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What would you call it?


This is the first image of three, in this one you are looking at the sky directly overhead,  It is very dark no stars visible.   The edge of my hood is  in the bottom right corner.



There should be nothing overhead, the only awnings in town are near the highschool entry way, and up on the town square.




Were not near either, a good 60 to 80 yards from the highschool in the road, we are taking  pictures directly overhead just as a curiousity to see if we catch odd lights passing over,, they are quite regular here.

There in the second photo you see the lightened image,,,, the sky ?as it has apeared to the digital camera  often ,,This surface is far

too matte like,,, too in consistant with the clouds that brew below a storm..  we even the thought this yellow could be lights reflecting on the bottom of the cloud layer  but it doesnt seem right, we arent that close to intense light.   In the next  image  whatever surface is above us strays to one side too far,,,,, it has a edge like a tarp.. And what is revealed above it is not the stuff clouds are made of.

The third photo is its own explanation,, you dont look in the garage for clouds,, and you sure dont look for hidden metal in the sky  but as in many cases lately ,, thats exactly what you find,,           Theres no need for an elaborate explanation about it,,  We dont know who is responsible,, what is, but it seems men are most likely .     What do you say when you get the picture of the edge of something over your head , and a small glimpse of the guts beneath it,,  The yellow object  looks possibly  flexible    ,, its edge ,,,,,,,,,   This looks designed to mask the body of the aircraft from below,, to allow whoever the crew is the chance to move among cities and neighborhoods unnoticed.    It would hide stalkers that might have the ability to  exit craft by rope, and leave the smallest traces  of their presence  afterwards.   What could such a group accomplish in a neighborhood with their transportation all but invisible to the ground?

below is the image of the concealed area

what we believed to be sky overhead, was dangerously close to us a blind for something else

the very same image only lightened, the second image

Tuesday, December 27, 2011.

About us ,

Another year is almost past, One in which we’ve struggled and gloried in our families trials and growths,,  given attention to our causes, and   done what it takes to define who we are .

We have listened to the same tired rhetoric,s of our leaders, as recycled and predictable  as the lusness of spring and the rust of fall. , There  also have been  the  Sermons , the heart-felt ones,that find that part of us still soft,, the ones that in private bring tears to the eyes of the priest who lays awake wondering if his love for his congregation can be felt, and heard in his words.

We look into the mirror seeing what the elapse of another 365 days has marked us with.

Some years are harder than others, and   I believe everyone passes through their own Lincoln term,

For all the running about caught  in the clutches of various passions , and the race for the golden ring ,, what has changed?   How many personal resolutions have taken root,  how many political promises have panned out?     One of the redeeming facts about us is we really on some level ,,,want those positives, planned or wished for to be a reality.

We don’t choose to aspire to them because they are the flavor of the week,, or because they are at the base of the false strategy some of us use to play the game. No( I think,) whether we believe those changes those improvements possible or not, a part of us not naive but reminiscent  is afraid to let those qualities fade away into the dark,  no matter how much present styles and trends almost demand  it.

As long as there is the glow of that positive energy within us, reflected in the kind and selfless acts  of the old and young , as long as we have the ability to let the trapping of our lives fall where they may as we  face the vital issues of our time together with a different purer mindset, We as a people may still be seen  as a force to be reckoned with.   Our ability to put aside beliefs and stigmas long enough to accurately identify  real and present threats in our world may be the key to our continued dominance on the planet or our demise.

The continuing Doubts about the existence of UFO , ?

