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Come on People!!

(Here at the Midnight Observer, our attention won’t always be fixed on the strange and bizarre, though the following, we feel, falls into that category also.)

Lori and I , here at the Midnight Observer, are, I guess, activists after a fashion.  We try to arouse further awareness of the unusual conditions growing around us, one we naively thought had precedence over  other more mundane  priorities.   Our focus was so intent on this we turned our back on the worlds other issues, figuring the least of those worries were people getting along in our country.  With men and women away in war and the country’s financial state at a near all time low, there seemed enough to keep everybody busy, possibly in a mutual fashion, heading towards the  solutions we all know are  a necessity.

When I stopped turning to the TV for my daily dose of negativity and we focused our attention completely on our paranormal research, we had no idea how much we were already out of touch with the reality of things brewing under our nose.  I took a break from writing the other day and decided to catch up a little; to follow the tracks in Yahoo news and you-tube  flicks  towards a more up to date picture of the world we’d ignored.

I might as well have crawled into a time machine and set it for the 1960’s. What in the hell is going on?   Back when we started filling our days with research on the computer, the processing of photos, long hours of field study and the acquisition of images , there was Obama in the office of president and other black politicians seeming  able to posture themselves for their own possible run for the office of president.

The richest woman in America was, I believe, Oprah Winfrey, and a number of the positions of Judges in courts both high and low were likewise occupied by black individuals.    TV programs of both fine and crappy quality were a melting pot of faces and ignorantly I thought our world had finally began to level out.    But I hadn’t taken the rabble-rousers into consideration, the  saboteurs of society both white and black always marching beneath the banner of the Race Card. Extremists  that cling to crimes over a hundred years old in an effort (not to educate the young about the cruelties of harsh opinions and separatism of people) but to instead to sell the same message of hate Hitler and others have disguised as a plan of survival.

Most bizarre of all  it was the rhetoric of an ex-professor, a black teacher, an absolutely abominable statement made by a “supposedly” educated man.  That rhetoric?( His message was “the need for the extermination  of all whites.” )  One of the new leaders of the Black Panther Party backs him in a ho-hum fashion at least during interviews on news programs like Hannity, Bill OReilley, and others.   Where is this coming from?   Why are the beatings on buses and city streets of white children by groups of black children taking place with reversed racial overtones? Why is this now, of all times, on such a rise? And the insanity of killing of all whites and their children, risen to become a priority  more important to some than preserving our planet for future generations of life? or getting our soldiers home?

If I’m angry with a man, I’m going to get satisfaction with him verbally if possible, and physically if no other means of settling it are at hand, but  I’ll not have it out with his great ,great , great, grandson. I don’t believe most of us would damn a whole family for the crime of one of their ancestors. Hatfield and McCoy’s  type vindictiveness has no place in the workings of modern society. If their logic held water, then the persecution of all Germans related to concentration camp  leaders would still be in full swing.  But that would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it, ?

In that hypothetical situation, Jews,  feeling  justified in slaying or physically beating those modern day German descendants of the monsters in World War II, would be a crime equally if not proportionately bad. It is agreeably the friction of middle eastern conflict and the  separatism due to religion on the British Isles have similarities. For some reason we, as a species, have always been able to justify killing if God has been worked into the cause somewhere. We can’t escape from those truths about our world.   Our Civil War was fought in a massive sacrifice of Americans lives to bring about  that  first costly, bloody step towards freedom.  It was the admittance that something was terribly wrong, something  they no longer wanted to be part of .  If those still in such contention over Slavery would  look with an equal passion at the scores of photos of the horrific losses, examining the numbers that died, they might see in the dead faces of the men who died, largely in their cause, a reason for gratitude.  The history of slavery in this country  has not been about their story alone.    The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World.  70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.

From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade.

Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.

How have they handled existing in the country of their ancestors servitude?  How many angry Irish faces do we see on Saint Patrick’s Day?

This isn’t a question asked in a mocking tone, its just a very good example of a people being able to get on with life, getting on with life

With the statement about the “necessary extermination” still hanging in the air, I have to ask a question that should be asked repeatedly in conversations all over this country and that is why, when we are willing to cross seas to battle terrorism on foreign shores, why do we ignore the seeds of  malignancy at home that have just as great a potential for the  disruption of our union, not through foreign attacks, but in the acts and words of those among us that don’t want to see the fulfillment of our countries  potentials?

They are those unable or unwilling to see and benefit  in the changes of conditions and opportunities, the  rising state of maturity in America.   What were all those white and black lives for that were spent to free blacks?  The tens of thousands strung throughout battlefields all over this country, men who could have walked away from the job, men who knew full well what their end might be.

The words of Martin Luther King, and, god, he knew as well what lay ahead,  but he still spoke not like Pancho Villa, but as a leader concerned with the quelling of violent ideas, not the instigation of them. Finally all the people of color some of whose names may never be known,  they, too, even on the horizon of their physical freedom, had to know inside just how far away  a more complete freedom lied.

It may not occur to you that there is any problem, that you in your associations don’t seem overshadowed in racial tension.  You may think that there is no grounds for such possibilities, but the crimes of people 100 some odd years ago are laid at your door. On a racially charged talk show  hosted by one of the most popular hosts in America, a statement was made that we made up a derogatory term towards blacks.

That is incorrect. We did not, not one person, those hideously evil or those saintly within the life span of those living,  was present the day  it was conceived. We had nothing, anything at all to do with it. The weakness within some to use it is their own separate quarrel, but those that don’t should not be categorized with those that do strictly on an assumption and the color of our skin.

We were the nation all eyes turned to, but we can become the butt of the worlds jokes.  We can also become our own worst enemy by fighting amongst ourselves when so many wolves are at the door. This isn’t a time to digress back into the past,  in conflict and decide to relive the worst of it in different roles.  No reparations will bring back the individuals lost in the camps and furnaces of World War II, and none will be forth coming here.  Those losses we unjustly receive in life are rarely those that are satisfactorily settled. We have to remember the good in the age we live in, and never forget the changes and their cost paid in one form or another by us all.


Author: Lori Carter

You see and hear about it all the time. Someone is always yelling for full disclosure from the government. What they really want is a confession from the government on how they sold us down the toilet. By this I mean all the rumors that have surfaced about our top government officials making a deal with races from another planet in trade for their technology. Stop and think about it. If you look at the progression of our technology, we started booming around the late 1940’s early 1950’s and haven’t slowed down since then.

Is it possible that our government not only hid the truth from us, but also sold us out as cattle or guinea pigs to another race? Anything is possible, but you would have to also include all the other major countries in this sell out since they have technologically advanced at the same speed we have.

