Author: Lori Carter

It may seem like we are all of sudden obsessed with the talk about zombies. First and foremost, you need to understand that “the Midnight Observer” was already in the works before our abduction. We had both been victims to many unpleasant situations in our lives. Physical abuse, mental abuse and criminal acts were on the top of the list.

We were starting the site as an awareness site for friends, family, neighbors and their friends, family and neighbors to warn of the covert and extensive criminal acts. We wanted to set up a site that would help people learn to watch their backs, keep their children away from criminal elements and drugs, and be able to lead a safe, pleasant life. Our intent was to post about the crimes and how they were affecting our area; then we were abducted.

For almost three years we searched, trying to find out who and/or what had interfered in the peace and tranquility we were finally able to enjoy. It may have seemed that the “Midnight Observer was dedicated just to UFO’s, extraterrestrial and paranormal elements. But if you have read, actually read the articles and looked at the pictures, we were also showing what we believed to be human activity covertly taking place.

It is our goal to look at all the possibilities of danger that could be a threat to those we care about. If they pass it on, that is great, because that many more people will become diligent, observant and careful. When the story about Rudy Eugene hit the news, in the same week many other similar events came to light.

We are not vigilantes. We are not encouraging militant actions, covert operations or the harmful acts against other humans. We are just looking at the possibilities and trying to warn others about possible pending danger.

We both are interested in being self-sufficient, because we believe at some time or another; things in our neck of the woods, as well as around the planet are going to drastically change. Whether it comes from the air, the New World Order movement, Kabala, the rich or elite, or government sources, we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. We have the right to live, survive, and exist as best we can.

There are many references to secret alien, government, and elite group activities. There are rumors, circulating since 1947 that our government and private individuals and groups have been working with aliens, trading us for their technology and knowledge.

None of this can be completely proved, but is something to be aware of. In the last article, Rich mentioned a scenario on the big picture about a mist coming down and covering a town that is asleep. It could have been chemical weapon of sorts that could change the mentality of the humans who are saturated with it.

Conspiracy theories will always be talked about, but think about just one thing. If an alien force, maybe even with the enlisted help of some humans, decide to decrease our population or work toward eliminating it, how could they go about it without destroying all the natural resources of this planet with their ultra-weapons.? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a race start killing off their own kind?

Maybe all the experiments they have performed on humans over the years weren’t just for crossing their DNA with ours. Maybe at some point, they changed the DNA of many people so that at a certain time, maybe when their children grew up, or their children’s children grew up, the DNA would trickle down to the point where it started changing people into some kind of animal, a cannibalistic animal,  a zombie type creature.

This is just one possibility. The other, of course could be that they are putting something in the air or water that affects only certain people. At the time of the killing of Rudy Eugene, an autopsy, as far as I could see, had not been performed that would actually point to the use of bath salts. This was an assumption at that point, and there has not been information disclosed that confirms it.

The world is in turmoil and panic over the use of bath salts now. Maybe it isn’t something that simple. Maybe it is a new bacteria, one that affects the mind and can be transferred from one person to another through the bite or saliva of the infected person. Maybe it was instigated to draw our attention away from something larger.

Zombie apocalypse? Maybe, but maybe it is something that is being introduced into the population to decrease our numbers. Think about it. The zombies kill people. The people who don’t die contract the disease and go on to infect and kill other people. Armed forces are brought together to try and eliminate the zombies already infected, and end up killing thousands up thousands in error because they aren’t sure which ones are good and which ones are infected.

Maybe this is the tribulation that is talked about in the bible. The “prince of peace” will show up soon and be able to stop the zombie virus from spreading. It is the perfect scenario, since he is supposed to convince the people he is the messiah by saving them from something and reestablishing order on this world.

Just a few thoughts that have entered my mind. We still watch the skies. We still take photographs wherever we go. We will continue to share information and theories on anything we find, whether it be a human event, an extraterrestrial hiding in the bushes, a UFO in the air, or a zombie attack.

Our goal is to present what is on the plate each day, and zombies are the main item on the menu right now.