt at night photography. We hoped to get pictures of animals, caught off guard, by randomly photographing into woods, clearings and  hollows, all from the road. This route we’d chosen we’d driven the day before in daylight.

closeup of an object that was seen hovering over the old deserted Sonic restraunt about 150 to 200 ft in the air, a blowe up.

We knew how much time it would take us,   30 to 40 minutes.  So, why, then, did it take us  a total of 4 hours, when we’d driven the identical road two nights in a row, 4 times the time?  Why did we find, in our camera, images of strange objects in the air, not high overhead, but, coming down the road towards us?   Why did we find an image of something that looked like a sci-fi alien with a strange suit of white leather and a helmet with a visor standing right in front of our hood?  We  could not have forgotten an experience that bizarre. We could not of forgotten that without help.

this figure is looking out a window of something hovering in the air 30 ft off the ground, just off of 69 highway

We went out one final time to the same area, with tape recorders on board. We needed proof for our own sanity. We needed proof of the reality of something unknown taking place.  We needed to understand WHY we couldn’t remember it.  We got far too many proofs  to everything except who was involved. After we’d listened to the whole thing, we crushed the mini recorders wishing we’d never sought out an answer.

Object we estimated at 60 to 70 ft tall, seen out on 1500 rd, near Amoret

There are a number of different things taking place in BATES COUNTY, so weird we are unable even to label them.  We have no letters next our name. We can’t claim any special learning. We are two grandparents, one 52 and one 59,  who stumbled upon something that may have been happening here for years. To keep this clear, we believe we encountered something unnatural, a UFO in a close encounter, possibly even were involved in an abduction.   We also believe there was a human element involved.   We are sure our vehicle was approached and forcefully entered, and we were subdued.    How could we not remember more details? We have struggled with this question as well, and found a likely culprit. There is a drug  used on campus, a date rape drug called Rophynol. It makes the person zombie like in compliance, only it allows them a normal appearance. This drug is used by military and drug cartels, etc. to achieve their aims.   A person under the influence of Rophynol  could be directed to go their bank, clean out their account, and hand it immediately over to the  person who instructed this.   They(the victim) would respond in a normal way with no duress, only they would be unable to act in their own best interest, especially if it was opposite to the will of the person who drugged them.  Most devastating of all, is the fact this drug leaves no memory of the the experience. None of the encounter is remembered at all.  There would be an account  and no logical answer to the moneys absence.  Other uses just as criminal come to mind I’m sure.

object that flew around the courthouse clock tower

same object as others in courthouse series, it now hovers very near the tower wall itself. maybe checking out our clocks?

We are sure there is such an element in Bates County. With the human presence aside, that leaves the heart of this article,  the presence of strange  objects in our skies, and the figures caught on film stalking the country side.   These may seem like melodramatic words,  ones that reflect more theory  than fact, but the sad truth is we have more evidence for the possibly Alien presence in our county than we do human group. That logic points to, in our initial experience.

as it approached from the south

Question -what is the connection between all these people? Actor Stuart Whitman, President Jimmy Carter, Jackie Gleason, Ronald Reagan,  John Lennon, Buzz Aldrin,U.S senator Richard Russel,  astronauts, Dennis Kucinich, and Gorden Cooper, and news anchor man Walter Cronkite?

Answer-Each had their own sighting of a UFO. Each person was willing to talk of it.   U.S Navy Pilot, Graham Bethune, described an encounter with a 300 ft long disk shaped UFO in 1951.   It was witnessed on board a plane that contained these other witnesses, 31 people in all.  Relief crews, and  a Psychiatrist,  all saw the object.   There are hundreds of reports made by politicians , pilots , actors , and policemen. Each have a job where image is very important. Why would they risk their jobs , and political futures with such talk if it were not true?  We have people in our own community, in the Town of Butler, that have seen things. There is a business man, who owns a building on the town  square, who claims to have been abducted, two nurses at the hospital,  who took us aside to tell us about an object both saw the same night on their way home from work.

