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So whats the reason for the republishing of these other images below?

It’s the fact they all occurred on the same deserted corner , and abandoned lot, that has had strange lights, strange machinery  parked on it , and figures that don’t  meet the description of railroad personnel.

The reason is (this photo) it is made of two taken on different evenings.  I started going up on my bike without lights to initially give me away. Until I started shooting, they were both taken within 30 yards of the other side of the small trestle like bridge, the southern most one still in Butler.

On the first occasion the lights were dimmer, and I believe on the ground. In the second one they were what I would estimate as 30 to 100 ft in the air,



The wide gap, in my estimation, is because we have no way of knowing how large the lights really were. This could affect the possibilities for their position and the lack of  knowing  what they were attached to makes further efforts at measurement  pointless.



Now, the  difficulty we have always seeing this light is due to its type, we believe.   If I understand correctly, light consists of  types of electromagnetic radiation traveling in wave. This is sometimes visible to the eye, but MOST frequencies of light are not visible.  This could account for the clusters of multicolored light found in our photos . There is no way I could be that close to them and not see them in their fullness unless this was the case, unless something was muting them slightly.

This mound, behind these buildings, part of railroad property, is consistently active with strange lights and figures and objects.  There is no explanation for a deserted lot to have this kind of activity, to have squared openings show up in some photos and then not in others taken only days later from the same positions.  Sure, the obvious thing to do would be just to take an iron rod and a machete and go cut away the weeds and tap the rod looking for holes or hollow cavities or entrances covered with wood, sheets of plywood.  But, then, I’d be writing these articles on paper in my cell, because I don’t have the money on hand to waste  paying fines for trespassing on Railroad property.   We’ve made it clear, without the permission of the owners, we never cross property lines day or night. If the zoom on my camera can’t get us where we need to be  were just S.O.L.



The mound first got our attention when we noticed that taking a picture of the property on an  early winter day, we found stuff on our film that just wasn’t visible  at the time,  stuff we went back to confirm, , to see if shadow or angle or some tricky aspect  of vision could have come into play.

As it was, we found nothing looking carefully at it from every position along our way.  There was nothing to suggest the shape of something bell-like sitting amid the tall dead weeds. There was nothing to represent the walking figures, or the metallic colors to the object.

To the right there is the image of something with a round top, kind of bell-shaped, or like a short squat bullet trash can.  The object seems to have figures of some kind moving around it.  All this is old news, but when you take into consideration all this, to west of the trestle, and then take a look at whats going on  400 yards to the east of the trestle over the football field and Bates County Memorial Hospital, you have a lot of activity in a relatively small area,  lot of mysterious activity. Wander down the hill another 4 or 5 hundred yards, and turn north and you can see the courthouse we photographed the night we caught a rounded object clinging to its wall, and then floating out 30 ft or so, only to change to bright yellow and zip off to the south.   Now you’re on the block we live on and everything else, except our journey to northern Missouri to Orrick, all the weirdness in the huge collection of images we have, took place within 15 to 20 miles of here.  Yea, you’re in Missouri in the Midwest, but don’t squint your eyes or look to hard at the woods you drive through,   because you just might see something that starts you wondering if  you’re not in Kansas, but instead  Missouri and Oz, intersect.














Blunt gun metal grey , only slightly reflective                                                                            

Something is revealed in the momentary parting of this Cloud.

The skies over Bates County Memorial Hospital were full of the same strange  clouds that seemed content only to float through.

With back to back to back days of over a hundred and trees suffering from the long drought  it looked more like fall with nearly leafless trees, and piles of potato crisp like leaves at their feet.

As we walked across the parking lot, heading home, there was something odd about the clouds,  So we did what we always do (when in doubt about an object TAKE THE PICTURE)!   Once at home, a number of them came to more clear shocking life within a few minutes time on the computer.

What is fascinating about this is I had a ridiculous theory I mentioned to Lori; that possibly the reason no clouds were amassing and forming rain filled thunderheads was because they weren’t your average clouds.

a darker version closeup along the bottom to the right its body peeks out as well.