We have disclosure. It is on the Internet every day. Although it takes years for people who know to come forth because of security issues with their jobs, conflicts in their minds, and fear of retribution or worse; death, they still, eventually come forth.  You can go on the internet now, any day of the week and see that there are multiple sightings all over the world.

Just recently there was a sighting over Dulce, New Mexico and Blue Springs, Missouri. You can browse the sightings reports at MUFON, NUFORC, the Latest UFO sightings along with innumerable other websites dealing with this subject, and find sightings listed from all over the world each and every day.

grey caught in woods off 52 east near dusk

Are there extraterrestrials living among us? If you watch the disclosures that have hit the news over the last several years, yes, some among us, some in our airspace and others underground. 57 species were supposedly already cataloged by our government alone. Many abductees have given descriptions of their abductors and cameras have caught images in secluded, wooded areas.

Our news agencies tend to stay away from reports like these but every so often one or two will make it to the newscast, and usually only if there were multiple witnesses. Is it their policy to ignore this type of news or is there a possible government control over what they can broadcast? That is something we will probably never know for sure.`

Rumors abound that we are being conditioned for eventual contact or invasion by all the UFO movies that are being released. This might be an actuality. Each one is different, but most show a violent take-over or attempted takeover of our planet.

All of the sighting seen in the sky on a daily basis doesn’t seem to astound or surprise us anymore. Maybe we are being conditioned to accept the reality of this. If they are making themselves more visible to us, why don’t they land and contact us. Could it be that they are just monitoring us for the time being?

Richard and I were abducted. How many times? We don’t know. We know for sure of two, possible three occasions very close together, but as we talk about events in our past, it is very possible we were abducted earlier in our lives as well. We have had multiple, weird and scary events since our abduction east of town. Obviously we and many others of the human race are of great interest to the ones who are observing us.

Just like our scientists, they gather information, perform experiments, and in some instances cause death. We act shocked at all of these possibilities, but what have we done here on earth? Have not our scientists, not just in the good old USA, but all over the world, experimented with crossing DNA, mind control, biological agents and cloning.

Since our abduction, some of our senses seem to be elevated. We can almost read each others mind, have a heightened sense of being watched, and our instincts seem to be on high alert. We are among millions that have been taken, and luckily we were returned. You have to stop and think about all the disappearances every year, somewhere bodies or evidence of what happened is never found. Could a lot of these be abductees that didn’t make it back?

We have found so much activity in our county that we have had to step back, take a long look at our area and wonder why. Why Butler, Bates county or even other locations in Missouri. This area has a lot to offer them, which we never thought about before. When one of the investigative groups sent a dowser down, they determined there were 28 ley lines under the court house at the square; another area we had gotten many photos of possible objects in the air.

UFO’s have been seen around power plants, and we have the huge one out by Lacygne, not more than 15 miles from us. They have been connected to waterways and we have a system of rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs. Missouri, the whole of it, is a plethora of woodlands, farmland, quarries, rivers, streams, lakes, power plants and cave systems.

UFO’s have also been known to land in isolated, country areas, and Butler and surrounding Bates County is definitely that. With all the quarries around here, a plethora of ravines, large ranches and farms, and many conservation areas, it would be the perfect place to hide a ship, dig tunnels and/or hide.

Let’s add to the fact that Lacygne is adding another stack and Butler is considering allowing a business on the old strip to build a solar power plant. I guess we can easily say, because of the small population, the isolate areas, we would be a desirable place for many to hide their activities, whether they are military, private organizations or ET.

We have been through the mill over all we have found, all that has happened to us and around us. It has taken a toll on our lives, but we push forward because we fill it is something we must do. As two people of Christian faith, it has not changed our views but only serves to show us just how really big the God we believe in is.

Everything we have presented, we have found. Everything is on the up and up when we talk about or experiences and those that have been related to us by other residents and business owner in our small town. We have done our very best to give “Full Disclosure” and will continue to inform you of our finds.

What is coming? We do not know. When will it happen? We do not know. But I have a very distinct, overwhelming feeling that something BIG will happen soon.

We all have stories about our glory days. Mine were average in most ways. I didn’t really find my strongest times till long after high school. Still, I was able to play football and run some track,.  There were other physical activities mostly, solitary ones.

I don’t mention these in an effort to brag but as way of better describing the level of my participation in physical interests.  My obsession with these limited the time I allowed for spiritual and mental growth.

The years passed and the illness worsened.  I had to learn to cope with my declining ability to pursue physical activities.

For years, I was  involved in private study in the martial arts and weight training, as much as my body would allow. A hereditary illness was building up steam and finally came to disable me, but  I began, before that, to understanding that one of the keys to not just surviving  my  illness, but making it easier on me and physicians as well was the control of my emotions during attacks, so I truly studied and practiced a few different forms of meditation, finally with constructive results.

Jump forward 20 some odd years and I’m in my 50’s and I’m living in Butler, and have  had the experience with Lori, out east of town. We’ve published, hesitantly, an article on it and surprisingly, in time found our suspicions are true. Others in the area have related similar tales to us. Some were very respectable people employed at the hospital in town.

Others are business owners and even one crew of employees.  This makes our own experience no easier to deal with because we are aware of the stress it has caused us, and can only guess at the effect it has had in their lives.  But there are peripheral issues that seem possibly traceable to the time of our  abduction.

There has been a response in us that seems more than coincidence in the pace of its regular occurrence.  We aren’t just aware of what the other will be thinking a couple of times a day, as some couples and friends do after a long acquaintance. But we are reaching for the same thing at the same time, and other regular events that have us saying half- kidding to one another “stay out of my mind”.  This said with an uneasy laugh.

Now this is, for some, common place and I’m fully aware of that.  I know that,  from it alone, no lines can be drawn to psychic ability or paranormal action.  But it isn’t this alone we’re talking about.  An odd series of what seem mental abilities, psychic maybe, are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives.

Do you know anyone who has problems with insomnia?   It is sapping if not attended to.  I have, since I was a child, had problems with it. The reasons are unimportant.  After the event east of town, I was more watchful than usual and found, of all things, my cure is to grab a battered hard bound copy of Salem’s Lot or another book I find relaxing and attempt to read a few pages.  I say attempt, because after 15 to 20 minutes, I’m nodding off .  One in particular that deals with Visualization.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Sometimes at night  due to insomnia, I wander through the house in the dark.  This night I snatched my camera, a few batteries and a flashlight and  I headed for the kitchen table to study it further and possibly get it adjusted  to a finer setting.   I took a few shots with the flash then and in play turned it on myself. I took a few and was satisfied I had it on the fine setting, and that I really didn’t have the knowledge to to improve it.  Then, I got a squirrelly idea, which is not uncommon for me.