So you see our article in the paper two years ago, was just an awakening. Surely, if this many people have  had their lives changed by an experience like this, there must be more.  There are people who regularly travel the roads we were abducted on, on the rural highways around us. Whatever  group or entities are involved , they did not pick us on a lark, there is nothing special about us,. At first we thought our abduction a freak occurrence, an isolated event.   Since then, talking with other people, we’ve looked up to in our community for years, hearing their stories, I know this touches many of us.  If it happened to you, why don’t you remember? Because you have nothing to give you a clue that anything has happened in the first place.  Our camera held the clues that showed us, and the tape recorders that followed.  If they are intercepting people in the county on the dark roads, they must be using a method that’s worked in the past for them.   They  see their target,  disable their vehicle in some way, enter the car or truck and extricate the people within. Then leave them, later, at the sight with no anxiety and no memory of the encounter. They leave you without a clue.

All I can suggest is,  if you have to drive late at night on remote roads, you carry a camera, leave it loose on the seat next to you or in your lap.  Carry a digital tape recorder if you have one.  You may never find anything on your film, you may never hear anything but the motor of your car and your favorite songs playing. If you do find something , contact us. Don’t wait as we did out of embarrassment. Only by these strange and sometimes painful revelations can we together seek an answer, a way to bring more and more of us to a condition of awareness.

This isn’t something we need to do for our selves alone but for our families growing up in the  mysteries of this new age.

Richard Carter,



We have loaded some pictures into the gallery. You will find the access to the gallery at the very top of the page next to the RSS feed. There are some photos already there to view, and we will be adding many more.

Article on KMOE/KMAM

Our local radio station has done us the favor of posting an article about the odd things we have found in Bates County. They mentioned some of the areas that we take pictures at.

We just wanted to inform the residents of Bates County that we never go onto peoples property, we don’t shoot pictures near homes or structures, and we never post exactly where we got our pictures other than the square because we respect our neighbors and friends and do not want to inconvenience them in anyway. All of our pictures are taken from the car, on the road.

I am working on a gallery page. We hope to have it up soon. You will be able to go there soon to see what we have found, but please, also read some of the articles. They are well written and give some possible insights to what we see in them.

We don’t have explanations for everything we find. We never claim to. We try to do our research as logically and scientifically as possible.

Do We have a Purpose,

I recently voiced just that question to the MIG group,  a bunch of wildly intelligent people, who have a real need for knowledge.  A group i must add i respect a lot.

The reality of most people’s lives is there is little time , for organized actions outside those of the household and work oriented situations.    Lori and i are in a different situation, and to feel others aren’t contributing enough physically to an effort is off based when comparing schedules and lives.

Still we have a need, more now ,more than ever,   those of us that consider ourselves believers, have probably come to some well-rounded education of the subject through books and conferences etc,   And as  wild as some hollywood scenarios  of aliens are  laid out before us, there are some factors in them that do have a reference point  in this.   These scenarios do force us if we look introspectively at all, to ask ourselves questions, and to it forces us to admit a few things. One being we as a species are ill prepared.

Lets say we have a( Signs) type scenario ,    Where over a period of days , the only news is  of the massive star ship, or armada of smaller vessels hovering in our sky .  A moment when a group of beings intelligent enough to cross space, time, or dimensional barriers , is knocking at our door.    There are of course things we have to take for granted,, one is our actions to suppress them will be limited by their technologically superior tool and their level of vulnerability.  Our success will also be limited by the physical opposition, they’re numbers , or the makeup of their species(we could be fighting enemies 3 feet tall, or 10 ft tall). The level of infiltration they’ve accomplished will also have a very strong bearing on the outcome of such a take over.    mines and caverns  could house a base of thousands,  Also they may have been around long enough, that they have  not been wasting their time installing  implants, in us,  but each of these has a very important  purpose,.

