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There are things we’ve raced to show you,  finds that( in our eyes ) needed to be seen by others as well,  needed scrutiny as well as presenting.

But there are things that still lie unused, passed over, between the other more universally acceptable type image.  The  lights of the saucer or of the inexplicable orb hanging in spots that just don’t work.

Even the little green man variety or in the Clem case, the big green man; these all are the stuff ufologist are willing either to bash or to consider.

Yet, there are those like these that are striking, but at the same time annoying, annoying, because they have no explanation. They are ones with implications of an important nature. I have approached only friends with this, making light of it when I did, trying to make myself see something other than what I knew was too much even for believers.   George Adamski I’m not, but in my heart I can’t suggest any longer this might have a mundane source. The hell with the disbeliever.

As  for their quality – oh well-I KNOW  I WAS STILL AT THE TIME!   I know the images and many others were taken consecutively,all of  a certain pose that  I meditated in, and aside from a car light passing  there is no other logical reason for the strangely distorted image that looks like someone having their face vacuumed  off  but it’s not just that,,,,

It seems the structure of my head is REMATERIALIZED!

My light source was stationary, on the table. All windows were in other rooms in the house and the position I sat at had no direct or indirect contact through a doorway with windows, so your left with extreme changes of a visual nature in a series of photos taken one after another.

Why didn’t we race to show this?  To be honest I didn’t have faith in you to believe me and I’m sorry, but Lori and I have talked to a number of groups  online and these were supposed to be open-minded people, in fact one site used the (Open mind ANGLE ) as part of their motto for a while.

What it comes down to is something Whitley Strieber mentioned on numerous occasions. He has, more than once, stated that he rues the day the book (Communion ) was published, as it has resulted in him going down a path that brings with it public humiliation and the mockery of both an unbelieving mainstream and even the UFO community itself

It is easy to understand  such frustration. To me it seems like there are two groups of the Cavalry, both joining to fight the Indian uprising only to  have to stop halfway there to  dispute whether  Indians exist or not .  Why the inner conflict and need to be the one to point out reality ,when frankly none of us have degree in it?

I imagine that there are others of a similar mind.  I am one of them and who do the who’s who  wannabe’s of  Ufology have to blame? The very familiar feeling of there being constant efforts to discredit, with no open mind to the alternative, this among a group of people who’s interests lie on the fringe of societies thought to start with; well it’s confusing to say the least and lends to an attitude of choosing solitary involvement in the work.

the third of 4, maybe the worst of the bunch because im in a world of hurt,, in the movie the 4rth kind the woman has a tape recording of a alien being and her screams , one she too is completely unaware of. a note ,,these were taken long before the movie,,


The short of it is, unless certain people bring something to the table, it must be a fabrication.  It gets tiring and uses up my patience  fast. We have better things to accomplish with our time, we all do.    Some of the people in these groups are just the opposite, but, unfortunately their voices are lost in our  majority rule world.

Besides, how do we know for sure what happened to even label the event?  the trick of light bull is out the window and I didn’t have any discomfort that would make me go running for help, if I could run. The point is that the agony my face registers, is not reflected at all in my memory of the early morning.  This leads me even more to think this might be some peripheral or subconscious draining or extraction.

There are the well documented cases of multiple personalities and the implanted personalities, as well as other mind control programing. These things are fairly well-known.   If we have a subconscious and a conscious mind, and the labyrinth that could hold separate chambers for separate personalities, then in seeking to gain control of us, would not beings  have to either wipe the slate of our mind  clean or,  like the pages in a book, address each layer of us? Possibly in each abduction or intrusion, they are siphoning off , or creating a layer pertinent to their desires, their plans.

Maybe such visits take place more at night for obvious reasons.  If it can be accomplished with such little remembered  trauma , then the wee hours of the night would be perfect.

Then again, what if the trauma is very accurately represented in the looks on my face and like the effects some trauma have, the mind constructs a wall to shield itself from the reality, an amnesic blind to save the body and mind from the inescapable fear that would follow something like that, if it was allowed to be a clear and present memory.

Did I go somewhere?  Was i taken,?  Was it merely a removal of something as minute as the skin cells we scrub away each day bathing?   A layer of (epidermal thought) .   There is also the chance that we are being physically removed from our homes and transported to places of refinement, not refined in the sense of luxury, but in the reality of alteration.   There are what I believe to be people nightly transported to warehouse like bays above, where humans are the focus of activities they would never have chosen for themselves.


















I have heard a strange sound at night, much like huge fork-trucks  running across a vast concrete floor. Sometimes these sounds are so loud they are heard over the fans  in the summer.  Sometimes this sounds as if they  are endlessly circle the block.   When looking out at the streets, all of them very close, there is nothing and yet the sound continues above.


