I don’t like to rant and rave. It’s not something I find enjoyable, but there are times where I just find something that is just unbelievable. What I find this time is the complacency people have about the fact that our skies are so busy with unknown craft. I also find it hard to swallow that more people want to stay unaware of the abductions, secret underground or hidden rural activities that are going around them.

Other countries are constantly showing the UFO sightings on their News networks, so why doesn’t the United States. If one happens to slip in, the newscasters make light of it or joke around about it and someone is quick to call or write in to debunk it.

There is so much evidence out there, and has been for eons, yet our society chooses to ignore it, even when they see it with their own eyes. It’s like people standing on a busy New York or Los Angeles Street looking up at a large UFO hovering over them, commenting “oh, look it’s a UFO” and then wandering on into Starbucks to get their afternoon latte. They act like it is so common place, showing no emotion, because of why?

Could “someone or something” be drugging us to the point of complacency? Maybe it is the aliens, whichever group is presently visiting, using mind control or substances in the air to keep us calm as they hover in the sky around us. Very few people seem to react very much to these sightings, even when there is more than one witness. Not so in other countries. You can easily see what happens when they have sightings.

It reminds me of a movie I saw on TV back in the early to mid-1970s. It was a very low budget film, a Sci-Fi that should our world much more advanced than it is now. Everyone lived in an elite area that was controlled. There was a constant speaker reminding everyone to take their somas. Children weren’t born. You didn’t get pregnant. That was an absolute no-no, even though they did promote sexual activity.

In the film, a young woman and man go to visit another place, one where the inhabitants are more like we are now, but all conveniences are gone and they are surviving off the earth again. They are considered lower than the elite, and an anomaly to the other society. Somehow or another, the birth control system of the elite young lady fails and she gets pregnant before the weekend is over.

She is left behind, because they can’t have her bring contamination into the elite world. Everyone in this elite world just walks around doing what they are told in a calm, uncaring manner. Is that what we are becoming here in the U.S.?

There have been abduction reports where the abductee saw humans working side by side with aliens on craft and in underground bunkers.  Surprisingly, there are even ex-military and civilian workers who have come forth with the same claim.

Richard and I were abducted, and had hard evidence that there was human involvement. It has been our goal to find out what is really going on around us. We have presented what we find everywhere that we can to warn or neighbors, family and friends. Although we do have a group of people that contact us from time to time, and the abduction story did appear in our local paper, and even after the radio station posted our pictures a few months ago, there seems to be a general complacency among the majority of the population.

This seems to be true all over this country. This is the reason so many that have had experiences are not willing to come forth. They often find themselves exploited by the very investigators that are trying to prove their case and get answers for them just as Richard and I were.

I’m not asking you to shoot everything you see in the sky or hiding in the bushes. All I am saying is that we should all be more aware of our surroundings and share anything strange that we see. The health, welfare and safety of our neighbors, friends, relatives and us depend on it.

If you have seen something that you don’t think is normal, let us know. We want to hear about it. If you have pictures to share, we would be happy to post them. If you want to remain anonymous, we will do that also. carterbushman@yahoo.com

Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch the sky; watch the night, no matter where you go.