At one time or another, most people will see something scary or something humorous in clouds foliage or even in stones. We walk up and touch it or advance to its position finding only silt and mineral, leaves and bark. With a smile we, then, return to thoughts more fitting our present reality.

But what if those faces, those forms were more than nature playing games with the creative portion of our minds? We know there are cave paintings of fantastic beings, drawn by people who huddled together in small groups around fires (their main source of security).

We know how simple they were supposed to have been, yet what elevated them above us in that one way, they’re ability to make peace with and accept the fantastic as instant fact? Obviously they were closer to everything. They worked in the materials that were as natural as they were.

You had to not only move quietly through the ancient woods to hunt successfully, you had to be part of them. Their inspirations came from all that was greater than them, though they feasted on mammoth, they nearly worshiped the huge bear of their time.

So when they drew figures of beings with things like our interpretation of space suits, (one I hesitate to agree with) they were showing us a day of magnitude in their lives, a day, not of the ordinary, but the extraordinary. Whether that being came out of a craft or a doorway in the air, they were able to rush to remember it.

I think the reason was, that, they, in the dawn of their learning had yet to acquire our pride, that which we all have carried like armor since the beginning of so-called enlightenment. They were able to see without the blinders we’ve crafted for ourselves, the ones that claim we should wait for sciences approval, distrusting our eyes in the way we would an alcoholics.

Maybe that’s why good people have come to doubt themselves , their experiences, ones that should be treasured as the truest of enlightenment and not, instead, religated to a pile of other waiting issues.

A pile, that theologians and men of science will probably never be lucky enough to bring light to. Are we slowing the major encounter (meant for us )because we just can’t acknowledge , won’t acknowledge their presence?

With all the witnesses to these different beings, and some of their possible means of transportation, with all their efforts to say look I’m walking out where you can see me, I’m flying over your garage, what could they think of us when we still deny them?

My friend  asked if we are intelligent enough to be on our own. My friend , maybe its the other way around. Maybe the pride in our self accomplishment, our need to always outsmart the other guy, is whats holding us back in this most unexpected way.

We are the top of the food chain. Many very learned men have tried for some time to convince us we were the only intelligent life in the universe. Why?, because, if those same men did as our ancient brothers did and just believed, they would have to go home being number 2 or number 20.

Discovery and contact will have to be a singular journey. It will have to be one non-endorsed by the powers that be, to pursue this wider, more wonderful view, to meet these beings on a one to one basis.  It’s going to take not just an open mind , but a renewed belief in ourselves.