For those of us who have had  sightings  or live with an ongoing contact experience, the above is a little humorous, ( Its like watching  a child standing in the kitchen in front of his parents waving to them as he intentionally steals cookies from the cookie jar,, and the parents saying with questioning dismay on their faces,   I wonder who keeps taking these?)  Its in front of us,  the whole wind up for Disclosure  seems much like the  approach  of Y2K ?  People panicked in lines at stores watching the last bottle’s of water being bought ahead of them,,and those that saw the  chance to  make a killing did.  The day after it passed people woke to jugs full of water , and other supplies they didn’t need, and the unpleasant  yet familiar feeling most of us have had at one time or another.   I love my country,  all of it,  but loves a funny thing, i love America like the icon it still is, i also love it like excentric uncle no one understands.  You love him sometimes not because of himself but in certain situations in spite of himself.  ( Why do people turn on our leaders in their frustrations about  the study of the unexplained?should we expect perfection from a ruling body made up of us? )  Disclosure will probably be released  like the story  about  my Grandpa Carter,  who was caught(in his younger years)  in a bust (the last man trying and failing  to get out of a house of ill repute in time.)   He later turned to the Lord, and was highly respected throughout the rest of his lifetime.  And that all the more seals the door on that subject, I will never know more about that event than the sentence about it above.  Why should disclosure be seen as the sudden change of heart, and policy,, what has happened that suddenly makes  disclosure a good idea, and event that serves their purpose?.

this disclosure if it is revealed  at all ,will be highly edited.  Most of us are familiar with examples of the UFO, related documents , The Freedom of Information Act  released ,  a time when the stocks on Sharpie Markers, must have gone through the roof.     But to be fair,,,,,Just what really were we ready to hear?  I try to see this from their side as well, Not every step in  keeping  this knowledge questionable, was wrong,

They had the pilots of military jets ,being  forced from their planes, there were objects flying around over the White House itself, ,  ones  they could not control.  there was an object over Los Angelas, that was captured in spotlights eating every shell they could throw at it ,, and the conclusion ? a few dead citizens, with no wreckage from the craft  ,to show for their efforts.   People from every walk of life were reporting about these objects and sometimes their crews,, Policemen, and Politicians , were likewise giving their accounts. Not to mention there were also the  mutilation cases , so frightening they were not allowed to reach the public for some time,,,nor were they listed among those contemplated in Project Blue Book.   The over all body of UFO related report’s  weren’t of a number   easily listed below,, but instead  in their full details would have called for volume’s.

How could they  approach us (.,,,,,a country that had fallen into mass panic over Orson Wells  radio program a rendition of the War of the Worlds ?) with real evidence of not only their existence, but the fact they had been aware of us being abducted, and had not warned us?.) They couldn’t .  This Radio show must seem  incredibly distant to us now,  but you must remember just how serious  how powerful the reaction of the public was.    People were swamping police departments with calls of concern wanting to know just how far away the Martians were,, Groups of men were prowling the  dark between farms and across the  country side  mistaking water towers as martian machines firing in them.

My Mother a child then heard her parents in the next room talking about what they had to do, grim in their determination that if the Martians made it that far, they would not allow their children to be taken by them,  willing to kill them first.   This was a common reaction among parents who had no idea what horrors their children might suffer if captured.  It was a Radio show that had notices promoting its fictional nature, but they were ,missed, To the productions credit, the scenario seemed far too real.

I’m aware time has  passed, decades in which we have become conditioned prepared , and in the last decade an accelerated push has been unconsciously made?     A recent Larry King poll,  had 86% of us believing , and  only 14% not.    We are approaching an eve of sorts,  one that cannot just pass as others have into the discoveries of the next day.  This is one that we must be prepared to face, because the night of that eve ,,may be very  long,,  before the dawn.

            Richard Carter,

Despite all the stuff we’ve stumbled on so far,,   This is one of those moments, the quarterbacks  celebration,and  the  Snoopy dance,, are inadequate to cover.   Ezekiel was taken by the spirit?  and deposited on a shore line with others,(  he sat on that spot 7 days, overwhelmed.)after his experience with the divine machine,,  Were coming to truly understand what being overwhelmed means.

detail, covering all the visible straight lines that might indicate structure

Maybe too heady a lead in,,?  i think not.   I imagined our space friends as being anything but Ming the Mercilous,,, And maybe a little closer to Flash.   And almost certainly space marine types from another civilization.

close up

figure to the left hands overhead, possibly secured

I was kinda disappointed when greys looked like it,,  well maybe releaved a bit,, if there weren’t any of the Lizard guys out of Star Trek, that was more than okay,,  even they sounded manageable , But  that was due to the lack of  coordination inherent  in costumes fabricated on a cheap budget ,, also guys like Captain Kirk are just too resourceful  for them, either way it was a relief to think grey, until we found mean looking sharp toothed reasons to think green again.