Laughingly, I suggested they were just constructs of something within them, (cloud cover of a different kind).  There was something to our suspicions about their odd movements  even if our deductions  seemed a bit humorous .  There were days without wind, days without breeze,  and these waves one after another would move through like they were being driven by a storm on the horizon, such was their pace.

This was over the football field directly across from the hospital.

We have captured clouds parting before, revealing odd frame work and immense geometric shapes, some it seemingly drawn with a ruler. But this is different. One corner, one large slab of this flat grey object, is clearly revealed. Something is inside this cover of mist.  Here is a thought. It’s rumored that by 2020 there will be 30,000 Drones in the sky over America.

As I’ve asked in another article , “could it be that these Drones are not the only creations in the sky?”  Is there a possibility that they might be a cover for these others?

If 30,000 of anything are going to be placed in the skies, that roughly breaks down to 600 a state ,  if they are equally divided. It will have, I guarantee you, an immediate effect.  With six hundred possible objects in the Missouri sky, you will have a period of unprecedented numbers of UFO reports.

are these Drones of some kind, or yet unknown machinery in our sky.
these we found on the square in more than one spot

These will be fielded by everybody from the police to the air force.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mufon isn’t given a  statement to  pass on to the public in response to similar sightings that could occur throughout the state  .   I wouldn’t be surprised if after a while this has a desensitizing effect on those who normally report, and they, seeing lights in the future, will be less concerned knowing there are possibly 600  Drone spy craft in the American skies. It will make speculation over the possibility of more exotic craft less fruit full.

Another similar object, this one hiding in an alleyway near opur jail

How many UFO sightings then, because of this, will go unnoticed, or once  seen  remain unexplored. “Oh you’re dreaming. That’s just another Drone”,  will be the phrase when talk of any sighting is heard, and more times than not they may be right.   But shouldn’t we examine it closely while this subject is still on the horizon, before we wake to its full blown reality, have fun with it?  Let’s imagine  a scenario, an impossible one, as though we were attempting to write a good science fiction movie.   In our story, let’s say a similar rumor is floating around that  tens of thousands of highly technical machinery are supposed to be in the skies and countryside populated by our characters.  But our tale has a twist.  In our story there are only a few such objects of a strange design planned to be really aloft.   But why, you ask, then the rumors of thousands and thousands of mysterious craft.?  Because the few that were created are just part of a facade.

Some are transported through cities throughout our imaginary country.They are seen on trailers and stopped in busy areas,  all to leave an  impression in the minds of our hapless heroes and their friends , an impression that reinforces these rumors of odd space ship like craft  similar to our real Drones.

People see the flying saucers on trailers being hauled around, but are told they really are unmanned observation vehicles.  Only in the case of our novel, our movie, there are no saucer like spy craft planned. The public is told that there will be, let’s say, 30 thousand, in the sky,  so the average man will not be surprised by the growing number of  real craft from outside our galaxy that are seen in frightening regularity.

The reason for the charade?  Our imaginary government, in the book, knows these beings and their machines are coming, and they know they have no way of stopping them.  An arrangement has been made to shield the public from this reality. The cover story of the mass production of machines becomes necessary.  The public’s fears of so many air borne objects fade with acceptance of this story. Every time they see a saucer like craft they assume its one of the governments line of vehicles, when in reality it is just a mass migration taking place and the tunnels beneath our characters feet are these beings new home.

HA- but we’re lucky such could not be the case in our real world. Imagination, though opens in our minds new lines of thought, new observations about our own very real cast of characters. It also, like a mystery, demands silently that we  look at the past of our suspects, rooting out credibility and past causes for  of malice in each of them.

Two questions , wild speculation I grant you,  but examining the situation I think not that far out of the realm of possibility.

First, again, let’s remember the REALITY, the real known part of this.  30,000  OF ANYTHING turned out and put in place  actively at work in a short time is a  massive undertaking, one not chosen lightly,  and there’s nothing to say many, many more will not, as well, follow that date of the initial units completion.

