OCTOBER,,   I used to say as a kid i could feel it in the air, there was no need for a calender, .     And the years haven’t dulled that feeling, its more than the beginning of the end,, just as everything dies, in beautiful colors that come floating to the earth .

The lot we later checked out as well as the whole road, as in many occasion, we found nothing similar when we returned ..

It’s also  sugar to tweak the sweet tooth of anyone of a creepy mind,  Before i knew there were boogie men of various kinds,  i enjoyed believing for a short time (half heartedly) they were there, they were real, at least till  Halloween was over.   Now  i regret the loss of that innocence .


If you watched many of the 1950’s science fiction offerings you eventually saw ( IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE,)  Back then i had a strict guideline for my monster movies ,even as a child i would quickly classify this one as silly and that one as cool. The guidelines were pretty simple the Monster had to be cool,  Frankenstein, the wolf man, even Dracula, were okay, (though the oliver reed, werewolf in CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF) was the best.

estimation of the structure,


But certain Creatures , much more Silly, were the brainchild’s of ill funded design dept’s, The alien in (IT CAME FROM  OUTER SPACE) was just such a pitiful fiend. This was my opinion then,  i figured something with no legs could never catch me, and one big eye, made it highly vulnerable.

Mind control was not a scenario id given much thought.   because real monsters either scared you to death, or got you with their tentacles , claws, or teeth right?    The creature didn’t seem capable of any real harm, besides scaring people,,    but as a man having entered this encounter club, by mysterious means, i begin to see the subtle power in mind control.  We apparently at one point had been controlled, and if not that the ability to strip memory or cloud the things we see, giving them a more attractive guise, has near infinite applications.


But what really brings us to this title to this reminiscence, is a photo of course.   One that came from a shoot of a mile wide area, there are times later we are surprised by things found, but this was a real mystery, because the picture was shot near a deserted home, .    I d thought id seen a man in coveralls (faded blue ones, with long hair) in the wooded lot i took this picture in.  There was no large dark object  just a fairly small slightly bent man moving brush.


I think it becomes apparent  rather quickly that this object is no man,  the fuzziness from movement  does not in the least camouflage  a human.

I begin to think the man in coveralls may well have been the camouflage,  and as silly as it sounds  the object reminds me vaguely of the bell-shaped creature in the movie for one reason only,,, it had one eye.   If you look at the object, you can see its surface is sculpted , and  it has a ring of thick material almost shaped like the outline of an eye, in its very center one small circular eye like sphere flattened out.    It even seems to have a reflective quality,  It looks as ignorant as it does seem unlikely.   But Knowing that was the lot i saw the man in, and that nothing of this description was there, how can i not wonder.


We have a policy that we stop at each corner after doing a street, and Lori asks me for the picture count taken on that road, it is recorded as are any other important facts.  This leaves us a clear trail to  and a short search for the location of any  photo.   It has been a painful lesson, we learned the hard way.      because of this i can be sure of the spot,In a  finalizing effort to make sure  we re-drove the route in daylight. a few days later, there was nothing on its road to match its description.     It came from Outer Space?  that’s highly questionable, maybe it is like the eyes on tree’s we’ve found, or the fairy faces in  brush, i could call it a massive (7 to 8 ft tall) anomalies if not for the fact that if it were some extraordinary twist of sight and nature, it would still be their in some form, twenty-four hours later.       Perhaps it is a resident of the Goblin Universe,  the realm that may exist within our own dimension,   a world a blink away. Populated by what? Alien or terrestrial  the beings there may have long since mastered their comings and goings.

The state of Texas worries about its boarders,, and those that spill over,,, this may be a similar situation . One in which not illegal Aliens , but being from another world pass through breeches made in the fabric between their world and our own.


The next Article deals with the recent trip made on OCTOBER ,8,TH, One in which we got a frightening series of images of a stalking,,, our own.