But back to our feature photo in this article, , okay i can say out of the armada of craft designs the world   has either in sightings or in fantasy fabrications,, that this is original.  It automatically reminds me of the air boats mentioned all through history by different people.

There seems to be a deck of some sort with objects in the background over the low railed side.  There are what we might be figures.

It looks separate, i mean unattached at this point to a larger vessel, with so much uncontained area,  open space, it may have the same very basic purpose a regular sailing or fishing vessel does,,,It has open space for work, or the practice of  Skulldugerous  deed’s.  it looks like  its design is  for silent collection and transportation, possibly to a larger object .With the accumulation recently of many photos of objects that appear to be figures in flight, or in some lift like restraint.  Some even have a faint line running away from their form that could suggest a cable cord, or some sort of deployment or retrieval line.    If were going to look at it  not as a manifestation, but a solid object, a tool for some sentient beings,, it helps to have some idea  about its use.

You don’t have to give this much thought to come up with  possibilities,   Here my opinion on it,, .

IMPORTANT,, read boxes in each of these photos,,

If human’s are in charge,

Its use  could be  one  of a protective measure, ,, the very fact that these vehicles exist, should help us easily allow for other  secrets in our reality.possibly one they know about that we don’t.    Maybe a condition has been released upon us, or there has been a fear of contamination by some non terrestrial threat.   ( They our protectors in this case):)   could be using airborne type techniques to silently come down among us ,,drug us? into a state of compliance and amnesia , and  make their determinations   Upon returning us to the deck , They run necessary checks ,for that contamination ‘s of different kinds  or something  equally infective ,,,,forms of information. The clean up crews who frequent UFO sightings could be the answer,,  we know for a fact this area is very active .   Surely enough to warrant such attention.

Or it could be a group  of some kind, Alien in nature,  possibly very human in appearance, maybe far from human,,perhaps  they like the pillagers of the past,  with  motivations we might  never  fathom, and steal people away during the night.,  For any of a number of purposes. Among abductees  there are many suggestions.   One obviously the interest in our reproductive systems,,  the continued need for knowledge about a species they hope to blend with their own, one certainly complex to them.  There are ,,,, as in all times the slaver’s, it is disheartening to think that beings that far ahead of us might still be victims to the need to subjugate  others , to force them into their service.  Beyond that there is frightening evidence to suggest some of those that are spirited away in the night come to an even worse end.  That they become a form of sustenance  for certain creatures, It has been reported that large vats, of blood and human parts  are on board certain vessels, now before you lose interest in the conversation thinking it ridiculous,,,,there have been large falls from the sky,,examined and  recorded by Doctors , and studied by scientists who verify  the physicians finding’s, that they were made up of blood and small strips of human tissue.     Military personnel  have likewise seen and examined  this material  .  On one occasion it was made up almost solely of embryonic tissue . These falls are terrible in their measured forms, huge swaths usually rectangular of flesh and blood , that seem to have been dropped from a hatch or bay of similar measurement, from high overhead.

The yellowy sky so low we could almost touch it, just out of clear view in the dark,

You might wonder how people could be taken, for this purpose?     Very easily,  These craft supposedly can cross great distances in a short time,,to stop over an area by night, to deploy their (thieves’ in the night) who may have techniques for easy access into homes, that bypass the locks we all use,, or they may catch those wandering about.   How many of us have asked where a certain person is now ,, and been told no one knows the rumor is( they went home to family), (Someone told me she ran away with some guy passing through,,), or( they were young and quickly outgrowing their small town,) and everyone laughed,( yea,, kids cant wait to get out on their own.)    The milk cartons always have a new face of someone far too young lost, and the odd balls in a community, they are the easiest lost, the least remembered or worried over.