Not only as tracking devices, but as tools possibly  to humble those willing to oppose them. There are any number of effects they might be able to produce that limit( by pain sickness or mental collapse) any sort of resistance.  They could just as easily cause a euphoric state renders us unable to accurately interpret our position or the threat that underlies it. There are numerous things they may use against us,   not the least of these the well-being of our  children (What might you accept to spare your children additional trauma?)

And we the UFO crowd, the organizations that have gathered this information like a un official blue book committee,, where are we in all this? Standing naked next to our neighbors, in long lines or crowds aboard vessels awaiting our fate, with all the useless recriminations over our half-hearted efforts  dead in our throats.     When the monster of Adolf Hitler was rising in europe,  some of the allied force was still unconvinced of his threat.  It was a failure in judgement they suffered greatly over.

We are not in that much a different  situation, those of us with facts gained first hand , those ufologist who have intently and diligently pursued this subject,, what is our purpose?   Is it to be the investigators we claim to be, and not merely librarians , conservators over a vast body of arcane knowledge?   Or are there ways we may be able to influence the outcome of such a scenario, possibly in our favor.?

If the whole world has been duped and the UFO phenomena has been nothing more than the most intricate hoax in history, and we never meet true beings from outer space i couldn’t be happier.   But we gather to talk over these subjects for a reason, we are whether you think about it or not a separate people, we look at a worry , a possibilities that others don’t care to attend to.  So I ask you in closing  What do we do with the knowledge  we’ve acquired?   are we pretenders to the title we claim? What is our purpose.

The Carter family line may someday end, but the Midnight observer family,, well sense they may go on in some form  forever.

head and hand both eye and hand are green its skin is aqua marine,

(Uncle Bubba, the reptilian thing,)( Cousin Clem, the alien I’m guessing) ( our friend with the goatee,  and regal vestments , and grey skin, The Demon with no Name,)  (Our Pear headed friend another grey brother, The Lurker)   (his counterpart in the ship overhead, pretending to be Magneto,,, well that’s who he looks like.)  and all the  other chill in, creeping and hopping around the country side.    These entities,, have been an ever renewing truth for us, the proof of our assumptions, as though after the first few we needed it.

outline to show form

And though I’ve trivialized the bunch , tried with humor to make their existence more acceptable,,, they are as real and taxing a worry as drugs , crime , and other corruptions in our world. We should not be  , and are not surprised when we meet another.   Its funny though how things run in cycles, how returning to some of the places we first frequented, we found  the subject of  this article.

taken through reteniex to look for alternate detail.

Probably the friendliest  looking beastie, ive ever seen, in photos or illustrated, he, she, it,  looks like it belongs in a little mermaid cartoon, or in some other fanciful tale of the enchanted woods.   But how do we know its character,?  is it waving at us, or is it just making an effort (much too late ) to hide its face?   That one large eye visible on that side of its globe like head, could hold the most sensitive of thoughts, and purposes,  or the most cold alien reasoning.   Many creatures of our natural earth have appearances that draw other creatures in , only to gobble them up, or drag them off to a lair.   I am a defensive person in most regards , i try more than ever now to not allow myself to be deluded, drawn into situations,, our work is a different matter,   there is a un avoidable element of the unknown in it that can’t be planned for.

But with this creature i feel very different,  We were examining the growth around a bridge , that had been recently cut , it allowed a clearer view of the underside. This was near a dairy just off of 52   highway, about 4 blocks or so.   This was an average sized bridge with a rusty condition , new graffiti showed it still to  be a favorite drinking place of kids around the area. this was also the bridge where we had encountered a strange man with garbage bags, who was coming up from below, the bags were not full but partially filled with something, and it wasnt garbage, we had been visiting the bridge regularly and the same trash below it was untouched.  This individual, moved to Colorado that very week leaving his farm which was adjacent to the bridge and waterway.    As i took pictures over the side leaning out enough to get a view beneath snapped a picture of a beautiful aqua marine color.


I saw nothing aside from this , but did hear scurrying beneath the bridge, rustling sound, and when i looked back over the color was absent.