I concentrated like I was going to project something  and took a picture, (really comic book thinking ), but I was semi surprised to see this triangle of light on my forehead. I figured I was miss-interpreting  it somehow.  Sometimes the flashlight, at the right twisted setting, will intensify the beam towards the center of its own beam,  lessening at the same time the width of its illumination.

So, I changed that and this time took it a bit more seriously, knowing how to focus my thought from years of Meditation. I  tried to get myself into the breathing rhythm necessary and concentrated hard, not really knowing at first what result I was after, and then, suddenly, chose a generic male human form as the  attempted projection. Again, this was not as halfhearted as the first playful effort

I tried even harder on the next one, shooting two without a break to preview them each individually.  When I did, I found this triangle more developed and from this area,  like a Polaroid shot exiting the camera from its front, there was an image coming out sideways from that area of my head.  I tried to figure out what  this was, because something, some kind of recognition kept me interested in it. Finally I turned the image around on its side and before I turn it further, I saw what it was.

It was the fuzzy image of something half- portrayed. It was like an image of a mans head and shoulders below water, just half of it. Very vague.  This was uncertain in its detail, but, in the next one, the next photo with my brow looking almost puffy and my eyes looking angry, the same effect was coming from my head again.  Only this time the image was much more developed and it was clear who it was.

IT WAS ME! With the hair I had at the time, the neck and chest and shoulder structure,  and even the hollows at the point where  the neck meets the chest and shoulders, and the line of the clavicle, the bone running across, it was me.

Being an artist and doing portraits and murals of people  for years I had a fairly good understanding  of the appearance of the anatomy through the skin.   Beside these points,  were the well-defined chin, hair, nose and one eye that had an eerie mannequin like appearance to it.

I knew this was no miss-interpretation. I knew it; the photos before and those after it taken in the same lighting were completely different.   So, I was intrigued by it.  Later I decided to see if colored light had any effect and took a series in red light. Nothing occurred this time. I wondered if that failure had been due, not to the light or the environment, but my level of preparedness .

I tried it again, this time giving it a lot of thought.  The breathing, a part I’d not done in the previous failure, was used as in the very first white light shots.    This time I envisioned a woman’s generic form, hoping at least for arms and legs.  There was an odd red shape, but I was very frustrated thinking that maybe the very first success had been a fluke.

After some time I tried again, only this time I did something I wouldn’t advise for anyone to do because it has to be hard on the eyes. I held the red light in a stabilized  position,  but at an angle till  it threw rays up in a filmy type of sheer, obscuring vision beyond it.   Then, instead of grunting in angry concentration, I visualized I was able to mold this light; that a portion of it was being folded and folded and pulled into an hourglass shape.

This was very difficult.  I was almost certain, upon examining the images, I’d find another failure. There were the most incredible results,  one so clear, I was equally depressed by it.  Knowing the nature  of groups in the UFO and paranormal world, there was no way they would believe the photo.  I’ve presented this before, but I do again because it is GENUINE.  The look on my face is odd. The angle my head is bent back at, doesn’t make sense, and the rounded forms, VERY material in nature, that seem to be pushing my head aside, are at once both hilarious and the most incredible contradictions to common sense I’ve ever acquired.

If this is a spiritual manifestation, it is one that strongly suggests  that those in the spirit world are not without a sense of humor.  The perceived gesture? Well it seems to place me more in the role of their entertainer than a serious researcher here, but I can live with that.  If this is the answer to the this image, I would find it extremely pleasing to know that in a world of true searches  and those others that are fakes, I found a trigger for this kind of connection,  though at the present it is an unconscious one

One thing disturbs me, though. There are other possibilities for the origin of this and one is a mystical, supposed ability.  In it individuals or groups use a united effort to focus and create.

The form they attempt to mold is called an Egregore,    Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme.

First I am involved in no occult groups that I am aware of.   I, likewise am Christian or its equivalent and my only experimentation with this has been alone. I believed when I was projecting an image or trying to, it was just that; a visual somehow transmitted from the mind to a point in the air that digital photography could capture it.  Why it is possible or how it occurs are answers I’m unaware of.

My questions are one:

One: Is there a difference between the two results I had?  Secondly, why was I able, while alone,  to make that much of a form show up on film with a solid appearance?. I understand that Egregores, (even with my results)  are not yet proven to exist, begin as thought forms.  The speculation from there gets even spacier.  I’m not saying their existence is an impossible. I’m not saying my experience wasn’t with a partially formed one. I’m just saying, as titillating as the possibilities are, it may be a long time before the jury is in on this one.   Rich                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The pictures were all taken from a sitting position.

They were with varying states of preparedness.

One result seems to be a figure or portion of one.

The other result is ticker tape like , more like a hologram projected from my head.

The statements made in this article were guesses, assumptions, drawn from my limited paranormal background.

The Photos were all genuine.  I will be willing to back my statements with a lie detector test .

Just a note,

Please forgive us at the end of the last article , the final statement was in too large a box to be seen, only half was revealed.  we will make a better effort to give the information we send in whole,   It has been corrected please give it another read when you have time ,

Richard and Lori

Wow, do you get the feeling things are picking up, that something is approaching?

The first of our pictures of this kind were shown in the first Vanishing Point, article, in that one the craft and activity was to the North of Butler on Highway H,  .

Some of what we will show in this article was to the West, and in the same few minutes of pictures to the South as well.

That’s either extraterrestrial’s or bad people  massing in sky we’ve been watching for some time.

This gathering has been recent.  It started two weeks ago with White truck Mania.

Okay that may seem a bit dramatic but I can’t list 9 people who’d own a white truck much less congregate in one city block.

This was and assembly of 7,  parked next to a  deserted Odd Fellows building,  at least that was the last use of the building some months ago.

The other two trucks were parked on the same road, one in front of a funerary monument business.  The last sat half in the road at the corner of the block at a four way,

There was a spotlight or some object fixed on one of the white truck’s roof’.  It was aimed at the front of the funeral monument company or the white truck in front of it..

The trucks left or at least have not been seen by us, but the pictures continues, and it isn’t just females with jet trails behind them soaring by it’s craft, floating figures and machines that are a cross between a helicopter and a jet hovering less than 50 ft above the Convenience store on our corner. Yes this would all be lunacy, and I ask for the ride to the hospital were it not AGAIN for images proving out our assertions.

What is this supposed to be and why was it nearly invisible, and hovering near a convenience store. The dark pictures do not accurately show the scene.  Remember, this was around noon in the afternoon, or a little later I think.  There is a pattern forming here. Sightings over important buildings.

First the one down by the library and an empty  old doctors office, then the one over the post office.