These craft then would continue wandering,,  Do you think these unfortunates are picked up, processed, and dropped like shredded wheat  in their own backyard, where DNA might pull their names from such a tragic mess,,   no common sense would dictate they move on shedding their waste over areas, with little or no missing to speak of.

A question-Why is it they suddenly stopped ,,no more  were reported? did those responsible leave the earth? do stories of these sort now by order  fall into that hidden newsroom, with others, forbidden ever to appear in the press?  .?

This object,, if it is what it seems to be , then this should strongly  suggest that our neighborhoods badly  need a group willing to patrol them in numbers, willing to bring the neighborhood watch idea along developing it into a group that try to gather more information on this  phenomena.  One willing to walk routes and photograph the sky, as  well as watch for drug houses.

In the simplest manner,  many cameras might ,catch( as we have )these glimpses of activity overhead,,, and once enough visual proof is  acquired  (then approach the local police,) with the information, seeking some kind of answer. This would be followed by letters and e-mails to senators with copies of the same information.  More is needed first before any requests for help should be made.

I have been ignorant as to the realities we have before us, The article in the Butler paper was written, out of our genuine feeling the community should be informed.   Every outing, every photo since then has been( a search for that ONE) that couldn’t be so easily explained away,  we feel there have been many along the way, ,  This image definitely fits in that category .


object over the Butler,

THE  MOST RECENT NIGHT, WE HAD TO WALK;   Since the last post where we showed the objects, the machines that had  descended, saying “THEY’RE BACK” would be dramatic or humorous, but the sad truth is they never left.

It begins ,

A short distance from the hospital it begins.  A light has been overhead but it is also one we are accustomed to,yet now just down the road from the parking lot along the dark portion of Nursery street.   We had taken a different route  in hope of side stepping them, slipping by,  and the result was really no different at all.                                                                             156——-

This time we captured something we are unsure of. Before finding it we were feeling fairly good.  After this, we arrived at the hospital and  my blood pressure, usually in the 107-130 range  over 78, was now 156 over 110.  Normally the walks were therapeutic. Both Lori and I experienced  some of our lowest best readings after such walks in the past.  Maybe what the following images show are a possible suggestion towards the cause for that change.


Above image 157–In the next few there is a strange distortion.  It is something that is not in the tree tops, but something that seems to engulf me.  In one image there is even a line, an edge to whatever it is, almost like the side of a net.  It’s the same visually only this looks like electricity (?)

I don’t know what it is. All I’m certain of is when I entered the hospital I was tired, felt terrible and had little or no coordination.

image 160

The building legend around H.A.R.P, the testing of the American public, in relatively small communities all over the country, is done  by who? I’m not sold on the Government blame yet. There are organizations  that can buy and sell Governments.  When we do get to vote in a man or woman to service, they allow it.  Is it them?

Is it the Aliens who got the best part of the deal, the right to us? The unfathomable bast..d that have the power to destroy us all. They have the abilities to manipulate us, to make us just as responsible for our own fall.  Are they really the masterminds responsible for our position?

image 161

The effect in 161 is clear. My head, lifted now, is pressed forward and to the side. Already my hood is nearly impossible to see.  The EDGE of whatever it is can be seen next to the last portion of my face still visible.  I t seems tight and condensed , yet unfolded. Still the odd shapes are visible above  but they won’t be for long.

Now the complete blanket , net whatever it is, has separated me from the purpose of their evening. Ive

inside the hospital

made an extra effort to be aware,  to listen to my feelings, and it’s made no difference at all.

the faint object is just above us as we leave.

