How many of you have seen the movie “THE MIST”? Well, this isn’t a segue into statements that we’ve seen mammoth sized dimensional beings. What it is, is a reference to a portion of the film where the MP says “its our fault” and this leads to an explanation by one of three young military men preparing for leave.  The statement was about a Project Arrowhead. This was interesting to us, because of one evening’s drive to Kansas, just over the border, still east of 69 highway.                                                                                                             

That evening, just after dark, we drove out 52 until we reached 69 highway. There we turned left onto it and  drove less than a mile, watching for well wooded roads alongside to the east and west.   We saw a road almost immediately to left, drove up turned and crossed the medium onto a gravel road. We began to go up a gradual slope with pastures to each side. Five minutes up this road the fields ended and forest began.

Up ahead at, the peak of the hill, were two elaborate radio towers  like I’d not seen before.  There was one on each side of the gravel and clay road. About 100 yards from the these, I saw little or nothing on the right side of interest. Once we’d turned around at the top, heading downhill now, I saw, maybe 40 yards down from the towers, something on the ground off to the right, a number of odd shapes. So, I took a few images as we passed figuring I had photographed fallen  limbs or something like that.

Further down, maybe another 50 to a 100 feet was a clearing by the road. It was, maybe, 30 ft at its widest and gradually rounded off to an open path between the trees at its far end heading north. In this area was a symbol painted on the ground. We stopped to be certain and it was a large arrow. The drawing shows its shape. There was nothing near enough to this, in the form of greenery, to obscure its position from the air.  It would have been clearly visible  from anything flying over.                                                                                                                             

Maybe 10 to 15 ft long and 9 or 10 ft wide, it was sharply in contrast with the dry dead grass it was painted on, maybe a few inches thick, almost tan in color. The arrow was pointing North.  This made me very nervous and we started to leave. Just passed a few medium-sized trees and dense foliage was a group of figures in sleeping bags.  Some were half in and some were half out of them.  There were both men and women there; the details of this I realized later when the images were enlarged and lightened.

There was no blur in them.  The group was very close to the road, maybe only 30 yards from it. One or two were sitting up and had taken notice  of us as we passed, but most were stretched out, maybe 6 or 7 in view.  After our suspicion of military involvement out east of Butler, hearing the phrase “I love recon” used on the tape we had, I wanted no part of this and urged Lori to get moving down the hill.  This wasn’t necessarily of any consequence. I knew there were military units in Nevada and assumed that the National Guard might be having some field training excercise. I still wanted no part of it.

As we put distance between us and them, I was taking quick shots out the window at a 45 degree angle or close to it, at the fields to the right of me.   Something seemed to be moving in the field, running in a flanking fashion 50 yards out.  It was difficult, in the dark, to discern details but the outline was very clear.  It even had illumination along one side from the moon.  It was something running on two legs but not legs that bent like ours do , but in reverse where the thighs and calves meet the knees. It was almost ostrich like in shape. Where a thin neck and small head would leave its torso, there was in this case, a thick neck area and a head shaped much like a dogs, only 3 or 4 times bigger and thicker.

I told her to keep driving. I was so excited I was talking like a little kid. I was saying something like “oh I think we’ve got something this time”.   By the time we hit the highway, I was already switching to the mode to view each image.  As for the object running along in the pasture studying us, there was nothing on those images but an empty field, nothing at all.  I was really bummed and started feeling like I needed to test my eyes, but I was certain there was something running along beside us , its head turned towards us.   I’ve hesitated to add the final detail to this portion of the trip because it is ridiculous,  but the ostrich like form also looked like one of the smaller bird eating dinosaurs, only it had a short, thick neck and a large canine or reptile like head.  It had ceased following us down the slope after a few hundred yards .