Another is seen over the courthouse, and some of the others down by the Hospital, and the High School.

Then the same vehicle,  seen at the post office winds up here, over this same spot, in fact closer to us.

I’m not sure if I’m dense but, guys, this is a hell of a lot of attention for a small town. The history for mass sightings is not small. It has happened in Mexico on more than one occasion.

In 1952, Washington D.C. had its visitors. 60 flew near the White  House. The Pentagon was directed not to take hostile actions. Imagine that!   Even the Miracle at Fatima is said, by some to be a UFO experience.  A Priest present,  comments that something brought the lady or she returned to it.  With the histories following  each, it doesn’t seem that the fear of invasion was rampant. 

All the same, though the sky in Butler and over Bates County has been getting progressively worse, worse in the sense of activity. Oh, there are beautifully sunny days and the feeling I get from nature, a good one,has never been subdued, but it seemed once we started looking, actively going out to look past the foilage and waters of varying cleanliness, it was almost like a door opened, one  that was probably there all along.

maybe it was one probably opened by the young, charmed, crowd,  or maybe it was just something working in a cycle, one that is, again rolling around, a time when we’re looked in on again, by Angels and other beings .

Maybe it was as simple as something outside ourselves, sensing our questions, and fascinated by that curiosity, stepping forward a bit more through the trees so we would be incapable of missing them,  flying a bit lower to see what the searchers were all about, maybe surprised that after all these centuries there were some able to, not only look into the dark green of the old trees and feel them, but see them as well.

I’ve been told I may have far sight. What all that adds up to, I’m not sure yet, but I know this;  that God and the spirits, not of nature, but those living in it are not at the opposite ends of the spectrum of good and evil. In fact I often see the responses of nature in its extremes of mood, as the portion of  Gods ability to still share affection with us. What I mean is; we know when we are not at one with god, and when he pulled away from men not able or willing to interact with us as he did in the past.

He did not curse us in that separation. Maybe he left a portion of himself and his past acts here with his creation, that live on as the angels do at the corners of our world as close to us as we allow them to be.

The photo to the left is not spectacular but has the straight fuselage, body and exaggerated fins, wings at the rear.

In 1963 Soviet Archeologists in eastern Siberia discovered a stone wall with  the image of bird headed humanoids much like the Japanese Tengu.  In the photo to the far right, above,  is what could be the profile of a ship in the clouds with an animal inspiration,  the fin like back and fish like look to it , reminds me of the Nummos, an aquatic race of beings that visited the Dogon tribes of Africa.  They came in a large Ark like machine. These same beings were known to the Babylonians as the Oannes, and the Summarians as Enki.

Its only natural to think of them traveling in something that denotes their connection with sea like environments.  Possibly even in a vessel of the kind above to the right.  It has an aggressive look though, and like the images painted on our P-51 Mustangs, the teeth. This look may have been designed with the same inspiration in mind.   I could be way off, but another universal emotion could well be fear .

Imagine that through a field of some kind of energy or an inherent quality in the material of your ships makeup, you can, like  a Chameleon lizard or a mood ring alter its color, moving from one visual facet  of our environment to another, it’s skin (if you wish) never stands out from the forest green , the snowy hillside,or the blue ,blue sky.   The possibilities would be huge, yet like most great ideas there are limitations . Even this wondrous coat of invisibility could have revealing holes.

One of these would be the impact our sun would have on it. Everything that contains mass of any size and is within a reasonable space from the ground, between the sun and the earth, unobstructed, leaves a shadow.

In this case there is a sheen still visible on the surface. If it had been matted, if the labels had been removed or made less noticeable, this object would have been lost in the sky around it, without enough of a visual signature  of any kind to distract the eye in its relaxed ramblings of terrain around us.

As it is, the reflection by itself would be a negligible were it not  for the labels and the deeper shadows caused by its contours and the natural effects of light on a material object. No matter what color, if it is a slick finish, a reflection of some light will occur.

Among the oldest of our efforts to stay unrecognized, used by warriors and politicians alike, is the smoke screen .

In one photo in this article, is what I believe,  a connecting line for refills or an exhaust pipe of some kind.   There is no doubt there have been occasions where our theories were iffy at best, but that is the nature of exploration into yet  uncharted regions of thought and discovery.  There will be wrong turns along the way and then new paths made to that final location.  I think when you see this pipe like line , possibly attached to something behind it and its proximity to the object above it, you’ll agree this is no cloud, nor a dark insubstantial strand from one.

With this sort of a tool, how much fun would it be  taking tons of exotic, silent moving aircraft and creeping up on old couples sitting on their porch, or intruding on the privacy of peoples conversations as they  walked.

This would be a great time to try out your listening equipment to further shred whats left of the constitution, hearing  what uncle Ted really thinks about  uncle Bart.  Maybe you’d see just how close you could get to that couple and if the pedestrians are walking at night, well, holy Hanna, its time for some R. and R. at the expense of the locals. It’s time to get the crew ready to slink down some rope or try out that new silent ascending platform for 2 or 4 or was it 6?  After you’ve misted your targets of course .

You have the right because your one of the good guys, right? Maybe  this has nothing to do with this ultimate form of stalking. Maybe we can’t even guess at the faces or motives of the beings responsible.  Maybe different degrees of what we would describe human exist, not all from our world?

It’s easy to point a finger when your desperate for answers.  It  is, though, an irrational, blindly, vengeful  choice of action, and the list of suspects, unfortunately, is large.   We can assume it isn’t your neighbor out in his garage with a copy of popular Mechanics and some old war surplus parts, but that’s about the only certainty.

We have every right to state the absurd scenario you just read, because we, to some degree, experienced it. We have been drugged and assaulted by some group.  We have heard how they came for us,  heard their senseless chatter while we laid unconscious , dialog that doesn’t honor men or beings in the role of protector.

But then who says, like the Watchers, they are protectors? Maybe they are just a more sophisticated level of Pirate.  What technical development  hasn’t been turned into  another tool of subjugation, used in physical , moral , or financial sense?

We can say it because we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they/someone were there. Two electronic devices, one giving its testimony in sound and the other in pictures, places these physical beings with certainty.  Americans ? Humans ? Military or privately owned police trained for who knows what purpose, they were there.

Enough about us. There are thousands of people living in Butler. What about them? What attraction could our out of the way little burg have for individuals who could be in much busier places.  Maybe that’s it. Maybe the complacent  and ever so slightly inbred little towns all over the country, all over the world, are just the thing they are after.  It doesn’t get complicated, but the list of possible motives for being here grows and the most likely among them aren’t ones on which your mind would want to linger.