I have theory about some authors of books and movies. I mentioned this to Richard a few times. We love old books and movies and often indulge in reading and watching them often. Our nightly viewing during dinner may include selections from Sherlock Holmes, Andy Griffith, early John Wayne movies and the like.

My theory is that some of the authors and film producers of earlier times, and probably today, had close encounters with craft and beings, maybe not remembering the experience as anything other than a dream or their imaginative minds. They related some of this in their stories, probably not realizing that they actually experienced something.

We frequent the local library whenever we can and not only check out books on UFO’s, extraterrestrial, many older books written by authors back in the 1700’s and 1800’s. We recently checked out a book that contained what were supposed to be ghost stories (although none of the stories we have read were that, but were strange to say the least.)

We ran across this story in the book, written by J.B. Priestly (English writer 1894-1984). The story was written in 1953. It is titled “the grey ones”.

The story starts out with Mr. Patson speaking with a psychiatrist. Throughout the major part of the story, the psychiatrists is asking questions about what Mr. Patson believes about some creatures that he believes exists. He talks about over hearing a conversation at an upstanding club attended by writers, painters, musicians and theater people.

This conversation is being held by a publisher known as Mr. Filbright. Mr. Filbright is speaking about something called the “Evil Principle” trying to destroy human kind by eliminating certain states of mind that belong to the good. They are changing the way people see, feel, hear and smell things. Taking out the essence, perhaps, of these things little by little.

As the conversation goes on, Mr. Patson talks about feeling their presence, identifying some people around him as being some of the “grey ones”. He states that he can feel things changing everyday around him. Smells, noises and sights are becoming less of what they were. He says the “grey ones” are the agents of the “evil principle” that is trying to destroy mankind, bring them down to the state of passive cattle, so to speak.

While he is conversing with the good doctor, he names off quite a few people he believes to be “the grey ones” in disguise, and at least 2/3 of these people are in high positions in the government and the community.

Feeling better after he has had a long conversation with the doctor, the doctor excuses himself for a minute. He returns with two orderlies, and Mr. Patson is suddenly able to see through the Dr.’s facade and realizes that he and the two orderlies are “grey ones”.

This is where the story ends. It makes you wonder about many of the other mystery, horror, and sci-fi stories and films that have come out over the years. Could my theory be right? Could many of these people had an experience, thinking it a dream or imagination, turned it into a story, book or movie.

I recently read a few excerpts on the internet that were opinions of “people in the know”, who claim that the UFO, extraterrestrial stories, books and movies that are being released today are supposed to be preparing us for the final event.

Any opinions?


To all the practitioners of the Wicca faith, and other beliefs,  both Christian and Pagan, there is no effort here to either glorify or downgrade. At the Midnight Observer we are aware of the hideous crimes of the past of  religious intolerance and seek,  not to preach any doctrine or promote any view other than the elements to our articles. We may state ideas framed in our own belief, but we feel they usually have a relevance to the subject at hand.  Even with this said, please take into consideration the fact of my limited knowledge, and weigh my desire at being fair against it. I hope this balance can allow everyone to see, not just the ignorance of a blogger, but  possibilities that you may never have considered; ones that only came to me last night right before sleeping.

title page .

Sleep wasn’t coming easy last night. It seemed that the closer I got to laying down the more hyper I got, not like riding a wave of caffeine, but a kind of mental excitement.   Lori hates nights like these.  As much alike as we are, when she sees that weird light in my eye, she kisses me and then falls  asleep straight away knowing I’ll be along when I can.

Something hit me yesterday as I was preparing an article on demons and the like.  Of course we’re interested in the possible mislabeling that’s gone on through history of  Alien encounters thoughts, in a witch and demon  paranoid world,   to be something else.  Let’s take an look at a few possibilities. One,  of course is alien interactions with humans, they, in the role of a catalyst.

We assume that the visitation of aliens with humans has been a fairly common event through history. There are too many records from Pharaohs, Roman Generals  and the common people  to doubt this probability.    I’m going to show you a scenario I believe would, might explain certain cases during the witch trials, where the keeping of imps was a charge-

To acquire their magic, women  fed and cared for demonic imps. Hopkins prescribed the practice of “watching” which required the accused to sit in a specific position, usually with legs crossed for a period of twenty four hours, during which she or he would be observed. If the person was a witch, it was supposed that within twenty four hours an imp would appear to feed off the witch. An imp was a small creature, or familiar, who depended upon the witch for daily sustenance.  The watching of Margaret Jones occurred on May 18, 1648 and Winthrop recorded an imp was seen “In the clear light of day.”

In the clear light of day;

Your name is unimportant. You are walking with your wife and another couple. You and your neighbor are speaking about what many men of the time spoke of , land, property. Your wives are bringing each other up to speed about local social matters.  One of you is distracted  by movement you see out of the corner of your eye, about a hundred yards away at a line of trees.  It looks like a group of people that appear unclothed.

