People who are frightened of aliens don’t seek out the object of their fear but rather, are content to remain within the cocoon of self-deceit and social psychosis.(Linked)

(This was a comment made on one of articles at the Midnight Observer. We thought it and our reply were important enough to share)

First we’d like to thank you for your comment and say that you have a lot of good ideas. The statement above and others like it, that say our way (your way) of thinking and accessing this is the answer is fine and of course each of us have our own practices, but many are limited only to their verbal ideas and their chiding of anyone who has stepped outside the blog box.

We have sought out the object of our fear, in not just random outings but instead as the very focus of our work.  I’m not sure if that was directed at specific researchers or not.   If we weren’t the party this was directed at, please accept our compliments for a beautiful sight, and as we said some nice ideas. if we were among those addressed, I need to clarify that the lion’s share of our information and photos are self-supplied through nothing but field work, stepping out with the intention of drawing things out to us is the heart of our practice.  Maybe it’s not wise in a self-preservative fashion, but effective none the less.

Where many sites must harvest the images of the web for their subject matter and speak through filler made up of, again, others facts, we take the bull by the horns.  I’ve been less than twenty feet from a number of Crypto zoological creatures and aliens, because of our approach. 

In all honesty, I assure you, that the flower child mental is not the spirit to approach this in.  We, like you, live with the hope that communications and not confrontations will be the answer in meeting them, but if you have studied, (I mean thoroughly) looked at the case history worldwide you’ll find only absorbing a portion of it, that the majority of cases are not “Please help ET call home” type scenarios.

They are situations that show our vulnerability and their lack of any concept of human or universal rights.  We are the lab rat and in some cases much worse.  At best, to some races of beings i.e. Pleidians, we are a coddled child. At any rate, to most of the rest, we are not their buddy.

I’m sending along a photo that should more than explain my position.   The red mess in it, is the flesh and blood of a corpse of some kind. We are hoping it is a carcass of a deer or other large animal.  This is one of the beings that I spoke of getting close to.  Where was it?  It was not near a road deep in the woods, but, next to a rural highway, a block from farm houses.

We agree with you on many of those points dealing with government knowledge of alien presence and intent, but that is, I’m afraid, a moot point, one you and I are well aware we’re powerless to effect change in. It is better to funnel those wasted energies that fill the web with chatter into real field work.

The more images of these creatures we all have, the more the public will grow in awareness and interest and even to some degree take part in more fully in uncovering this presence. This, with a certainty that will not inspire action on the government’s part, but, will call for a response on their part due to the level of our maturing in the subject and the demand for it.

If the TV-talk shows and radio show are SWAMPED with information of this kind, with photos and experiences, there will be no alternative but for them to act in some manner to assure the public they aren’t ignoring the issue.   If it becomes apparent that this is not being talked about by the crazy fringe-(us) but by many Senators and Congressmen responding on behalf of their constituents, the Government will answer it.  The question is are you  and other sites willing to put down our petty differences and work together on a project that could harness the investigative skills of thousands, and possibly get this stone rolling towards the end result that are possible.?

There’s a need for each of us to push this idea, an idea that needs no author, one that we can all step out and experiment together in. Their presence is here, without a doubt. All we have to do is triple the regularity of “UFO” night searches.  Either we have a real desire to continue as the dominant species on our planet, and are willing to turn off the TV and go outside a few nights a month with our cameras,   or we should stop all the posturing and egotistical orations and drift back into the Networks security blanket and accept what comes.