We  are just as in the dark as before, just as unaware of it taking place. WHAT IS TAKING PLACE!!! Why do our lives deserve such hellish harassment. We have discussed this over and over.  I have the rare hereditary disease. It has given me physical traits that are different , but not to an extreme  that would warrant attention. Given Alien fascination with the human species, maybe those differences add up to real mysteries in their eyes. Lori and I are older. I’m 53 and she is almost 60, and that must be apparent to them. Neither of us are prime subjects for experimentation any longer.

the bottom of something

Then we thought, okay let’s go the

The edge of the large panel hiding the machinery , this when overhead is large enough to easily conceal them in the night sky.

military route, hypothetically. Maybe we are a  set of test subjects. Ones that ae returned to, like tagged animals in the wild would fit.  But, we are experiencing odd lights far too often.  I just can’t see that a bunch of hoodlum soldiers  would be allowed to run around  in their off hours, using multimillion dollar aircraft to jump private citizens with airborne like techniques, committing crimes against the public. I have no doubt there are those capable of it.   I  won’t  believe that yet, but I have to add that my naivety as well as my patience  are both wearing terribly thin.  My personal steps towards better self-defense will escalate alongside  that concern.

They, whoever they are)(whatever they are, believe that using the weapons of the coward, they are untouchable, and they have no face. With each episode I learn more about them and their almost predictable nature.  That predictability alone is a dangerous thing for any enemy to have.

Part two of this evening’s story focuses on the return trip home and one vehicle in particular.

My friends, if you ever had a passion for the truth, this is the one not to miss.


something sitting near the high school, the railed platform descending

More and more elements of  the fantastic and  the unexpected sit side by side with our daily news.  Are  the representations of the Greek deities,  beings from the sky, shaking off their mythological status, becoming that much more a reality to modern and supposedly enlightened men?    Are some of our travelers  those mistaken by  ancient innocence as Gods, whether they are true agents of God, like his Angels, maybe his Angels or something completely separate from both?

Surely a time is approaching in which we shall  learn the humility that so often eludes us.  It is no longer a question of strength of arms, whether these sources are from far away places or much closer to home, new thinking will be neccessary for us to have any hope of being aware of this threat.It is not from benevolent space brothers and sisters, but from prowling predatorial packs, that not only use darkness to move, but  strip us whenever possible of not only our clothing , but our most basic rights as well.

The sad part is we have more than the manpower, more than enough faces neccessary for a real homeline defense, a watch.  We have the lights to train on the sky. But these are pipe dreams, because no more than 5 of us can’t sit down anywhere in agreement on a subject, or on how it should handled.

When it’s all over and done that will be the information most important and unfortunate to leave for whoever takes our place, the fact that asteroids or aliens were not the cause of our fall, but the dissension that  we spread among ourselves like a virus.  Hopefully God will be with us.

In this article there is an image of a man in flight,  not with a jet pack but hovering almost running in air. How many of these images of what ancient men thought to be gods were merely creatures of the flesh, enhanced with a technology that in the ancients  time could only be considered magic?

We should continue preparing ourselves  for the word that contact has been made for the best of reasons, because it already has.  It has through many individuals just like us.  The problem isn’t in the wait for such news. It’s in the deaf ear many are too willing to lend to our voices.  When they finally realize the nature of the powerful beings around us,their nature and their plans for us, what then?

These entries are each designed for the purpose of catching you up with the activity we have been monitoring. Many times we have stumbled upon it, other times it has come upon us, and we’ve had the presence of mind to still get shots.

Second phase of an encounter -a possible abduction right in front of our house,,

We are completely unaware sometimes that  the process was underway. That makes no sense I’m sure, but its true none the less.  There are many times pictures taken during a sequence of actions, we have no memory of. During that space of  lost memory  I or someone else continues photographing .

It truly is frightening to know you are involved in a situation where, to a degree you have a mental blinder in place.  At some point during the process, you are very much like a monitor or sensor left in a field to gather weather data.  That separation or shielding from the emotional and subsequent  physical responses to some of these happenings can be a blessing to the sanity we cling to.

But somewhere inside, on some subconscious level , I have to believe some damage to the whole is taking place. The anger and the fear of repeated intrusions by beings both human and inhuman must take its toll on all the organs  that don’t handle extremes of stress well.

the same sphere now lit up,

It is in a small way, like the plight of Larry Talbot in Universals  black and white film the Wolfman.  The reason for our block from the events lost to us is, of course different, but the same ambiguity is present the same numb void.  Someone might claim we dressed up as a clown and rode around the square on a bicycle and we’d laugh, having no inkling of anything similar, but how would we ever know?

