The beginning of a walk to the hospital ,what should be overhead? night sky, Strange pulses of  light sometimes as big as your forearm?

The camera was positioned in my hand so the lens was almost directly up.  At times I took shots level with the eye, at a much more normal angle.

the descent

But, for the most part the camera was held at my side in this upward position. I found one night, accidentally photographing the brim of my hat, that this might be a good thing. If the hood or hat was kept in the shot it strongly suggested we had taken the pictures at just the angle we claim. The progression of these shots may seem boring in their beginning but I assure you when you see the reason for the  electrical activity over us, finally revealed, you may think again the next time you witness such a flare in the night sky.

head going in or coming out of the sphere

Where you see a breach in the numbers, it is because I was taking pictures of the area we were walking in, the houses around us. What is surprising is that already the consistency of the charge in the air  around us is unchanging as we move along,  representing to me, not a condition on or in our bodies that could be responsible, but, instead an object moving along with us. It’s own, almost static, field in the air growing in intensity as it moved closer and closer to us.

As you’ll see these loops and twists of light grow in size, and are like nothing we’ve previously  seen.

part of the ship? overhead????or a cable being connected,, hell if i know

The bay doors is open and the smaller craft or glorified gurney is descended to our position. What for?  To help us? or hurt us ?   You could be doing anything, but being alone or in a couple  seems to be an attraction,especially those on foot are like mice on the ground in the eye of the eagle.

someone , or something being taken up/ note the red and green lines

Victims may be walking their dog, may be going out late to get the last of the laundry off the line,   or out  riding their bike, or walking home from a friends, the guy or girl who forgets something in their car and has to go out to open the trunk after dark. Maybe there is a  business owner closing up late, trying to make a few extra  bucks.  Maybe it’s a man or woman sneaking back in after a liaison , the child sneaking out meet friends or answer that dare. It could be the girl or woman,, whose only fault in this is being too attractive.

i cannot make it out clear enough to be sure, but i sense a figure on a lower ledge lying i guess,, and higher up some other involvement, im equally unsure of.

Unfortunately some of them, far too many of them, will not make it back into the house on that night that their street,  their neighborhood falls under scrutiny from abovewhat spooky tooth sh.. is this. Some will wake up in the morning  feeling a bit tired,  will have a peculiar nasal bleeding  or unexplainable sore muscles. They may have bruises about the body, strange ones around the wrists and ankles, that seem to have no cause.  Maybe it will be dreams ,a different kind, very realistic, of being drug from one place to another, being exposed to treatment  that equates with assault.

the stairway to hell, a huge arm we obviously don't remember,, it may have brought one or both of us back to the same street.

Possibly they are having upsetting partial memories, momentary flashes of disturbing scenes,  ones that are abominable, yet  like these photos cannot be  ignored.’

We have shown you individual photos before and the story around the find in each picture. Now we are showing you in a second by second group of images, a veritable film in slide like images, the whole progression, the pursuit and harassment of a couple,  not by a creep out getting his kicks, but by a group of individuals, (whether human or alien) much like our attackers east of Butler.

its just what it looks like,, you tell me..

cloud art?

And remember where this took place, in the heart of Butler, not on its outskirts on dusty half lit roads, but in  neighborhoods near the High school.

Do I need to say more?