Most of all keep in mind that this scenario may never present itself.  There is much more chance of civil unrest, natural disasters or some other problem rising.  The thing that each of us should do is to have the( legal means) of  protecting  your family, be proficient in its use, stay in practice, and arrange  a personel health regimen you can live with of healthy food and activity at whatever level your personal health or body will allow.  Don’t dwell on these dark thoughts daily.  Life throws enough at each of us that we can wear our spirit out, cause physical illness and mental wear and tear. There  are  times to be serious.  but life  doesn’t call for every ounce of you.   Love each other, take time to prepare, and then don’t spend your time waiting. Spend it living.  The world calls for us to be attentive when we’re out and about, but its draining to be on constant guard. Be healthy and happy now so you’ll have the strength later to face those days ahead whatever  challenge lies in them. Richard