We also have to take into account that as the date nears completion of the first hoard, 8 years will have passed in which doubtless improvements will take place.    With the short length of time it takes for recent technology to become obsolete  there can be no doubt that the original purpose and capabilities of the firsts models may be very different by the time the final models roll off the assembly line, but then again who says a project of this type ever reaches completion.    Once you stretch a steel net across the sky, create an all seeing eye of sorts, who ever relinquishes that sort of control?

So, with a better understanding of our place in this and a shadow made visible of what approaches, the question still looms, what could be the reason for such a need?     Why such total control? To better protect us from anarchists and revolutionaries, or to protect us from something else entirely.

In 2009 we were abducted, we believe twice in the same evening, once by a strange canister shaped craft with strange beings inside, and we feel later we were,well abducted again, this time by English speaking, very human sounding voices. These were, at one time, on tapes we dreaded hearing. So, our belief in it is in stone.

Even if that testimonial to Bates County’s strangeness is not enough, other people have been abducted here as well and came forward to us with their story.   We’ve mentioned policemen, and hospital professionals who’ve seen things years ago that still haunt them today.   We know there is a phenomena of abduction taking place here. The question then is, is it a result of the efforts of strange beings or humans with even  stranger motives ?

We believe that there is both, that there is a governmental or corporate  organization much larger than one country , a cartel that works in agreement with  and at times blindly against the will of the very same countries they pretend to work with.  I believe there is some sort of  chess game taking place, with terrible stakes involved, that place us in a position all but ignored in a sense.   That sense being our inconsequential wills  dealing with these larger matters.

Could it be possible that these Drones are only, secondarily, a watchdog for democracy, protecting us from chaos and are much more an early warning web stretched from sea to shining sea?  Could the masters of these Drones , our leaders, be watching  intently for the arrival of something else.


Author: Lori Carter

Possible Alien in Archi

Have you ever walked down the street or into a shop or store and feel the hair stand up on the back your neck? Maybe you all of a sudden broke out in goosebumps on your arms and face.  At some point, you just feel like you are being watched, and even though you look all around, you don’t see anyone. Have you ever wondered who’s really watching you.

Possible large ship in sky

For almost a full three years now, Richard and I have been researching our rural neck of the woods. We wanted answers to what happened to us in September of 2009.  Although we really haven’t pinpointed our abductors/abusers, we have found evidence in our county that there is much more out that there than meets the eye.

The human eye is a fragile organ. It can get irritated by dust, pollution, sweat or any other small substance. It is a delicate instrument that allows us to navigate through our daily lives, but it can fail us at certain times as well.

“Clem” found on “F” highway

We are all born with certain instincts, although some may have stronger ones than others. Richard and I have always seemed to have more than our share, however after our episode, these instincts seem to be heightened and we seem to have developed a few more.

energy in trees outside of courthouse

Now, the pictures presented in this article have been posted before, but they are just a reminder of the many things we have found, possible craft and beings, many seen through the camera’s eye, and many seen by us.

Something peering at us

The camera can catch a glimpse of something that moves within a few seconds, unlike the human eye, which cannot discern flashes and movement that are that fast. The camera, also, does not have emotions or a mind that is capable of blocking out something that just doesn’t seem logical to it.

Eye in the tree

We have been taught most of our lives that certain things just cannot exist. To believe in them, at one time was considered witchcraft, black magic or just plain insanity. My, how times have changed. All over the world, on a daily basis, unknown aerial objects are seen, and yet there are still skeptics that say it is either our imaginations or workings of the devil to take our minds of Jesus (as told to me by a Pastor friend of mine.)

Without a doubt, and history is proving this out, there are unknown beings, craft and possible dimensions that seem to be the norm, have been the norm, around our planet for thousands of years. If you look at paintings and drawings from eons past, you can see, in almost every country, depictions of craft in the air and different beings interacting with humans.

Grey of 52 East

Should we be frightened? Possibly, or maybe not, however you should still strive to be diligent, observant and aware of “who’s watching you.”

