This is not going to be a long one the images say it all so im just going to set this up for you./ the picture below is from the middle of the series, the next article will have no text  it will be all the photos from the evening.   We hope these illustrate better than anything we have yet presented the serious nature of what is occurring around you.    If we can have our senses conditioned so that were unable to be aware of  these presences   ,,,, trust me  , you can as well .

the beginning of the trip,, maybe 7 photos into the series.

We were walking to the hospital, yea jeeps , still in the shop, and its 8,00 the idea of our taking pictures overhead is to tell if odd lights pass or stay with us along our route.   There is no intention to get fine shots because we don’t feel well find anything,, anything of consequence. ( So this is just our eye on the sky) while we try to enjoy the evening walk.   Lately there has been a light that follows us,, it did on motorized runs and has followed us on foot as well.

To say this before would have made me very conscious of the silly sound in it,,  but this entry at the Observer, will show quite clearly,, that we were not paranoid,  that this harassment was not carried out on a county road, or some dirt trail,, but near our highschool, just down the road.

The walk to the hospital is a 8 to 10 block walk, you just get into walking and then your almost there.  But these freaks,  could not even allow us that.

The photos not all of them ,   still are enough and are  in order to show you the progression, of action.  first twisting cords of light  appear overhead. they grow larger,   as something gets closer,   You will know when a shot was taken over head, because my tan hood will likely be part of the image.



I was holding the camera at my side my arm hanging down,,, the lens was turned upward to catch anything passing directly over us.  It was very cold,   we were bundled up and keeping our attention on the road and talking occasionally.   the hood on my jacket will be distorted at times ,








comparatively the hood is much closer the lens than objects 50 to a few hundred feet up, so any distortion caused by movement, will be much more exageratterated the closer it is to the camera.The scenes show the progression of lights  over us,, and finally the orange semi squared  opening overhead, this is usually aparrant  when a faint orange ball very fuzzy in appearance is exiting the squared area, . I’ll make attempt’s to show better examples of it at the end of this article.Next there is clearly a machine overhead,,  I’m guessing this is for the transport of individuals  ,, a space age version of a medevac  Helicopter.Maybe its just a damn gurney with a levitation device and lots of lights.

in the thumbnail the orange are to the top left can be seen as straight , just one of the walls that make up the dock opening.






All i know is it pisses me off,, in the photos it appears im oblivious to the lights overhead,  it must have been  quiet because  we don’t seem to hear it.


and maybe our theories are correct and one or both of us has been treated  conditioned in some way, some hypnotic suggestion,,?? that bars us from the recognizing the threat, until it’s too late.   be sure to read the next part of this article,, and see the pictures of the evening in entirety.

Richard Carter/Lori Carter

the The mothers, are there,, less than a stones throw away,, and i don't know it.