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Note, Any references to governmental presence and militarily garbed men, is not a suggestion that we  know about secret projects, or any participation by any government.   At this point as we mention below , there could be bandit like groups gangs working the small rural highways and back roads of our area. using the false front of enlisted men as a cover for their activities and giving them a way in which to stop motorist to more easily perpetrate their crimes.   Everyone from Hunters to naturalists use camo to help in their activities,, is it a coincidence that the second time we were stopped that night such clothing was present?  our question is are there members of an organization  be it governmental or privately owned assaulting people not only in our county but in your neck of the woods as well.  we hope you’ll do a little research yourselves and try to help us  answer that question.

Author: Rich Carter

Lori once wrote an article for her other more uplifting sight  –  Positive Mornings, the name of it was (Levels). We have passed through multiple levels as well in the process of our work here, and it is confusing work . There were plans at one time to chronicle    about  20 percent of the information that  has never made it here. . There are memories and images we might never be able to adequately explain, or even coherently express. Maybe someday we’ll choose to .

While we photographed the countryside by night, during the study, we have mentioned episodes of lost time, in which figures in military garb were photographed near us in the countryside, but, what we haven’t explained is another set of images entirely.  These are ones that were intentionally covered with just enough “NOISE”; a computer effect, a kind of static pattern of color or an overlay to disguise the real events shown in an image.

These are produced in varying layers, some so sheer you can make out facial features without processing at all. The contents of the image are still visible.  In others it can be applied in a layer that is completely opaque.    The image we’re going to talk about is one that fits the first description. In the weeks ahead, I’ll occasionally talk about one of these other photos, but, today I will only cover the one dealing with me. Lori, if she ever chooses, will decide the time  to discuss her suspicions about these periods of time in detail.

The one that was brought back to my attention this morning was one in which I was tied to a pole in a basement. The grate or floor drain  was visible;  the one that some washing machines used to empty into. It showed me tied at the waist with my hands behind the pole, from the waste up, leaning forward, yelling.  You could see my tongue, my teeth, eyes, ears and hair clearly. You can even see enough facial lines in the black faces around me to tell there was laughter and evil intent. They were Black and had on what I would describe as camouflage;  the older style used by our military,  common enough and easy to get a hold of. I wore the same during my time at the Fort Leonardwood engineers training in 79.

One had a what was clearly a gun.  Whether it was real or a replica to scare me, I have no idea. It was a rifle of some kind; M16 like , not necessarily one , but it had that appearance.  Finally, directly in front of me, one held a POWER DRILL; holding it up towards my head, less than a foot away. This is one of the very same forms of torture used by troops in the detention facility.  We  could assume, in the more clouded photos, that nothing could be guessed for sure, but this was not one of those. It was fairly clear, leading us to wonder why they’d use such a half-assed effort on one and not the others? It seemed it was either a mistake on their part or they were not very cautious when they were photographed around the trees across from my brothers home outside town.

Mistakes on their part were a pretty regular thing, but how do you prove these aren’t hunters to a Policeman?  They are, in fact, a pack victimizing travelers on roads with little traffic.  These roads are “Perfect” because they give the pack time enough to extract people from their vehicles and gain their objectives before having to leave the scene.  This is done after the people there have been conditioned not to remember.  This sounds ridiculous, I know, like secret agent stuff in backwoods mid America ? Yea!  But let’s remember that the motives of these men are not tactical. They are criminal.  Their ultimate purpose is to rob and rape people who will leave unaware they have been. They are a group of bargain basement Nimrods, that are probably high half the time they are out there.

One of the drugs used can be purchased by the average high school or college kid.  We are not alone in this victimization. On campuses, the problem is so large that there are separate departments of Campus police. Some deal only with date rape type scenarios.  We feel it was either their mistake or they were left so clear, nearly untouched that harassment after the fact had to be the intention.

Lori recognized me immediately. Two other people I worked with through e-mails also agreed it was clearly me, and it was in my camera. These parasites had time to immortalize some of their deeds and then were too chicken shit to leave them and be done with us.  As time went on, new photos found their way into our picture files, not of our making, computer art of war insignia and stylized battle scenes below it.  At any rate, someone  was getting into our computer and creating havoc; deleting whole files, and doing away with some of our best, most revealing, images in the process. They were ones that told a clear story of the condition of the countryside. They were things that could never be replaced.

The reason my  thoughts this morning were being drawn to these memories was because of a news story I read, one in which the 39th President, Jimmy Carter, spoke out about the condition of human rights  world over, and his disappointment that America  was no longer the champion for these rights. See article here.

He stated that, at one time, we had been the example to the world . These complaints were not limited to the drone strikes against countries harboring terrorists, but laid, as well in the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.   I won’t comment on the right or wrong of these actions. Some are obviously corrupt.  If your going to torture a man for vital information, take care of your work and live with it, but don’t threaten his family with sexual assault.  That lowers us to the level of the gangs our police are fighting a war with, and I might add, one in which they are barely holding their own.

I still haven’t given the exact reason for the mental connection between this article and our experience.  It’s that, among the tortures used there, water-boarding is used over a hundred times as are the threats  of sexual violence against prisoners families, and finally they threaten, intimidate them,(the bound prisoners) with automatic weapons and POWER DRILLS.

This site has been a labor of love and a painful experience at the same time. It is amazing to us, how many wonders we have stood and watched, been chased by, what we are more than willing to call bragging rights. If it’s earned its good.   But, by the same token, certain things we’re forced to relive are like crawling through glass.  They are a bitter pill to say the least.   For Lori, because they cut into the peace God brought to her life years ago and for me,  because it throws me into the worst of situations personally, ones in which we have no control.

