The following is an e-mail we received commenting on the most recent article. Our friend has allowed us to publish her comments here. Thank you Judy


Other book series worth a look-see include Laboulay’s Fairy Stories and the Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Brown and so forth Fairy Stories. I have had encounters with various types of inter-dimensional beings, from the grouchy female reptilian “bean counter” in a tunnel in New Mexico, to shadow creatures that came with piece of 19th century furniture and led me a Hell of a life until 2009, when their supervisor told them, “You’re fired!”
Purists will say that trying to find commonalities between fairy stories and UFOs is nonsense. In the book UFO: The Continuing Enigma by the Reader’s Digest, 1991-1992, part of the series Quest for the Unknown, a whole section is devoted exactly to this question. The book clearly distinguishes between beings that are seen as solid and real, as opposed to “demonic” creatures that we would describe as “shadow people”.
Biblical literature, as in Revelations, comes very close to aliens by describing creatures seen as “resembling frogs”. Religious writings world-wide tell of similarly-conformed creatures, some who are malevolent, and others who are simply benign.
Sincerely, Judy