Only if someone took a photo of the hypnotists subject to immortalize the moment for the hapless participant.  That’s why we are all about pictures here. why they are essential to our work. Both Lori and I can remember things done as a child. I remember the day my little  sister was brought home from the hospital. We have complex memories of events all through our lives.  There is no reason we would have a blank spot  of this kind and duration in our  memories unless  someone or something created that gap.   We could not forget  something frightening or this  completely singular in its nature without help,  unless it was  important to someone else, that it helped them remain anonymous in their actions. It helped them sleep in ease. As long as we were separated from the  memory of the faces or forms involved, those responsible this parasitical existence would continue.

The first photo is of an object we believe parked. Only vague  structural lines show through the dark.  To the left are what I assume are legs for landing, projecting out almost like the supports of a Christmas tree base.  On the right side is the rail (?) of something. I think it could be the ladder fully deployed we’ve shown on the end of the long arm over the power lines in other photos.

There is a lemon shaped object black in the sky before us almost down to road level.  In the next one it comes on illuminated.  In the final you can see this light even brighter with the structural lines of its support overhead.  Long rails slightly curved consistent in proportion  go out from it, overhead, running along the bottom of some larger object.

two people, about 24ft to 30 ft up across the street from our house, in the same block the other photos were taken.

The quote below, it says it all.

“think about this, we have wars going on right now, here on earth. Our planet is in turmoil. People have no concept as to what reality is anymore. We’re too busy fighting terrorists, too busy looking out for human enemies. Is something more sinister awaiting our planet. Are we under observation and under close scrutiny? We don’t know what we are about to learn about the interstellar communities that are obviously among us, orbiting our planet in our immediate solar system. For the moment we have barely tipped the iceberg” (Jose Escamila)

Even in the Middle of Town.

The beginning of a walk to the hospital ,what should be overhead? night sky, Strange pulses of  light sometimes as big as your forearm?

The camera was positioned in my hand so the lens was almost directly up.  At times I took shots level with the eye, at a much more normal angle.

the descent

But, for the most part the camera was held at my side in this upward position. I found one night, accidentally photographing the brim of my hat, that this might be a good thing. If the hood or hat was kept in the shot it strongly suggested we had taken the pictures at just the angle we claim. The progression of these shots may seem boring in their beginning but I assure you when you see the reason for the  electrical activity over us, finally revealed, you may think again the next time you witness such a flare in the night sky.

head going in or coming out of the sphere

Where you see a breach in the numbers, it is because I was taking pictures of the area we were walking in, the houses around us. What is surprising is that already the consistency of the charge in the air  around us is unchanging as we move along,  representing to me, not a condition on or in our bodies that could be responsible, but, instead an object moving along with us. It’s own, almost static, field in the air growing in intensity as it moved closer and closer to us.

As you’ll see these loops and twists of light grow in size, and are like nothing we’ve previously  seen.

part of the ship? overhead????or a cable being connected,, hell if i know

The bay doors is open and the smaller craft or glorified gurney is descended to our position. What for?  To help us? or hurt us ?   You could be doing anything, but being alone or in a couple  seems to be an attraction,especially those on foot are like mice on the ground in the eye of the eagle.

someone , or something being taken up/ note the red and green lines

Victims may be walking their dog, may be going out late to get the last of the laundry off the line,   or out  riding their bike, or walking home from a friends, the guy or girl who forgets something in their car and has to go out to open the trunk after dark. Maybe there is a  business owner closing up late, trying to make a few extra  bucks.  Maybe it’s a man or woman sneaking back in after a liaison , the child sneaking out meet friends or answer that dare. It could be the girl or woman,, whose only fault in this is being too attractive.

i cannot make it out clear enough to be sure, but i sense a figure on a lower ledge lying i guess,, and higher up some other involvement, im equally unsure of.