Your not  supposed to see anything in the blurry image to the left, its enough that (with my eyes  i did, ).

We all leave for better worse a tale all our own, a tiny condensed history of words  said, affections shared ,and experiences lived.

Some of these are made up almost entirely of( our  memories) in the minds of others, they keep our stories alive, and us fresh in the minds of our descendants .

But sometimes there are other ways these non physical elements of our past are stored. Just as sound was recorded at one time on wax,  It seems when a particular moment or act in history  is powerful , enough, passionate enough it can remain like a scar  on a location, like a sometimes violent echo, this  a lifeless recording of sorts.       Some believe though that Death is not enough to separate us from the physical things we were familiar with, the people we knew.    Even when those persons are all gone, when those places have collapsed or burnt or been replaced with newer structures, for some reason these places (sometimes just lots of land )remain spiritually inhabited.

something made of energy or fire or light, it literally steps out of the wall, at first aq patch of flame maybe a ft wide, its whole body then steps through.

One  evening  i took some pictures  just before bed and not even examining them that night  layed the camera aside and went to bed.    As i was going through e-mail in the morning i uploaded them into the computer, and was amazed at what i found.

On two separate occasions strange light was present in the bedroom, on other occasions the room, seemed to be morphing  the pillows and head of a bed were melding together in a bog sagging fold. .

On another night i found a wet spot to my right on the edge of the bed,, there was an impression like you’d find when someone sits down on the corner of the bed.  The curved impressions, of the hips  the indention only wet. In one morphing photo the wall and nightstand near my right side of the   bed was    changed, instead of there being a dagger stand and things clearly a mans, there was a mirror an the nightstand and the same picture in a stand there. there was flowered wall paper or material and a lace cover upon the long table

During my work in the kitchen at night in visualization and and the projection of images onto film through meditation i had  reoccurring photos showing portions of a large woman, once a hilarious  scene,   all this moves me to think that there is someone here, who for matters of belief or the lack of it found themselves a sort of prisoner here,,maybe too simple to look beyond the familiar, unable to go on to the place we are supposed to travel .    This is a woman i think, and  perhaps the strongest most defining act of her life was involved in  a relationship that took place in this house,,  maybe she was a victim forgotten who perished here with no relatives, perhaps the wet seat like mark was an indication about her fate.

Maybe she ,just like many of us, was so addicted to the emotions and passions of this life as one of the dead she still hungered for physical comforts, still wished to feel the warmth of continuing companionship  the need to  rouse a lover in the night.    Who can say what each of  us will feel ,,what we may still need.    as we are thrust through the other side of the veil.

Walking up the street towards the house with Lori,at first i thought a child or short woman resting against the bottom and side of  one of our trees, then as it settled still,,and i tried to blink my eyes to clearness, i took a picture and   later  i found  none of the details i saw. Another shot taken to quickly botched,, but,   That’s okay , the chances are very  good its not the last weird thing that will ever cross  our path.


I began this article in a mad rush to research it but quickly came to the realization that old  Indian legend and thrice told tales with a smattering of Greek mythology(no matter how interesting they are)   would be of  no help as  backing for an experience only days old.

The simple truth is all experiences  must be examined individually, because of the  human condition that forces us to acknowledge there are far to many variables involved.   We are trying to make sense of events that happen on a landscape we have no adequate map for, no handbook with set reliable trouble shooting answers.   We are in a sense back in the days of early  sea fairer s ,, uncertain where our world ends and this other mysterious one begins, or  if there is any real seperation between the two at all.   One thing we can be certain of ,we have reached the waters on the map that say in bold print, (Hear there be Monsters).

outline of what 9may be another craft

There were a number of pictures at  yahoo images in the search for faces in the sky,that ill have to give a second look, but the images of possibly genuine events, were mixed equally with artistic efforts laced with  I’m guessing  photo shop. some incredibly well done, but of no use to someone looking for the remnants of real history.