What does the well tutored NAZI, of pink , green, blue or black skin  do with his time ? Is he like the Nephilim, a Watcher of a sorts, an individual with an important job, yet cursed with the same fatal weaknesses of character that made the first watchers career’s such short and unfortunate one?

For now I would like to show you possible reasons we could be looking  right at this sort of object and still miss it.   What first drew my attention to that part of the sky was no machine but an emblem.

I’m going to research the kind of patches that are worn on shoulders and collars, and get back to you, but this was my first solid clue something was there. In its original condition it was so faint I barely saw the kite shaped field for the heart of the patch. It was one I’ve seen before. Both Lori and I have a very uncomfortable  familiarity with this emblem. It isn’t a dollar sign. It is almost a lightening bolt like design on a bar.

The thing about this identification, is that even light, in its original state the image had a different glow in that area (?)

This was a gradation of haze, a reflection on a surface, clear enough it allowed a  overall shape to be guessed at and found with subtle manipulation.

What is interesting is that in most of the examples we’ll show in the days to come,  a cloud layer of semi cloaking is present.  This object is free of any similar effort  to disguise it.

To me that signifies that the creators or operators want to find out if people are aware of its presence so it can be fine tuned to an even more effective level of semi invisibility.

They might be so completely arrogant, so confident  in their level of near invisibility, they never really considered the chance of sky watchers finding a hole in their veil. This would also explain their lack of concern over it. Did they see us looking up in their directions pointing and snapping shots?

The thing to notice is when you lighten or contrast almost any image your visibility almost always improves.  In this case, as you lighten and darken alike (contrast) there is always that inability to get it past that limited clarity.

This isn’t correct if you know what your looking for. Remember the art class where you had to draw fruit in a bowl and shade it?

The more you look, it becomes apparent that there are as many as 3 or 4  similar tiles or kites with emblems, two on the outer edges.  You know this object has rounded corners because these additional emblems are almost unidentifiable due to their placement on the edges where the curves lie.

There was so much activity that day, similarly hidden that the next article will have to conclude it.

Those of you who’ve been with us through all this, know that the world is changing before our eyes and under the noses of the disbeliever. There is greater need than ever before  for our beliefs, our religions that through this all may keep us grounded .   The Pagan and the Christian will stand side by side before this over, united not in the pettiness of doctrines, but in a mutual cause.   I hope when it is over, to hear and feel  your voices in the silence of your presence.

Peace to each of you and your families.   Richard

New International Version (©1984) Job 28:21
(It is hidden from the eyes of every living thing, concealed even from the birds of the air. )                       

New Living Translation (©2007)
(It is hidden from the eyes of all humanity. Even the sharp-eyed birds in the sky cannot discover it).

English Standard Version (©2001)
(It is hidden from the eyes of all living and concealed from the birds of the air.)

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
(“Thus it is hidden from the eyes of all living And concealed from the birds of the sky.)

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
(Seeing it is hid from the eyes of all living, and kept close from the fowls of the air.)

Young’s Literal Translation
(It hath been hid from the eyes of all living. And from the fowl of the heavens It hath been hidden.)

Barnes’ Notes on the Bible

(It is hid from the eyes of all living – That is, of all people, and of all animals. Man has not found it by the most sagacious of all his discoveries, and the keenest vision of beasts and fowls has not traced it out.)

And (what )is hidden from all life ? Apparently Something very important, something probably malignant. The next excerpt spells it out .

and kept close (And kept close – Hebrew “concealed).””from the fowls of the air, or “heaven” (k); either the devils so called, because they dwell in the air, and are the posse or power of the air, Ephesians 2:2; and because of their ravenous and cruel disposition, and swiftness to do mischief;

(Because they dwell in the air) There is growing evidence that  its true, that we soon may either have to say our sky is full of spiritual manifestations,or that the walls surrounding our tame existence, that mark the boarders of our dimension.

The Celts  had 3 different realms concerned with air, land and water.

, In the Cloud realm of –Magh Argetnel-The Plain of Clouds which contains the powers of the weather and grants and reveals mysteries. 

and  Magh Ildathach-The Plain of Many Colors which grants sights and senses.

Why can’t we see some things ? There are multiple reasons.  As  an artist I have to work with the human limitations of the eye and the laws of nature in mind.

Have you ever thought about the trees on the horizon of your view, so far down the road, so many miles away you see their muddy green silhouette only because of their height, and if you were on a perfectly straight and level track of ground, they might at some point be be indistinguishable from the mountains behind them.

The reason for this is, partially, because of our atmosphere, the amount in the room we’re in is undetectable visually.  But the more ground between you and the object you wish to see and a fine film develops between it and your eye.

Better still imagine your on a long car trip, as you ride you read signs coming before they go by,, but as you try to read them further away little by little you find the quality of the object seen suffering in resolution.

Your brain isn’t getting the message because your eyes can only reach out so far. By the time you can no longer identify mailboxes, and even homes in the distance, you see things blurring together in that range where the atmosphere, like a fine mist to your vision, robs items of color and even finally shape.  On heated roads, this is amplified and at a point everything literally vanishes in wavy white .   The Clint  Eastwood movie -High Plains Drifter, begins and ends with just a scene.

In the images above you have a factor working not with incredible distance, but with cloud like vapor, most likely manufactured by one of the vehicles present or one above.  Our worry; this article is about more than objects flying in our airspace, concealing themselves with camo that matches either the sky or the cloud color. Who can say they don’t have a chameleon like function built into their ships,.

My personal fear is the larger one that comes with the next photos. We found something very similar to this creature one night beside a bridge, either examining or feasting on a carcass.  We found a similar face, maybe  a similar type being, this time not among the brush and rocks and water  but coming up out of a doorway in the sky.

There is a lot wrong with this. First if it isn’t a monster, then it is at the very least an Alien or and Inter-dimensional being.  Where do you draw the line between any of the three?

The dark area surrounding the light,I take as the frame, the structure of the doorway. It seems slightly curved and this leads me to believe it is not an opening in the fabric of the sky, but a door to a craft opening, the light from within casting the same glow that would be expected.

The next image is shocking because it happens so fast, we don’t see his face any longer. It is lost in the chaos that literally unfolds. Is it something that was released, after he opened the portal or the hatch door?   What comes out is the only factor that has me still in question about the origin of this thing and whether it is escaping from a metal shell, it’s craft or it is being freed from a rip in the dimensions? If something that bizarre, that chaotic could come from that hole, that doorway, then what else could be waiting to exit along with it?             Image102

In image 102;  Like water splashing over the sides of a container, the eerie light and indescribable forms surge up and out twisting and writhing. Something could be shredding or something could be hiding behind a light show meant to scare.