Lost time is a tool of cowards, who find in it the ultimate invisibility for their actions.  You can wish with all your soul to strike back, but it’s like wailing away in the wind at phantoms.  Unless you look long enough, you let your mind wander through the same filthy trail they have taken and understand how they think.  From thousands of photos, you draw out clues, not only to what happened to you, but how it was done. Through further research you find the probable drugs that made this possible, a realistic view of the events in your encounter begin to form.

There are other times, in other places, when the evidence has pointed to something far beyond the abilities of humans.  One night we believe we experienced both,  after the UFO experience and the alien looking figure in front of the jeep. That same night, a military cleanup crew or worse found us as well.

Many famous encounters with UFOs,  one by three women and a boy, ended with a rush of helicopters overhead moving to escort the craft somewhere.  Are there non-military or personally owned military of a cabal level? Are our forces used in certain interests here on home ground? or is it merely crime rising to another shocking more highly mechanized form?   The possibilities continue,, but my personal feeling is that our Military leaders, for the most part, are genuinely trying to retain a portion of the honor linked with them.   I believe, just as there is crime in society, the military forces has a growing number of inductees that are just criminals joining  in the “any port in a storm” spirit.   There are a dangerous rise in rape cases, perpetrated against men as well as women and the crimes on foreign soils are too frequent to ignore.

The worst part is, there are selfless men and women dying to protect us in an effort that drags out in a place that will never be at peace.  No enforced policing by outside governments will ever be enough to restrict their centuries old conflicts. It only brings other innocent well-meaning young people into the line of fire.  The criminals among these honorable  service men and women bring a shadow on us all, one we need to reluctantly be aware of .   I hope, when our search is finally over, that we find the crimes against us are of, instead a gang related sort.

Please use caution in your nighttime travels as well as those in the daytime in unfamiliar areas. We tend to see the middle east as unstable but really it is a mental condition settling over us all. Peace to you and your families.


Author: Lori Carter

Some of you may think that we have changed our research in mid stream. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Although we have said it before, we will say it again. The Midnight Observer was first started to share the dangers of everything we find with our neighbors, friends, family members and others. It just so happens that at the time we started, we ended up having our abduction experience.

This experience directed our paths for a long time in the search for who or what happened to us. We have delved into conspiracy theories, covert and criminal groups, extraterrestrials, UFOs and the paranormal for a long time. The old grey ghost was incapacitated over a year ago, so we took to doing night runs around our little town on shoe leather express. The old Grey Ghost has gone on to better things, so for the time being we are on shoe leather express until such time as a vehicle comes our way that we can afford.

The jeep was a faithful servant. It got us out of ditches, mud-holes, around purposely downed trees and more. Even though it stopped once in awhile, it would always start and get us out of sticky situations at the very right moment.

It is my belief that many things in this world are connected. Paranormal may very well be connected to dimensions and extraterrestrials and their craft. UFOs could very well have human contact and cooperation in many of their ventures. Criminals do not care who they work with. They only care that the end result benefits them. Besides the normal aliens, sightings, fairies, elves, ghosts or goblins, there is a plethora of strangeness in our world.

If a race wanted to diminish our population, what better way to do it than have us start killing each other off. This may very well explain all the constant wars, drug cartels, criminal infested cities and more. What other way to draw our attention from something that is being planned than by scaring us with the things other humans do. For example, Eugene Rudy’s attack on his victim seem to have spurred the news of many similar attacks.

While we are watching these events unfold, our mind is taken away from our current and immediate surroundings. We are so worried about a zombie apocalypse that we quit worrying about what may be lurking around the corner from us on any dark and dreary night.

We are researching a lot of different subjects right now, and yes we are still observing the skies. We just recently watched an interview on a DVD set we picked up at Walmart called Alien Encounters From Fear to Truth, a 13 documentary set. Although it has some of the older stories we have already read about, there is a documentary about Black Ops that you might find very interesting. Especially check out the one about the Philadelphia experiment and Montauk. It is quite bizarre to say the least.

Things seem to be quiet around here lately. The people who had reported to us early on about UFO’s and strange occurrences state they haven’t seen much of anything lately. We understand, that in a small town like this, people are not willing to speak out about what is considered crazy or abnormal events.

In the meantime, Richard is presently going through some sky shots we took the other day and we will be posting anything of interest that we find. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you have a sighting, and doesn’t necessarily have to be paranormal or UFO related and want to speak to someone about it, you can leave a comment at the site or email us at You can remain totally anonymous if you wish, or we can give you credit for any events or pictures you would like to share.


Groups prepare all the more earnestly for a Zombie Apocalypse, assured by the bizarre attack and self mutilation stories told by officers and witnesses.  But,  before we buy too many more boxes of rounds, and rolls of  razor wire,  maybe  we should take a breath and get the right culprit in our sights, especially when what we really have here, even in the case of Rudy Eugene, are crimes committed during a period of drug induced madness.

If there was Zombie like behavior in some of these incidents, there was in others, not so much a lapse into some primeval  carnivorous mode, as much as there was an excuse to give way to personal perversity and the release of long unattended angers and bitterness on an epic scale.

Am I going a bit to far  in adding perversities to the list?  Let’s start with that then, because it really is one of the stronger examples for the direction that some of this is taking.

The horrific and the hilarious; this is also a statement about the worsening mental health problem in America and the contributing factors ignored by some.

Maybe this is the norm and I just haven’t caught up yet, but here is another batch. If some have been printed before,  I’m sorry.

The cherry of the bunch which is not a bath salt story as far as I know; it was none the less one that had to be added, the poster child for one facet of the mental illness we’re talking about. 28 year old Charles Marshall of Cincinnati has issues. One is his consuming love for his teddy bear. This might seem really, not that out there in comparison to some of the things  that people can become obsessed with. The problem here is that Charles has sexual relations with his Teddy bear in Public.  One such incident should probably have been enough, but not for Charles. This was the fourth time he was cited for the same crime. I have to admit this one was added because its just too hilarious and scary at the same time to leave out. I have no idea what drugs or lack of them was the cause in this case.  There may be no “I was drunk” excuse which makes it all the more funny and scary.