One has to wonder with the cases of aliens supposedly talking telepathically to

abductees , what other abilities might they have? If they had the ability to reach into our minds and express themselves in a language alien to them, just how much more difficult would it be for them to dissect messages coming to our brain from our eyes,, short circuiting messages of details,, that would in its most effective usage amount to cloaking themselves.


It could explain much of the inconsistency in our experiences,, some with clearly seen objects and figures and others on the cameras images alone, as if we were walking in our sleep taking the photos.  In the Betty  Andreason,  case  her figures had large eyes,(wide ones) small noses, slit like mouths, and similar to our new friend three fingers.    The rest of the figure is obscured by foliage, we maneuvered around to get a side view but did not attempt to go under the bridge,  nothing could be seen of its coloration and the foliage covering the ground could easily have concealed a pit or hole to hide in,, as though a creature of this kind would need it.  There is just as great a possibility that this was a

dimensional  entity of some sort.

larger view, of moving figures head, it disappeared beneath the bridge after this shot.

all in all the form  of something bright in color that was temporarily there strongly suggests a presence of some kind ,, an object with movement, and since this object was not seen in water, we have to guess at its means of locomotion.   beyond that i wonder just how many different sorts there are in this sometimes militant  card game for our world.?   Could we  handle the answer if they all stood up at the same time    ? Rich,

At one time or another, most people will see something scary or something humorous in clouds foliage or even in stones. We walk up and touch it or advance to its position finding only silt and mineral, leaves and bark. With a smile we, then, return to thoughts more fitting our present reality.

But what if those faces, those forms were more than nature playing games with the creative portion of our minds? We know there are cave paintings of fantastic beings, drawn by people who huddled together in small groups around fires (their main source of security).

We know how simple they were supposed to have been, yet what elevated them above us in that one way, they’re ability to make peace with and accept the fantastic as instant fact? Obviously they were closer to everything. They worked in the materials that were as natural as they were.

You had to not only move quietly through the ancient woods to hunt successfully, you had to be part of them. Their inspirations came from all that was greater than them, though they feasted on mammoth, they nearly worshiped the huge bear of their time.

So when they drew figures of beings with things like our interpretation of space suits, (one I hesitate to agree with) they were showing us a day of magnitude in their lives, a day, not of the ordinary, but the extraordinary. Whether that being came out of a craft or a doorway in the air, they were able to rush to remember it.

I think the reason was, that, they, in the dawn of their learning had yet to acquire our pride, that which we all have carried like armor since the beginning of so-called enlightenment. They were able to see without the blinders we’ve crafted for ourselves, the ones that claim we should wait for sciences approval, distrusting our eyes in the way we would an alcoholics.

Maybe that’s why good people have come to doubt themselves , their experiences, ones that should be treasured as the truest of enlightenment and not, instead, religated to a pile of other waiting issues.

A pile, that theologians and men of science will probably never be lucky enough to bring light to. Are we slowing the major encounter (meant for us )because we just can’t acknowledge , won’t acknowledge their presence?

With all the witnesses to these different beings, and some of their possible means of transportation, with all their efforts to say look I’m walking out where you can see me, I’m flying over your garage, what could they think of us when we still deny them?

My friend  asked if we are intelligent enough to be on our own. My friend , maybe its the other way around. Maybe the pride in our self accomplishment, our need to always outsmart the other guy, is whats holding us back in this most unexpected way.

We are the top of the food chain. Many very learned men have tried for some time to convince us we were the only intelligent life in the universe. Why?, because, if those same men did as our ancient brothers did and just believed, they would have to go home being number 2 or number 20.

Discovery and contact will have to be a singular journey. It will have to be one non-endorsed by the powers that be, to pursue this wider, more wonderful view, to meet these beings on a one to one basis.  It’s going to take not just an open mind , but a renewed belief in ourselves.


Though the temptation is ever there, we  still try to take each find in stride, but when they are finds  that point to connections, we cannot help but be excited.   Such is the focus of this article.

Our responsibilities in our study have grown, and the fuller understanding of what may be going on is beginning to dawn on us.

