Imagine that through a field of some kind of energy or an inherent quality in the material of your ships makeup, you can, like  a Chameleon lizard or a mood ring alter its color, moving from one visual facet  of our environment to another, it’s skin (if you wish) never stands out from the forest green , the snowy hillside,or the blue ,blue sky.   The possibilities would be huge, yet like most great ideas there are limitations . Even this wondrous coat of invisibility could have revealing holes.

One of these would be the impact our sun would have on it. Everything that contains mass of any size and is within a reasonable space from the ground, between the sun and the earth, unobstructed, leaves a shadow.

In this case there is a sheen still visible on the surface. If it had been matted, if the labels had been removed or made less noticeable, this object would have been lost in the sky around it, without enough of a visual signature  of any kind to distract the eye in its relaxed ramblings of terrain around us.

As it is, the reflection by itself would be a negligible were it not  for the labels and the deeper shadows caused by its contours and the natural effects of light on a material object. No matter what color, if it is a slick finish, a reflection of some light will occur.

Among the oldest of our efforts to stay unrecognized, used by warriors and politicians alike, is the smoke screen .

In one photo in this article, is what I believe,  a connecting line for refills or an exhaust pipe of some kind.   There is no doubt there have been occasions where our theories were iffy at best, but that is the nature of exploration into yet  uncharted regions of thought and discovery.  There will be wrong turns along the way and then new paths made to that final location.  I think when you see this pipe like line , possibly attached to something behind it and its proximity to the object above it, you’ll agree this is no cloud, nor a dark insubstantial strand from one.

With this sort of a tool, how much fun would it be  taking tons of exotic, silent moving aircraft and creeping up on old couples sitting on their porch, or intruding on the privacy of peoples conversations as they  walked.

This would be a great time to try out your listening equipment to further shred whats left of the constitution, hearing  what uncle Ted really thinks about  uncle Bart.  Maybe you’d see just how close you could get to that couple and if the pedestrians are walking at night, well, holy Hanna, its time for some R. and R. at the expense of the locals. It’s time to get the crew ready to slink down some rope or try out that new silent ascending platform for 2 or 4 or was it 6?  After you’ve misted your targets of course .

You have the right because your one of the good guys, right? Maybe  this has nothing to do with this ultimate form of stalking. Maybe we can’t even guess at the faces or motives of the beings responsible.  Maybe different degrees of what we would describe human exist, not all from our world?

It’s easy to point a finger when your desperate for answers.  It  is, though, an irrational, blindly, vengeful  choice of action, and the list of suspects, unfortunately, is large.   We can assume it isn’t your neighbor out in his garage with a copy of popular Mechanics and some old war surplus parts, but that’s about the only certainty.

We have every right to state the absurd scenario you just read, because we, to some degree, experienced it. We have been drugged and assaulted by some group.  We have heard how they came for us,  heard their senseless chatter while we laid unconscious , dialog that doesn’t honor men or beings in the role of protector.

But then who says, like the Watchers, they are protectors? Maybe they are just a more sophisticated level of Pirate.  What technical development  hasn’t been turned into  another tool of subjugation, used in physical , moral , or financial sense?

We can say it because we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they/someone were there. Two electronic devices, one giving its testimony in sound and the other in pictures, places these physical beings with certainty.  Americans ? Humans ? Military or privately owned police trained for who knows what purpose, they were there.

Enough about us. There are thousands of people living in Butler. What about them? What attraction could our out of the way little burg have for individuals who could be in much busier places.  Maybe that’s it. Maybe the complacent  and ever so slightly inbred little towns all over the country, all over the world, are just the thing they are after.  It doesn’t get complicated, but the list of possible motives for being here grows and the most likely among them aren’t ones on which your mind would want to linger.

What does the well tutored NAZI, of pink , green, blue or black skin  do with his time ? Is he like the Nephilim, a Watcher of a sorts, an individual with an important job, yet cursed with the same fatal weaknesses of character that made the first watchers career’s such short and unfortunate one?

For now I would like to show you possible reasons we could be looking  right at this sort of object and still miss it.   What first drew my attention to that part of the sky was no machine but an emblem.

I’m going to research the kind of patches that are worn on shoulders and collars, and get back to you, but this was my first solid clue something was there. In its original condition it was so faint I barely saw the kite shaped field for the heart of the patch. It was one I’ve seen before. Both Lori and I have a very uncomfortable  familiarity with this emblem. It isn’t a dollar sign. It is almost a lightening bolt like design on a bar.

The thing about this identification, is that even light, in its original state the image had a different glow in that area (?)

This was a gradation of haze, a reflection on a surface, clear enough it allowed a  overall shape to be guessed at and found with subtle manipulation.

What is interesting is that in most of the examples we’ll show in the days to come,  a cloud layer of semi cloaking is present.  This object is free of any similar effort  to disguise it.

To me that signifies that the creators or operators want to find out if people are aware of its presence so it can be fine tuned to an even more effective level of semi invisibility.

They might be so completely arrogant, so confident  in their level of near invisibility, they never really considered the chance of sky watchers finding a hole in their veil. This would also explain their lack of concern over it. Did they see us looking up in their directions pointing and snapping shots?

The thing to notice is when you lighten or contrast almost any image your visibility almost always improves.  In this case, as you lighten and darken alike (contrast) there is always that inability to get it past that limited clarity.

This isn’t correct if you know what your looking for. Remember the art class where you had to draw fruit in a bowl and shade it?

The more you look, it becomes apparent that there are as many as 3 or 4  similar tiles or kites with emblems, two on the outer edges.  You know this object has rounded corners because these additional emblems are almost unidentifiable due to their placement on the edges where the curves lie.

There was so much activity that day, similarly hidden that the next article will have to conclude it.

Those of you who’ve been with us through all this, know that the world is changing before our eyes and under the noses of the disbeliever. There is greater need than ever before  for our beliefs, our religions that through this all may keep us grounded .   The Pagan and the Christian will stand side by side before this over, united not in the pettiness of doctrines, but in a mutual cause.   I hope when it is over, to hear and feel  your voices in the silence of your presence.

Peace to each of you and your families.   Richard