Illustration by Richard Carter

Hi- This is one we’ve been waiting for, not  a moment  to only air our views but also to  stop for a real assessment. It will be in at least two seperate articles,.

Before we begin, i hope everyone understands, that  most of these aren’t creatures categorized  by any UFO  group were aware of, or the  bearers of scientific monickers,, they are  instead our own extended family of a sort.these individuals,  (Some of these may never have been photographed before.)  In the eyes of the skeptic much of this if not all of it, is gross miss-interpretation,, the thing to remember is the skeptics accusation are their own trap,,,their thinking is (that the believer wants to believe so badly he or she finds  UFO’S,  Aliens,and Ghosts everywhere they look.

At the same time these rigid thinkers forget,, that in being obsessive  and inflexible in their disbelief , they likewise prime themselves for the same accusation ,,, Their  obsession  in trying   to keep their world and universe unrealistically safe and simple is dogged. This obsession makes them even a greater example for the retardant properties of the close minded.   Our time should not be wasted in combative dialogs on sites where nothing takes place but the pampering of ego’s.

The opinions of others, have incredible worth.  They help  us  not to become detached from one thing while we  search for another.   But at the end of the day they are still just opinions , their attacks should not be allowed to drain us of our desire to learn more, and   If you have made the choice to believe and are committed to that belief,,, what difference then does all the bickering in the world with skeptics matter, what does it accomplish?     .

There will not be lengthy statements about the time of day or the weather, the speed we were driving at or the number of batteries i used that day. What there will be is an accurate  description as thorough  as our memory and  knowledge allows  of the subject in the photos,. thing to remember  is that this is an ongoing process in its infancy,, we hope to capture images of the same creatures as well as others in the future,, hopefully from this growing visual data we will be able to further develop these profiles  . We also plan to start a site soon  for this  information separate from the Midnight Observer.

The Rogues Gallery-

We call him/it the Sandman- Extraterrestrial?

It is not a lone crewman, and could  be human,  It isn’t by any means a new theory that terrorism   is used to control the masses,  That subliminally, and through well planned and financed intrusions, into American homes, as well as in others around the world a program of layered mind control may be at work.  Any army of the night needs good soldiers the Sandman may be one of them.

Standing on the bridge overhead we met  this creature, one whose head was as large as an old style pickle barrel in the country store.  Alien or cryptozoological creature,  (Bubba) is nothing to mess with ,,this is no Fish no Otter, or any of the other explanations given us.  It has arms thick reptilian arms it used in its swimming  to the bank the closest view of it, this is where i got this shot before running like hell for the jeep.   

It is very possible that in one of the deeper channels of the Osage , that a craft may have landed and its occupants left the vehicle to check out the area, they may be the crew of a crippled craft that waits for repairs.    Or possibly he /it is a  remnant of a lost group of creatures that for the most part inhabit the underground river systems.  Missouri is one of the most cavernous states in the union.

This craft was in the same river with the reptilian creature——-

These appeared over 15 ft in the air near the trunk of a few trees. This was where we’d thought activity in the leaves was taking place, the sound drew my attention to the spot.  These like many other things appeared on the film, in vibrancy but were barely detected.  There is the legend of Fairy glamor, the method they either attract or conceal through. Fairy is near a worn out term, it seems possibly replaced with Grey reptilian or many other classifications of Alien,, but this may be  a premature leap as well. The source Spiritual, or technical still is a mystery.

At the bottom of this image there is an area of white paint  on it a faint skull is painted, follow the white and you run into a a green object and an eye.   this is where i almost fell down the slope at its steepest to the rocks by the river, because of the loose wooden planks at the beginning of the bridge. on them a skull was painted i stepped to the edge with one foot and felt it slip a bit, and pulled back just then something big flew across the river at eye height, it wings rippled like a sheet on the line in a strong wind and it had an unusually large head.    the top of the head and the eye, and i believe the hand are exposed over the boards edge,. Beneath both boards and even a portion of the underside of the bridge, a pocket could easily be carved, tunneled out, unless the figure peeking over was hovering, or feather light, i can think of no other explanation. For its presence there and the mountain climber type footing it would have to have had .      River folk– are either alien, subterranian or humans with a terrible disorder. They have left their signs at many places along the rivers edge.   photo below to the right