Move on to a woman charged for masturbating in clear view next to a  highway; not to be outdone,  Collandra Hailton is charged for masterbating as she watches porn while driving.

Then we have – The Horny Goat Killer,

Police responding to a call find a young man 19,  wearing a bra and panties, in the company of a dead goat, one lying nearby on the floor with porn mags lying around it. Yep!

Then we have the civic minded nut trying to protect us from evil, or was he trying to protect evil from us?

He is “The Vam-priest Slayer”. I have less details on this one,only that  the guy breaks into a monastery with a knife and wooden mallet,  attacking a sleeping Monk. The monk survived the attack.

Got bad family relations,?  So did she; At 2:30 in the afternoon, 48 year old Pamela  Higgens visits her mother’s beach front Condo, swinging a machete, saying “Ain’t you dead yet? ” Pamela was arrested.

The government is supposed to have  invisibility technology, (really??)   This might have been interesting had not the subject snorted Bath Salts before calling the police.

“On Feb 17th , 31 year old Lucas Kocab reports 30 intruders in his home to Police, who responding to the call find no one there,  and the caller acting paranoid( imagine that). He explains they are still there but are blending in with the walls, furniture, and even the trees in the yard, trying to hide.  He can see them occasionally. Heidi Miller, a room-mate admits to police that the snorting of Bath Salts, a few hours earlier was possibly the cause.

Seth Thomas Sanders (The Melting Man) is running from the devil or something from a similar climate.

In Elizabeth town, in Lebanon county, he is arrested after abandoning his vehicle  and running  through a house in his effort to escape.  Escape from what? His melting car,  and to make matters worse he is being chased by electricity. His flight comes to an end with him damaging two vehicles, one a police cruiser, this in his bout with fear and hopefully a  hallucination.

The boom of a gunshot jolted Sue Stark out of bed. Did it come from the yard?  Holding her breath as she ran down the stairs to the garage, Stark flung open the door. Her 32-year-old son, Tim, calmly came inside clutching a Winchester rifle. She grabbed the gun and called 911. Tim was sure someone was messing with his car. In an extreme bought of paranoia, he walked from window to window claiming they were out there.

In the United States, there is little doubt about the popularity of bath salts. So far this year, the number of bath salt calls coming into poison control centers is twice the volume of heroin-related calls in 2009 (see above link)

There are many more stories, and surprising numbers of deaths,  among them the tragic death of Pam Schmidt killed by her boyfriend Bill Parisio.

We know about  L.S.D. and other familiar hard drugs. The truth has been out there forever it seems, but there still are lines of people ready to be the next statistic. Like every well promoted media event, these drugs are made attractive to a targeted audience. They know that a portion of younger people  have always played the same rebellious role, whether it was following Elvis and Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, with a few brews, or the 60’s and 70’s when drug use escalated.

The present age of hip hop and rap are nothing new, maybe a surlier group of faces, many packing, but the focus of entertainment hasn’t changed that much. Chemicals and music seem to go together for some, and the owners of Head shops seem just as dedicated to the craft of selling poison as any pusher reasoning away his responsibility, and the deaths they have a hand in.

Words of defiance like that of the owner  mentioned in the Startribune, are a good example of the cold indifference, these (businessmen) apply to their trade.(He dares Duluth to shut his head shop( Friday September 23, 2011Owner Jim Carlson has made millions of dollars defying synthetic drug bans.)

There are bits of humor among the accounts above, but I have a very serious reason for following this. For every ridiculously embarrassing outcome  among these type reports there are an equal, if not larger number of deaths attributable to these concoctions.  Parent’s lives are shattered and  promising futures wasted.

My half brother, from my mom’s first marriage, was lost to us before I was out of high school. His story could easily fit beside those of the week of horror in Florida.   Danny  was traveling with a carnival at the time. He was using similar types of hallucinogenic drugs and of course bath salts had not come along yet.  He was artistic, as I am, and the story goes like this.  He was painting wagons among his other duties to cover his keep.  He was painting colorful scenes and needed paint.  His boss would not advance him any cash for it, so Danny, we believe, used some kind of drug and headed for town. He was shot in the head by a policeman a short time later. As the officer entered the store he found Danny with a machete hacking away at the cash register.  He turned and raised the machete and was shot.

Chopping at a register with a big knife, sound familiar?  It’s the very same type of senseless act that robbed Rudy of his life and his victim of his face. Madness! Letters came down to me later, that Dan had written a short time before his death. His train of thought was good and his hunger to understand life and his place in it evident in each.  I fully believe the irrational, almost  maniacal way he died was caused by the drug he shot up with.

The result? My mother never mentioned his name again, and won’t. It’s too much for her.  There has to be an awakening in us. With so many paths to death already on the streets, how can we listen, without regard, when new, more lethal forms of these drugs are produced and made more easily accessible to a large portion of our public.   How bizarre, how monstrous do the results of their use have to become before we step past our addictions and indifferent selfishness and do what’s always been in our power?

Eliminate the unlawful threats in our life. Any actions towards their reduction would be a good start. The reason it seems so difficult is because we are accomplices in the very crimes being perpetrated against us, by doing nothing,  making no stand on the subject against it. We need not purchase it ourselves,   nor allow  it in your homes, but it can enter all the same, in the form of officers at your door with grim notifications.


How many of you have seen the movie “THE MIST”? Well, this isn’t a segue into statements that we’ve seen mammoth sized dimensional beings. What it is, is a reference to a portion of the film where the MP says “its our fault” and this leads to an explanation by one of three young military men preparing for leave.  The statement was about a Project Arrowhead. This was interesting to us, because of one evening’s drive to Kansas, just over the border, still east of 69 highway.                                                                                                             

That evening, just after dark, we drove out 52 until we reached 69 highway. There we turned left onto it and  drove less than a mile, watching for well wooded roads alongside to the east and west.   We saw a road almost immediately to left, drove up turned and crossed the medium onto a gravel road. We began to go up a gradual slope with pastures to each side. Five minutes up this road the fields ended and forest began.