These sort of matters are beyond most of our realms of experience, thus they make little sense to us, likewise the efforts to put them into perspective, seem naturally a bit bent themselves.   So I ask your patience as I put these pieces together , and try to show a connection.

do you see the eyes, face the rough outline of a head where the arrow points?

In the most recent photo patrol of the town square, we found it was not without activity and it had grown bolder.  We have shown you photos of large objects flying around the tower of this same courthouse, the beautiful yellow and white craft  that came so close to the walls of the clock tower that it seemed in contact with it.   At this point it was muted but clearly visible against the building side.

Once it began to move away from the structure it became very luminous glowing brightly. I wondered at the near contact, trying to figure out why they would come that close,  and then I’d laugh, not ready to believe the building was of any use, chiding myself for such clandestine  imaginings.

But the evenings images worked on me. With the building in question two blocks from my home, it seemed worthy of our curiosity.

In the picture to the left, where the arrow directs you, there is a white pole, a short one, attached to the masonry, of that (the northeast) corner ledge. Directly next to the pole, a centimeter away, is a pair of eyes, more accurately reflections off a pair of binoculars with night vision.  I assume this if the figure is human. I assume it because some night vision gear or lenses(so I’ve been told ) are of an amber color. Below these lenses  or eyes is (possibly) the outline of a face with nose, mouth and chin.

The bulkiness of the heads outline could be for a number of reasons.  One, it might be a hood, or two, gilly suit or some other form of camo to disguise the head  and better blend in the form with its surroundings. I may seem to be placing a lot of  stock in this face, but it’s the objects sudden absence that makes it no confusion of surroundings, but an object now moved from that spot.

closeup of the object.

is it pointing to the east?

In the next images we look at a few more examples to better see the changes of

this possible helmet or head? whatever the object was also seen moving along the ledge.

this particular image.

If you are still with me you are continuing on assumption alone. I saw movement around the tower ledge  where I’ve taken many  photos before, where nothing was before.

Who or what are they?  Were they passengers or the pilots of the craft we photographed here before?  Were they the masters of the vehicles we have caught on film over 35 times in this small area?  Are they sight seers, or are they part of a posted group?

the figure is gone, has moved

If they are part of a unit, how far out do they patrol?

Do they represent a portion of the group that followed us in Rich Hill, back to this very square? Are they the ones who followed us all the way over into Kansas? Were they the ones who damaged our jeep on the highway?  And most importantly, were they involved in our abduction on the east side of town???!  If they are humans, what would give them such interest in our square?  And what would be the strength in so tightly monitoring a small town like Butler?

are these craft associated with the figures, or are the figures on the rooftop possibly protecting us from them.?

courthouse ufo

Are they associated with these vehicles?   As much as reason calls upon us to eliminate the possible and the probable first, as much as common sense screams in our minds, this can’t be happening, we have to deal with the facts. I consider the  response of a camera the purest, most unbiased.

If I were going to attempt to fake images, life would be much easier. I sure wouldn’t have nearly destroyed our jeep, spent thousands on gas, and endangered our lives on numerous occasions. Why set yourself back all that cost when it could probably be done by a very skillful person at their home?

I agree,  in our amazingly technological world, that anything can be portrayed , created, fabricated. It’s a frightening reality, but it does not solve the problem of the genuine witness.

We can grow cynical from all the faked images and videos, grow more despondent about the whole subject, but our inner trials of faith in our fellow man, our belief or lack of it in his honesty will not make the reality go away.   While we bicker and quibble over  the politics of our various stances,  their missions , (whatever they are ) continue, and we must seem a rather pitiful species to them.

They present themselves to us in remote places,  then over our highways and then over our cities. While they clamor over our rooftops like roaches, and search our farms and woods for places to congregate, what are we doing?   We are working against ourselves.

I recently met a very intelligent man with ideas to make investigations better. He put forth the idea that we challenge ourselves to be more scientific in our approach.  I met him with my opinion, and I nearly drove away a man who was just as dedicated as I was, a person I should have valued as a friend.   We are friends despite our rather rough introductions .  You may, without knowing it, be in the same situation we are. I would wager there’s a very good chance you are. Stick with us for updates to come.


