Despite all the stuff we’ve stumbled on so far,,   This is one of those moments, the quarterbacks  celebration,and  the  Snoopy dance,, are inadequate to cover.   Ezekiel was taken by the spirit?  and deposited on a shore line with others,(  he sat on that spot 7 days, overwhelmed.)after his experience with the divine machine,,  Were coming to truly understand what being overwhelmed means.

detail, covering all the visible straight lines that might indicate structure

Maybe too heady a lead in,,?  i think not.   I imagined our space friends as being anything but Ming the Mercilous,,, And maybe a little closer to Flash.   And almost certainly space marine types from another civilization.

close up

figure to the left hands overhead, possibly secured

I was kinda disappointed when greys looked like it,,  well maybe releaved a bit,, if there weren’t any of the Lizard guys out of Star Trek, that was more than okay,,  even they sounded manageable , But  that was due to the lack of  coordination inherent  in costumes fabricated on a cheap budget ,, also guys like Captain Kirk are just too resourceful  for them, either way it was a relief to think grey, until we found mean looking sharp toothed reasons to think green again.

But back to our feature photo in this article, , okay i can say out of the armada of craft designs the world   has either in sightings or in fantasy fabrications,, that this is original.  It automatically reminds me of the air boats mentioned all through history by different people.

There seems to be a deck of some sort with objects in the background over the low railed side.  There are what we might be figures.

It looks separate, i mean unattached at this point to a larger vessel, with so much uncontained area,  open space, it may have the same very basic purpose a regular sailing or fishing vessel does,,,It has open space for work, or the practice of  Skulldugerous  deed’s.  it looks like  its design is  for silent collection and transportation, possibly to a larger object .With the accumulation recently of many photos of objects that appear to be figures in flight, or in some lift like restraint.  Some even have a faint line running away from their form that could suggest a cable cord, or some sort of deployment or retrieval line.    If were going to look at it  not as a manifestation, but a solid object, a tool for some sentient beings,, it helps to have some idea  about its use.

You don’t have to give this much thought to come up with  possibilities,   Here my opinion on it,, .

IMPORTANT,, read boxes in each of these photos,,

If human’s are in charge,

Its use  could be  one  of a protective measure, ,, the very fact that these vehicles exist, should help us easily allow for other  secrets in our reality.possibly one they know about that we don’t.    Maybe a condition has been released upon us, or there has been a fear of contamination by some non terrestrial threat.   ( They our protectors in this case):)   could be using airborne type techniques to silently come down among us ,,drug us? into a state of compliance and amnesia , and  make their determinations   Upon returning us to the deck , They run necessary checks ,for that contamination ‘s of different kinds  or something  equally infective ,,,,forms of information. The clean up crews who frequent UFO sightings could be the answer,,  we know for a fact this area is very active .   Surely enough to warrant such attention.

Or it could be a group  of some kind, Alien in nature,  possibly very human in appearance, maybe far from human,,perhaps  they like the pillagers of the past,  with  motivations we might  never  fathom, and steal people away during the night.,  For any of a number of purposes. Among abductees  there are many suggestions.   One obviously the interest in our reproductive systems,,  the continued need for knowledge about a species they hope to blend with their own, one certainly complex to them.  There are ,,,, as in all times the slaver’s, it is disheartening to think that beings that far ahead of us might still be victims to the need to subjugate  others , to force them into their service.  Beyond that there is frightening evidence to suggest some of those that are spirited away in the night come to an even worse end.  That they become a form of sustenance  for certain creatures, It has been reported that large vats, of blood and human parts  are on board certain vessels, now before you lose interest in the conversation thinking it ridiculous,,,,there have been large falls from the sky,,examined and  recorded by Doctors , and studied by scientists who verify  the physicians finding’s, that they were made up of blood and small strips of human tissue.     Military personnel  have likewise seen and examined  this material  .  On one occasion it was made up almost solely of embryonic tissue . These falls are terrible in their measured forms, huge swaths usually rectangular of flesh and blood , that seem to have been dropped from a hatch or bay of similar measurement, from high overhead.

The yellowy sky so low we could almost touch it, just out of clear view in the dark,

You might wonder how people could be taken, for this purpose?     Very easily,  These craft supposedly can cross great distances in a short time,,to stop over an area by night, to deploy their (thieves’ in the night) who may have techniques for easy access into homes, that bypass the locks we all use,, or they may catch those wandering about.   How many of us have asked where a certain person is now ,, and been told no one knows the rumor is( they went home to family), (Someone told me she ran away with some guy passing through,,), or( they were young and quickly outgrowing their small town,) and everyone laughed,( yea,, kids cant wait to get out on their own.)    The milk cartons always have a new face of someone far too young lost, and the odd balls in a community, they are the easiest lost, the least remembered or worried over.

These craft then would continue wandering,,  Do you think these unfortunates are picked up, processed, and dropped like shredded wheat  in their own backyard, where DNA might pull their names from such a tragic mess,,   no common sense would dictate they move on shedding their waste over areas, with little or no missing to speak of.

A question-Why is it they suddenly stopped ,,no more  were reported? did those responsible leave the earth? do stories of these sort now by order  fall into that hidden newsroom, with others, forbidden ever to appear in the press?  .?

This object,, if it is what it seems to be , then this should strongly  suggest that our neighborhoods badly  need a group willing to patrol them in numbers, willing to bring the neighborhood watch idea along developing it into a group that try to gather more information on this  phenomena.  One willing to walk routes and photograph the sky, as  well as watch for drug houses.

In the simplest manner,  many cameras might ,catch( as we have )these glimpses of activity overhead,,, and once enough visual proof is  acquired  (then approach the local police,) with the information, seeking some kind of answer. This would be followed by letters and e-mails to senators with copies of the same information.  More is needed first before any requests for help should be made.

I have been ignorant as to the realities we have before us, The article in the Butler paper was written, out of our genuine feeling the community should be informed.   Every outing, every photo since then has been( a search for that ONE) that couldn’t be so easily explained away,  we feel there have been many along the way, ,  This image definitely fits in that category .


object over the Butler,