Up ahead at, the peak of the hill, were two elaborate radio towers  like I’d not seen before.  There was one on each side of the gravel and clay road. About 100 yards from the these, I saw little or nothing on the right side of interest. Once we’d turned around at the top, heading downhill now, I saw, maybe 40 yards down from the towers, something on the ground off to the right, a number of odd shapes. So, I took a few images as we passed figuring I had photographed fallen  limbs or something like that.

Further down, maybe another 50 to a 100 feet was a clearing by the road. It was, maybe, 30 ft at its widest and gradually rounded off to an open path between the trees at its far end heading north. In this area was a symbol painted on the ground. We stopped to be certain and it was a large arrow. The drawing shows its shape. There was nothing near enough to this, in the form of greenery, to obscure its position from the air.  It would have been clearly visible  from anything flying over.                                                                                                                             

Maybe 10 to 15 ft long and 9 or 10 ft wide, it was sharply in contrast with the dry dead grass it was painted on, maybe a few inches thick, almost tan in color. The arrow was pointing North.  This made me very nervous and we started to leave. Just passed a few medium-sized trees and dense foliage was a group of figures in sleeping bags.  Some were half in and some were half out of them.  There were both men and women there; the details of this I realized later when the images were enlarged and lightened.

There was no blur in them.  The group was very close to the road, maybe only 30 yards from it. One or two were sitting up and had taken notice  of us as we passed, but most were stretched out, maybe 6 or 7 in view.  After our suspicion of military involvement out east of Butler, hearing the phrase “I love recon” used on the tape we had, I wanted no part of this and urged Lori to get moving down the hill.  This wasn’t necessarily of any consequence. I knew there were military units in Nevada and assumed that the National Guard might be having some field training excercise. I still wanted no part of it.

As we put distance between us and them, I was taking quick shots out the window at a 45 degree angle or close to it, at the fields to the right of me.   Something seemed to be moving in the field, running in a flanking fashion 50 yards out.  It was difficult, in the dark, to discern details but the outline was very clear.  It even had illumination along one side from the moon.  It was something running on two legs but not legs that bent like ours do , but in reverse where the thighs and calves meet the knees. It was almost ostrich like in shape. Where a thin neck and small head would leave its torso, there was in this case, a thick neck area and a head shaped much like a dogs, only 3 or 4 times bigger and thicker.

I told her to keep driving. I was so excited I was talking like a little kid. I was saying something like “oh I think we’ve got something this time”.   By the time we hit the highway, I was already switching to the mode to view each image.  As for the object running along in the pasture studying us, there was nothing on those images but an empty field, nothing at all.  I was really bummed and started feeling like I needed to test my eyes, but I was certain there was something running along beside us , its head turned towards us.   I’ve hesitated to add the final detail to this portion of the trip because it is ridiculous,  but the ostrich like form also looked like one of the smaller bird eating dinosaurs, only it had a short, thick neck and a large canine or reptile like head.  It had ceased following us down the slope after a few hundred yards .

The next detail found while processing was that of the figures on the ground, again in the first clearing near the hill’s top, coming back down.  It didn’t look like men sleeping. There were helmets, but they were one’s in congruent with general military practice.   Some soldiers are shown with stuff painted on their helmets,  feathers tucked into their helmet bands etc. The helmet on the ground,  still on the head of the wearer was like those in deeper portions of Vietnam, only there was something distant, something wrong with it. You could make out reddish color muted, but, visible throughout the image. You could see a helmeted figure in the foreground , not just half pressed into the earth,  but there was the appearance the figure was mashed, with one arm at an odd angle.

There were two more.  One was lying under a log of considerable size, maybe close to 2 ft thick at the widest end. Each had helmets.  The log was cleaned of bark at the other end and all the twig and small sticks and branches were removed there . 2 ft down it’s length there were short stubby areas of branches and sticks cut off it, but, left were the stubs maybe a few inches thick.  Lori as well saw each detail. We drove out there again shortly after that night and there were no signs of any of it.

The arrow on the ground wouldn’t have such significance if it were not for the fact that I’d seen the very same symbol on a number of occasions before. The same identical arrow-head, not like the traditional arrowhead but more like roadside sign arrow, clear distinct in shape, once on the dry floor of a culvert pipe here in town over by the two plants that make and box candy.

The other occasions were once in another culvert pipe under a few inches of yellow water and the last on the wall of a concrete bridge onlyvisible to those walking along the little hollow that ran along each side of the bridge banking the water below. The Radio towers, if that’s what they were, were like nothing I’d seen before. We have covered close to 60% -70 % of the roads in Bates County and have been close to a number of the radio towers in the area, none that looked like these.  Did these have anything to do with the strange figures we found there that did appear on our film?

Was there a good reason why we saw this being that had to be nearly 9-to 10 ft tall running along, following our movements?  What about the mysterious arrows, some that seem only for the benefit of a viewer above?  Why would they be placed as well, in pipes for someone or something to read? Could they be guide markers? For who or what? Maybe for someone obviously traveling out of sight, with the roads above them. Why, in a populated area, would training exercises be set up to move covertly through a farm town? Was there something going on up on that hill that they didn’t want anyone to know about?

What about the soldiers? I’d leave room for doubt had I not seen the others preparing to sleep, ones we failed to see at all on the way up.  Could all of this been ghosts, spectral figures or dimensional entities, very close in appearance to us?  And what about the eerie similarity between the project Arrowhead being attempted in the small town in the movie, and the strange creatures in the film and our brush with the one that ran along with us on the Kansas trip?