This is a loose category , below are three separate examples, exactly what they are of course is anyone’s

guess, but this one to the right was captured during the afternoon, this creature was near a large pipe that runs under the road and back into the railroads property  where their side track is , the spot they occasionally leave singles box cars.   This  sits upon a mound one Ive photographed fairly extensively at different times of the year.  It has a pit on the slope to the West, and it is covered at times, with brush , this pit when open though is a crisp black  square.  With the other wee folk around we have to consider this may be a perfect place to shelter.   The railroad has for some time had signs in place warning against trespassing on their property it is illegal to walk the tracks, or to forage around near them.  The fine is steep enough that  it is a deterrent  effective against me at any rate.  the other example of this class of creature is found in the sparse woods near the highway? two major travel routes. ?

Below is the second example a goblin like face peering out of the weeds, and bushes.

In this photo there is a lot of activity. on the forest floor and in the sky we have two examples, of what some night consider good old ghost buster ectoplasm,  but we think when you study the images closely you’ll see these  light shows of vapor may be nothing more than a technological  produced smoke screen to mask the true activity in the rear of the image and in its sky,  take a look and give us your opinion ,  The confusing part of this is i was outside the jeep, feeling very uneasy, and then suddenly like something was circling me, i was turning around real quick looking at nothing, but it felt like something was there.  Well id pass it off , to bad nerves, but there was a sudden pain in my chest and when we got home (this was a chilly night) i took off my layers and found none of my clothing torn but i had a nearly ft long scratch going accross my chest just beneath my chest.       Id like to believe it is ALIEN PRODUCED  mist of some kind, a shield ascreen,,, but the injury that night and the shape being that close,, i just dont know  .   The picture below to the right shows the vapor.


 The two photos to the left show the floating being, this figure came around the corner, barely discernable , but enough to catch my eye i got this picture,

Beings of light-

This may sound automatically like a benevolent force, and hopefully it is,,, but we have to remember Satan also was very beautiful, and held a high position in heaven.   Angels often referred to as being of light were the catalyst for the worlds destruction by water mentioned in the Bible.   So approaching the subject of these figures i think a bit of reserve will be prudent.

The encounters we had were none threatening, one of these figures possibly the same one stood on a rooftop on this same street and again waved to us,  many sightings are only found on film, and very few unveiled before  the eye.

I believe these beings are much what the first were, (Watchers of a sort) possibly the guardian’s that we were told of when we were young.   Or maybe they are dimensional beings in a semi -etheric state,  ones that could be divine, (we should hope and pray they are not creatures of a dual nature.)     The questions are endless, but start for us with the spheres various beings are seen with, sometimes glowing as in this case, other times simple none illuminated white balls, or even Brass spheres that seem to used to draw off electricity .    I photographed one at our corner on a night of surveillance watching the transformer for activity,, a brass sphere  between the size of a softball and  a socker ball, flew into site and then hovered next to the pole and seemed to extend a small line over and make contact.   It was later gone off through the trees to the south, illuminated.    Note- this same transformer pole  , lost power the next day, it was not fixed for four  days.  I link this spherical object, and the being , there may be nothing but coincidence involved. there will be an article soon on these objects .

This is part one ,  once the next batch is gathered from our files ill post them, ,, it wont be long.   I feel like Lori and i have found much of this through some real searching. and the effort to build some half realized connection,  but without a doubt much has been shown to us.  This is an even larger mystery because neither of us are uncommonly lucky people .  The real reason we feel directed, is that when you walk down the street of a large American city, you have a lot  of possibilities at your finger tips, but you are also at the mercy of probability. The longer you walk those busy streets and side streets The more you raise the risk of  being a victim of some form of crime.

Our exposure to all this shown,, and much much more,  is no different,, there is a law of probability involved in this sort of intentional probing as well.  Something may be protecting us,  maybe figures such as our blue friend, It could also be that we are unaware of many other intrusions into our rights, as blind to each as we are to the full details of the nights that started all this, the knowledge of what took place in those lost hours of time. That safety,,, that guiding hand ,,,, has been the difference , not our own resourcefulness.  All this is important not because of us, but because the heart of these messages can be empowering if you take them and begin asking questions yourself , with the intention of  finding answers .