A second portion from the  night before Halloween,


I wish i could seem surprised or bothered, i cant, its amazing the things that become commonplace in a person’s life   , and the level they desensitize you too.     We were standing outside our jeep on TT-highway, looking up at something  that had been pacing us , sometimes ahead sometimes behind, larger than a helicopter light, it was dodging back and forth,moving in a z fashion, in almost the cartoon way you see tongue in cheek portrayals of UFO .

the closest photo i got of it,,, it was closer but not in a position i could get another image.( that we were aware of.)

It was the size of a pencil eraser at arm length getting closer, i felt it was going to land and i began wondering when id cease to remember its presence.

That had been the pattern before on a number of occasions.  But it came only so close, (as far as we can remember,  )  and then waited.   It followed us west getting even closer over head finally at a 90 degree position over us as we drove.  but surprisingly when we turned back east  it moved away from us quickly till it was very small and finally disappeared as we turned south for home again.  Was it the same craft we posted pictures of before this,,  ? who knows for certain  ,we are sure of this the light  that appeared  was separate from the one we commonly see as a star both were in sight at the beginning of the trip.One stayed with us.

the one always in the eastern sky as we go out, very bright.     This other was seen further north ahead of us , as we moved due north you could still look back towards town and see the other.   As we stood next to jeep i steadied my chin on the door and leaned against the edge of the roof, to take away any movement of my head i was unaware of.   This stability, made its erratic  movements jump out, ones we’d seen off and on along the northern route.

There was in this case what thought just one white light,, but i realized after taking this picture that  it must have been them in a line, lined up in such a way that the glow from each only accentuated the others intensity,  Like the holes in the handles of the axes Odysseus shot his arrow through , these lights apparently merged for a while as one.