Note, Any references to governmental presence and militarily garbed men, is not a suggestion that we  know about secret projects, or any participation by any government.   At this point as we mention below , there could be bandit like groups gangs working the small rural highways and back roads of our area. using the false front of enlisted men as a cover for their activities and giving them a way in which to stop motorist to more easily perpetrate their crimes.   Everyone from Hunters to naturalists use camo to help in their activities,, is it a coincidence that the second time we were stopped that night such clothing was present?  our question is are there members of an organization  be it governmental or privately owned assaulting people not only in our county but in your neck of the woods as well.  we hope you’ll do a little research yourselves and try to help us  answer that question.

Author: Rich Carter

Lori once wrote an article for her other more uplifting sight  –  Positive Mornings, the name of it was (Levels). We have passed through multiple levels as well in the process of our work here, and it is confusing work . There were plans at one time to chronicle    about  20 percent of the information that  has never made it here. . There are memories and images we might never be able to adequately explain, or even coherently express. Maybe someday we’ll choose to .

While we photographed the countryside by night, during the study, we have mentioned episodes of lost time, in which figures in military garb were photographed near us in the countryside, but, what we haven’t explained is another set of images entirely.  These are ones that were intentionally covered with just enough “NOISE”; a computer effect, a kind of static pattern of color or an overlay to disguise the real events shown in an image.

These are produced in varying layers, some so sheer you can make out facial features without processing at all. The contents of the image are still visible.  In others it can be applied in a layer that is completely opaque.    The image we’re going to talk about is one that fits the first description. In the weeks ahead, I’ll occasionally talk about one of these other photos, but, today I will only cover the one dealing with me. Lori, if she ever chooses, will decide the time  to discuss her suspicions about these periods of time in detail.

The one that was brought back to my attention this morning was one in which I was tied to a pole in a basement. The grate or floor drain  was visible;  the one that some washing machines used to empty into. It showed me tied at the waist with my hands behind the pole, from the waste up, leaning forward, yelling.  You could see my tongue, my teeth, eyes, ears and hair clearly. You can even see enough facial lines in the black faces around me to tell there was laughter and evil intent. They were Black and had on what I would describe as camouflage;  the older style used by our military,  common enough and easy to get a hold of. I wore the same during my time at the Fort Leonardwood engineers training in 79.

One had a what was clearly a gun.  Whether it was real or a replica to scare me, I have no idea. It was a rifle of some kind; M16 like , not necessarily one , but it had that appearance.  Finally, directly in front of me, one held a POWER DRILL; holding it up towards my head, less than a foot away. This is one of the very same forms of torture used by troops in the detention facility.  We  could assume, in the more clouded photos, that nothing could be guessed for sure, but this was not one of those. It was fairly clear, leading us to wonder why they’d use such a half-assed effort on one and not the others? It seemed it was either a mistake on their part or they were not very cautious when they were photographed around the trees across from my brothers home outside town.

Mistakes on their part were a pretty regular thing, but how do you prove these aren’t hunters to a Policeman?  They are, in fact, a pack victimizing travelers on roads with little traffic.  These roads are “Perfect” because they give the pack time enough to extract people from their vehicles and gain their objectives before having to leave the scene.  This is done after the people there have been conditioned not to remember.  This sounds ridiculous, I know, like secret agent stuff in backwoods mid America ? Yea!  But let’s remember that the motives of these men are not tactical. They are criminal.  Their ultimate purpose is to rob and rape people who will leave unaware they have been. They are a group of bargain basement Nimrods, that are probably high half the time they are out there.

One of the drugs used can be purchased by the average high school or college kid.  We are not alone in this victimization. On campuses, the problem is so large that there are separate departments of Campus police. Some deal only with date rape type scenarios.  We feel it was either their mistake or they were left so clear, nearly untouched that harassment after the fact had to be the intention.

Lori recognized me immediately. Two other people I worked with through e-mails also agreed it was clearly me, and it was in my camera. These parasites had time to immortalize some of their deeds and then were too chicken shit to leave them and be done with us.  As time went on, new photos found their way into our picture files, not of our making, computer art of war insignia and stylized battle scenes below it.  At any rate, someone  was getting into our computer and creating havoc; deleting whole files, and doing away with some of our best, most revealing, images in the process. They were ones that told a clear story of the condition of the countryside. They were things that could never be replaced.

The reason my  thoughts this morning were being drawn to these memories was because of a news story I read, one in which the 39th President, Jimmy Carter, spoke out about the condition of human rights  world over, and his disappointment that America  was no longer the champion for these rights. See article here.

He stated that, at one time, we had been the example to the world . These complaints were not limited to the drone strikes against countries harboring terrorists, but laid, as well in the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.   I won’t comment on the right or wrong of these actions. Some are obviously corrupt.  If your going to torture a man for vital information, take care of your work and live with it, but don’t threaten his family with sexual assault.  That lowers us to the level of the gangs our police are fighting a war with, and I might add, one in which they are barely holding their own.

I still haven’t given the exact reason for the mental connection between this article and our experience.  It’s that, among the tortures used there, water-boarding is used over a hundred times as are the threats  of sexual violence against prisoners families, and finally they threaten, intimidate them,(the bound prisoners) with automatic weapons and POWER DRILLS.

This site has been a labor of love and a painful experience at the same time. It is amazing to us, how many wonders we have stood and watched, been chased by, what we are more than willing to call bragging rights. If it’s earned its good.   But, by the same token, certain things we’re forced to relive are like crawling through glass.  They are a bitter pill to say the least.   For Lori, because they cut into the peace God brought to her life years ago and for me,  because it throws me into the worst of situations personally, ones in which we have no control.

Lost time is a tool of cowards, who find in it the ultimate invisibility for their actions.  You can wish with all your soul to strike back, but it’s like wailing away in the wind at phantoms.  Unless you look long enough, you let your mind wander through the same filthy trail they have taken and understand how they think.  From thousands of photos, you draw out clues, not only to what happened to you, but how it was done. Through further research you find the probable drugs that made this possible, a realistic view of the events in your encounter begin to form.

There are other times, in other places, when the evidence has pointed to something far beyond the abilities of humans.  One night we believe we experienced both,  after the UFO experience and the alien looking figure in front of the jeep. That same night, a military cleanup crew or worse found us as well.

Many famous encounters with UFOs,  one by three women and a boy, ended with a rush of helicopters overhead moving to escort the craft somewhere.  Are there non-military or personally owned military of a cabal level? Are our forces used in certain interests here on home ground? or is it merely crime rising to another shocking more highly mechanized form?   The possibilities continue,, but my personal feeling is that our Military leaders, for the most part, are genuinely trying to retain a portion of the honor linked with them.   I believe, just as there is crime in society, the military forces has a growing number of inductees that are just criminals joining  in the “any port in a storm” spirit.   There are a dangerous rise in rape cases, perpetrated against men as well as women and the crimes on foreign soils are too frequent to ignore.

The worst part is, there are selfless men and women dying to protect us in an effort that drags out in a place that will never be at peace.  No enforced policing by outside governments will ever be enough to restrict their centuries old conflicts. It only brings other innocent well-meaning young people into the line of fire.  The criminals among these honorable  service men and women bring a shadow on us all, one we need to reluctantly be aware of .   I hope, when our search is finally over, that we find the crimes against us are of, instead a gang related sort.

Please use caution in your nighttime travels as well as those in the daytime in unfamiliar areas. We tend to see the middle east as unstable but really it is a mental condition settling over us all. Peace to you and your families.