Of course, in a very backward fashion, your wives are not encouraged to go over and see what the women are doing.  They are told to wait at home or among the milling, slowly building crowd.  You and a number of town founders slowly approach from a distance,  and as you get closer you see they, the women, are not alone. There are small chalky, childlike figures holding their hands walking with them.

Members of your group call out to the women but they seem uninterested. It is then that one of the tiny figures turns and all questions are answered because that turning figure has a large chalky head with two eyes that must be demonic.  They are large, dark  and shiny and they are slanted,  the devils own eyes.

Muskets are loaded and you proceed with more speed towards them now. You see that not all the women are being lead but some chant in a child’s way weaving this way and that. Surely they must be dancing .  These others, these creatures, who a moment ago were there, are now gone. To the north through another patch of trees something climbs quickly into the sky,  but none of you see it because there are four naked women in front of you. there are four women who seem to be now staggering, holding their heads and blinking as if to see.

There are four women, who react to your cold stares, just, as they realize they are wearing no clothes.  Shrieking in tears and confused dismay, they bolt across the field and through the cows to their homes, unable, in their compromising position to face their husbands and the towns people. This embarrassment is only the beginning of their trials by public opinion, and worse treatment, and the situation they have no explanation for. They are tried as witches cavorting with imps familiars in broad daylight.

Yet in reality they WERE DRAWN TO THE FIELDS BY VOICES IN THEIR HEADS, and when they took off their clothes, or what occurred before they were suddenly aware again and facing the  angry and scared crowd, they know little. They half believe themselves, that some satanic summoning has occurred, but in reality they were taken by visitors not from Hell, but from somewhere out in space.  The greys, speaking to their minds, controlling them, reduced them to ignorant zombie like subjects.

How far out is this? How far off?  Margaret Jones was witnessed and accused of cavorting with imps in broad day light.  This is  public record. We know people of all walks of life have close encounters. Could this be one?

I remembered what I’d just read in the comment of a friend, how (and I’m paraphrasing it) the UFO world, the purist of it, saw no  real or logical connection between the fairy tale events of the last article and UFO study, but that certain people had given it a much different appraisal.

She’s right. The UFO community is full of incredible minds, with passionate hearts that have invested decades of their lives in study, but as she said, some purist see it as much too large a leap .   This doesn’t surprise me, because, just as some are more than willing to rail against ideas outside their own, they couldn’t find an original  idea  coated in bronze between them with a metal detector and 11 hands.

When your talking about UFOs and creatures which have taken over tunneled systems below our surface, just what is too far out of the way in the realm of considerations?  What idea if any,  in our present world  besides Santa and the Easter Bunny,  stands outside the door?

I’ve got a question dealing with fairies and gnomes and brownies and pee pod pixies, with the whole realm of that which we’ve labeled mythological.  That question is, when did it change?  The relationship, the interactions between humans and the races of beings with  possibly an older claim to  the earth? There are opinions that these figures were some of the fallen angels,  those caught between the two forces and their indecisive actions made them, not co- conspirators, but individuals marooned here none the less.

First we can do away with any talk of the impossibility of HOBBIT LIKE CREATURES.  The National  Geographic Society has already solved that one for us, with the finding of a group of 3 ft tall humans with heads the size of grapefruit that lived 18000 years ago on an Indonesian island with Komodo dragons that can easily grow to 10ft in length.

Humans can grow to giant size and there are ample photographic records of them in arguably modern times.  So, we have giants, hobbits, dwarfs and midgets  that reflect an extreme difference in human size, but were there beings of similar sorts with a more enchanted past, or again have gross misinterpretations taken place?

In a less enlightened time, witches are known to have  familiars; creatures that aided them and had specific value to the practitioner . Among medieval women, witches  who were wise, who knew the healing properties of plants and herbs were considered a great help to the community.

They were turned to, when people were in need of help they just couldn’t receive elsewhere.  They were midwives among other things, at a time when the mortality rate was high among  those attempting to give birth .   At that time doctors were still bleeding people to release evil vapors in them. The middle east far exceeded us in useful medical attention.

But we understand the minds of the law makers of the day, of the clergy still trapped between a genuine desire to live correctly and their fears that corrupted these efforts, and turned them, not into the fullness of the ethic in their positions as magistrates and priests, but men turned to monsters inside, their fear and their ability to impose the beliefs and  actions of the time on a scared populace not so different from the Commie scare of the McCarthy era.

I won’t mention them all, but the burning of thousands of  innocents was the least of their terrors. Hot molten lead poured into open mouths, metal cages shaped to conform to the human body with interior blades. The racks and the knives and devices to extract confessions were monstrous.

So with this already confirmed reality, we open the door to what the purists refer to as fantasy only.

I’m going to create a scenario; one as ridiculous to some as anything else I’ve ever said here, but an interesting idea, even if I only think on it alone.

