Groups prepare all the more earnestly for a Zombie Apocalypse, assured by the bizarre attack and self mutilation stories told by officers and witnesses.  But,  before we buy too many more boxes of rounds, and rolls of  razor wire,  maybe  we should take a breath and get the right culprit in our sights, especially when what we really have here, even in the case of Rudy Eugene, are crimes committed during a period of drug induced madness.

If there was Zombie like behavior in some of these incidents, there was in others, not so much a lapse into some primeval  carnivorous mode, as much as there was an excuse to give way to personal perversity and the release of long unattended angers and bitterness on an epic scale.

Am I going a bit to far  in adding perversities to the list?  Let’s start with that then, because it really is one of the stronger examples for the direction that some of this is taking.

The horrific and the hilarious; this is also a statement about the worsening mental health problem in America and the contributing factors ignored by some.

Maybe this is the norm and I just haven’t caught up yet, but here is another batch. If some have been printed before,  I’m sorry.

The cherry of the bunch which is not a bath salt story as far as I know; it was none the less one that had to be added, the poster child for one facet of the mental illness we’re talking about. 28 year old Charles Marshall of Cincinnati has issues. One is his consuming love for his teddy bear. This might seem really, not that out there in comparison to some of the things  that people can become obsessed with. The problem here is that Charles has sexual relations with his Teddy bear in Public.  One such incident should probably have been enough, but not for Charles. This was the fourth time he was cited for the same crime. I have to admit this one was added because its just too hilarious and scary at the same time to leave out. I have no idea what drugs or lack of them was the cause in this case.  There may be no “I was drunk” excuse which makes it all the more funny and scary.

Move on to a woman charged for masturbating in clear view next to a  highway; not to be outdone,  Collandra Hailton is charged for masterbating as she watches porn while driving.

Then we have – The Horny Goat Killer,

Police responding to a call find a young man 19,  wearing a bra and panties, in the company of a dead goat, one lying nearby on the floor with porn mags lying around it. Yep!

Then we have the civic minded nut trying to protect us from evil, or was he trying to protect evil from us?

He is “The Vam-priest Slayer”. I have less details on this one,only that  the guy breaks into a monastery with a knife and wooden mallet,  attacking a sleeping Monk. The monk survived the attack.

Got bad family relations,?  So did she; At 2:30 in the afternoon, 48 year old Pamela  Higgens visits her mother’s beach front Condo, swinging a machete, saying “Ain’t you dead yet? ” Pamela was arrested.

The government is supposed to have  invisibility technology, (really??)   This might have been interesting had not the subject snorted Bath Salts before calling the police.

“On Feb 17th , 31 year old Lucas Kocab reports 30 intruders in his home to Police, who responding to the call find no one there,  and the caller acting paranoid( imagine that). He explains they are still there but are blending in with the walls, furniture, and even the trees in the yard, trying to hide.  He can see them occasionally. Heidi Miller, a room-mate admits to police that the snorting of Bath Salts, a few hours earlier was possibly the cause.

Seth Thomas Sanders (The Melting Man) is running from the devil or something from a similar climate.

In Elizabeth town, in Lebanon county, he is arrested after abandoning his vehicle  and running  through a house in his effort to escape.  Escape from what? His melting car,  and to make matters worse he is being chased by electricity. His flight comes to an end with him damaging two vehicles, one a police cruiser, this in his bout with fear and hopefully a  hallucination.

The boom of a gunshot jolted Sue Stark out of bed. Did it come from the yard?  Holding her breath as she ran down the stairs to the garage, Stark flung open the door. Her 32-year-old son, Tim, calmly came inside clutching a Winchester rifle. She grabbed the gun and called 911. Tim was sure someone was messing with his car. In an extreme bought of paranoia, he walked from window to window claiming they were out there.

In the United States, there is little doubt about the popularity of bath salts. So far this year, the number of bath salt calls coming into poison control centers is twice the volume of heroin-related calls in 2009 (see above link)

There are many more stories, and surprising numbers of deaths,  among them the tragic death of Pam Schmidt killed by her boyfriend Bill Parisio.

We know about  L.S.D. and other familiar hard drugs. The truth has been out there forever it seems, but there still are lines of people ready to be the next statistic. Like every well promoted media event, these drugs are made attractive to a targeted audience. They know that a portion of younger people  have always played the same rebellious role, whether it was following Elvis and Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, with a few brews, or the 60’s and 70’s when drug use escalated.

The present age of hip hop and rap are nothing new, maybe a surlier group of faces, many packing, but the focus of entertainment hasn’t changed that much. Chemicals and music seem to go together for some, and the owners of Head shops seem just as dedicated to the craft of selling poison as any pusher reasoning away his responsibility, and the deaths they have a hand in.

Words of defiance like that of the owner  mentioned in the Startribune, are a good example of the cold indifference, these (businessmen) apply to their trade.(He dares Duluth to shut his head shop( Friday September 23, 2011Owner Jim Carlson has made millions of dollars defying synthetic drug bans.)

There are bits of humor among the accounts above, but I have a very serious reason for following this. For every ridiculously embarrassing outcome  among these type reports there are an equal, if not larger number of deaths attributable to these concoctions.  Parent’s lives are shattered and  promising futures wasted.

My half brother, from my mom’s first marriage, was lost to us before I was out of high school. His story could easily fit beside those of the week of horror in Florida.   Danny  was traveling with a carnival at the time. He was using similar types of hallucinogenic drugs and of course bath salts had not come along yet.  He was artistic, as I am, and the story goes like this.  He was painting wagons among his other duties to cover his keep.  He was painting colorful scenes and needed paint.  His boss would not advance him any cash for it, so Danny, we believe, used some kind of drug and headed for town. He was shot in the head by a policeman a short time later. As the officer entered the store he found Danny with a machete hacking away at the cash register.  He turned and raised the machete and was shot.

Chopping at a register with a big knife, sound familiar?  It’s the very same type of senseless act that robbed Rudy of his life and his victim of his face. Madness! Letters came down to me later, that Dan had written a short time before his death. His train of thought was good and his hunger to understand life and his place in it evident in each.  I fully believe the irrational, almost  maniacal way he died was caused by the drug he shot up with.

The result? My mother never mentioned his name again, and won’t. It’s too much for her.  There has to be an awakening in us. With so many paths to death already on the streets, how can we listen, without regard, when new, more lethal forms of these drugs are produced and made more easily accessible to a large portion of our public.   How bizarre, how monstrous do the results of their use have to become before we step past our addictions and indifferent selfishness and do what’s always been in our power?

Eliminate the unlawful threats in our life. Any actions towards their reduction would be a good start. The reason it seems so difficult is because we are accomplices in the very crimes being perpetrated against us, by doing nothing,  making no stand on the subject against it. We need not purchase it ourselves,   nor allow  it in your homes, but it can enter all the same, in the form of officers at your door with grim notifications.