Even though insights can be gained through comparison, the path of legends is a bit too cold a trail,when your looking for information pertinent  to present occurrences.  So ill try to just explain my approach to this  and   look at possibilities that come to mind no matter how wild they may seem,and see if any of these  theories even remotely pan out , in others study.To start though  we need to understand the basic types of light that effect this study,, because as simple as they may seem some of their differences are only marginal.

This image is not just about  a face in the clouds, in the billions of momentary formations that clouds can settle in, its has to be regretfully acknowledged that such a face in this lottery of chance could be merely one  of  these chance illusions.  It could also be something of great importance as well,, but  as ive said before only through time and repetitive  finds of this sort will those explanations those theories come to really deserve merit,to  be taken seriously.  .

example of an internally lit room among the clouds seen through the portal this at a distance with misty cloud around it, still illustrates i believe, my point.

For now at least in our way of thinking, we have to proceed looking for anomalous light and shape,     That which is in-congruent  with surrounding features and atmospheric conditions.   Right angled squared spots of illumination stand out from wispy banks of soft cloud.   There is a quality to reflection that is different from illumination  ,   Reflection depending upon the varying brightnesses of the light source  ,, and the texture of the reflective surface ,    sometimes  causes a bright star like flare , you’ve seen this on a hot summer day as the sun reflects off chrome.

We can place a candles in front of a mirror to double the lights effect in the room,,  but this magnification is not present in the soft or sometimes bright light of an interior.  you would have to have a very bright light within to cause the slightest fuzziness around an illuminated rooms  outside night time  perimeter .

Example, You are cleaning up after a family dinner,you are  on your deck, as you scrape at the cooker removing burnt on debre you glance through the  kitchen window at your wife doing dishes.

She is clear at this distance through the window, light is not causing fuzzy or star like glare  anywhere along its  dark outside frame.,. and the houses contents close to this portal are clear to you, the internal source of light  aids in your outside viewing  and doesn’t hinder in any way your perception of anything within the windows field of vision.  you have a smooth tight line of exterior darkness surrounding this view that accurately indicates the shape of the portal your seeing through..  This is important when your checking off the list of alternatives before making a conclusion that boarders on the paranormal.

We understand that shapes found within this sort of a patch of light usually have a basis in reality, though they might be chance patterns of dark cloud smoke etc, outlines of objects or sillouttes,  are generally representative of material or objects of  some kind.     Things found in  the other sort of reflective light must be questioned proportionately to their nearness to the most intense point of the reflection.Where the  flares of brightness lie  at the heart of a reflection.   Cigar shaped objects can easily be found in these sort of reflection’s, positioned  like wagon wheel spokes coming out from the center,and frustratingly most of these have to largely remain inconclusive images.

Most of us are familiar with the mythological tales of Zeus, and his lightning bolts, paintings throughout history have placed his face at times  staring out of the clouds in stern concern, or in anger. of course Jesus and God have likewise been placed there in artwork, In fact most artist renderings of this subject matter place a Deity or devil  of some kind among the clouds , But characters like the Naides in their billowing robes,and the Greek Okeanid Nymphs  as well as a catalog of other supernatural humanoid figures are also mentioned as mythological inhabit the realms of the sky.

Beings possibly of these types  have been shown photographically in articles not that long ago here at the Observer.  So we can choose along with our lines of belief or religious orientation or we can basically enter the twilight zone of possibilities in the world of extraterrestrials  and dimensional beings.   If we take the second path, we have to kick out all our previously ideas and limitations in such thinking.  Can i tell you with certainty what lies two hundred feet beneath the ground i live on, no,, people assumed snakes never got longer than 20 or 30 ft, and Aurther C Clark, presents photos from a helicopter of a snake easily in excess of 50 ft, for those who didnt believe that just recently in a jungle a piece of heavy equipment bull dozer tears open a large mound of earth below the trees canopy, and out slithers a snake over 50 ft into the jungle, oh i know what your thinking theres never a sample( alive or dead )to back these  stories up. wrong,, in this case inside the mound another snake(this one  dead) of equal proportions to the one that got away.    A pair of that size in the same lair,,,   Now you say well that’s on the other side of the world, not here in backwater USA,,, but we can attest to a different truth.

