Though the temptation is ever there, we  still try to take each find in stride, but when they are finds  that point to connections, we cannot help but be excited.   Such is the focus of this article.

Our responsibilities in our study have grown, and the fuller understanding of what may be going on is beginning to dawn on us.

These sort of matters are beyond most of our realms of experience, thus they make little sense to us, likewise the efforts to put them into perspective, seem naturally a bit bent themselves.   So I ask your patience as I put these pieces together , and try to show a connection.

do you see the eyes, face the rough outline of a head where the arrow points?

In the most recent photo patrol of the town square, we found it was not without activity and it had grown bolder.  We have shown you photos of large objects flying around the tower of this same courthouse, the beautiful yellow and white craft  that came so close to the walls of the clock tower that it seemed in contact with it.   At this point it was muted but clearly visible against the building side.

Once it began to move away from the structure it became very luminous glowing brightly. I wondered at the near contact, trying to figure out why they would come that close,  and then I’d laugh, not ready to believe the building was of any use, chiding myself for such clandestine  imaginings.

But the evenings images worked on me. With the building in question two blocks from my home, it seemed worthy of our curiosity.

In the picture to the left, where the arrow directs you, there is a white pole, a short one, attached to the masonry, of that (the northeast) corner ledge. Directly next to the pole, a centimeter away, is a pair of eyes, more accurately reflections off a pair of binoculars with night vision.  I assume this if the figure is human. I assume it because some night vision gear or lenses(so I’ve been told ) are of an amber color. Below these lenses  or eyes is (possibly) the outline of a face with nose, mouth and chin.

The bulkiness of the heads outline could be for a number of reasons.  One, it might be a hood, or two, gilly suit or some other form of camo to disguise the head  and better blend in the form with its surroundings. I may seem to be placing a lot of  stock in this face, but it’s the objects sudden absence that makes it no confusion of surroundings, but an object now moved from that spot.

closeup of the object.

is it pointing to the east?

In the next images we look at a few more examples to better see the changes of

this possible helmet or head? whatever the object was also seen moving along the ledge.

this particular image.

If you are still with me you are continuing on assumption alone. I saw movement around the tower ledge  where I’ve taken many  photos before, where nothing was before.

Who or what are they?  Were they passengers or the pilots of the craft we photographed here before?  Were they the masters of the vehicles we have caught on film over 35 times in this small area?  Are they sight seers, or are they part of a posted group?

the figure is gone, has moved

If they are part of a unit, how far out do they patrol?

Do they represent a portion of the group that followed us in Rich Hill, back to this very square? Are they the ones who followed us all the way over into Kansas? Were they the ones who damaged our jeep on the highway?  And most importantly, were they involved in our abduction on the east side of town???!  If they are humans, what would give them such interest in our square?  And what would be the strength in so tightly monitoring a small town like Butler?

are these craft associated with the figures, or are the figures on the rooftop possibly protecting us from them.?

courthouse ufo

Are they associated with these vehicles?   As much as reason calls upon us to eliminate the possible and the probable first, as much as common sense screams in our minds, this can’t be happening, we have to deal with the facts. I consider the  response of a camera the purest, most unbiased.

If I were going to attempt to fake images, life would be much easier. I sure wouldn’t have nearly destroyed our jeep, spent thousands on gas, and endangered our lives on numerous occasions. Why set yourself back all that cost when it could probably be done by a very skillful person at their home?

I agree,  in our amazingly technological world, that anything can be portrayed , created, fabricated. It’s a frightening reality, but it does not solve the problem of the genuine witness.

We can grow cynical from all the faked images and videos, grow more despondent about the whole subject, but our inner trials of faith in our fellow man, our belief or lack of it in his honesty will not make the reality go away.   While we bicker and quibble over  the politics of our various stances,  their missions , (whatever they are ) continue, and we must seem a rather pitiful species to them.

They present themselves to us in remote places,  then over our highways and then over our cities. While they clamor over our rooftops like roaches, and search our farms and woods for places to congregate, what are we doing?   We are working against ourselves.

I recently met a very intelligent man with ideas to make investigations better. He put forth the idea that we challenge ourselves to be more scientific in our approach.  I met him with my opinion, and I nearly drove away a man who was just as dedicated as I was, a person I should have valued as a friend.   We are friends despite our rather rough introductions .  You may, without knowing it, be in the same situation we are. I would wager there’s a very good chance you are. Stick with us for updates to come.