Or, it all could be real, a watchdog of some sort or a baser more, monstrous part of itself.  In the next photo (103) we see the head and eyes of something that looks nothing like the alien face initially in the doorway. It looks like a cross between a dog and a dragon.   Image -103

The head; its face seems to swing around as if looking for something                     

There were no more pictures taken. This occurred in the sky over a well traveled road. Even with the pictures, I don’t have tell you the response we would receive from authorities.  I am an eccentric man. I make no bones about that,but I’m not getting senile or suffering from delusions. The photos at least prove out that Lori and I were close enough to whatever this is to take the images of it.

What is it? Should we open our minds to the possibility of beings able to produce a beastly side of themselves in the extreme? A sort of lycanthropy where the individual is in charge of transformations  or was I taking a picture up just as the thing was coming out or coming through to our side. It saw me looking up and said in a sense “stay out of my face with that camera”  I guess no matter how far away you go everybody hates paparazzi.

The sky study is far from over.


The summer hangs heavily over the corn field as a boy reluctantly heads out into it, in the direction of a Scarecrow, that seems to  be drooping.
His fathers voice follows him through the dry stalks and leaping grasshoppers, his mind elsewhere as he nears it, only thirty or forty yards away.
It’s then that he looks up and notices an odd movement. Something about the figure supporting itself, more perched  than tied to the pole is just not right, and then the leathery rag clad figure looks up at him, makes eye contact from beneath its weathered hat.
As fast as a little boys feet allow he turns and sprints, crashing through the forest of corn stalks, too short for his cottony blond hair to be seen above them, even among them.  At the same time, with its feet against the  scarecrows pole, the Thing projects itself out into the air. It’s wings unfurling and flapping once in the same, quick motion.
The father and older brother look up from the greasy motor, tools in hand, at the sound of the boys cries, clearly able to see the large dark form flying above and still behind the child, who is just gaining hope of reaching them, hearing their voices near as he is snatched from within the rows like a rabbit in the claws of a hawk or owl.
A powerful pump of the wings and  the thing climbs.  The boys feet beating for the briefest moment the tops of the tassel crowned field, before he passes hopelessly over the shocked faces of his family, a father and brother who can do nothing but stand wide eyed with gaping mouths .    The almost inarticulate sound of frustrated rage drowning out the last of the faint , frantic wails, as both airborne figures disappear over the large surrounding forest  into the clouds.  This is a very close, if not identical to first scenes of a horror movie.  There are two that  feature very frightening looking humanoid figures with the power of flight. Just spooky entertainment, right?  Just part of the cinematic progression of horror?
I’m not going to try to convince you that they exist. Yours and my personal beliefs need not meet in agreement here, but what I do intend , is to show you, the reasons others do believe in them to this very day.

New International Version (©1984)
For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him.

New Living Translation (©2007)
for through him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see–such as thrones, kingdoms, rulers, and authorities in the unseen world. Everything was created through him and for him.

English Standard Version (©2001)
For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him.

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities– all things have been created through Him and for Him.

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

International Standard Version (©2008)
For by him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible, whether they are kings, lords, rulers, or powers. All things have been created through him and for him:

The Scriptures, in their various forms, all  make clear that there is not only a spiritual realm, the one the prophet Samuel was called  from by the Witch of Endor, under the command of King Saul. They state clearly that there is  not only this spiritual realm, but a place around us of “THINGS ,” invisible as well.  Angels, at times, might be present, but invisible, right?  The key word in these sentences is THINGS.

(Things -8. An object or entity that is not or cannot be named specifically:)        ( I felt this definition was quite close to our subject matter)

Many  religious records of  modern and ancient peoples describe beings of the air. Some  suggest they are winged. Others say they having the power of invisibility .

Often these creatures  present themselves in a material fashion ,even human in appearance, while others wish not to be seen.  But, there is a Biblical account that  backs this premise  in Numbers 22:1-35 .  Balaam, abuses his Donkey because it repeatedly hesitates to proceed on the  path. This  is not because of  stubbornness, but because it sees an Angel- with a sword laying in wait alongside the trail, Invisible to Balaam.  The donkey is  a simple creature, yet still it  is aware and able to discern  the Angels intentions, well enough that  it seeks to protect its master and probably itself from uneccessary harm as well.

There are more cases where powerful beings walk among men, advising and warning them of impending danger and even cataclysm  The two who come to the aid of Lot and his family, before the death and destruction in Sodom and Gomorrah.   Those that took Ezekiel into their, craft one that approached from the sky, of not flying men, but beings in a machine. But, not all of the beings  mentioned through history were angels, though Angels  appear in many forms and are members of different classes, within their own species.            

Its the confusion caused by the additions of machines  that make this phenomena  more difficult to interpret. There is little doubt that in the tales of India, The Vimanas were not spiritual material craft of great power. Likewise again, Ezekiel’s ride was not taken on angels wings, but within a structure; a moving, floating, traveling structure.

Yet there is a rich history in in tales and myths of winged beings. In previous articles, we have shown you figures or figure like objects high in the sky, some moving by their own power, some being drawn up to a higher location sometimes among the clouds.

Here is a report  from our times;

Four Sliver City, New Mexico , children playing in a yard at twilight of a summer day in 1938 witnessed a bizarre sight. As one of the observers recalled in 1980: We saw him. He was dressed all in gray and he even seemed gray; he was drifting or floating at tree-top level> The thing I remember the most about him was that he seemed to be wearing a belt which was wide and had points sticking out of it. He also seemed to be wearing a cap (a la Flash Gordan).

He drifted across the sky above us and we all stood and stared, speechless. It did not occur to us to question this phenomena; as children we accepted it…

About fifteen years ago I was telling my husband about it. When I did, I questioned myself- perhaps I had had a dream. But just in case, I called my brother. By now I was about thirty-five and he about thirty-two. I prefaced my conversation by telling him that I had a strange story to tell and that perhaps it had all been a dream, but that I thought that in about 1938 I had seen a man fly over heads. He stopped me and said “It wasn’t a dream”. He went on to describe everything as I have described it here, including the belt and the cap. (From the Jerome Clark book Unexplained)

  We have not just photographed, but seen some of these type figures and the questions for us are not how many are there or their accurate identification. The questions are, if they are Angelic, whose camp do they represent?

Why are they here? What is their purpose? Most of us remember that Angels were sent to bring plagues, to destroy whole cities, and punish individuals.  What purpose  would they have in the skies over a unimportant place like Butler unless something strange was going to happen?

Something  important was here, possibly not on the surface. Maybe they guard weak walls in the dimensions. There has been talk here for a long time about strange portals, energy lines and odd sightings.

