To Do List

  •    1- Get laundry soap

  •    2- Get Dryer Sheets

  •    3- Get sour cream /and potatoes

  •    4- Pick up the kids at soccer practice,

  •    5- Pick up 6 boxes of Remington 12-guage shells,  6 – 50 ft roll’s of pig  wire fencing, 5 rolls of barbed wire and 5 rolls of bailing wire.

When the Day Comes

Author: Richard Carter

Do you think a day will ever come  when you feel the need to barricade your property, where you only go out in groups,  and you realize that even with hundreds of witnesses passing by your public safety is uninsured? Well, of course that’s a lot to expect; an impossible job for a body of law enforcement  that is already besieged with the volume of  crime nation wide.

I’m sure  the majority of commuters in Florida had no idea that off to the side in their peripheral vision, a man was having his face literally ripped off, not with a knife or a tool of some kind, but with the teeth of Rudy Eugene.

I’m sure the officer who tried to get him to stop, was all the more disturbed when Eugene turned his head, with a mouth full of blood and tissue, and growled at the officer; this before turning to eat once more on the victims face.   Six shots later the attacker finally had received enough damage to stop. It took this many rounds at very close range  to cease his attack and kill him. (Miami cannibal attack link)

By itself  this would be a monstrous event, but when you take into consideration that other reports of a similar chaotic nature are occurring , it takes on a whole new flavor.

A Hackensack, N.J., man allegedly stabbed himself repeatedly in front of the police on May 27, then began to pull his own guts out, and proceeded to throw his intestines at police officers. (link)                    

Wayne Carter (no relation)  is the next join the list with just as bizarre an act.    The 43 year old locked himself in his bedroom with the intent to hurt himself. He is reported to have had nearly 50 stab wounds with a large knife. The wounds were of such a size that his intestines began pressing out through the holes.  TWO FULL  CANS OF PEPPER SPRAY were not enough to stop a man with open wounds that would only have added to the effects of the pepper spray.Examples: throwing gasoline on a fire, ouch.   Finally a Police Swat Team was called for and the man was subdued using projectile bean bags .

Now, a 21-yr old student in Maryland has been charged with first-degree murder after body parts of his missing roommate were found in his home. (link)

We know that under the influence of certain drugs people can gain super strength, and immunity to pain. The photo, on line, of the victims face in the Miami attack is horrendous.  If not for a single eye swimming in the remains of the flesh that made up his face, you’d have few clues that you were looking at a human head.

At the Observer, we have talked about many things we’ve found on the outskirts of towns and in rivers and other bodies of water, but beyond our fears of alien abduction and other issues, this new threat is really far worse.   We have to clear something up right now, that is, whether this is a drug problem or not, a threat is created that bears all the worst characteristics of the legendary monster of fiction.

In both cases  the immunity to pain, the strength, and the bestial need to feed on human flesh, make both the drug related version and that of the movies so similar, that if not twins, they are surely brothers.  Does it matter if  Bath Salts are the cause?   It doesn’t.

How many drugs that have been ruled illegal, are still sold on the streets of almost every town in America?   Do you believe that just because the cause may be known, may be, that the threat is over?    Terrible drug related crimes are nothing new.  The savagery of these and their ability to steal all vestiges of humanity from an individual, likewise, make them only the new kid on the block, the flavor of the week.

Will there be more attacks, ? Yes, as long as this drug is on the street the possibilities of it will be very high.  Is there another reason for it? Is this part of some program like the other testings on groups of people in the past?  Unfortunately only  the recurrence of such acts and time will tell.

Will the day ever Come? (mentioned in the articles title)  It already has.  Our imaginations and the beings spawned from them have been a sometimes wondrous inspiration  for men and women of all ages,  but mans brilliance  at the same time is a two edged sword.

We have the brilliance to create nearly Eden like wonders for ourselves, but at the same time others work to reduce man, to lessen our presence here, not through bullets and gas, but through selection and the introduction of things that filter down to our bodies, hungry for  new sensations.

Dr  Henry Jekyll’s spirit lives on in the shadowy world of drug house labs all over America, in cities, suburbs and  small farm towns  .  The spirit of Mr Hyde, he  lives vicariously  in what is left of the minds of those like  Rudy Eugene, closer now to the skin, than ever before.