I recently voiced just that question to the MIG group,  a bunch of wildly intelligent people, who have a real need for knowledge.  A group i must add i respect a lot.

The reality of most people’s lives is there is little time , for organized actions outside those of the household and work oriented situations.    Lori and i are in a different situation, and to feel others aren’t contributing enough physically to an effort is off based when comparing schedules and lives.

Still we have a need, more now ,more than ever,   those of us that consider ourselves believers, have probably come to some well-rounded education of the subject through books and conferences etc,   And as  wild as some hollywood scenarios  of aliens are  laid out before us, there are some factors in them that do have a reference point  in this.   These scenarios do force us if we look introspectively at all, to ask ourselves questions, and to it forces us to admit a few things. One being we as a species are ill prepared.

Lets say we have a( Signs) type scenario ,    Where over a period of days , the only news is  of the massive star ship, or armada of smaller vessels hovering in our sky .  A moment when a group of beings intelligent enough to cross space, time, or dimensional barriers , is knocking at our door.    There are of course things we have to take for granted,, one is our actions to suppress them will be limited by their technologically superior tool and their level of vulnerability.  Our success will also be limited by the physical opposition, they’re numbers , or the makeup of their species(we could be fighting enemies 3 feet tall, or 10 ft tall). The level of infiltration they’ve accomplished will also have a very strong bearing on the outcome of such a take over.    mines and caverns  could house a base of thousands,  Also they may have been around long enough, that they have  not been wasting their time installing  implants, in us,  but each of these has a very important  purpose,.

Not only as tracking devices, but as tools possibly  to humble those willing to oppose them. There are any number of effects they might be able to produce that limit( by pain sickness or mental collapse) any sort of resistance.  They could just as easily cause a euphoric state renders us unable to accurately interpret our position or the threat that underlies it. There are numerous things they may use against us,   not the least of these the well-being of our  children (What might you accept to spare your children additional trauma?)

And we the UFO crowd, the organizations that have gathered this information like a un official blue book committee,, where are we in all this? Standing naked next to our neighbors, in long lines or crowds aboard vessels awaiting our fate, with all the useless recriminations over our half-hearted efforts  dead in our throats.     When the monster of Adolf Hitler was rising in europe,  some of the allied force was still unconvinced of his threat.  It was a failure in judgement they suffered greatly over.

We are not in that much a different  situation, those of us with facts gained first hand , those ufologist who have intently and diligently pursued this subject,, what is our purpose?   Is it to be the investigators we claim to be, and not merely librarians , conservators over a vast body of arcane knowledge?   Or are there ways we may be able to influence the outcome of such a scenario, possibly in our favor.?

If the whole world has been duped and the UFO phenomena has been nothing more than the most intricate hoax in history, and we never meet true beings from outer space i couldn’t be happier.   But we gather to talk over these subjects for a reason, we are whether you think about it or not a separate people, we look at a worry , a possibilities that others don’t care to attend to.  So I ask you in closing  What do we do with the knowledge  we’ve acquired?   are we pretenders to the title we claim? What is our purpose.