The next detail found while processing was that of the figures on the ground, again in the first clearing near the hill’s top, coming back down.  It didn’t look like men sleeping. There were helmets, but they were one’s in congruent with general military practice.   Some soldiers are shown with stuff painted on their helmets,  feathers tucked into their helmet bands etc. The helmet on the ground,  still on the head of the wearer was like those in deeper portions of Vietnam, only there was something distant, something wrong with it. You could make out reddish color muted, but, visible throughout the image. You could see a helmeted figure in the foreground , not just half pressed into the earth,  but there was the appearance the figure was mashed, with one arm at an odd angle.

There were two more.  One was lying under a log of considerable size, maybe close to 2 ft thick at the widest end. Each had helmets.  The log was cleaned of bark at the other end and all the twig and small sticks and branches were removed there . 2 ft down it’s length there were short stubby areas of branches and sticks cut off it, but, left were the stubs maybe a few inches thick.  Lori as well saw each detail. We drove out there again shortly after that night and there were no signs of any of it.

The arrow on the ground wouldn’t have such significance if it were not for the fact that I’d seen the very same symbol on a number of occasions before. The same identical arrow-head, not like the traditional arrowhead but more like roadside sign arrow, clear distinct in shape, once on the dry floor of a culvert pipe here in town over by the two plants that make and box candy.

The other occasions were once in another culvert pipe under a few inches of yellow water and the last on the wall of a concrete bridge onlyvisible to those walking along the little hollow that ran along each side of the bridge banking the water below. The Radio towers, if that’s what they were, were like nothing I’d seen before. We have covered close to 60% -70 % of the roads in Bates County and have been close to a number of the radio towers in the area, none that looked like these.  Did these have anything to do with the strange figures we found there that did appear on our film?

Was there a good reason why we saw this being that had to be nearly 9-to 10 ft tall running along, following our movements?  What about the mysterious arrows, some that seem only for the benefit of a viewer above?  Why would they be placed as well, in pipes for someone or something to read? Could they be guide markers? For who or what? Maybe for someone obviously traveling out of sight, with the roads above them. Why, in a populated area, would training exercises be set up to move covertly through a farm town? Was there something going on up on that hill that they didn’t want anyone to know about?

What about the soldiers? I’d leave room for doubt had I not seen the others preparing to sleep, ones we failed to see at all on the way up.  Could all of this been ghosts, spectral figures or dimensional entities, very close in appearance to us?  And what about the eerie similarity between the project Arrowhead being attempted in the small town in the movie, and the strange creatures in the film and our brush with the one that ran along with us on the Kansas trip?

There is talk of both our government and the Russians trying to perfect their microwave advantage, one that the Russians claim will place a victim in a Zombie like state with the use of Microwaves, and complex radio /telephone towers that look like portions of a machine Ming the Merciless might own. There are  the stories we’ve heard through ghost hunters living nearby about possible portals that were opened by kids playing around with magic at a bridge reputed to be haunted by a witch. There is also the fact that these images, along with others were stolen from our computer right in front of us as we were looking at the screen. This, of course  made us very nervous .

Do writers form concepts from their creative juices alone or do they have grape vines in which the information  trickles down? Is there a personal experience involved?   Do they try to write truths into their fantasies that are veiled in fiction but much closer to origins of fact?

Is this a way to desensitize us further, creating a more intimate knowledge of these things that will soon make themselves known? Look at the percentage of Steven Spielberg’s recent films dealing with alien or dimensional contact. Super 8, Cloverfield ,the Mist, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, AI – Artificial Intelligence, the new version of War of the Worlds,and even the Indiana Jones movie  had to do with an alien skull or other aspects of aliens, UFOs and dimensions.

One last thought on this; Okay, let’s say that the  scenario was true and the Government was preparing us in a manner they thought best for, not a full disclosure, but, an introduction, using writers and filmmakers the same way they did entertainers during the wars to keep the troops spirit up.   There have even been films about alien districts here on earth. How many of these concepts are scenarios we may have to live in someday? How many are already well-kept realities that we unknowingly consider fantasy?