There are no long list of particulars, no personal feelings aside from a lack of surprise at this presence, ive tried for some time to put there persistant  occupation here into a more informative context but it alludes me.  This is what it is another sighting ,, one of the more clear, just as silent as the other craft that have become common place.   Not too long ago there was an object i call the sled or ships deck it had a large open area to walk around on , in fact there were what i counted as three figures present.   One was what i believe a captive at the far end of the deck to the left, arms raised or suspended above its head,

To its right across the deck were too standing figures, one of definitely alien appearance.  Last nights  object was yellow as well, as the majority of the craft like objects have been,,, its height is difficult to estimate  but it could very well have been one of these patrolling craft the bottom of it passing over.  We feel we were not stopped as there was no loss of time we could find,, nothing to suggest we’d been involved in anything but the walk, it is the time factor that has us so much at peace over the subject.This was not the only sighting, there were two fly overs one with a large circular craft seen over the power lines.

They (as one would expect ) don’t seem to dilly dally, the only times we feel they have parked or took momentary  prisoners , or samples has been when clusters of strange photos appear.    last night images were limited to 4 of real interest out 450.    This has been talked about here many times the possibility of  soldier types ranging the countryside,  no new theories have come out about this threat, but enough proof has been acquired that to the minds of competent investigators the case for military clean up crews seem highly possible and probable.large peanut shaped object seen over the power lines, it moves out from the shadows

Whatever the end result of these brainstorm sessions , ones we  re-initiate every time a fine is made, there will be  lasting reason’s  for our deep scrutiny of anything that doesn’t belong in our 8-by 10 glossies,, the proof is piling up yet i fear even one of our disappearances would elicit  no real inspired dedication to follow this up, and to demand an accounting by local politicians and military leaders.

We havent reached our goal we haven’t found the answers we need to be certain of these objects origins,, can you sleep knowing your airspace is crowded with this sort of unknown factor?  This is not only our responsibility and i tire repeating it,,,Say we were taken, and everyone actively involved in this research began either dying off or falling away into apathetic slumber,, ,,,, what would you do,,, consider it an interesting  diversion that s  time had passed or would you take up the watch?