Let’s approach the subject of mythological beings with the attitude that some are real, that fairies, and elves and all the contact stories through history are true, that they have been a reality in our world.

It is rumored that among the familiars that witches choose, some of these beings have served in that role, or at the very least had dealings with them, revealing information, and sharing in festivity together.    This, during the time villagers could be and often were afraid of black cats and such, even toads in the right circumstance.   During the middle ages.

Now lets do what the fantasy writer must do to fully develop a character. They have to get inside this figure to understand them and fully portray them in an accurate way.  

Think of it. You are one of the fairy folk, or an elf or gnome. You have forgotten more about moving quietly than most humans will ever know. You are one in your movements with the forest.  The heavy boots and braying voices of the men and their dogs make your skill all the more apparent.

The woman wrapped in a weathered cloak that you were speaking to, turns with a start and begins running, more out of instinct than intelligence. You could have concealed yourself but her scent would have been detected by the dogs in a short time.  

She runs, grasping a medallion that hangs from a chain about her neck. You can see her lips moving, forming words she’ll never complete as a hundred and thirty pounds of lunging wolfhound brings her down and others close around her.

Still death on the forest floor was not the order of the men who were sent. You watch from cover, helpless to stop the armed men from leading her away, the hounds pulling against their chains, their masters praising them along the way. 

Your grand sire  knew this forest when it was free of any disturbance, before the wailing voices of trees and bushes  like the call of a tiny man in distress, filled these canopies.  Before trails were carved through it.

So, you hasten to a thatch, pulling the weave of sticks and grass aside and plunge running into the hole and along the tunnel, one  that does not wind as the forest trail does but enlarges and branches off with a main line straight towards the fortress. 

You are waiting when the sound of the dogs heralds their approach and they burst from the trees, clomping across the moat on the lowered gate.

You are a shadow among the clatter and the clutter. From shadow to shadow, you follow the group down into the bowels of the hold, the dungeon, and there you grind your teeth in helpless abandon, wringing your hands and finally wiping at tears as her debasement stops and the torture begins.   Luckily she is weak and passes on quickly, suddenly before they can take whats left of her away to burn.

There is no solace in it, and though your people have killed as many humans as you have helped, you realize that your contact with her was the final factor leading  to her condemnation. 

YOU RECALL WALKING ALONG THE LENGTH OF DARK TUNNEL, what her accuser  had brought as the final charge of witchcraft.  She was seen in the company of one of the woods folk, those thought to be magical and in league with the devil, who have dances under the moon to honor Satan.    

You were seen in her company on more than one occasion, not a demon or  an imp, but one of the wee folk, with no more ambition than seeing time pass and your people thrive in peace.

Soon it is just a question of whether your interaction with villagers should continue.  It’s a  question of whether you need to withdraw further and further from men to assure the  safety of your young. More hunters stalk the kings deer and the sound of hounds grows more regular.

Crossbow bolts have left trails of torn foliage and ripped earth far too close, as soldiers  seek the fame of claiming that which could not be caught, less afraid every day of the vengeance your people once took, to maintain the respect man had to have, men and women of the same species who drove you finally to the mounds and then far below ground.

If the story of early beings and their search for peace and survival were true, if such a scenario as that above were possible, then as populations grew and the age of enlightenment shone on the horizon,  maybe disbelief and progress became as much a dragon to them as any real serpent they feared.  I read and account I can’t lead you to but the story stuck in my mind.

Three farm boys were playing or fishing. they finally were forced to turn away from what they were doing by the strange sounds their hounds were making.  When they got the dogs aside, they saw what had them so upset.  

There was a tiny figure, maybe two feet tall. It looked like it had a hat on, only like the hat was part of its whole body built into it.  It had simple features and eyes registering its fear.

This short legged, rubbery looking little green man, stood statue, still obviously terrified. The boys did nothing and the dogs took him . It  was torn apart.  No parents ever came to check out their story and the unidentifiable remains were gone the next morning.

When I read this, I instantly saw the scene as clear as if I was there,and struck me , it being such a sad event.   I have always wondered exactly what those boys were in the presence of.  It also seems like an image that must have, in different ways, played itself over repeatedly through history.

They were not stories of swapped babies or  men enchanted, but of creatures similar to this tiny, little green man . Maybe these were just unfortunates caught in the wrong place at the wrong time by the wrong people,  or maybe they were envoys  or just a peaceful race ready to say hi.

There are too many reports of creatures fitting the fairy and elf description to rule them out,or, were they exactly what history and mythology tell us?  Maybe they were a  group of woodland  beings who saw in our advancement,  our growing lack of character and  finally just  gave up and drew the veil.

Did they finally just realize we could no longer be trusted? I wonder what  they could have witnessed in the passing of time to give them that idea?

