something sitting near the high school, the railed platform descending

More and more elements of  the fantastic and  the unexpected sit side by side with our daily news.  Are  the representations of the Greek deities,  beings from the sky, shaking off their mythological status, becoming that much more a reality to modern and supposedly enlightened men?    Are some of our travelers  those mistaken by  ancient innocence as Gods, whether they are true agents of God, like his Angels, maybe his Angels or something completely separate from both?

Surely a time is approaching in which we shall  learn the humility that so often eludes us.  It is no longer a question of strength of arms, whether these sources are from far away places or much closer to home, new thinking will be neccessary for us to have any hope of being aware of this threat.It is not from benevolent space brothers and sisters, but from prowling predatorial packs, that not only use darkness to move, but  strip us whenever possible of not only our clothing , but our most basic rights as well.

The sad part is we have more than the manpower, more than enough faces neccessary for a real homeline defense, a watch.  We have the lights to train on the sky. But these are pipe dreams, because no more than 5 of us can’t sit down anywhere in agreement on a subject, or on how it should handled.

When it’s all over and done that will be the information most important and unfortunate to leave for whoever takes our place, the fact that asteroids or aliens were not the cause of our fall, but the dissension that  we spread among ourselves like a virus.  Hopefully God will be with us.

In this article there is an image of a man in flight,  not with a jet pack but hovering almost running in air. How many of these images of what ancient men thought to be gods were merely creatures of the flesh, enhanced with a technology that in the ancients  time could only be considered magic?

We should continue preparing ourselves  for the word that contact has been made for the best of reasons, because it already has.  It has through many individuals just like us.  The problem isn’t in the wait for such news. It’s in the deaf ear many are too willing to lend to our voices.  When they finally realize the nature of the powerful beings around us,their nature and their plans for us, what then?

These entries are each designed for the purpose of catching you up with the activity we have been monitoring. Many times we have stumbled upon it, other times it has come upon us, and we’ve had the presence of mind to still get shots.

Second phase of an encounter -a possible abduction right in front of our house,,

We are completely unaware sometimes that  the process was underway. That makes no sense I’m sure, but its true none the less.  There are many times pictures taken during a sequence of actions, we have no memory of. During that space of  lost memory  I or someone else continues photographing .

It truly is frightening to know you are involved in a situation where, to a degree you have a mental blinder in place.  At some point during the process, you are very much like a monitor or sensor left in a field to gather weather data.  That separation or shielding from the emotional and subsequent  physical responses to some of these happenings can be a blessing to the sanity we cling to.

But somewhere inside, on some subconscious level , I have to believe some damage to the whole is taking place. The anger and the fear of repeated intrusions by beings both human and inhuman must take its toll on all the organs  that don’t handle extremes of stress well.

the same sphere now lit up,

It is in a small way, like the plight of Larry Talbot in Universals  black and white film the Wolfman.  The reason for our block from the events lost to us is, of course different, but the same ambiguity is present the same numb void.  Someone might claim we dressed up as a clown and rode around the square on a bicycle and we’d laugh, having no inkling of anything similar, but how would we ever know?

Only if someone took a photo of the hypnotists subject to immortalize the moment for the hapless participant.  That’s why we are all about pictures here. why they are essential to our work. Both Lori and I can remember things done as a child. I remember the day my little  sister was brought home from the hospital. We have complex memories of events all through our lives.  There is no reason we would have a blank spot  of this kind and duration in our  memories unless  someone or something created that gap.   We could not forget  something frightening or this  completely singular in its nature without help,  unless it was  important to someone else, that it helped them remain anonymous in their actions. It helped them sleep in ease. As long as we were separated from the  memory of the faces or forms involved, those responsible this parasitical existence would continue.

The first photo is of an object we believe parked. Only vague  structural lines show through the dark.  To the left are what I assume are legs for landing, projecting out almost like the supports of a Christmas tree base.  On the right side is the rail (?) of something. I think it could be the ladder fully deployed we’ve shown on the end of the long arm over the power lines in other photos.

There is a lemon shaped object black in the sky before us almost down to road level.  In the next one it comes on illuminated.  In the final you can see this light even brighter with the structural lines of its support overhead.  Long rails slightly curved consistent in proportion  go out from it, overhead, running along the bottom of some larger object.

two people, about 24ft to 30 ft up across the street from our house, in the same block the other photos were taken.

The quote below, it says it all.

“think about this, we have wars going on right now, here on earth. Our planet is in turmoil. People have no concept as to what reality is anymore. We’re too busy fighting terrorists, too busy looking out for human enemies. Is something more sinister awaiting our planet. Are we under observation and under close scrutiny? We don’t know what we are about to learn about the interstellar communities that are obviously among us, orbiting our planet in our immediate solar system. For the moment we have barely tipped the iceberg” (Jose Escamila)