There is talk of both our government and the Russians trying to perfect their microwave advantage, one that the Russians claim will place a victim in a Zombie like state with the use of Microwaves, and complex radio /telephone towers that look like portions of a machine Ming the Merciless might own. There are  the stories we’ve heard through ghost hunters living nearby about possible portals that were opened by kids playing around with magic at a bridge reputed to be haunted by a witch. There is also the fact that these images, along with others were stolen from our computer right in front of us as we were looking at the screen. This, of course  made us very nervous .

Do writers form concepts from their creative juices alone or do they have grape vines in which the information  trickles down? Is there a personal experience involved?   Do they try to write truths into their fantasies that are veiled in fiction but much closer to origins of fact?

Is this a way to desensitize us further, creating a more intimate knowledge of these things that will soon make themselves known? Look at the percentage of Steven Spielberg’s recent films dealing with alien or dimensional contact. Super 8, Cloverfield ,the Mist, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, AI – Artificial Intelligence, the new version of War of the Worlds,and even the Indiana Jones movie  had to do with an alien skull or other aspects of aliens, UFOs and dimensions.

One last thought on this; Okay, let’s say that the  scenario was true and the Government was preparing us in a manner they thought best for, not a full disclosure, but, an introduction, using writers and filmmakers the same way they did entertainers during the wars to keep the troops spirit up.   There have even been films about alien districts here on earth. How many of these concepts are scenarios we may have to live in someday? How many are already well-kept realities that we unknowingly consider fantasy?


Most of all keep in mind that this scenario may never present itself.  There is much more chance of civil unrest, natural disasters or some other problem rising.  The thing that each of us should do is to have the( legal means) of  protecting  your family, be proficient in its use, stay in practice, and arrange  a personel health regimen you can live with of healthy food and activity at whatever level your personal health or body will allow.  Don’t dwell on these dark thoughts daily.  Life throws enough at each of us that we can wear our spirit out, cause physical illness and mental wear and tear. There  are  times to be serious.  but life  doesn’t call for every ounce of you.   Love each other, take time to prepare, and then don’t spend your time waiting. Spend it living.  The world calls for us to be attentive when we’re out and about, but its draining to be on constant guard. Be healthy and happy now so you’ll have the strength later to face those days ahead whatever  challenge lies in them. Richard

Author: Lori Carter

It may seem like we are all of sudden obsessed with the talk about zombies. First and foremost, you need to understand that “the Midnight Observer” was already in the works before our abduction. We had both been victims to many unpleasant situations in our lives. Physical abuse, mental abuse and criminal acts were on the top of the list.

We were starting the site as an awareness site for friends, family, neighbors and their friends, family and neighbors to warn of the covert and extensive criminal acts. We wanted to set up a site that would help people learn to watch their backs, keep their children away from criminal elements and drugs, and be able to lead a safe, pleasant life. Our intent was to post about the crimes and how they were affecting our area; then we were abducted.

For almost three years we searched, trying to find out who and/or what had interfered in the peace and tranquility we were finally able to enjoy. It may have seemed that the “Midnight Observer was dedicated just to UFO’s, extraterrestrial and paranormal elements. But if you have read, actually read the articles and looked at the pictures, we were also showing what we believed to be human activity covertly taking place.

It is our goal to look at all the possibilities of danger that could be a threat to those we care about. If they pass it on, that is great, because that many more people will become diligent, observant and careful. When the story about Rudy Eugene hit the news, in the same week many other similar events came to light.

We are not vigilantes. We are not encouraging militant actions, covert operations or the harmful acts against other humans. We are just looking at the possibilities and trying to warn others about possible pending danger.

We both are interested in being self-sufficient, because we believe at some time or another; things in our neck of the woods, as well as around the planet are going to drastically change. Whether it comes from the air, the New World Order movement, Kabala, the rich or elite, or government sources, we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. We have the right to live, survive, and exist as best we can.

There are many references to secret alien, government, and elite group activities. There are rumors, circulating since 1947 that our government and private individuals and groups have been working with aliens, trading us for their technology and knowledge.

None of this can be completely proved, but is something to be aware of. In the last article, Rich mentioned a scenario on the big picture about a mist coming down and covering a town that is asleep. It could have been chemical weapon of sorts that could change the mentality of the humans who are saturated with it.

Conspiracy theories will always be talked about, but think about just one thing. If an alien force, maybe even with the enlisted help of some humans, decide to decrease our population or work toward eliminating it, how could they go about it without destroying all the natural resources of this planet with their ultra-weapons.? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a race start killing off their own kind?

Maybe all the experiments they have performed on humans over the years weren’t just for crossing their DNA with ours. Maybe at some point, they changed the DNA of many people so that at a certain time, maybe when their children grew up, or their children’s children grew up, the DNA would trickle down to the point where it started changing people into some kind of animal, a cannibalistic animal,  a zombie type creature.

This is just one possibility. The other, of course could be that they are putting something in the air or water that affects only certain people. At the time of the killing of Rudy Eugene, an autopsy, as far as I could see, had not been performed that would actually point to the use of bath salts. This was an assumption at that point, and there has not been information disclosed that confirms it.

The world is in turmoil and panic over the use of bath salts now. Maybe it isn’t something that simple. Maybe it is a new bacteria, one that affects the mind and can be transferred from one person to another through the bite or saliva of the infected person. Maybe it was instigated to draw our attention away from something larger.

Zombie apocalypse? Maybe, but maybe it is something that is being introduced into the population to decrease our numbers. Think about it. The zombies kill people. The people who don’t die contract the disease and go on to infect and kill other people. Armed forces are brought together to try and eliminate the zombies already infected, and end up killing thousands up thousands in error because they aren’t sure which ones are good and which ones are infected.

Maybe this is the tribulation that is talked about in the bible. The “prince of peace” will show up soon and be able to stop the zombie virus from spreading. It is the perfect scenario, since he is supposed to convince the people he is the messiah by saving them from something and reestablishing order on this world.