The following is an e-mail we received commenting on the most recent article. Our friend has allowed us to publish her comments here. Thank you Judy


Other book series worth a look-see include Laboulay’s Fairy Stories and the Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Brown and so forth Fairy Stories. I have had encounters with various types of inter-dimensional beings, from the grouchy female reptilian “bean counter” in a tunnel in New Mexico, to shadow creatures that came with piece of 19th century furniture and led me a Hell of a life until 2009, when their supervisor told them, “You’re fired!”
Purists will say that trying to find commonalities between fairy stories and UFOs is nonsense. In the book UFO: The Continuing Enigma by the Reader’s Digest, 1991-1992, part of the series Quest for the Unknown, a whole section is devoted exactly to this question. The book clearly distinguishes between beings that are seen as solid and real, as opposed to “demonic” creatures that we would describe as “shadow people”.
Biblical literature, as in Revelations, comes very close to aliens by describing creatures seen as “resembling frogs”. Religious writings world-wide tell of similarly-conformed creatures, some who are malevolent, and others who are simply benign.
Sincerely, Judy

Some subjects and their premises are easier to present than others, and  this is one that is bizarre, first and foremost because of the near ridiculous consideration. Everyday we find  more  evidence that suggests that legends and lore and even the simplest of children stories have a basis  no matter how remote in fact. Though this  may seem a trip into inanity, it is a fun sort, especially when you find that much of it  echos with the  truths  recorded not by the  village idiot of the middle ages, but by the world directing institutions of the past  and the both civil and military records of the present.Rip van Winkle/another look

A dry patch of earth, on a hillside beneath a shady tree, the suns warmth radiating around its cooling shelter,  maybe even a breeze to make relaxing  there a perfect picture,Rip Van Winkle, and thousands, if not millions of other idle dreamers have  rested with a similar view of the sky  through the tree branches,the clouds the last things remembered as sleep, came over them.

But just for laughs, read the poem, I mean really read the poem. Rip is roused  by a dwarf like man very grim and strange. He follows him up the mountain higher and higher until he comes to a group of figures  like him.

They are involved in what, to him, appears like a game like bowling.  He is offered an odd, strong drink and states he likes it.  After this we have his sleep. When he awakens he finds the wood of his rifle rotted completely away,  his beard is long and he limps regretfully back into town, aware of little but the verbal punishment  he will receive from his wife, one he is surprised to find long dead. He has been away long enough his daughter has grown.

Abductions seem full of incidents involving groups of short figures and the act of being taken up,  (Missing time- Rips is considerable) is usually at the heart of this phenomena as well.

There are strange liquids offered to abductees;  liquid with varying effects and functions.   They, the abductees, are also, almost always, individuals returning in a great deal of disorientation.

Rip doesn’t mention grey aliens or reptilians or Nordics. No, instead  he describes the beings as being dwarf like figures. There are numerous reports of Dwarf like creatures being seen near spacecraft. These figures, like  Rips, are  grim of countenance.

When you add the fact that some  abductions also have a false  memory layered over them,  one that makes hypnotherapy sometimes necessary, you could suggest,  possibly, that he did encounter small beings but they disguised their true form, picking an image and clothing themselves in what they felt he would be more receptive to.   three different figures angelic,???  who knows they were the only light in the sky and movingcigar producing its own cloud cover or smoke screen

These false memories are for what purpose? Possibly to add less fear to the experience, make the abductee more complacent, more willing? It also may be placed in the mind to protect the identity of the abductors. Who knows for sure? All we can be certain of is that  tales like  Rip’s nearly bristle with commonalities and similarities with  most abduction scenarios.

Are we looking at everything that once was and should be  innocent, trying to find  the worst? Looking for the devil behind every tree?  No,  not at all, but you must admit that in the story not only of Rip Van Winkle’s but other fairy tales and bedtime stories, there are surprisingly strong  parallels, ones we hope to show in this article.detail ,, in a different light, is she a being who can fly or a prisoner?





















We rarely attend the sky unless were faced with foul weather and it is about as interesting to most of us as that 7th cousin on your mother’s side. Our familiarity with it is twice the damning force in this disinterest.  So much of our lives, though sometimes spent working  out  under  it for long hours,  is time spent oblivious to it.

Our focus; sensibly, the area before us, or the road in front of our car, or  the horizon before us on a long drive, is our only focused or semi focused exposure.

Our references to it; idle chat about an interesting cloud with a lover on a picnic blanket or during a barbeque on the deck, that and references in songs poems and of course fairy tales.  We know Jack pierced them climbing the fast growing creation of his magic beans. We know, in the tale, he found not more clouds above as he climbed, but a solid land like surface, the grounds of a giant’s keep,  of course.  More adult; the mythological  stories of Icarus  and of Apollo. Every people have their own pantheon of beings godlike , with at least one  being they call the master of the sky,.

