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The Night,,, was my favorite time, I could slip on a my  long coat and rattle down the steps and out into the night, it was in action (the drifting along sidewalks) that I found a measure of clearer thought.The answwers i searched for could never have been found in a crowd or in the distraction of daylight.   Those same qualities of the nocturnal world that allowed better introspection were also blinds in a sense.The night air the breeze and the mists from rain were too pleasant a distraction, these and the small glimpses light allowed of semi hidden tree’s and dark brooding structures. This narrowed range of vision may have been the source of the peace i found,yet with the knowledge gained over the last few years I wonder ,, I wonder just how alone i really was.  I cherish the memory of those days when i was less aware, when sense ruled less than sensation.   When the exploration of life was an unconcious gloriously simple  thing, and sleep was not a long sought after goal, but as natural as the next breath of air.         A time in which  i could sit down with my back against the large cedar by my father’s grave, and quietly look for the answers to the most mundane of problems.Now?  i see the odd presence of metal in the sky where nothing should be but bats and birds , and the lights of distant planes. I’m no longer surprised when the camera acts again,, as an Oracle like crystal,revealing laterupon inspection,, things,,,that the  human eyes are not intended to see.

light overhead after it moved in closer, i was shooting up with only so much visible from my seat in the jeep.

My question then is how much of this veiled  world around us is a product of Alien technology, and how much is a reality of Uncle Sams, possibly still being tested.  ?  The objects  in the  photo’s with this article  are  not presented  as Identified objects,, ,, no claim could honestly be made on our part as to what they are,,or who is at the wheel. Much of what we found in the  images doesnt  suggest human participation.  The metallic object snaking by in front of me in one photo’ reminiscent of Doc ocs arms in Spiderman,, is a  trapping that have no place or known use  in our corner of the world.

This in particular could point to an unearthly presence, but it could in our position of disinformation just as easily be one more tool used in a program.  The round almost lemon shaped lights that comes on 4 to 6 ft above the pavement in front of our house,, may very well be Alien,, but likewise it could be an earthly man infestations:).

Whether we wish to believe it or not we live in a world that is out of control,  a world where advances are rising before us so fast, that ethical management’s of them , cannot be  considered and put in place quick enough.   Recent world affairs have to dramatically show the decrease in Democratic thought,

detail with thoughts,,,

Far less is this thinking a case for human rights, and more for the rational of developing better more thorough controls , When you put this kind of intense almost( doctorial type thinking) in bed with secretive  science’s  freight training down the road, you have  a multi faceted  problem in the making . One that science has unfortunately every right to create.

If these are indications of  Alien presence,  is there really anything we can do about it?

This marks the third time we have found photographic gobbledygook in our camera, and  incredibly strange things in the air before  and after it.

I feel sure, we would have no knowledge of any of these contacts, were it not for the camera we take everywhere.



There is a world of doubt surrounding our lives, political instabilities, wars and rumors of  wars,  the crazy changes in the weather and all the rumors that surround that.    There is even the cloak of self doubt many of us struggle with personally, but there are things in the world of little doubt.

There are concrete substantial things that are as sure as two plus two equals 4, and as Death and Taxes.  One of those things is Law. We know if we steal, if we kill , or any of the other  unacceptable behaviors  we’ve been taught to avoid, ones we know the Law will enforce, we will be punished.  If your told not to speed there must a problem called speeding.  If your told not to wreck mayhem,  there must be a real problem called violence. This vein of proven realities extend through the legal system, an evidence to society that it has problems and that those realities will be addressed.

Wouldn’t it be so easy, then, for us to try to prove the existence of beings from another world , if we just had a law that mentioned them?  With that, we humans could stop all the name calling  and be, on this subject, finally in the same camp. Logically, in that situation there could be no longer disbelievers.

Would a law be placed on the books  dealing with imaginary creatures?  Are there written laws informing us not to talk  with dwarves, or go to all night parties with Faerie folk, or tell us to keep our unicorns off the courthouse lawn?  No!!

No, no legislature, no, judicial group would convene to put these laws in the books.  But apparently one did place  Violation 1211.108 on the books,  ONE DEALING WITH HUMAN CONTACT WITH ALIENS.     It states “Whoever shall willingly violate any provision of this part shall be fined not more than 5000 dollars and or 1 year in jail. Look this up , if its accessible to us. Then again the internet is famous for its false information.

There are many sources that are dubious at best. Our source, a production created by Disney,yea, the people the people who made Mickey mouse. 

When I first saw the mention of the Disney group’s involvement, I thought it would be very tame ,very non-threatening, very pasteurized.  But I was pleasantly surprised to see that, for the time it was made, it was ahead in focus and tone of many UFO programs of today.

One of these  surprises, was the information  of the law mentioned above.  It is a must see for any UfO enthusiast . It mentioned “Transfermia”. If I got that wrong they will clear it up for you. It was carried on cosmic winds, and hitched a ride to earth clinging to 4 billion year old cosmic debris.

NASA was collecting meteors and found  this material ( I think in 1969).  How tough is it? It thrives in radiation, survives chemicals, and the depths of space. This is a program well worth your time. Now back to the Law.  I’d never heard of this , but I’m not the most well read of researchers either.   I hate reason. It makes me bow and admit to facts and principles I’d rather not be limited by, but it also, in this instance, is a tool for the  researcher.

It is a heads up as to how far you should go, how close you should come to them.   In the case of abduction we have no choice. I think this law was instituted in a time when a terrible reality was being acknowledged by our leaders, at one point, they had little control over.