Just a few thoughts that have entered my mind. We still watch the skies. We still take photographs wherever we go. We will continue to share information and theories on anything we find, whether it be a human event, an extraterrestrial hiding in the bushes, a UFO in the air, or a zombie attack.

Our goal is to present what is on the plate each day, and zombies are the main item on the menu right now.

It should be understood that the photos in this article are a creative  effort to better drive home the seriousness of the recent attacks and to point to  similarities between the recent crimes and the acts of the ( fictitious )creatures we’re all very familiar with. As Vampires have , Zombies have, likewise, created a genre all their own.   THE PHOTOS ARE NOT A CALL TO ARMS, or a suggestion that any action should be taken outside of being more cautious.  We suggest the  monitoring  of as many sources of  news as  possible to be informed about any continuation  of similar killings.  The illustrations and plans  in this article are meant to be  applied ONLY to the hypothetical situation of a Zombie Apocalypses. 

(The Midnight Observer bears no responsibility for any irresponsible  crimes or injuries incurred during  them, that may result in mental or physical injury or death. Any physical actions similar to the kind mentioned within this article are ILL-ADVISED, and if supported by the reader at all, should, at this point , be copied and kept as educational reference material only. 

Any misinterpretation that leads to harm of the reader or others is solely the   responsibility of the participants.  The very closeness of the recent crimes to the appearance of the otherworldly, still fictitious creatures, could lead to accident or crime of violence against innocent people.  We have to remember the actions taken in such apocalyptic scenarios would be our last human resort,  after the break down of local and national and possibly global law enforcement.   Until that time, we have the responsibility of still living in a lawful fashion.   That in no way limits our right to remain vigilant , watching and waiting to see what direction if any the recent phenomena takes.   

The whole Zombie Apocalypses thing should be ridiculous, but then, again, so should be the thought of Governments testing on the uninformed  and UFO activity in skies over  cities around the world.  Every horrendous  act through history leaves us with the notion afterward that this can’t, won’t  be allowed to happen again,that we certainly learned a lesson in it .   But there are certain things that happen that even a media, hungry for news, quickly pushes aside. The recent horrendous killings in Florida were such a story. I naively believed it was like the crimes of Jack the ripper and other serial killers, on that frightening level, isolated singular offenses that couldn’t last. As the picture hung in my mind there was no time for reasoning or respite.  A man Stabs himself many, many times and incredibly pulls away chunks of his intestine to throw at police who brought him under control with a swat team and projectile bean bags.  Did you really listen to that?  A man, with a serious injury, worsening it as his intestines slipped out, two full cans of pepper spray were used and finally a SWAT TEAM?   Then there is the college student, who kills his room mate and eats portions of him.

With these crimes barely cooling,  a man is found half inside a tent with open wounds to his chest and dislodged spleen.  To make this event worse, medical examiners suggest his wound doesn’t resemble the damage inflicted by a knife or tool of some kind.  The Daytona death was  not the last of   the weirdness.  Lowpel Davis, 38, snatched the hairpiece from atop a mannequin at the Sassy Beauty Supply shop in New Haven and put it in her bag. She then leaves the store. She is followed for a block or more by the older owner of the shop.  She strikes at both the men and bites a piece from the older mans bicep muscle and spits it back at the man.—-Read more:        

Zombies; They should be as real a threat to us as the little black alien with the Roman Helmet in Bugs Bunny cartoons, but the image of whats was left of the 65 year old victim’s  face and the unreal story told by officers about how it got that way should chill anyone’s heart. The attacker, Rudy Eugene was not an average guy,  though his facial features would have allowed him to blend into any crowd in any major city.  Rudy Eugene was a very troubled man and apparently the use of bath salts was not the only problem he was carrying.   Eugene had been arrested during a physical and verbal  assault on his mother some time back ,that was only ended after three separate uses of the tazer on him.  His ex-wife discussed with police his abusive nature. With the heightening of that already aggressive nature in his attacker, Mr Poppo’s minutes were numbered.

It is any statement about  his resilience, that Mr Poppo still holds onto life in a hospital. The chances of his recovery are not known to us.  It has been guessed that he endured 18 minutes of this attack before police brought Eugene down.  That is also a statement about the officers professionalism, that he was able to fight the urge he had to have to shoot sooner, giving Rudy every chance possible to cease his attack.

The victim Ronald Poppo

This act of Eugene’s shows us graphically what a zombie attack might be like, and even more shocking is the view of what it must be like to be attacked by a real Zombie.  No confusion here folks. this is as close as you can come to the real thing. We’ve looked at the reality of zombie like actions by those still alive.

Now, after giving it some thought, I came up with a few ideas dealing with a real zombie apocalypse.  Of course other directions as far choice o weapons and multiple forms of home defense could be added here, but I’m not trying to write a handbook on the last days; just mention a few things others might not have thought of. Would they fly, would they work in the reality of a Zombie Apocalypse ? Lets hope we never have to find out.

From here on we’re talking as if that nightmarish scenario has come true. The question is on the table “what would you do?”  The first reality that some will miss is, if this is wide spread, local law enforcement , governing agencies and groups that represented Uncle Sam, will fold.   Face it.  They have families too!  Each senator, mayor and police chief will have somebody to worry about themselves.  Don’t expect speed traps or tickets, but don’t expect any help either.  The nobler officers will do what they can as long as they can, but just where do you think you’ll be on their list of things to do?   Have you ever seen the old version of Salem’s Lot?  Its a great example, well written and it seeps with the reality of an unreal situation.

below to the right the attacker Eugene,)

So,  whether your one of the good guys or the bad guys,  your pretty much on your own.  In those conditions, your resourcefulness  and imagination may be as important as anything else you have going for you.  Your survival  tools will be the currency of the day.  Your home, which should be in that situation looked at as a fortification, will have to be quickly, haphazardly  modified to serve as your castle. Don’t fool yourself, doubting that others won’t covet it.  It will be the worst side of the Wild West.  People, who were marginally criminal, will  have the freedom to feed that beast inside them. Those, who you were normally acquainted with and possibly trusted may show their true face, and the boys you played cards with,  they may forget past friendships  to better set themselves up, doing it  at you and  your families expense .