The following images show a creature that came out of a hollow, at least 20 ft to to 25 ft away, cameras without the zoom set( sometimes) make an object look a bit further away than it actually is. take this into consideration and then figure yourself just how big this snake was. This albino snake, much like an albino Burmese python i once had  (Mine was only 5 ft long).

picture of the yellow snake  or whatever it was  inverted. taken weith a camera phone in 2010

The point is there is much more to this supposedly natural world, we are in error about. step outside it, or just into an yet unknown or misunderstood facet of it and were children without a solid clue to go on, there are no books  of the spirit world or monster manuals for the dimensions that hold finite details,,, there is no comprehensive source of  information we can access that explains with detail and reliable accuracy the history of  every group of beings that have visited or set up shop here.

So is a giant face in the clouds only a whim of nature, or a real , possibly spiritual  or dimensional,being  or is it an Extraterrestrial  looking in on us, through some opened window, The result of  abilities far beyond those we presently have?   Mammoth sized enormous  craft have not only been seen, but clocked on radar, traveling in loops around the world at incredible speeds,,,ships as big as  cities,,could beings of that size actually be crew members? can they easily open windows in the sky remotely,,, transforming the very fabric of the air into a large   two way video screen?

Or like so many humans discoveries about ourselves, do we have some equivalent to the character in The Wizard of Oz,,,  are these sort of images magnified by a smaller race,( possibly our own) for purposes of intimidation?  maybe these brief glimpses are just the dry run to feel us out, see if any of us are even looking up to be aware?    I hope its the case , i could live with the continuing  inadequacies and cruelties of man much easier than i could the reality of  giant faces in the sky Representative of the real beings possibly a wink away.


There was an episode on the old Lost in Space program, about a being named the Keeper, who traveled around the Galaxy collecting all kinds of creatures, that  from our perspective would be considered most monstrous.  But how possible would this scenario be?

With the sure knowledge that we have had visitors for some time from outside the earth, might not some races of beings collect species for their curiosity and experimentation?

We break rather easily, so replacements would be needed. Are some of the disappearances without a trace  just signs of another keepers passing?

Researchers are exposed to all sorts of things, especially those in the field of the paranormal. Still, inescapably, there are moments you can never be prepared for, never make sense of.

Many of the things we have brought you are really recognitions of the cameras all seeing eye, largely chance encounters.

But, there are things seen that never fade, never seem less shocking than the moment in which they were committed to your memory.

This is just such a moment; We were on a day trip, a patrol not often done on Dakota st.  The reason for this is, we refuse to travel far down that road without some form of backup,at night or in daylight. Given the fact it is the area of our abduction and subsequent sightings afterward, it is just not a move we take lightly. With the activity on the square , we felt that the two bridges entering and leaving town  to the east still needed occasional photographic examination.

So agreeing only to follow it for a mile, we headed out.   As Lori drives very slowly I watch for areas of visibility back through the canopy of very old trees, ground level openings to exposure within the tree wall.    We stop to take images when necessary, which is often,  and as we  drove down Dakota, with the bridge ahead of us, I was taking images of a weeded area along the face of the forest.

I was holding the camera outside the window, and saw movement in the grass.There was no time to identify it, at 60 or 70 yards possibly 80, it  happened too fast. I just remember jerking my camera up and instinctively aiming, without looking in the view finder.   Something that looked like figures was rising quickly, attached to a rope or cable, being drawn straight up and disappearing into the very low, hanging storm clouds.   I saw with my own eye,  something flesh colored,  twisting loosely in the air like a bunch of  fish on a line.

Remove the fantastic possibilities from the equation and you still have a baffling mystery.  Let’s look at a few possibilities, and please call me out if they sound like B.S.    One;  first maybe an airlift, but of what kind?  Most farmers, as far as I know, have little use for freight helicopters. The area the object was lifted from had weeds of varying heights, some chest high. Above were branches of large trees nearby, that would have made it unsafe for a helicopter to descend into the area.

