There are things we’ve raced to show you,  finds that( in our eyes ) needed to be seen by others as well,  needed scrutiny as well as presenting.

But there are things that still lie unused, passed over, between the other more universally acceptable type image.  The  lights of the saucer or of the inexplicable orb hanging in spots that just don’t work.

Even the little green man variety or in the Clem case, the big green man; these all are the stuff ufologist are willing either to bash or to consider.

Yet, there are those like these that are striking, but at the same time annoying, annoying, because they have no explanation. They are ones with implications of an important nature. I have approached only friends with this, making light of it when I did, trying to make myself see something other than what I knew was too much even for believers.   George Adamski I’m not, but in my heart I can’t suggest any longer this might have a mundane source. The hell with the disbeliever.

As  for their quality – oh well-I KNOW  I WAS STILL AT THE TIME!   I know the images and many others were taken consecutively,all of  a certain pose that  I meditated in, and aside from a car light passing  there is no other logical reason for the strangely distorted image that looks like someone having their face vacuumed  off  but it’s not just that,,,,

It seems the structure of my head is REMATERIALIZED!

My light source was stationary, on the table. All windows were in other rooms in the house and the position I sat at had no direct or indirect contact through a doorway with windows, so your left with extreme changes of a visual nature in a series of photos taken one after another.

Why didn’t we race to show this?  To be honest I didn’t have faith in you to believe me and I’m sorry, but Lori and I have talked to a number of groups  online and these were supposed to be open-minded people, in fact one site used the (Open mind ANGLE ) as part of their motto for a while.

What it comes down to is something Whitley Strieber mentioned on numerous occasions. He has, more than once, stated that he rues the day the book (Communion ) was published, as it has resulted in him going down a path that brings with it public humiliation and the mockery of both an unbelieving mainstream and even the UFO community itself

It is easy to understand  such frustration. To me it seems like there are two groups of the Cavalry, both joining to fight the Indian uprising only to  have to stop halfway there to  dispute whether  Indians exist or not .  Why the inner conflict and need to be the one to point out reality ,when frankly none of us have degree in it?

I imagine that there are others of a similar mind.  I am one of them and who do the who’s who  wannabe’s of  Ufology have to blame? The very familiar feeling of there being constant efforts to discredit, with no open mind to the alternative, this among a group of people who’s interests lie on the fringe of societies thought to start with; well it’s confusing to say the least and lends to an attitude of choosing solitary involvement in the work.

the third of 4, maybe the worst of the bunch because im in a world of hurt,, in the movie the 4rth kind the woman has a tape recording of a alien being and her screams , one she too is completely unaware of. a note ,,these were taken long before the movie,,


The short of it is, unless certain people bring something to the table, it must be a fabrication.  It gets tiring and uses up my patience  fast. We have better things to accomplish with our time, we all do.    Some of the people in these groups are just the opposite, but, unfortunately their voices are lost in our  majority rule world.

Besides, how do we know for sure what happened to even label the event?  the trick of light bull is out the window and I didn’t have any discomfort that would make me go running for help, if I could run. The point is that the agony my face registers, is not reflected at all in my memory of the early morning.  This leads me even more to think this might be some peripheral or subconscious draining or extraction.

There are the well documented cases of multiple personalities and the implanted personalities, as well as other mind control programing. These things are fairly well-known.   If we have a subconscious and a conscious mind, and the labyrinth that could hold separate chambers for separate personalities, then in seeking to gain control of us, would not beings  have to either wipe the slate of our mind  clean or,  like the pages in a book, address each layer of us? Possibly in each abduction or intrusion, they are siphoning off , or creating a layer pertinent to their desires, their plans.

Maybe such visits take place more at night for obvious reasons.  If it can be accomplished with such little remembered  trauma , then the wee hours of the night would be perfect.

Then again, what if the trauma is very accurately represented in the looks on my face and like the effects some trauma have, the mind constructs a wall to shield itself from the reality, an amnesic blind to save the body and mind from the inescapable fear that would follow something like that, if it was allowed to be a clear and present memory.

Did I go somewhere?  Was i taken,?  Was it merely a removal of something as minute as the skin cells we scrub away each day bathing?   A layer of (epidermal thought) .   There is also the chance that we are being physically removed from our homes and transported to places of refinement, not refined in the sense of luxury, but in the reality of alteration.   There are what I believe to be people nightly transported to warehouse like bays above, where humans are the focus of activities they would never have chosen for themselves.


















I have heard a strange sound at night, much like huge fork-trucks  running across a vast concrete floor. Sometimes these sounds are so loud they are heard over the fans  in the summer.  Sometimes this sounds as if they  are endlessly circle the block.   When looking out at the streets, all of them very close, there is nothing and yet the sound continues above.