Hard, lasting choices will have to be made quickly. You’ll be unable to let the regular practices of generosity cloud your faculties because the bills that will come due will have nothing to do with the utilities.  If you let in the smiling face on your porch, he may just kill you in your sleep and commit terrible crimes against your wife and children before taking every useful thing you have and leaving.  It will be the dawn in which all masks fall away.

The first decisions will be to decide if you are mobile. Maybe you have an unreliable old car,  or its been stolen as many will be. Maybe your funds are limited or gas is hoarded  by those who can hoard it.  Ask yourself  “are you willing to kill a man over Gasoline?” Many will be willing. I will not.

The  option of  lengthy travel won’t be there for some, so settle in, grabbing loose materials, plywood sheets and nails, old boards, anything that could be solidly nailed into place to bar a window from outside entry. These should be made solid inside and out, at least on the ground floor, against Zombies,  against the human monster that will be just as real. All windows should be secured with holes cut for visibility.  If you fear some window or door may be entered that has been secured, while you’re asleep, hang wind chimes inside from each window so that if they are tampered with, the slightest forcing or shaking will alert you with tinkling.  You can trust this because you’ll have no fan to stir up air inside and the holes would be so small that little air could stir them.  What if someone or something tries to tear down your defenses? How will you guard them?

Study the defenses used in castles.  Hot liquids were poured from above.  The dropping of  heavy objects on Zombies heads would probably be more effective.  So, loading up one upstairs room with throw-able chunks of rock might be a good idea .  There will be no perfect solutions, only what your resourceful enough to do with what you have at hand.

The fortified house scenario, in my opinion, would work best  in a country setting. The sparse population would make the numbers you initially had to deal with, manageable.  With caution, it would give you a better chance of quickly and efficiently building up the houses defenses.   You’ll do what you can in the time you have as others will.

Every shot in your defense will take from that supply that must protect you indefinitely.  Bullets, shotgun shells, powder, and B.B.s are gold. YOUR LAUGHING!!   Pellets,B.B.s and steel darts of the same 177 caliber will be a priceless commodity.  These are used in airguns, not for killing Zombies, but, instead should  be used to hunt small game. They would be good for thousands of shots.  They are quieter than guns, drawing less attention.  Their main strength, though  is that if they are used to hunt, all your bullets and shotgun shells can be kept for combat situations.

If you are in a position where flight is not possible due to lack of transportation, illness or physical infirmities, building up your home defense may be all that’s possible. The drawings below are hypothetical situations, possible answers to certain problems. While canned and dried beans might be high in protein, you would need other sources of food to stay physically able . The idea for an elevated garden and a way of thinning out large groups of Zombies is shown below the garden to the left and the funneling area to the right.

(click the text below to enlarge )                                                                                                                                                 

Zombie apocalypse coming soon

5/16: McArthur High School HazMat Situation
Students, Teachers Decontaminated After Breaking Out In Rash

5/19: No confirmation on chemical at Fort Lauderdale International Airport

5/21: Police: Man bites woman in Westchester

5/23: I-285 reopens after hazmat incident

5/23: Man Bites Cousin’s Nose Off

5/24: Second Broward school reports mystery rash

5/25: Hazmat Called After Kids Exposed To Pesticide On Bus: Hazmat, EMS Respond To Lake County, FL School

5/25: ‘Disoriented’ passenger subdued on flight in Miami

5/26: Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police

Add to these the lady above who tore a chunk out of a mans bicep with her teeth and you have, as far as we are aware, the list to date.

Zombie apocalypse coming soon

5/19: No confirmation on chemical at Fort Lauderdale International Airport

5/26: Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police

5/26: Florida Doctor Spits Blood at Highway Patrolmen After DUI Arrest

All in same week and same state… May God be with you, Florida.

People who are frightened of aliens don’t seek out the object of their fear but rather, are content to remain within the cocoon of self-deceit and social psychosis.(Linked)

(This was a comment made on one of articles at the Midnight Observer. We thought it and our reply were important enough to share)

First we’d like to thank you for your comment and say that you have a lot of good ideas. The statement above and others like it, that say our way (your way) of thinking and accessing this is the answer is fine and of course each of us have our own practices, but many are limited only to their verbal ideas and their chiding of anyone who has stepped outside the blog box.

We have sought out the object of our fear, in not just random outings but instead as the very focus of our work.  I’m not sure if that was directed at specific researchers or not.   If we weren’t the party this was directed at, please accept our compliments for a beautiful sight, and as we said some nice ideas. if we were among those addressed, I need to clarify that the lion’s share of our information and photos are self-supplied through nothing but field work, stepping out with the intention of drawing things out to us is the heart of our practice.  Maybe it’s not wise in a self-preservative fashion, but effective none the less.

Where many sites must harvest the images of the web for their subject matter and speak through filler made up of, again, others facts, we take the bull by the horns.  I’ve been less than twenty feet from a number of Crypto zoological creatures and aliens, because of our approach. 

In all honesty, I assure you, that the flower child mental is not the spirit to approach this in.  We, like you, live with the hope that communications and not confrontations will be the answer in meeting them, but if you have studied, (I mean thoroughly) looked at the case history worldwide you’ll find only absorbing a portion of it, that the majority of cases are not “Please help ET call home” type scenarios.

They are situations that show our vulnerability and their lack of any concept of human or universal rights.  We are the lab rat and in some cases much worse.  At best, to some races of beings i.e. Pleidians, we are a coddled child. At any rate, to most of the rest, we are not their buddy.

