This is the first image of three, in this one you are looking at the sky directly overhead,  It is very dark no stars visible.   The edge of my hood is  in the bottom right corner.



There should be nothing overhead, the only awnings in town are near the highschool entry way, and up on the town square.




Were not near either, a good 60 to 80 yards from the highschool in the road, we are taking  pictures directly overhead just as a curiousity to see if we catch odd lights passing over,, they are quite regular here.

There in the second photo you see the lightened image,,,, the sky ?as it has apeared to the digital camera  often ,,This surface is far

too matte like,,, too in consistant with the clouds that brew below a storm..  we even the thought this yellow could be lights reflecting on the bottom of the cloud layer  but it doesnt seem right, we arent that close to intense light.   In the next  image  whatever surface is above us strays to one side too far,,,,, it has a edge like a tarp.. And what is revealed above it is not the stuff clouds are made of.

The third photo is its own explanation,, you dont look in the garage for clouds,, and you sure dont look for hidden metal in the sky  but as in many cases lately ,, thats exactly what you find,,           Theres no need for an elaborate explanation about it,,  We dont know who is responsible,, what is, but it seems men are most likely .     What do you say when you get the picture of the edge of something over your head , and a small glimpse of the guts beneath it,,  The yellow object  looks possibly  flexible    ,, its edge ,,,,,,,,,   This looks designed to mask the body of the aircraft from below,, to allow whoever the crew is the chance to move among cities and neighborhoods unnoticed.    It would hide stalkers that might have the ability to  exit craft by rope, and leave the smallest traces  of their presence  afterwards.   What could such a group accomplish in a neighborhood with their transportation all but invisible to the ground?

below is the image of the concealed area

what we believed to be sky overhead, was dangerously close to us a blind for something else

the very same image only lightened, the second image