There is a world of doubt surrounding our lives, political instabilities, wars and rumors of  wars,  the crazy changes in the weather and all the rumors that surround that.    There is even the cloak of self doubt many of us struggle with personally, but there are things in the world of little doubt.

There are concrete substantial things that are as sure as two plus two equals 4, and as Death and Taxes.  One of those things is Law. We know if we steal, if we kill , or any of the other  unacceptable behaviors  we’ve been taught to avoid, ones we know the Law will enforce, we will be punished.  If your told not to speed there must a problem called speeding.  If your told not to wreck mayhem,  there must be a real problem called violence. This vein of proven realities extend through the legal system, an evidence to society that it has problems and that those realities will be addressed.

Wouldn’t it be so easy, then, for us to try to prove the existence of beings from another world , if we just had a law that mentioned them?  With that, we humans could stop all the name calling  and be, on this subject, finally in the same camp. Logically, in that situation there could be no longer disbelievers.

Would a law be placed on the books  dealing with imaginary creatures?  Are there written laws informing us not to talk  with dwarves, or go to all night parties with Faerie folk, or tell us to keep our unicorns off the courthouse lawn?  No!!

No, no legislature, no, judicial group would convene to put these laws in the books.  But apparently one did place  Violation 1211.108 on the books,  ONE DEALING WITH HUMAN CONTACT WITH ALIENS.     It states “Whoever shall willingly violate any provision of this part shall be fined not more than 5000 dollars and or 1 year in jail. Look this up , if its accessible to us. Then again the internet is famous for its false information.

There are many sources that are dubious at best. Our source, a production created by Disney,yea, the people the people who made Mickey mouse. 

When I first saw the mention of the Disney group’s involvement, I thought it would be very tame ,very non-threatening, very pasteurized.  But I was pleasantly surprised to see that, for the time it was made, it was ahead in focus and tone of many UFO programs of today.

One of these  surprises, was the information  of the law mentioned above.  It is a must see for any UfO enthusiast . It mentioned “Transfermia”. If I got that wrong they will clear it up for you. It was carried on cosmic winds, and hitched a ride to earth clinging to 4 billion year old cosmic debris.

NASA was collecting meteors and found  this material ( I think in 1969).  How tough is it? It thrives in radiation, survives chemicals, and the depths of space. This is a program well worth your time. Now back to the Law.  I’d never heard of this , but I’m not the most well read of researchers either.   I hate reason. It makes me bow and admit to facts and principles I’d rather not be limited by, but it also, in this instance, is a tool for the  researcher.

It is a heads up as to how far you should go, how close you should come to them.   In the case of abduction we have no choice. I think this law was instituted in a time when a terrible reality was being acknowledged by our leaders, at one point, they had little control over.

Maybe there was fear that under some mental  control, information would be gained by them. The common man knew nothing. Maybe the law was put in place to keep everyone in the high offices honest, to keep those who did have information aware  that their loyalty should be heart felt,  because it would be enforced anyway? What do you think?

Does this law silently confirm something they just cant admit. Are they giving us  an involuntary heads up in the form of the overflow  of secrecy?  Did their efforts to cover every door into this subject  amount to an admittance in the form of a regulation dealing with it?

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