Your riding along on a peaceful night. There ‘s nothing but the sound of the motor and your conversation.  You see something that flashes, momentarily, like lightning overhead, not across the sky, but isolated in a condensed flash over head.   You drive on, the witness, you believe, to just one more extraordinary act of nature. You think, I’ll take some pictures of the clouds. Maybe I’ll catch more activity of this odd lightning. What else can you call it?

see in top right corner the beam like expanses, attached like a frame, like and opening this was taken directly over our car on a rural highway. this was taken the 15TH OF OCTOBER

When you get home you look through the images , and bring them individually up on the screen.  It’s a pulse of light in a dark sky, like no lightning you’ve ever seen .  You lighten it some more  and something else is in the picture. There are  two straight angled bars, thick, reflecting the light that was pulsing over your car.  You lighten it more. You see they are connected like a picture frame, like you had taken a picture over head of half of a box or squared opening.   Again, it is thick with real structure.    Your ideas about lightning are changing, unspoken and you feel something sink inside you. It’s happened again!

Since the time we began this study of  Bates County, we have tried to disprove the theories we had. We hoped we would find satisfactory answers of a natural kind. We tried to go someplace in the county with no response, no discovery.  There were far too few of them( normal places )left.

lights over our jeep on the Butler square , these two white lights followed us all the way home from Rich HILL

In 2009 we were brought into this in a very criminal and brutal way. We were abducted 15 minutes outside of Butler on the east side, on or near  E.Dakota St.  We were taking pictures in a poor attempt at night photography. We hoped to get pictures of animals, caught off guard, by randomly photographing into woods, clearings and  hollows, all from the road. This route we’d chosen we’d driven the day before in daylight.

closeup of an object that was seen hovering over the old deserted Sonic restraunt about 150 to 200 ft in the air, a blowe up.

We knew how much time it would take us,   30 to 40 minutes.  So, why, then, did it take us  a total of 4 hours, when we’d driven the identical road two nights in a row, 4 times the time?  Why did we find, in our camera, images of strange objects in the air, not high overhead, but, coming down the road towards us?   Why did we find an image of something that looked like a sci-fi alien with a strange suit of white leather and a helmet with a visor standing right in front of our hood?  We  could not have forgotten an experience that bizarre. We could not of forgotten that without help.

this figure is looking out a window of something hovering in the air 30 ft off the ground, just off of 69 highway

We went out one final time to the same area, with tape recorders on board. We needed proof for our own sanity. We needed proof of the reality of something unknown taking place.  We needed to understand WHY we couldn’t remember it.  We got far too many proofs  to everything except who was involved. After we’d listened to the whole thing, we crushed the mini recorders wishing we’d never sought out an answer.

Object we estimated at 60 to 70 ft tall, seen out on 1500 rd, near Amoret

There are a number of different things taking place in BATES COUNTY, so weird we are unable even to label them.  We have no letters next our name. We can’t claim any special learning. We are two grandparents, one 52 and one 59,  who stumbled upon something that may have been happening here for years. To keep this clear, we believe we encountered something unnatural, a UFO in a close encounter, possibly even were involved in an abduction.   We also believe there was a human element involved.   We are sure our vehicle was approached and forcefully entered, and we were subdued.    How could we not remember more details? We have struggled with this question as well, and found a likely culprit. There is a drug  used on campus, a date rape drug called Rophynol. It makes the person zombie like in compliance, only it allows them a normal appearance. This drug is used by military and drug cartels, etc. to achieve their aims.   A person under the influence of Rophynol  could be directed to go their bank, clean out their account, and hand it immediately over to the  person who instructed this.   They(the victim) would respond in a normal way with no duress, only they would be unable to act in their own best interest, especially if it was opposite to the will of the person who drugged them.  Most devastating of all, is the fact this drug leaves no memory of the the experience. None of the encounter is remembered at all.  There would be an account  and no logical answer to the moneys absence.  Other uses just as criminal come to mind I’m sure.

object that flew around the courthouse clock tower

same object as others in courthouse series, it now hovers very near the tower wall itself. maybe checking out our clocks?

We are sure there is such an element in Bates County. With the human presence aside, that leaves the heart of this article,  the presence of strange  objects in our skies, and the figures caught on film stalking the country side.   These may seem like melodramatic words,  ones that reflect more theory  than fact, but the sad truth is we have more evidence for the possibly Alien presence in our county than we do human group. That logic points to, in our initial experience.

as it approached from the south

Question -what is the connection between all these people? Actor Stuart Whitman, President Jimmy Carter, Jackie Gleason, Ronald Reagan,  John Lennon, Buzz Aldrin,U.S senator Richard Russel,  astronauts, Dennis Kucinich, and Gorden Cooper, and news anchor man Walter Cronkite?

Answer-Each had their own sighting of a UFO. Each person was willing to talk of it.   U.S Navy Pilot, Graham Bethune, described an encounter with a 300 ft long disk shaped UFO in 1951.   It was witnessed on board a plane that contained these other witnesses, 31 people in all.  Relief crews, and  a Psychiatrist,  all saw the object.   There are hundreds of reports made by politicians , pilots , actors , and policemen. Each have a job where image is very important. Why would they risk their jobs , and political futures with such talk if it were not true?  We have people in our own community, in the Town of Butler, that have seen things. There is a business man, who owns a building on the town  square, who claims to have been abducted, two nurses at the hospital,  who took us aside to tell us about an object both saw the same night on their way home from work.

So you see our article in the paper two years ago, was just an awakening. Surely, if this many people have  had their lives changed by an experience like this, there must be more.  There are people who regularly travel the roads we were abducted on, on the rural highways around us. Whatever  group or entities are involved , they did not pick us on a lark, there is nothing special about us,. At first we thought our abduction a freak occurrence, an isolated event.   Since then, talking with other people, we’ve looked up to in our community for years, hearing their stories, I know this touches many of us.  If it happened to you, why don’t you remember? Because you have nothing to give you a clue that anything has happened in the first place.  Our camera held the clues that showed us, and the tape recorders that followed.  If they are intercepting people in the county on the dark roads, they must be using a method that’s worked in the past for them.   They  see their target,  disable their vehicle in some way, enter the car or truck and extricate the people within. Then leave them, later, at the sight with no anxiety and no memory of the encounter. They leave you without a clue.

All I can suggest is,  if you have to drive late at night on remote roads, you carry a camera, leave it loose on the seat next to you or in your lap.  Carry a digital tape recorder if you have one.  You may never find anything on your film, you may never hear anything but the motor of your car and your favorite songs playing. If you do find something , contact us. Don’t wait as we did out of embarrassment. Only by these strange and sometimes painful revelations can we together seek an answer, a way to bring more and more of us to a condition of awareness.

This isn’t something we need to do for our selves alone but for our families growing up in the  mysteries of this new age.

Richard Carter,