The Carter family line may someday end, but the Midnight observer family,, well sense they may go on in some form  forever.

head and hand both eye and hand are green its skin is aqua marine,

(Uncle Bubba, the reptilian thing,)( Cousin Clem, the alien I’m guessing) ( our friend with the goatee,  and regal vestments , and grey skin, The Demon with no Name,)  (Our Pear headed friend another grey brother, The Lurker)   (his counterpart in the ship overhead, pretending to be Magneto,,, well that’s who he looks like.)  and all the  other chill in, creeping and hopping around the country side.    These entities,, have been an ever renewing truth for us, the proof of our assumptions, as though after the first few we needed it.

outline to show form

And though I’ve trivialized the bunch , tried with humor to make their existence more acceptable,,, they are as real and taxing a worry as drugs , crime , and other corruptions in our world. We should not be  , and are not surprised when we meet another.   Its funny though how things run in cycles, how returning to some of the places we first frequented, we found  the subject of  this article.

taken through reteniex to look for alternate detail.

Probably the friendliest  looking beastie, ive ever seen, in photos or illustrated, he, she, it,  looks like it belongs in a little mermaid cartoon, or in some other fanciful tale of the enchanted woods.   But how do we know its character,?  is it waving at us, or is it just making an effort (much too late ) to hide its face?   That one large eye visible on that side of its globe like head, could hold the most sensitive of thoughts, and purposes,  or the most cold alien reasoning.   Many creatures of our natural earth have appearances that draw other creatures in , only to gobble them up, or drag them off to a lair.   I am a defensive person in most regards , i try more than ever now to not allow myself to be deluded, drawn into situations,, our work is a different matter,   there is a un avoidable element of the unknown in it that can’t be planned for.

But with this creature i feel very different,  We were examining the growth around a bridge , that had been recently cut , it allowed a clearer view of the underside. This was near a dairy just off of 52   highway, about 4 blocks or so.   This was an average sized bridge with a rusty condition , new graffiti showed it still to  be a favorite drinking place of kids around the area. this was also the bridge where we had encountered a strange man with garbage bags, who was coming up from below, the bags were not full but partially filled with something, and it wasnt garbage, we had been visiting the bridge regularly and the same trash below it was untouched.  This individual, moved to Colorado that very week leaving his farm which was adjacent to the bridge and waterway.    As i took pictures over the side leaning out enough to get a view beneath snapped a picture of a beautiful aqua marine color.


I saw nothing aside from this , but did hear scurrying beneath the bridge, rustling sound, and when i looked back over the color was absent.

One has to wonder with the cases of aliens supposedly talking telepathically to

abductees , what other abilities might they have? If they had the ability to reach into our minds and express themselves in a language alien to them, just how much more difficult would it be for them to dissect messages coming to our brain from our eyes,, short circuiting messages of details,, that would in its most effective usage amount to cloaking themselves.


It could explain much of the inconsistency in our experiences,, some with clearly seen objects and figures and others on the cameras images alone, as if we were walking in our sleep taking the photos.  In the Betty  Andreason,  case  her figures had large eyes,(wide ones) small noses, slit like mouths, and similar to our new friend three fingers.    The rest of the figure is obscured by foliage, we maneuvered around to get a side view but did not attempt to go under the bridge,  nothing could be seen of its coloration and the foliage covering the ground could easily have concealed a pit or hole to hide in,, as though a creature of this kind would need it.  There is just as great a possibility that this was a

dimensional  entity of some sort.

larger view, of moving figures head, it disappeared beneath the bridge after this shot.

all in all the form  of something bright in color that was temporarily there strongly suggests a presence of some kind ,, an object with movement, and since this object was not seen in water, we have to guess at its means of locomotion.   beyond that i wonder just how many different sorts there are in this sometimes militant  card game for our world.?   Could we  handle the answer if they all stood up at the same time    ? Rich,