Flavius Josephus, the noted Jewish historian of the first century A.D. described the giants as having “bodies so large and countenances so entirely different from other men that they were surprising to the sight and terrible to the hearing.” And he adds that in his day, the bones of the giants were still on display!

inverted image of my sketch, a giant packing home his tropheys,

There are many new images to explore with you, yet sometimes when searching for one in particular, something catches my eye in another that I never considered before. It is so striking that it must become an immediate priority.  These are powerful and focused and in these situations.  I’ve learned to trust my instincts. Only rarely do they amount to a wild goose chase. These are good as well, because once they are proven to be without worth, the end result, the search for truth has still been achieved .

Some of these new discoveries are no reason for celebration. This, I believe is one of those.

Look across the nighttime scene only minutely revealed in the cameras flash,  but what is caught in that second of time.  The grasses beginning their slow death wave in the nights breeze. Waste high, they are beautiful against the backdrop of bushes and trees.   Every few feet, further out, the difference between bush and grass becomes less distinguishable. Finally the forms of  greenery that meet the base of the trees some distance out, are completely lost from view. This is a line of small trees, maybe 20 to 30 yards out. Standing at their base you would only be half as tall.

a description a guide

woman heavy curly hair her face showing through dont you see it,

The image is lightened and a faint white shape is revealed, possibly mottled.  It is the opening, head high, between two trees.  There seems to be a shape in the position, a head would assume on top of a torso. We are guessing it a torso because of its proportion and because what seems like an arm extends away from it.  This assumption is only strengthened by the shapes, the details on what may be a head.  First there are two dark hollows or shadowed indentations, rather jack-o-lantern in appearance.

through the opening in the trees a light colored figure as tall as the small trees around it holds a shape of some kind in its hand

A nose doesn’t jump out, but the area that could be considered for the mouth has a  jagged  horizontal slash that looks menacing. What has brought us back to this image ?   It’s the remaining detail presently missed. Sometimes interpretation comes from odd spots inside us, ones of fear. It can blind us to the facts we are too afraid to consider and thrust other less potent ones on us.

In this case I was absorbed by the presence.  The surroundings meant little compared to the possible humanoid at the images center.  I considered what I thought might be animal, held in its hand, something in the dog or cat range, which may have been a comfort in comparison to the  identification I was now making.

There was pink or a flesh colored shade in 3 spots close together. I studied these, blowing the area up again only this time I walked away from the screen, turned and looked and saw a face. It was sandwiched between two dark wavy surfaces, darker than the gloom on either side of them, yet consistent with the appearance of thick wavy or dark curly hair.  There was a forehead, a nose and lips opened in an “O” that fit perfectly on the  face that I felt was nearly obscured with curls.  There was even a curve to the shirts neckline and a faint outline I felt comfortable referring to as a body.

The only problem in the identification stage was that it seemed hanging in the air at an angle, one that was impossible, unless the body was supported somehow in a harness or in the grip of something.  But  if the light colored thing with the frightening face was what held her, then there had to be a considerable difference between them in size. To hold her by one arm that high off the ground would call for size and enormous strength. I understand that to take this line of thought further should call for a counselor at the least , and that would be the case if the subject of gianthuman like beings has never been seriously considered or proven Biblically and historically.   But their existance has been a matter of record for some time.

a crop from the larger image, i used black to outline the figures ,, can you see the face and thick hair all about it yet?

“In those days there were giants in the earth”.   If that sentence had been framed in our age, it would doubtlessly be talking about the great men and women of our age, but in the time long before Christ lived, in the time when the lives of men were not measured by 6 to 10 decades, but sometimes hundreds of years, when the Watchers came down to men and stole away women to be their own, there were giants.   The offspring of these first unions were monstrous in size  and plagued the earth and mankind who became their food when they could no longer produce enough sustenance for them. It was the extraordinary man, Enoch, who carried the verdict of God to their fathers, a judgement of destruction.

One was taken to the desert and placed in a large hole with rocks on his head imprisoning him. When the other  Angels who served out a portion of Gods punishment were done, there truly were Giants in the earth.   Later in the Bible Moses sends spies into the land of Canaan to gauge the enemies strength,  they return in fear saying “All the people we saw in it were men of great stature. And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, descended from the Nephilim: and we seemed to ourselves as grasshoppers, and so did we to them” (Numbers 13:32-33).