In examining the recorded history, artists show metal objects surprisingly detailed in the sky behind lords and ladies of the time, amid their palatial splendor.  The records are not just in the volumes of scholars and poets  and portrayed  in the paintings of  artists, but in the Clergy as well, some of them of high ranking .

We find that there are stories told  by amazing men, people with nothing to gain from their finds and much to lose. At a time when even statements of expanding science were considered evil, warranting a quick journey to the stake and fire ,the noose or the torturers knife, only the most  brave or diplomatic of men spoke and not whispered what was on their mind.

In fact,  the news of today and the recorded activities of the past are not so far apart. That  should surprise us little.  In some manners we have bettered ourselves, made life healthier, made advancements in  our transportation, our tools,our way of life, but aside from showing  the effects  of our abuse and miss management,  the world has really changed little .

Artists have showed us, with pigments they created from scratch, moments during their lives they could not ignore. Maybe their rich benefactors enjoyed the novelty of being pictured with not only their treasures, but as  part of a scene of a notable event .something hurrying over a ledge it seems to have a hat pointed, and a set of possibly facial features that look goblin or fairie like,, who knows what it is was, we never saw it agin.

The comparison with the photographer who tries, as well, to capture the moment, is clear enough, but there is a substantial leap between artists and photographers – and fairy tales, or is there?outline of head and hat and short thick arms

Lets start with a child’s tale, one  about a place in the clouds, inhabited by giants or strange beings.

Lets  try,tongue in cheek, to eliminate  or prove it, a notion so ridiculous it is considered a bed time story. Of course,  it’s  impossible. We know the quality of clouds, their insubstantial nature and their vulnerability to the wind.The story could have no basis in fact due to the most basic laws of science and our understanding of our environment.     So, maybe there is a problem that one would expect in the  middles ages, or the Renaissance or even an early American  period. Maybe it is one of interpretation?

Maybe we aren’t talking about Terra firma, grass and soil as the  base  for that mass in the sky, as much as any material substantial enough to hold weight capable of supporting itself , a substance not easily reduced to mud and silt by erosion .   This, with a  mass wide enough to be seen  from a distance, is able to, visually alone,create the illusion of  land in the air.    What could possibly fill those requirements?














Well, in conversations and literature and film dealing with ufology, the phrase mother ship comes up often.    For the uninformed these aren’t  in the classification of pixies and yard gnomes or the Easter Bunny,but instead are a reality and  have had their speeds  clocked  and recorded by military personnel as they circled our planet on radar. They have likewise been found in NASA  films, these craft are of amazing  size. Marina Popovich, a Russian Pilot, reports on her sighting of one…

Further comments  on them and their size are below;

One strong indication that UFOs are not just paranormal phenomena is the physical proof and reports by military pilots of enormous UFO vessels reported since WWII. These massive “mother-ships” have been confirmed on radar. According to both radar and pilot reports, some mother-ships are over a mile long.

Mother-ships were not new although they were not reported as “motherships”. In one report by Hellcat pilots during WWII. The pilots were under standing orders to guard airspace over this certain location “at all costs”.

A craft, only a portion of the diameter of that described above, would still be so considerable in size that comparisons with a sky borne land mass could mistakenly be drawn by a simple mind, by the somewhat primitive understandings of the past.   Some  are seen with cloud vapor   surrounding it. Why wouldn’t the wind blow such a cover away, make it difficult to maintain and conceal the bulk of the craft?

The only explanation I can think of is that the craft, the object, is producing it’s own sky borne smoke screen.   If these objects are  self concealing, perhaps once their cover has been put in place, they create a field around their ship  that keeps their cloud like shroud undisturbed, confines it.   In one  of our photos,  taken over a plant in Butler, a cigar shaped machine with a round hole in its side seems to emit a of the skulkers that we found in a corral in bates county















So what other proof is there of a past knowledge of these sort of scenarios?  Among books on the subject by authors  such as Jim Hickman (5000 years of UFOs )and people like ex-air force Major Donald Keyhoe and many others, these subjects are covered in detail.  Aside from this,  history isn’t shy in this department as the following example shows.

The Archbishop Agobard of Lyon in AD-779 mentioned in his writings about a supposed celestial region known as Magona (I’m not sure of the spelling). People of the time were aware of it, not only the scholars but the common man. This was a place that strange vessels flew to among the clouds . They carried away things. The complete list we can only guess at but apparently humans were also part of it.     

Also, an entry by this same Arch- Bishop of an abduction of 3 men and a woman seems to add weight to the idea. They were about to be killed by a crowd after falling from the ship above. They said they were taken by miraculous men who’d showed them all kinds of marvelous things. They were told to tell others about it, yet at this time, such tales of exotic knowledge equated with an involvement in the devils work and they were moments from death by the crowd when the archbishop convinced everyone that the whole affair was impossible and surely an illusion. So, with the Archbishops personal denial over what he likely saw as well, and the pacification of the crowd the lives of this group of unfortunates were saved.