Unfortunately some of them, far too many of them, will not make it back into the house on that night that their street,  their neighborhood falls under scrutiny from abovewhat spooky tooth sh.. is this. Some will wake up in the morning  feeling a bit tired,  will have a peculiar nasal bleeding  or unexplainable sore muscles. They may have bruises about the body, strange ones around the wrists and ankles, that seem to have no cause.  Maybe it will be dreams ,a different kind, very realistic, of being drug from one place to another, being exposed to treatment  that equates with assault.

the stairway to hell, a huge arm we obviously don't remember,, it may have brought one or both of us back to the same street.

Possibly they are having upsetting partial memories, momentary flashes of disturbing scenes,  ones that are abominable, yet  like these photos cannot be  ignored.’

We have shown you individual photos before and the story around the find in each picture. Now we are showing you in a second by second group of images, a veritable film in slide like images, the whole progression, the pursuit and harassment of a couple,  not by a creep out getting his kicks, but by a group of individuals, (whether human or alien) much like our attackers east of Butler.

its just what it looks like,, you tell me..

cloud art?

And remember where this took place, in the heart of Butler, not on its outskirts on dusty half lit roads, but in  neighborhoods near the High school.

Do I need to say more?

In Your town ,? part 1#

This is not going to be a long one the images say it all so im just going to set this up for you./ the picture below is from the middle of the series, the next article will have no text  it will be all the photos from the evening.   We hope these illustrate better than anything we have yet presented the serious nature of what is occurring around you.    If we can have our senses conditioned so that were unable to be aware of  these presences   ,,,, trust me  , you can as well .

the beginning of the trip,, maybe 7 photos into the series.

We were walking to the hospital, yea jeeps , still in the shop, and its 8,00 the idea of our taking pictures overhead is to tell if odd lights pass or stay with us along our route.   There is no intention to get fine shots because we don’t feel well find anything,, anything of consequence. ( So this is just our eye on the sky) while we try to enjoy the evening walk.   Lately there has been a light that follows us,, it did on motorized runs and has followed us on foot as well.

To say this before would have made me very conscious of the silly sound in it,,  but this entry at the Observer, will show quite clearly,, that we were not paranoid,  that this harassment was not carried out on a county road, or some dirt trail,, but near our highschool, just down the road.

The walk to the hospital is a 8 to 10 block walk, you just get into walking and then your almost there.  But these freaks,  could not even allow us that.

The photos not all of them ,   still are enough and are  in order to show you the progression, of action.  first twisting cords of light  appear overhead. they grow larger,   as something gets closer,   You will know when a shot was taken over head, because my tan hood will likely be part of the image.



I was holding the camera at my side my arm hanging down,,, the lens was turned upward to catch anything passing directly over us.  It was very cold,   we were bundled up and keeping our attention on the road and talking occasionally.   the hood on my jacket will be distorted at times ,








comparatively the hood is much closer the lens than objects 50 to a few hundred feet up, so any distortion caused by movement, will be much more exageratterated the closer it is to the camera.The scenes show the progression of lights  over us,, and finally the orange semi squared  opening overhead, this is usually aparrant  when a faint orange ball very fuzzy in appearance is exiting the squared area, . I’ll make attempt’s to show better examples of it at the end of this article.Next there is clearly a machine overhead,,  I’m guessing this is for the transport of individuals  ,, a space age version of a medevac  Helicopter.Maybe its just a damn gurney with a levitation device and lots of lights.

in the thumbnail the orange are to the top left can be seen as straight , just one of the walls that make up the dock opening.






All i know is it pisses me off,, in the photos it appears im oblivious to the lights overhead,  it must have been  quiet because  we don’t seem to hear it.


and maybe our theories are correct and one or both of us has been treated  conditioned in some way, some hypnotic suggestion,,?? that bars us from the recognizing the threat, until it’s too late.   be sure to read the next part of this article,, and see the pictures of the evening in entirety.

Richard Carter/Lori Carter

the The mothers, are there,, less than a stones throw away,, and i don't know it.