Our local radio station has done us the favor of posting an article about the odd things we have found in Bates County. They mentioned some of the areas that we take pictures at.

We just wanted to inform the residents of Bates County that we never go onto peoples property, we don’t shoot pictures near homes or structures, and we never post exactly where we got our pictures other than the square because we respect our neighbors and friends and do not want to inconvenience them in anyway. All of our pictures are taken from the car, on the road.

I am working on a gallery page. We hope to have it up soon. You will be able to go there soon to see what we have found, but please, also read some of the articles. They are well written and give some possible insights to what we see in them.

We don’t have explanations for everything we find. We never claim to. We try to do our research as logically and scientifically as possible.