(Here at the Midnight Observer, our attention won’t always be fixed on the strange and bizarre, though the following, we feel, falls into that category also.)

Lori and I , here at the Midnight Observer, are, I guess, activists after a fashion.  We try to arouse further awareness of the unusual conditions growing around us, one we naively thought had precedence over  other more mundane  priorities.   Our focus was so intent on this we turned our back on the worlds other issues, figuring the least of those worries were people getting along in our country.  With men and women away in war and the country’s financial state at a near all time low, there seemed enough to keep everybody busy, possibly in a mutual fashion, heading towards the  solutions we all know are  a necessity.

When I stopped turning to the TV for my daily dose of negativity and we focused our attention completely on our paranormal research, we had no idea how much we were already out of touch with the reality of things brewing under our nose.  I took a break from writing the other day and decided to catch up a little; to follow the tracks in Yahoo news and you-tube  flicks  towards a more up to date picture of the world we’d ignored.

I might as well have crawled into a time machine and set it for the 1960’s. What in the hell is going on?   Back when we started filling our days with research on the computer, the processing of photos, long hours of field study and the acquisition of images , there was Obama in the office of president and other black politicians seeming  able to posture themselves for their own possible run for the office of president.

The richest woman in America was, I believe, Oprah Winfrey, and a number of the positions of Judges in courts both high and low were likewise occupied by black individuals.    TV programs of both fine and crappy quality were a melting pot of faces and ignorantly I thought our world had finally began to level out.    But I hadn’t taken the rabble-rousers into consideration, the  saboteurs of society both white and black always marching beneath the banner of the Race Card. Extremists  that cling to crimes over a hundred years old in an effort (not to educate the young about the cruelties of harsh opinions and separatism of people) but to instead to sell the same message of hate Hitler and others have disguised as a plan of survival.

Most bizarre of all  it was the rhetoric of an ex-professor, a black teacher, an absolutely abominable statement made by a “supposedly” educated man.  That rhetoric?( His message was “the need for the extermination  of all whites.” )  One of the new leaders of the Black Panther Party backs him in a ho-hum fashion at least during interviews on news programs like Hannity, Bill OReilley, and others.   Where is this coming from?   Why are the beatings on buses and city streets of white children by groups of black children taking place with reversed racial overtones? Why is this now, of all times, on such a rise? And the insanity of killing of all whites and their children, risen to become a priority  more important to some than preserving our planet for future generations of life? or getting our soldiers home?

If I’m angry with a man, I’m going to get satisfaction with him verbally if possible, and physically if no other means of settling it are at hand, but  I’ll not have it out with his great ,great , great, grandson. I don’t believe most of us would damn a whole family for the crime of one of their ancestors. Hatfield and McCoy’s  type vindictiveness has no place in the workings of modern society. If their logic held water, then the persecution of all Germans related to concentration camp  leaders would still be in full swing.  But that would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it, ?

In that hypothetical situation, Jews,  feeling  justified in slaying or physically beating those modern day German descendants of the monsters in World War II, would be a crime equally if not proportionately bad. It is agreeably the friction of middle eastern conflict and the  separatism due to religion on the British Isles have similarities. For some reason we, as a species, have always been able to justify killing if God has been worked into the cause somewhere. We can’t escape from those truths about our world.   Our Civil War was fought in a massive sacrifice of Americans lives to bring about  that  first costly, bloody step towards freedom.  It was the admittance that something was terribly wrong, something  they no longer wanted to be part of .  If those still in such contention over Slavery would  look with an equal passion at the scores of photos of the horrific losses, examining the numbers that died, they might see in the dead faces of the men who died, largely in their cause, a reason for gratitude.  The history of slavery in this country  has not been about their story alone.    The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World.  70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.

From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade.

Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.

How have they handled existing in the country of their ancestors servitude?  How many angry Irish faces do we see on Saint Patrick’s Day?

This isn’t a question asked in a mocking tone, its just a very good example of a people being able to get on with life, getting on with life

With the statement about the “necessary extermination” still hanging in the air, I have to ask a question that should be asked repeatedly in conversations all over this country and that is why, when we are willing to cross seas to battle terrorism on foreign shores, why do we ignore the seeds of  malignancy at home that have just as great a potential for the  disruption of our union, not through foreign attacks, but in the acts and words of those among us that don’t want to see the fulfillment of our countries  potentials?

They are those unable or unwilling to see and benefit  in the changes of conditions and opportunities, the  rising state of maturity in America.   What were all those white and black lives for that were spent to free blacks?  The tens of thousands strung throughout battlefields all over this country, men who could have walked away from the job, men who knew full well what their end might be.

The words of Martin Luther King, and, god, he knew as well what lay ahead,  but he still spoke not like Pancho Villa, but as a leader concerned with the quelling of violent ideas, not the instigation of them. Finally all the people of color some of whose names may never be known,  they, too, even on the horizon of their physical freedom, had to know inside just how far away  a more complete freedom lied.

It may not occur to you that there is any problem, that you in your associations don’t seem overshadowed in racial tension.  You may think that there is no grounds for such possibilities, but the crimes of people 100 some odd years ago are laid at your door. On a racially charged talk show  hosted by one of the most popular hosts in America, a statement was made that we made up a derogatory term towards blacks.

That is incorrect. We did not, not one person, those hideously evil or those saintly within the life span of those living,  was present the day  it was conceived. We had nothing, anything at all to do with it. The weakness within some to use it is their own separate quarrel, but those that don’t should not be categorized with those that do strictly on an assumption and the color of our skin.

We were the nation all eyes turned to, but we can become the butt of the worlds jokes.  We can also become our own worst enemy by fighting amongst ourselves when so many wolves are at the door. This isn’t a time to digress back into the past,  in conflict and decide to relive the worst of it in different roles.  No reparations will bring back the individuals lost in the camps and furnaces of World War II, and none will be forth coming here.  Those losses we unjustly receive in life are rarely those that are satisfactorily settled. We have to remember the good in the age we live in, and never forget the changes and their cost paid in one form or another by us all.