OCTOBER,,   I used to say as a kid i could feel it in the air, there was no need for a calender, .     And the years haven’t dulled that feeling, its more than the beginning of the end,, just as everything dies, in beautiful colors that come floating to the earth .

The lot we later checked out as well as the whole road, as in many occasion, we found nothing similar when we returned ..

It’s also  sugar to tweak the sweet tooth of anyone of a creepy mind,  Before i knew there were boogie men of various kinds,  i enjoyed believing for a short time (half heartedly) they were there, they were real, at least till  Halloween was over.   Now  i regret the loss of that innocence .


If you watched many of the 1950’s science fiction offerings you eventually saw ( IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE,)  Back then i had a strict guideline for my monster movies ,even as a child i would quickly classify this one as silly and that one as cool. The guidelines were pretty simple the Monster had to be cool,  Frankenstein, the wolf man, even Dracula, were okay, (though the oliver reed, werewolf in CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF) was the best.

estimation of the structure,


But certain Creatures , much more Silly, were the brainchild’s of ill funded design dept’s, The alien in (IT CAME FROM  OUTER SPACE) was just such a pitiful fiend. This was my opinion then,  i figured something with no legs could never catch me, and one big eye, made it highly vulnerable.

Mind control was not a scenario id given much thought.   because real monsters either scared you to death, or got you with their tentacles , claws, or teeth right?    The creature didn’t seem capable of any real harm, besides scaring people,,    but as a man having entered this encounter club, by mysterious means, i begin to see the subtle power in mind control.  We apparently at one point had been controlled, and if not that the ability to strip memory or cloud the things we see, giving them a more attractive guise, has near infinite applications.


But what really brings us to this title to this reminiscence, is a photo of course.   One that came from a shoot of a mile wide area, there are times later we are surprised by things found, but this was a real mystery, because the picture was shot near a deserted home, .    I d thought id seen a man in coveralls (faded blue ones, with long hair) in the wooded lot i took this picture in.  There was no large dark object  just a fairly small slightly bent man moving brush.


I think it becomes apparent  rather quickly that this object is no man,  the fuzziness from movement  does not in the least camouflage  a human.

I begin to think the man in coveralls may well have been the camouflage,  and as silly as it sounds  the object reminds me vaguely of the bell-shaped creature in the movie for one reason only,,, it had one eye.   If you look at the object, you can see its surface is sculpted , and  it has a ring of thick material almost shaped like the outline of an eye, in its very center one small circular eye like sphere flattened out.    It even seems to have a reflective quality,  It looks as ignorant as it does seem unlikely.   But Knowing that was the lot i saw the man in, and that nothing of this description was there, how can i not wonder.


We have a policy that we stop at each corner after doing a street, and Lori asks me for the picture count taken on that road, it is recorded as are any other important facts.  This leaves us a clear trail to  and a short search for the location of any  photo.   It has been a painful lesson, we learned the hard way.      because of this i can be sure of the spot,In a  finalizing effort to make sure  we re-drove the route in daylight. a few days later, there was nothing on its road to match its description.     It came from Outer Space?  that’s highly questionable, maybe it is like the eyes on tree’s we’ve found, or the fairy faces in  brush, i could call it a massive (7 to 8 ft tall) anomalies if not for the fact that if it were some extraordinary twist of sight and nature, it would still be their in some form, twenty-four hours later.       Perhaps it is a resident of the Goblin Universe,  the realm that may exist within our own dimension,   a world a blink away. Populated by what? Alien or terrestrial  the beings there may have long since mastered their comings and goings.

The state of Texas worries about its boarders,, and those that spill over,,, this may be a similar situation . One in which not illegal Aliens , but being from another world pass through breeches made in the fabric between their world and our own.


The next Article deals with the recent trip made on OCTOBER ,8,TH, One in which we got a frightening series of images of a stalking,,, our own.