Maybe there was fear that under some mental  control, information would be gained by them. The common man knew nothing. Maybe the law was put in place to keep everyone in the high offices honest, to keep those who did have information aware  that their loyalty should be heart felt,  because it would be enforced anyway? What do you think?

Does this law silently confirm something they just cant admit. Are they giving us  an involuntary heads up in the form of the overflow  of secrecy?  Did their efforts to cover every door into this subject  amount to an admittance in the form of a regulation dealing with it?

Here are a few other links concerning this law:


A second portion from the  night before Halloween,


I wish i could seem surprised or bothered, i cant, its amazing the things that become commonplace in a person’s life   , and the level they desensitize you too.     We were standing outside our jeep on TT-highway, looking up at something  that had been pacing us , sometimes ahead sometimes behind, larger than a helicopter light, it was dodging back and forth,moving in a z fashion, in almost the cartoon way you see tongue in cheek portrayals of UFO .

the closest photo i got of it,,, it was closer but not in a position i could get another image.( that we were aware of.)

It was the size of a pencil eraser at arm length getting closer, i felt it was going to land and i began wondering when id cease to remember its presence.

That had been the pattern before on a number of occasions.  But it came only so close, (as far as we can remember,  )  and then waited.   It followed us west getting even closer over head finally at a 90 degree position over us as we drove.  but surprisingly when we turned back east  it moved away from us quickly till it was very small and finally disappeared as we turned south for home again.  Was it the same craft we posted pictures of before this,,  ? who knows for certain  ,we are sure of this the light  that appeared  was separate from the one we commonly see as a star both were in sight at the beginning of the trip.One stayed with us.

the one always in the eastern sky as we go out, very bright.     This other was seen further north ahead of us , as we moved due north you could still look back towards town and see the other.   As we stood next to jeep i steadied my chin on the door and leaned against the edge of the roof, to take away any movement of my head i was unaware of.   This stability, made its erratic  movements jump out, ones we’d seen off and on along the northern route.

There was in this case what thought just one white light,, but i realized after taking this picture that  it must have been them in a line, lined up in such a way that the glow from each only accentuated the others intensity,  Like the holes in the handles of the axes Odysseus shot his arrow through , these lights apparently merged for a while as one.

The stillness of the night,,,,,,  is  an eerie peaceful silence that belies the true events taking place around us,  People go out and feed their animals bring them into the shelter of barns, and outbuildings.  they lock their vehicles for the night, and ease into those moments where attention to loved ones can finally and properly be expressed,and other  responsibilities can be laid aside.

the original lighting,,

Someone nearby was involved in winding down for the day,  supper was past and work shoes may have been exchanged for house slippers,, lights are everywhere  were being turned down low.   Even the  nocturnal animals that waddle about  the weeds and street sides, are librarian like in their quiet activities.     Only their eyes burning coals in our headlights give away their presence.    As pajamas are donned and  hugs kisses goodnight are exchanged  down the road , only a few miles away   a set of Red and white lights rise from the deep woods.

in black and white

It glides ever so slowly skimming the tops of the tallest tree’s  not rising higher this night, before disappearing into the dark, , more creeping stalker this night ,It does not stop without purpose, though it’s form is lost in a blanket of matt black, Is there activity, between the huge lights that adorn its bottom.How do we  know ? because just as it  rose and patrolled ,,watched all that was below it,  we rose and patrolled and found  it  in the camera’s eye.

look at the top center of the image and you'll see the bottom of the object.

What purpose would a machine at least 100ftlong , have lingering  along the roadway,  more like a bandit, just out of sight of the farms a mile or two away?  What strategic importance could that rural highway have to Alien or Soldier alike,,and what might they wait there to claim, when mostly country folk travel the road?    Another piece of the puzzle is a  figure  not far away  a rocks throw from the road? this time elevated some how, hovering, or in a perch in a tree. The strange eyes and white face reminiscent of a creature we met once before  ,, in a culvert  again not that far away.

creature peering out of tree top, or hovering, flying who knows.

Who knows their exact place of rest, in the clouds with no lights to mark their position,? or where they appeared, parked in a clearing,  their purpose ? anything.    There is talk among researchers of tunnels and old mines and natural caverns being  adapted for their use,,and  that large numbers may well already inhabit them.    Missouri is one of the most cavernous states in the union,  with this natural feature is it a more attractive location for habitation?

The figure in the tree ,,,,,,,, human? the eyes don’t suggest it, they are large and round with a slit pupil,,  the face seems unnaturally white,, one thing is apparent whatever its nocturnal mission, it seems very surprised, the mouth (if it is a mouth) is open and the whole appearance is one of the startled individual.  If a person, the figure would likely be less shocked, very familiar with the function of a cameras flash.  They might be caught off guard, but not to the degree of this being.  No the eyes, the almost  glowing skin,,, idon’t think so.

face of the thing

What do we make of this and other finds that night,?     It’s just another night in Bates County.  If it seems i am sarcastic or trivialize the information we bring here, you have misunderstood me.    What would be your response to the knowledge that you live within a few miles of things that must be categorized as mythological, but can’t because you know with every fiber of your being  they are real?   who would you approach with this? how would you word it?   How would you inform your world about subjects and issues the average man wont approach,, not unless he see’s it himself.

Answer those questions and you know where we are then.    You are the ones still able to enjoy the moments i spoke of above.