The stillness of the night,,,,,,  is  an eerie peaceful silence that belies the true events taking place around us,  People go out and feed their animals bring them into the shelter of barns, and outbuildings.  they lock their vehicles for the night, and ease into those moments where attention to loved ones can finally and properly be expressed,and other  responsibilities can be laid aside.

the original lighting,,

Someone nearby was involved in winding down for the day,  supper was past and work shoes may have been exchanged for house slippers,, lights are everywhere  were being turned down low.   Even the  nocturnal animals that waddle about  the weeds and street sides, are librarian like in their quiet activities.     Only their eyes burning coals in our headlights give away their presence.    As pajamas are donned and  hugs kisses goodnight are exchanged  down the road , only a few miles away   a set of Red and white lights rise from the deep woods.

in black and white

It glides ever so slowly skimming the tops of the tallest tree’s  not rising higher this night, before disappearing into the dark, , more creeping stalker this night ,It does not stop without purpose, though it’s form is lost in a blanket of matt black, Is there activity, between the huge lights that adorn its bottom.How do we  know ? because just as it  rose and patrolled ,,watched all that was below it,  we rose and patrolled and found  it  in the camera’s eye.

look at the top center of the image and you'll see the bottom of the object.

What purpose would a machine at least 100ftlong , have lingering  along the roadway,  more like a bandit, just out of sight of the farms a mile or two away?  What strategic importance could that rural highway have to Alien or Soldier alike,,and what might they wait there to claim, when mostly country folk travel the road?    Another piece of the puzzle is a  figure  not far away  a rocks throw from the road? this time elevated some how, hovering, or in a perch in a tree. The strange eyes and white face reminiscent of a creature we met once before  ,, in a culvert  again not that far away.

creature peering out of tree top, or hovering, flying who knows.

Who knows their exact place of rest, in the clouds with no lights to mark their position,? or where they appeared, parked in a clearing,  their purpose ? anything.    There is talk among researchers of tunnels and old mines and natural caverns being  adapted for their use,,and  that large numbers may well already inhabit them.    Missouri is one of the most cavernous states in the union,  with this natural feature is it a more attractive location for habitation?

The figure in the tree ,,,,,,,, human? the eyes don’t suggest it, they are large and round with a slit pupil,,  the face seems unnaturally white,, one thing is apparent whatever its nocturnal mission, it seems very surprised, the mouth (if it is a mouth) is open and the whole appearance is one of the startled individual.  If a person, the figure would likely be less shocked, very familiar with the function of a cameras flash.  They might be caught off guard, but not to the degree of this being.  No the eyes, the almost  glowing skin,,, idon’t think so.

face of the thing

What do we make of this and other finds that night,?     It’s just another night in Bates County.  If it seems i am sarcastic or trivialize the information we bring here, you have misunderstood me.    What would be your response to the knowledge that you live within a few miles of things that must be categorized as mythological, but can’t because you know with every fiber of your being  they are real?   who would you approach with this? how would you word it?   How would you inform your world about subjects and issues the average man wont approach,, not unless he see’s it himself.

Answer those questions and you know where we are then.    You are the ones still able to enjoy the moments i spoke of above.