This really is odd when you consider that priests of the time were at the forefront of  drive to execute anyone with a rumored dark hobby or brush with the bizarre.  For him to defend these people and his presence at the location, seems to suggest he likewise saw it. He had some  reason to believe them, to steer the frightened angry populace away.

So, we have the recorded words of , not just a priest, but an Arch-Bishop in a time when priests as well as the common man could be burned for such talk.

This says volumes  to me about the mans believability for even in diffusing the crowd he still used the occasion to tell this tale, one that if  untrue, he would have felt less need to record.   We have not only the evidence of his awareness, but the fact it was common knowledge in the area.   Of course, this was more a technological marvel than a mystical land hidden among the clouds and the ships vessels coming to it after their interactions with the villagers were small patrols  or raiding craft returning to a larger one.   At any rate this seems much more likely than a land supported by vapors.  We have to remember also that in claiming “strange ships” flew up to this place, there has been an acknowledgement of vehicles of flight, material ones capable of carrying away captives, abductees. That alone in 779AD  explains the importance of this record by this man .one of many of the small patrolling crasft, this one flew to our position in a flash then just hovered watching us as we freeked and drove away,,  they are children of the motherships.

As far as the other beings  of legends and mythology, there are stories about figures with mechanical wings and those with the benefit of natural abilities of flight seen in the wilderness of Russia, over towns and cities in America, and reported at the gates of U.S. military bases, overseas, in both Japan and Vietnam, figures, bat-like in appearance. One was fired upon( Read about the Tengu In previous articles).

I’m not sure how anyone, a preacher, mechanic or president, could profess with surety to know everything that is out there, to know without a doubt what every corner of the night holds.   Recently a preacher on Facebook commented that “unless its mentioned in the Bible  it doesn’t exist”.

Okay- Just off the top of our heads lets see what is mentioned in the bible;

1-First there are 27 other Gods mentioned, at this site they are listed with the verses where they are mentioned—

There are  also the following:  Angels, those still in his grace,, and those fallen and those still at odds with man and God.bubba the river monster,/ notice the rounded shape with two eyes in the water near him.

There are Cherubim,  Seraphim,  Arch- Angel, Demons, Serpents,  Cockatrices,   Behemoth-the giant beast of land and lakes, Satyr’s, Dragons, and  Leviathan- the creature of the deep.

There are unicorns,  a large lizard( the one worshiped as a god  by  king Nebuchadnezzar) slain by Daniel.  There are the Raphaim , the Nephilim, the Zuzim, the Emim,  the Ho-rites, and others (many of these were groups  in which  giants dwelled.  They did so during the time of David)

It makes you wonder, with God flooding the whole  earth to rid it of the Giants seed among other evils, just how were some spared, whisked away? How were they still breeding in Davids time?  How do we get people out of flooding areas when there’s no other option?  We airlift them.  What possibilities were there for air travel then, aside from the vehicles of extraterrestrial nature?

About Leviathon—-Job 41: Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down? Canst thou put an hook into his nose? or bore his jaw through with a thorn? Will he make many supplications unto thee? will he speak soft words unto thee? …Behold, the hope of him is in vain: shall not one be cast down even at the sight of him? None is so fierce that dare stir him up: who then is able to stand before me? …His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal. One is so near to another, that no air can come between them. They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered. By his neesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning. Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out. Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron. His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth. In his neck remaineth strength, and sorrow is turned into joy before him. The flakes of his flesh are joined together: they are firm in themselves; they cannot be moved. His heart is as firm as a stone; yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone. When he raiseth up himself, the mighty are afraid: by reason of breaking s they purify themselves. The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon. He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood. The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble. Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear. Sharp stones are under him: he spreadeth sharp pointed things upon the mire. He maketh the deep to boil like a pot: he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment. He maketh a path to shine after him; one would think the deep to be hoary. Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear. He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.river monster of the osage,

About BEHEMOUTH,,——Job 41:

eye on a tree

melevalant stairing eye, that i found maybe 3o ft on the other side of a property fence,, it looked wet and glaring then closed or dissapeared not evident in later shots.

Job 40:15-24  Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together. His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron. He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him. Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play. He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens. The shady trees cover him with their shadow; the willows of the brook compass him about. Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares.

My answer to my friend is this,  all these things are listed in the Bible as having been realities.

If we take the scriptures at their word and as Christians believe, surely it is a small leap from giants and monsters of all descriptions to UFOs.   God destroyed the earth with water to stop the giants and their offspring from taking over the world he’d created for us, to stop the corruption of it, but the question remains “How were the giants still a force to be reckoned with in Davids time?  If we are to believe the Bible word for word, which I do, it leaves no other possibility but OUTSIDE INTERVENTION.