I know, in various spots and very different climates around the world, certain planes can fly low, hook into lines and fly on with the cargo they have picked up. This is especially effective in the arctic due to the absence of trees.   Still, these operations are usually highly professional and are connected to military or scientific groups.   Far to close to us in daylight conditions for an aberration, you can say they weren’t bodies if it makes you feel better,  but what are they then, and what was the thick dark cable extending far above the treeline into the clouds?   The whole thing took maybe less than three seconds.

Okay lets say they WERE bodies of some kind, possibly skinned animals instead. I’ll agree it could be a possibility, but even in the blurriness of the photo , the lighter form looks like it could have arms raised above its  head.   What could be so important in those woods it would need this exotic treatment?    Aren’t most animals killed, taken to a four wheel drive vehicle of some kind, and hauled away in that fashion?

No , there is an element of haste in this.  What was lifted was taken up on the very outskirts of a small town where its thick wooded areas begin and properties grow sparse.   It was lifted in this fashion because, while hidden in the high weeds, it was nigh invisible. Their claiming of it, bringing it from ground level to their means of transportation amid the clouds, took only 3  seconds, very little time for a public to take notice.  But, the very clouds that hid their means of flight also inhibited their view of the ground. Maybe at the height necessary for this operation they didn’t even hear our engine or the gravel as we came down the road.   Maybe that is why we had the chance to see it.

Objects concealed by clouds  performing mysterious acts, it’s a reoccurring formula isn’t it?


Their purpose ?  The same question looms over these examples as well; the blimp like peanuts that cruised silently over the courthouse. At first we couldn’t believe the idea that something that large would approach the courthouse tower so closely.  I figured it had to be light. Well, we proceeded in that weak explanation until we found it in all sorts of lighting conditions.

We  finally ruled out the explanation of light  completely when, while flashing away at one of these, again over the courthouse, we watched a glowing symbol or letter be brought around the side by hand and placed against the surface.   This was facing us directly.  You can see it is some symbol or a letter “C”.   Carter starts with a “C”. Of all the photos of these objects , there has never been this addition before.

The image below shows the objects in the river, identically shaped to those that were over the water tower, the courthouse, and over the fenced in powerhouse that serves a portion of Butlers electrical needs.

Faintly behind the electrical hardware the object can be seen approaching ,

The next is, yes, you guessed right, ONE OVER THE COURTHOUSE. This is also the largest we’ve seen.

It moved across the sky quietly and passed within a hundred feet of the tower. This is the largest moving object I’ve ever seen. I saw it with my eyes, not the camera.

Finally there is the one that is completely illuminated from within. It has a rope attached and flew over the jeep and Fort Scott street one evening as we were returning to town. This rope seemed tied off to something else.

This is just a few of the images of this type object.

Then there are the more flamboyant designs,

such as the bright orange and yellow one to the right.  But my interest today lies in the windows  and the things found within. These are the elements to discoveries that shake the community of researchers and citizens alike.  When you can look past the veneer of the object, in all its forms, and have something within to address, that is the connection no man or woman can ignore.   The face however, is vague and faint.

seen over a deserted business on our towns main drag.we pulled into the dark lot and i got out and photographed it once

Once determined as that, its easier for our  minds to look deeper and harder at the small clues in those illuminated openings, to flesh out the beings within.   Machines are all around us and the rumors of cutting edge human technology are still just that, human creation.   The newness of those types of discoveries wears off fast.    But the hint of possible intelligences hidden in our skies ? A truth of this kind, revealed in even the slightest form such as this, is an  aggravatingly persistent voice nagging, picking at our mind.   If you know a  bill waits in your mailbox, your unperturbed about the whole thing. It’s no big deal.   But let the bill collector himself come walking down the sidewalk to your house and your blood pressure will rise, to say the least. Its sort of an long awaited prelude, to the introduction we’ve been waiting for,, the in our face reality of it . After that we will never be able to turn a blind eye to the subject again.

