There are no lengthy explanations here.  This is gathering of image,s mostly rough, vague, but ones none the less that once truly inspected, cry for an answer.  There are notes on most of them explaining as best I can the  situation, as well as I’m able .   They are representative of a phenomena occurring in our area, one I believe that has  happened in many places at many times. Whether it is the work of evil men or beings from another dimension, an alien life form, whatever the origin, it is occurring. That should be all the information we need to spur us to action, if that action is nothing more than the  sustained observation necessary throughout our area and yours to first witness it , record it with certainty, and then seek to stop it.  Until we do, we are at the mercy of the skulkers in the night, the sand men, the agencies that  will have their way until we have ours.