I’m sending along a photo that should more than explain my position.   The red mess in it, is the flesh and blood of a corpse of some kind. We are hoping it is a carcass of a deer or other large animal.  This is one of the beings that I spoke of getting close to.  Where was it?  It was not near a road deep in the woods, but, next to a rural highway, a block from farm houses.

We agree with you on many of those points dealing with government knowledge of alien presence and intent, but that is, I’m afraid, a moot point, one you and I are well aware we’re powerless to effect change in. It is better to funnel those wasted energies that fill the web with chatter into real field work.

The more images of these creatures we all have, the more the public will grow in awareness and interest and even to some degree take part in more fully in uncovering this presence. This, with a certainty that will not inspire action on the government’s part, but, will call for a response on their part due to the level of our maturing in the subject and the demand for it.

If the TV-talk shows and radio show are SWAMPED with information of this kind, with photos and experiences, there will be no alternative but for them to act in some manner to assure the public they aren’t ignoring the issue.   If it becomes apparent that this is not being talked about by the crazy fringe-(us) but by many Senators and Congressmen responding on behalf of their constituents, the Government will answer it.  The question is are you  and other sites willing to put down our petty differences and work together on a project that could harness the investigative skills of thousands, and possibly get this stone rolling towards the end result that are possible.?

There’s a need for each of us to push this idea, an idea that needs no author, one that we can all step out and experiment together in. Their presence is here, without a doubt. All we have to do is triple the regularity of “UFO” night searches.  Either we have a real desire to continue as the dominant species on our planet, and are willing to turn off the TV and go outside a few nights a month with our cameras,   or we should stop all the posturing and egotistical orations and drift back into the Networks security blanket and accept what comes.

When the Day Comes

To Do List

  •    1- Get laundry soap

  •    2- Get Dryer Sheets

  •    3- Get sour cream /and potatoes

  •    4- Pick up the kids at soccer practice,

  •    5- Pick up 6 boxes of Remington 12-guage shells,  6 – 50 ft roll’s of pig  wire fencing, 5 rolls of barbed wire and 5 rolls of bailing wire.

When the Day Comes

Author: Richard Carter

Do you think a day will ever come  when you feel the need to barricade your property, where you only go out in groups,  and you realize that even with hundreds of witnesses passing by your public safety is uninsured? Well, of course that’s a lot to expect; an impossible job for a body of law enforcement  that is already besieged with the volume of  crime nation wide.

I’m sure  the majority of commuters in Florida had no idea that off to the side in their peripheral vision, a man was having his face literally ripped off, not with a knife or a tool of some kind, but with the teeth of Rudy Eugene.

I’m sure the officer who tried to get him to stop, was all the more disturbed when Eugene turned his head, with a mouth full of blood and tissue, and growled at the officer; this before turning to eat once more on the victims face.   Six shots later the attacker finally had received enough damage to stop. It took this many rounds at very close range  to cease his attack and kill him. (Miami cannibal attack link)

By itself  this would be a monstrous event, but when you take into consideration that other reports of a similar chaotic nature are occurring , it takes on a whole new flavor.

A Hackensack, N.J., man allegedly stabbed himself repeatedly in front of the police on May 27, then began to pull his own guts out, and proceeded to throw his intestines at police officers. (link)                    

Wayne Carter (no relation)  is the next join the list with just as bizarre an act.    The 43 year old locked himself in his bedroom with the intent to hurt himself. He is reported to have had nearly 50 stab wounds with a large knife. The wounds were of such a size that his intestines began pressing out through the holes.  TWO FULL  CANS OF PEPPER SPRAY were not enough to stop a man with open wounds that would only have added to the effects of the pepper spray.Examples: throwing gasoline on a fire, ouch.   Finally a Police Swat Team was called for and the man was subdued using projectile bean bags .

Now, a 21-yr old student in Maryland has been charged with first-degree murder after body parts of his missing roommate were found in his home. (link)

We know that under the influence of certain drugs people can gain super strength, and immunity to pain. The photo, on line, of the victims face in the Miami attack is horrendous.  If not for a single eye swimming in the remains of the flesh that made up his face, you’d have few clues that you were looking at a human head.

At the Observer, we have talked about many things we’ve found on the outskirts of towns and in rivers and other bodies of water, but beyond our fears of alien abduction and other issues, this new threat is really far worse.   We have to clear something up right now, that is, whether this is a drug problem or not, a threat is created that bears all the worst characteristics of the legendary monster of fiction.

In both cases  the immunity to pain, the strength, and the bestial need to feed on human flesh, make both the drug related version and that of the movies so similar, that if not twins, they are surely brothers.  Does it matter if  Bath Salts are the cause?   It doesn’t.

How many drugs that have been ruled illegal, are still sold on the streets of almost every town in America?   Do you believe that just because the cause may be known, may be, that the threat is over?    Terrible drug related crimes are nothing new.  The savagery of these and their ability to steal all vestiges of humanity from an individual, likewise, make them only the new kid on the block, the flavor of the week.

Will there be more attacks, ? Yes, as long as this drug is on the street the possibilities of it will be very high.  Is there another reason for it? Is this part of some program like the other testings on groups of people in the past?  Unfortunately only  the recurrence of such acts and time will tell.

Will the day ever Come? (mentioned in the articles title)  It already has.  Our imaginations and the beings spawned from them have been a sometimes wondrous inspiration  for men and women of all ages,  but mans brilliance  at the same time is a two edged sword.

We have the brilliance to create nearly Eden like wonders for ourselves, but at the same time others work to reduce man, to lessen our presence here, not through bullets and gas, but through selection and the introduction of things that filter down to our bodies, hungry for  new sensations.

Dr  Henry Jekyll’s spirit lives on in the shadowy world of drug house labs all over America, in cities, suburbs and  small farm towns  .  The spirit of Mr Hyde, he  lives vicariously  in what is left of the minds of those like  Rudy Eugene, closer now to the skin, than ever before.