The forms, I believe I have found in these windows, are important to Lori and i in  ways few may understand.  They represent something that is not supposed to be there.  They may well be tied to the answers we need about what occurred during our lost time. Whether we will have the chance to extract one sort of  justice or another from them, whether we have the power to or not is unimportant.  They represent answers, not only for us, but for many more trying to make peace with this new reality we’ve all been forced to accept,,they represent one way or another a sort of closure.

Government’s are  very picky about their  air space. They have the right to shoot down craft that pass over into these no flight zones. Were they able to stop unidentified craft from buzzing the white house, Did  they knock down the one that flew over Los Angelas with the thousands of rounds fired at it?   No but a few citizens  were killed.    We have no bases, no military importance,  but we do have our homes, our schools, churches and families all crowded within our zone. How long will we pretend to be blind to these presences? How long will we depend upon a complete  military protection that just doesn’t exist?   And that inability isnt the fault of the various Governments around the world ,,  America can stand toe to toe with anybody,,  but were not talking about conventional forces here,,, the earth is just outclassed, a few hundred , thousand years behind the competition.   Naivety is a useless commodity for  adults, for the people who must ring the bell of awareness, and somehow reach us all . We can support our governments and protect ourselves at the same time. We can be a valuable resource in helping others to escape their personal fortresses of doubt.  It’s time to see who is behind the glass of the eyes in the clouds. It’s time for the veils and masks to be removed, and all that’s      hidden to be known.      Richard Carter,

Author: Rich Carter

The images are all of the same window. You may not see anything, but having looked at thousands of images taken in every lighting possible and exposing these individually  to a number of extremes, I feel confident in our assertion that the skies over Bates county have been active for along time, both daily and nightly.

How can objects of this size elude our sight in broad daylight?   There are planes painted in ways to make them less visible. There are field artillery, capable of leveling buildings, that can blend with the ground cover they move through.  Should the concept of concealment in daylight among thick masses of cloud seem anymore difficult?   And that is just looking at conventional means of concealment. It is not, by any means, delving into the hidden projects the government has been involved in since the 40’s and 50’s.

In our world, one  in which major news carriers such as ABC, broadcast reports of UFO sightings,  just what is too fantastic a notion?  In an upcoming article we will leave with you nothing but visual proof; the complete visual summary of what’s been found in the sky of a small rural county.  Like the War of the Worlds, maybe a more silent one, a more invasive one, infiltration is a common strategy in war.  Should we believe visitors coming here from another galaxy wouldn’t see the value in this? Could we believe that they, possibly escaping a dying world with a people reduced by natural disaster and war, might seek the path of least resistance in claiming a spot on a new world, one they can be certain wants no part of them.

Why fight until you have to? Why not inhabit the areas we only occasionally camp in, hunt in, or drive by, and once they are dug in, use our disbelief to lead us into their hands, affect our minds or bodies or both. Could they make an entire people, an entire species ,oblivious to them, and then wander among them at will, continuing the works they have been about for ages?

It’s not just  strange objects passing overhead, but with a PATROLLING PRESENCE, that has not gone UN-NOTICED.

It’s growing place, in the minds of citizens here, gets all the more dramatic and real to those blogging on the local town chat line, the personnel at Bates County Memorial Hospital, the office of the newspaper editor, and the ex-chief of police , who was given photographs of activity on the town square.

There has been talk, as well, among city workers dealing with the utilities.  On a recent night, out on patrol by myself, gathering photos in the same fashion we always have, I was checking out the mound across from the lumber yard, the saw mill.   On the way home, overhead, weird lights were playing in a lightning free sky.  I’ve added an example of the illuminated area, very low overhead. This is in its natural yellow light.  The source for this reoccurring color is unknown to us.

Just as we have, in numerous other articles, and will, with luck, in future efforts, we bring you, again, just one more reason to rise above your complacency and lend a hand. There are voices trying to warn the world with a message we know is hard to swallow, but it will be no less pleasant when all our choices are taken from us by a extraterrestrial or homegrown threat.