Maybe  God is watching all of us in a state of preparedness, watching us closer than we think.  But then, again, it may not be angels and that leads to a whole different set of concerns. At any rate we need to give this serious consideration.

We are told by a source that millions if not billions rely on as a spiritual guide as a way to stay in touch with the most important being who’s ever lived; the life of a human, only to complete his arrangement with God, his father in a most terrible way.

Many don’t believe the Bible but for those of you that do,I suggest you take articles of this kind and check them for biblical authenticity. We  are not perfect,but try to make sure what we’ve told you is correct.   Then, we have a different situation from Lori and I  telling you our opinions about a few photos and an experience.  It is us saying “hey take a look at this, pictures of wild stuff”.

At that point you should be hesitant in your believe.  You should wonder.  But if you and I are both Christians and we believe the story of the price paid for the book that has become a manual for many of our lives, you believe all of it. Then it is no longer a case of our  needing to convince you. We are only the messengers.

There is no struggle left to convert you.  You either believe the word or you don’t. You understand we can’t choose the portions we want and exclude the rest to make us more comfortable with our lives.  We either believe or we don’t, and that is not a hard sell point here that will be repeated,. That, as it should be, is between you and God.

One story is that of a  young Mexican Police Officer,  who claimed to see a flying humanoid that has been labeled a Witch. Another one is of bat winged figures, such as the one who flew over a guard post  gate at a U.S.Military base in Vietnam.  And still another similar event took place just outside the gate of another base in Japan.

The scripture in the picture to the right is a reminder that Satan and his servants   are not secluded creatures off in some hidden place, grinding their axe against both God and Man.
But, as the verse states, are very much among us. These Scriptures aren’t references to little imp like creatures, but the Devil himself.
There was a song my cousins, up in Atchison, Kansas, taught me when we were little.
“One ,two,three, the Devils after me,
Four , Five, Six he’s always throwing bricks, Seven Eight, Nine, he misses every timecause he’s afraid of  the word of the Lord.”
If he is afraid  he hasn’t shown it very well through the ages.Satan seems to always be handy at the time of a great trial;  Christs 40 days and 40 nights in the desert,  Job’s sudden loss of  his wealth, family and his  health. Satan seemed, at times an inspector, tester, and may have relished the job for all we know.   A chance to break the others feelings of satisfaction in their relationship with the Lord, to bring them to his level, to join him in his spirit of rebellion and contention.  A portion of  our personal discernment  must be theory and conjecture.  How close we come to the truth relies largely on the condition of our heart.  The process we go through to experience “real” faith is its own the greatest test.   People who say I’ve lost my faith,haven’t. The problem is, no idea worth challenging has ever been left alone. This works in our favor in the flat world philosophy and others, but in some ways our thinking becomes clouded by possibility.
You can ask me if I truly believe that what we’ve found and others account of beings, with the ability to fly, are creatures beyond our ken? I have to answer with the word I use often “POSSIBLY”.   We have to make peace with that word, make it not the outside chance we rue, but the lifeline that keeps our reason intact.      POSSIBILITY-(modifying a clause or predicate) Indicates that the proposition may be true (is not certainly false) regardless of any facts or circumstances known to, stated by or implied by the speaker.
We hope we haven’t made anyone uncomfortable. I’m not a priest and this definitely hasn’t been a sermon, but we all have our own beliefs , and things in the Heavens above us tend to draw on that sort of thinking.  I’d like to say, this has been just an interesting  subject to give a few hours of thought to, that there is nothing to be concerned over.
I don’t want to say things that will test peoples ability to accept and endorse the standings  of  my sanity, but we promised one another that in the beginning of this study, neither of us would cop out, neither of us would, while gathering information, steer ourselves and our readers away from certain truths because we just don’t know the way to present them without sounding  loony.
TRY THIS!!  Imagine, for just a moment, you live in Chaldea, one of the oldest civilizations  in history. You dress in rough, home spun, furs when the temperature is appropriate. Copper is your metal of choice, which will eventually be added to tin, and the bronze age will begin. But that’s a ways off still. You use more oxen than horses and no matter what anyone says, there were still giants in the earth.  The History of  people of your kind before you and yours wouldn’t fill a loose leaf note book, (the thin ones).
None the less you and your people live in an age of marvels, not those of technology but those inherent in amazing beings, men of renowned. A time when it’s written that Gods walked beside men.    Your working on a wagon wheel in the hot sun, with simple tools, and someone comes to your village to tell of the miraculous event in the bordering towns. These are superhuman acts or unexplainable healing, the sightings of things thought long dead.
Turning to listen, do you mock them, or roll your eyes and return to your work,? No, you live in age where these events  are commonplace.
Look across the web.  Search out these subjects.  There will always be charlatans, but there is a body of news about strange events on our planet hard to ignore.   How do you know that you don’t live in a similar age to that of the Chaldean, an age of wonders?

It may be a few days before posts will continue, computer problems are making posting a nightmare and must be remedied

 Illustration by Richard Carter

Hi- This is one we’ve been waiting for, not  a moment  to only air our views but also to  stop for a real assessment. It will be in at least two seperate articles,.

Before we begin, i hope everyone understands, that  most of these aren’t creatures categorized  by any UFO  group were aware of, or the  bearers of scientific monickers,, they are  instead our own extended family of a sort.these individuals,  (Some of these may never have been photographed before.)  In the eyes of the skeptic much of this if not all of it, is gross miss-interpretation,, the thing to remember is the skeptics accusation are their own trap,,,their thinking is (that the believer wants to believe so badly he or she finds  UFO’S,  Aliens,and Ghosts everywhere they look.

At the same time these rigid thinkers forget,, that in being obsessive  and inflexible in their disbelief , they likewise prime themselves for the same accusation ,,, Their  obsession  in trying   to keep their world and universe unrealistically safe and simple is dogged. This obsession makes them even a greater example for the retardant properties of the close minded.   Our time should not be wasted in combative dialogs on sites where nothing takes place but the pampering of ego’s.

The opinions of others, have incredible worth.  They help  us  not to become detached from one thing while we  search for another.   But at the end of the day they are still just opinions , their attacks should not be allowed to drain us of our desire to learn more, and   If you have made the choice to believe and are committed to that belief,,, what difference then does all the bickering in the world with skeptics matter, what does it accomplish?     .

There will not be lengthy statements about the time of day or the weather, the speed we were driving at or the number of batteries i used that day. What there will be is an accurate  description as thorough  as our memory and  knowledge allows  of the subject in the photos,. thing to remember  is that this is an ongoing process in its infancy,, we hope to capture images of the same creatures as well as others in the future,, hopefully from this growing visual data we will be able to further develop these profiles  . We also plan to start a site soon  for this  information separate from the Midnight Observer.