When you start tying the stories from the bible with medieval records and on to those of our time, the reason for this scrutiny should be very apparent.

Being a Christian is more than a belief in God and the afterlife. It has to be a belief in the only manual we have to guide us to success in our efforts to truly be the children of God. Likewise, we must have faith and believe in the word in all its completeness, in every detail,  no matter how wonderfully confusing at times  and frightening. To do less is to sabotage our own efforts with doubt.We dont know what it is, but the night i took its pictureand it appeared out of nowhere i was cut ion my chest through my clothing ,, my clothing was unharmed but i had a nearly footlong scratch bleeding just below my chest muscles. A CREATURE HIDDEN IN THE BRUSH NEAR THE COMPANY THAT PROCESSES LOGS , THIS CONNECTS TO A PIPE RUNNING OVER TO THE MOUND,

What, exactly, constitutes and angel and were they Gods only attempts at such beings?  We know that at least one group failed in their loyalty. What requirements are there, if any, for  God to tell us everything? There are none.    What do we know that the Archbishop of Lyons, did not?

There is no ceasing in the electronic marvels we struggle to perfect and the products that become obsolete within a few years time as new updated versions  take their place.   The world around us, once full of the invisible, has allowed us a window to see and learn. Now we harness these still invisible forces to light our lives and power our toys and to communicate with.    We may see ourselves as masters of the beasts of the sky and  fields, but there may be  others yet unknown to us  that  wait to challenge our claim.

Fairy tale or misinterpretation of fact? It’s all a matter of how you look at it.

Richard Carter

There are lots of things we’ve presented that should have jarred your notions about what can be considered the norm, but in this article, as in many before, we feel there is something extraordinary. For reasons you’ll figure out  just examining the images ,I think you’ll see what I mean.

Now both images have been on the internet for some time.  Ours, presented here once before , the other from a 17th century fresco depicting the crucifixion of Christ.

What is so striking between the two is just one factor, a face looking down out of a machine in the sky, almost at the very same angle.

Our face has an angry mouth open, or possibly just a face trying to yell over the sounds of the machine , one we were oblivious to overhead.

But in the 17th century fresco  some claim these were representations of the Sun and Moon.  We know that most painters were aware that there were severe atmospheric occurrences at the time of Christs passing .

UFO research is not without it’s episodes of craft seen amidst darkness or harsh weather, exiting clouds or leaving mountains.

Ezekiel,  the much  used example  and probably best, brings so many elements of the abduction experience together that the reasonable mind can only doubt its real truth with tremendous effort.

But what truth? One that fits the ufologists requirements, and satisfying a need for some  to place of technology in the place of God? Or is it something we should value even more, an expansion of our understanding of him, a clearer window into his doings,with an introduction no matter how remote, to some of the servants speaking and acting in his behalf, Angel like beings.

Think about it. You are living in a time of daily rigors that have conditioned man to a point his years long out stretch our own. This was  a time when men  in the field used rocks as pillows and of shepherds who might never see a city in their lifetime. How would men such as these  reflect on the sighting of something metallic and glass, with other marvels in their  make up,details  that would make their minds swim? How would the view this, unexplainable, perched not on a hill or a tower, but just hanging there in the sky? It was enough for Ezekiel’s  mind to leave him sitting  for days afterwards in one spot trying to cope.

Imagine the sky as Mathew describes it. Remember metal craft like objects being described in Gods work before, remember the details of Ezekiel’s  tale, remember just who is dying , and then completely rule out the possibility that similar beings were not  in the sky that terrible day.

That artists of the time were painting scenes in multiple examples, showing objects clearly not the sun or moon.

Matthew 27:45 , 51-52 ‘ There was darkness over the land” “and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; and the graves were opened; and many bodies of the which slept arose” Mark 15:38 “the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.

One skeptical source I’ve found  states there could have been no darkness, or severe weather,  yet in the same breath states








(“It is impossible to explain the origin of this darkness.”)

That isn’t surprising when taking into consideration the fact that these descriptions of events are not the weather channel report on a first morning  of a Roman General’s military campaign, but were the reactions of a world parting with a man who had reportedly raised the dead.

These among other miracles were seen by others.   Christ was not the David Copperfield, of his time,  but a being in touch with miraculous power. It was a power he certainly could have used to cease the proceedings of his own unjust trial and punishment.

Is the image we are looking at some representation of  something else, or as in many paintings of the time, have objects of extraordinary importance to the witnesses during the time of the painter, been incorporated  into paintings, (some of the rich benefactors) as a way to use their creative ability to, not only immortalize the faces of the lords and ladies of the time, but instead to make that first crack, in the veneer of the ideas of the time.

Was it to show, not only the marvels of architecture and clothing design  that seemed almost daily, but to free the painter from his bonds of conventionality,  to allow him not only to be a recorder of the lives and loves of the affluent, but to be, in a sense the news man of his times?