Tuesday, December 27, 2011.

About us ,

Another year is almost past, One in which we’ve struggled and gloried in our families trials and growths,,  given attention to our causes, and   done what it takes to define who we are .

We have listened to the same tired rhetoric,s of our leaders, as recycled and predictable  as the lusness of spring and the rust of fall. , There  also have been  the  Sermons , the heart-felt ones,that find that part of us still soft,, the ones that in private bring tears to the eyes of the priest who lays awake wondering if his love for his congregation can be felt, and heard in his words.

We look into the mirror seeing what the elapse of another 365 days has marked us with.

Some years are harder than others, and   I believe everyone passes through their own Lincoln term,

For all the running about caught  in the clutches of various passions , and the race for the golden ring ,, what has changed?   How many personal resolutions have taken root,  how many political promises have panned out?     One of the redeeming facts about us is we really on some level ,,,want those positives, planned or wished for to be a reality.

We don’t choose to aspire to them because they are the flavor of the week,, or because they are at the base of the false strategy some of us use to play the game. No( I think,) whether we believe those changes those improvements possible or not, a part of us not naive but reminiscent  is afraid to let those qualities fade away into the dark,  no matter how much present styles and trends almost demand  it.

As long as there is the glow of that positive energy within us, reflected in the kind and selfless acts  of the old and young , as long as we have the ability to let the trapping of our lives fall where they may as we  face the vital issues of our time together with a different purer mindset, We as a people may still be seen  as a force to be reckoned with.   Our ability to put aside beliefs and stigmas long enough to accurately identify  real and present threats in our world may be the key to our continued dominance on the planet or our demise.

The continuing Doubts about the existence of UFO , ?

For those of us who have had  sightings  or live with an ongoing contact experience, the above is a little humorous, ( Its like watching  a child standing in the kitchen in front of his parents waving to them as he intentionally steals cookies from the cookie jar,, and the parents saying with questioning dismay on their faces,   I wonder who keeps taking these?)  Its in front of us,  the whole wind up for Disclosure  seems much like the  approach  of Y2K ?  People panicked in lines at stores watching the last bottle’s of water being bought ahead of them,,and those that saw the  chance to  make a killing did.  The day after it passed people woke to jugs full of water , and other supplies they didn’t need, and the unpleasant  yet familiar feeling most of us have had at one time or another.   I love my country,  all of it,  but loves a funny thing, i love America like the icon it still is, i also love it like excentric uncle no one understands.  You love him sometimes not because of himself but in certain situations in spite of himself.  ( Why do people turn on our leaders in their frustrations about  the study of the unexplained?should we expect perfection from a ruling body made up of us? )  Disclosure will probably be released  like the story  about  my Grandpa Carter,  who was caught(in his younger years)  in a bust (the last man trying and failing  to get out of a house of ill repute in time.)   He later turned to the Lord, and was highly respected throughout the rest of his lifetime.  And that all the more seals the door on that subject, I will never know more about that event than the sentence about it above.  Why should disclosure be seen as the sudden change of heart, and policy,, what has happened that suddenly makes  disclosure a good idea, and event that serves their purpose?.

this disclosure if it is revealed  at all ,will be highly edited.  Most of us are familiar with examples of the UFO, related documents , The Freedom of Information Act  released ,  a time when the stocks on Sharpie Markers, must have gone through the roof.     But to be fair,,,,,Just what really were we ready to hear?  I try to see this from their side as well, Not every step in  keeping  this knowledge questionable, was wrong,

They had the pilots of military jets ,being  forced from their planes, there were objects flying around over the White House itself, ,  ones  they could not control.  there was an object over Los Angelas, that was captured in spotlights eating every shell they could throw at it ,, and the conclusion ? a few dead citizens, with no wreckage from the craft  ,to show for their efforts.   People from every walk of life were reporting about these objects and sometimes their crews,, Policemen, and Politicians , were likewise giving their accounts. Not to mention there were also the  mutilation cases , so frightening they were not allowed to reach the public for some time,,,nor were they listed among those contemplated in Project Blue Book.   The over all body of UFO related report’s  weren’t of a number   easily listed below,, but instead  in their full details would have called for volume’s.

How could they  approach us (.,,,,,a country that had fallen into mass panic over Orson Wells  radio program a rendition of the War of the Worlds ?) with real evidence of not only their existence, but the fact they had been aware of us being abducted, and had not warned us?.) They couldn’t .  This Radio show must seem  incredibly distant to us now,  but you must remember just how serious  how powerful the reaction of the public was.    People were swamping police departments with calls of concern wanting to know just how far away the Martians were,, Groups of men were prowling the  dark between farms and across the  country side  mistaking water towers as martian machines firing in them.

My Mother a child then heard her parents in the next room talking about what they had to do, grim in their determination that if the Martians made it that far, they would not allow their children to be taken by them,  willing to kill them first.   This was a common reaction among parents who had no idea what horrors their children might suffer if captured.  It was a Radio show that had notices promoting its fictional nature, but they were ,missed, To the productions credit, the scenario seemed far too real.

I’m aware time has  passed, decades in which we have become conditioned prepared , and in the last decade an accelerated push has been unconsciously made?     A recent Larry King poll,  had 86% of us believing , and  only 14% not.    We are approaching an eve of sorts,  one that cannot just pass as others have into the discoveries of the next day.  This is one that we must be prepared to face, because the night of that eve ,,may be very  long,,  before the dawn.

            Richard Carter,