The Rogues Gallery-

We call him/it the Sandman- Extraterrestrial?

It is not a lone crewman, and could  be human,  It isn’t by any means a new theory that terrorism   is used to control the masses,  That subliminally, and through well planned and financed intrusions, into American homes, as well as in others around the world a program of layered mind control may be at work.  Any army of the night needs good soldiers the Sandman may be one of them.

Standing on the bridge overhead we met  this creature, one whose head was as large as an old style pickle barrel in the country store.  Alien or cryptozoological creature,  (Bubba) is nothing to mess with ,,this is no Fish no Otter, or any of the other explanations given us.  It has arms thick reptilian arms it used in its swimming  to the bank the closest view of it, this is where i got this shot before running like hell for the jeep.   

It is very possible that in one of the deeper channels of the Osage , that a craft may have landed and its occupants left the vehicle to check out the area, they may be the crew of a crippled craft that waits for repairs.    Or possibly he /it is a  remnant of a lost group of creatures that for the most part inhabit the underground river systems.  Missouri is one of the most cavernous states in the union.

This craft was in the same river with the reptilian creature——-

These appeared over 15 ft in the air near the trunk of a few trees. This was where we’d thought activity in the leaves was taking place, the sound drew my attention to the spot.  These like many other things appeared on the film, in vibrancy but were barely detected.  There is the legend of Fairy glamor, the method they either attract or conceal through. Fairy is near a worn out term, it seems possibly replaced with Grey reptilian or many other classifications of Alien,, but this may be  a premature leap as well. The source Spiritual, or technical still is a mystery.

At the bottom of this image there is an area of white paint  on it a faint skull is painted, follow the white and you run into a a green object and an eye.   this is where i almost fell down the slope at its steepest to the rocks by the river, because of the loose wooden planks at the beginning of the bridge. on them a skull was painted i stepped to the edge with one foot and felt it slip a bit, and pulled back just then something big flew across the river at eye height, it wings rippled like a sheet on the line in a strong wind and it had an unusually large head.    the top of the head and the eye, and i believe the hand are exposed over the boards edge,. Beneath both boards and even a portion of the underside of the bridge, a pocket could easily be carved, tunneled out, unless the figure peeking over was hovering, or feather light, i can think of no other explanation. For its presence there and the mountain climber type footing it would have to have had .      River folk– are either alien, subterranian or humans with a terrible disorder. They have left their signs at many places along the rivers edge.   photo below to the right

This is a loose category , below are three separate examples, exactly what they are of course is anyone’s

guess, but this one to the right was captured during the afternoon, this creature was near a large pipe that runs under the road and back into the railroads property  where their side track is , the spot they occasionally leave singles box cars.   This  sits upon a mound one Ive photographed fairly extensively at different times of the year.  It has a pit on the slope to the West, and it is covered at times, with brush , this pit when open though is a crisp black  square.  With the other wee folk around we have to consider this may be a perfect place to shelter.   The railroad has for some time had signs in place warning against trespassing on their property it is illegal to walk the tracks, or to forage around near them.  The fine is steep enough that  it is a deterrent  effective against me at any rate.  the other example of this class of creature is found in the sparse woods near the highway? two major travel routes. ?

Below is the second example a goblin like face peering out of the weeds, and bushes.

In this photo there is a lot of activity. on the forest floor and in the sky we have two examples, of what some night consider good old ghost buster ectoplasm,  but we think when you study the images closely you’ll see these  light shows of vapor may be nothing more than a technological  produced smoke screen to mask the true activity in the rear of the image and in its sky,  take a look and give us your opinion ,  The confusing part of this is i was outside the jeep, feeling very uneasy, and then suddenly like something was circling me, i was turning around real quick looking at nothing, but it felt like something was there.  Well id pass it off , to bad nerves, but there was a sudden pain in my chest and when we got home (this was a chilly night) i took off my layers and found none of my clothing torn but i had a nearly ft long scratch going accross my chest just beneath my chest.       Id like to believe it is ALIEN PRODUCED  mist of some kind, a shield ascreen,,, but the injury that night and the shape being that close,, i just dont know  .   The picture below to the right shows the vapor.


 The two photos to the left show the floating being, this figure came around the corner, barely discernable , but enough to catch my eye i got this picture,

Beings of light-

This may sound automatically like a benevolent force, and hopefully it is,,, but we have to remember Satan also was very beautiful, and held a high position in heaven.   Angels often referred to as being of light were the catalyst for the worlds destruction by water mentioned in the Bible.   So approaching the subject of these figures i think a bit of reserve will be prudent.

The encounters we had were none threatening, one of these figures possibly the same one stood on a rooftop on this same street and again waved to us,  many sightings are only found on film, and very few unveiled before  the eye.

I believe these beings are much what the first were, (Watchers of a sort) possibly the guardian’s that we were told of when we were young.   Or maybe they are dimensional beings in a semi -etheric state,  ones that could be divine, (we should hope and pray they are not creatures of a dual nature.)     The questions are endless, but start for us with the spheres various beings are seen with, sometimes glowing as in this case, other times simple none illuminated white balls, or even Brass spheres that seem to used to draw off electricity .    I photographed one at our corner on a night of surveillance watching the transformer for activity,, a brass sphere  between the size of a softball and  a socker ball, flew into site and then hovered next to the pole and seemed to extend a small line over and make contact.   It was later gone off through the trees to the south, illuminated.    Note- this same transformer pole  , lost power the next day, it was not fixed for four  days.  I link this spherical object, and the being , there may be nothing but coincidence involved. there will be an article soon on these objects .

This is part one ,  once the next batch is gathered from our files ill post them, ,, it wont be long.   I feel like Lori and i have found much of this through some real searching. and the effort to build some half realized connection,  but without a doubt much has been shown to us.  This is an even larger mystery because neither of us are uncommonly lucky people .  The real reason we feel directed, is that when you walk down the street of a large American city, you have a lot  of possibilities at your finger tips, but you are also at the mercy of probability. The longer you walk those busy streets and side streets The more you raise the risk of  being a victim of some form of crime.

Our exposure to all this shown,, and much much more,  is no different,, there is a law of probability involved in this sort of intentional probing as well.  Something may be protecting us,  maybe figures such as our blue friend, It could also be that we are unaware of many other intrusions into our rights, as blind to each as we are to the full details of the nights that started all this, the knowledge of what took place in those lost hours of time. That safety,,, that guiding hand ,,,, has been the difference , not our own resourcefulness.  All this is important not because of us, but because the heart of these messages can be empowering if you take them and begin asking questions yourself , with the intention of  finding answers .