The flood is supposed to have cleansed the earth, removed these tormentors from man, but they lived on in small groups still being encountered all the way up to the days of David.  Goliath was not the last of the giants.

sketch of a giant, one of those the flood slew

There are records all the way into the twentieth century of their numerous  graves being found, and even examples in our age of living men who physically towered over us.    The chance for large Alien life immediately grows with each account read.  If our earth could, for centuries, sustain so many examples, why not another?     Why aren’t we as familiar with the  history of giants  here as we are with those of the different Indian tribes, and the Vikings whose settlement failed  for reasons we’ll never be completely sure of?  Why all these accounts  supposedly by credible sources, and no material evidence at hand? Well there has been a few examples in our time.

One of which was; Robert Pershing Wadlow,  born  Feb-22 1918,  and dying  July 15th, 1940,  The Gentleman Giant.  There are photographs and Medical records  that prove his existence  and discuss in detail the illness that caused his growth..

Maybe the problem is because History, quite honestly, has a selective memory, one influenced by many things such as  political and definitely Religious morays.  Even the Bible, one of our most revered texts, comes in a number of forms with differences. Take for instance Enoch, the book bearing his name, meant apparently to be among the others but is excluded from the bible.   Yet, you find his name is mentioned in Jude 1-14, in Hebrews and in the very first book of the Bible, Genesis.  He was a man who was so upright in the sight of God that he was called to heaven without ever having to suffer the pain of death.  He was a man of flesh and blood who read decrees of punishment on Angels and was taken on a tour of heaven and earth,even shown the paths taken by the Angels.

Just out of sight, in the dark , behind a treeline the figure stands holding its ?

the face of a giant

What would have been found lacking in such a book?  What could have been passed on to us from such a man, that the the world needed shielding from?   Maybe it was the time in which he lived. In those days when there truly were Giants in the earth, and the reason for their existence was the fall of a group of angel like beings placed to protect us.  Maybe it is because of the details about the transgression of the angels against man and God.   Maybe they felt certain facts  and descriptions  from the book would confuse us like descriptions of the glorious fires in heaven meant, with the other marvels, to be indicators of Gods greatness, or fire in heaven that the simple people of those times might mistake for the flames of punishment in hell. This was a truth, but a frightening one that might drive away believers in fear,

There were converts who’s coins could not be lost.   So, the trimming down of religion began by trimming away what was repellant and adding  just enough to attract a world of pagans like rituals and vestments, and trinkets of God glistening in what more resembled temples, than tabernacles.  They instituted the praying to saints and the virgin Mary, fashioned after examples of pagan Gods. The simple man left his one room dwelling of straw and mud to kneel in the midst of treasures, to hear what the church  had crafted for him from the whole of christian records at their hands.

This is only one example of the suppressed.  There are truths we are not supposed to know, ones that these organizations could not silence like the fact that Crusaders raped and pillaged on their way to the holy wars, and even in rare occasions committing cannibalism, the horrible deaths linked with the inquisition, and the misdeeds of governments in modern times.  In the view of the open minded, aware of the vaults and warehouses full of secrets we will never see, is it that difficult to believe these finds of giant bone have been descended upon, gathered up, and stored away?  There is also a rumor that the Smithsonian Museum took a cruise out onto the Atlantic Ocean, in a large barge loaded with artifacts and emptied its contents into the sea.

Rumor?  When we hear reports of large aliens,  why must we immediately  hoist one corner of our mouth locking it in a dubious smile?  Something to think on, we believe large numbers of people are abducted each year, and there’s really nothing to suggest this hasn’t always been the case.  So bearing that in mind what would make the giants of those times any less interesting, any less a candidate for abduction or experimentation? Would their seed  be of any less us to them?

In what might seem a  wild scenario, could the larger of these beings spotted near UFO’s, in our time merely be giant descendants of the Nephilim, taken from the dusty rock littered plains, stalking the skies instead, still carrying out the original aim of their kind?

Richard Carter

Below is a list of races found in biblical records:



















This isn’t to say that all of these people were giants, but that the race of giants was among each.