New International Version (©1984) Job 28:21
(It is hidden from the eyes of every living thing, concealed even from the birds of the air. )                       

New Living Translation (©2007)
(It is hidden from the eyes of all humanity. Even the sharp-eyed birds in the sky cannot discover it).

English Standard Version (©2001)
(It is hidden from the eyes of all living and concealed from the birds of the air.)

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
(“Thus it is hidden from the eyes of all living And concealed from the birds of the sky.)

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
(Seeing it is hid from the eyes of all living, and kept close from the fowls of the air.)

Young’s Literal Translation
(It hath been hid from the eyes of all living. And from the fowl of the heavens It hath been hidden.)

Barnes’ Notes on the Bible

(It is hid from the eyes of all living – That is, of all people, and of all animals. Man has not found it by the most sagacious of all his discoveries, and the keenest vision of beasts and fowls has not traced it out.)

And (what )is hidden from all life ? Apparently Something very important, something probably malignant. The next excerpt spells it out .

and kept close (And kept close – Hebrew “concealed).””from the fowls of the air, or “heaven” (k); either the devils so called, because they dwell in the air, and are the posse or power of the air, Ephesians 2:2; and because of their ravenous and cruel disposition, and swiftness to do mischief;

(Because they dwell in the air) There is growing evidence that  its true, that we soon may either have to say our sky is full of spiritual manifestations,or that the walls surrounding our tame existence, that mark the boarders of our dimension.

The Celts  had 3 different realms concerned with air, land and water.

, In the Cloud realm of –Magh Argetnel-The Plain of Clouds which contains the powers of the weather and grants and reveals mysteries. 

and  Magh Ildathach-The Plain of Many Colors which grants sights and senses.

Why can’t we see some things ? There are multiple reasons.  As  an artist I have to work with the human limitations of the eye and the laws of nature in mind.

Have you ever thought about the trees on the horizon of your view, so far down the road, so many miles away you see their muddy green silhouette only because of their height, and if you were on a perfectly straight and level track of ground, they might at some point be be indistinguishable from the mountains behind them.

The reason for this is, partially, because of our atmosphere, the amount in the room we’re in is undetectable visually.  But the more ground between you and the object you wish to see and a fine film develops between it and your eye.

Better still imagine your on a long car trip, as you ride you read signs coming before they go by,, but as you try to read them further away little by little you find the quality of the object seen suffering in resolution.

Your brain isn’t getting the message because your eyes can only reach out so far. By the time you can no longer identify mailboxes, and even homes in the distance, you see things blurring together in that range where the atmosphere, like a fine mist to your vision, robs items of color and even finally shape.  On heated roads, this is amplified and at a point everything literally vanishes in wavy white .   The Clint  Eastwood movie -High Plains Drifter, begins and ends with just a scene.

In the images above you have a factor working not with incredible distance, but with cloud like vapor, most likely manufactured by one of the vehicles present or one above.  Our worry; this article is about more than objects flying in our airspace, concealing themselves with camo that matches either the sky or the cloud color. Who can say they don’t have a chameleon like function built into their ships,.

My personal fear is the larger one that comes with the next photos. We found something very similar to this creature one night beside a bridge, either examining or feasting on a carcass.  We found a similar face, maybe  a similar type being, this time not among the brush and rocks and water  but coming up out of a doorway in the sky.

There is a lot wrong with this. First if it isn’t a monster, then it is at the very least an Alien or and Inter-dimensional being.  Where do you draw the line between any of the three?

The dark area surrounding the light,I take as the frame, the structure of the doorway. It seems slightly curved and this leads me to believe it is not an opening in the fabric of the sky, but a door to a craft opening, the light from within casting the same glow that would be expected.

The next image is shocking because it happens so fast, we don’t see his face any longer. It is lost in the chaos that literally unfolds. Is it something that was released, after he opened the portal or the hatch door?   What comes out is the only factor that has me still in question about the origin of this thing and whether it is escaping from a metal shell, it’s craft or it is being freed from a rip in the dimensions? If something that bizarre, that chaotic could come from that hole, that doorway, then what else could be waiting to exit along with it?             Image102

In image 102;  Like water splashing over the sides of a container, the eerie light and indescribable forms surge up and out twisting and writhing. Something could be shredding or something could be hiding behind a light show meant to scare.

Or, it all could be real, a watchdog of some sort or a baser more, monstrous part of itself.  In the next photo (103) we see the head and eyes of something that looks nothing like the alien face initially in the doorway. It looks like a cross between a dog and a dragon.   Image -103

The head; its face seems to swing around as if looking for something                     

There were no more pictures taken. This occurred in the sky over a well traveled road. Even with the pictures, I don’t have tell you the response we would receive from authorities.  I am an eccentric man. I make no bones about that,but I’m not getting senile or suffering from delusions. The photos at least prove out that Lori and I were close enough to whatever this is to take the images of it.

What is it? Should we open our minds to the possibility of beings able to produce a beastly side of themselves in the extreme? A sort of lycanthropy where the individual is in charge of transformations  or was I taking a picture up just as the thing was coming out or coming through to our side. It saw me looking up and said in a sense “stay out of my face with that camera”  I guess no matter how far away you go everybody hates paparazzi.

The sky study is far from over.