I began this article in a mad rush to research it but quickly came to the realization that old  Indian legend and thrice told tales with a smattering of Greek mythology(no matter how interesting they are)   would be of  no help as  backing for an experience only days old.

The simple truth is all experiences  must be examined individually, because of the  human condition that forces us to acknowledge there are far to many variables involved.   We are trying to make sense of events that happen on a landscape we have no adequate map for, no handbook with set reliable trouble shooting answers.   We are in a sense back in the days of early  sea fairer s ,, uncertain where our world ends and this other mysterious one begins, or  if there is any real seperation between the two at all.   One thing we can be certain of ,we have reached the waters on the map that say in bold print, (Hear there be Monsters).

outline of what 9may be another craft

There were a number of pictures at  yahoo images in the search for faces in the sky,that ill have to give a second look, but the images of possibly genuine events, were mixed equally with artistic efforts laced with  I’m guessing  photo shop. some incredibly well done, but of no use to someone looking for the remnants of real history.

Even though insights can be gained through comparison, the path of legends is a bit too cold a trail,when your looking for information pertinent  to present occurrences.  So ill try to just explain my approach to this  and   look at possibilities that come to mind no matter how wild they may seem,and see if any of these  theories even remotely pan out , in others study.To start though  we need to understand the basic types of light that effect this study,, because as simple as they may seem some of their differences are only marginal.

This image is not just about  a face in the clouds, in the billions of momentary formations that clouds can settle in, its has to be regretfully acknowledged that such a face in this lottery of chance could be merely one  of  these chance illusions.  It could also be something of great importance as well,, but  as ive said before only through time and repetitive  finds of this sort will those explanations those theories come to really deserve merit,to  be taken seriously.  .

example of an internally lit room among the clouds seen through the portal this at a distance with misty cloud around it, still illustrates i believe, my point.

For now at least in our way of thinking, we have to proceed looking for anomalous light and shape,     That which is in-congruent  with surrounding features and atmospheric conditions.   Right angled squared spots of illumination stand out from wispy banks of soft cloud.   There is a quality to reflection that is different from illumination  ,   Reflection depending upon the varying brightnesses of the light source  ,, and the texture of the reflective surface ,    sometimes  causes a bright star like flare , you’ve seen this on a hot summer day as the sun reflects off chrome.

We can place a candles in front of a mirror to double the lights effect in the room,,  but this magnification is not present in the soft or sometimes bright light of an interior.  you would have to have a very bright light within to cause the slightest fuzziness around an illuminated rooms  outside night time  perimeter .

Example, You are cleaning up after a family dinner,you are  on your deck, as you scrape at the cooker removing burnt on debre you glance through the  kitchen window at your wife doing dishes.

She is clear at this distance through the window, light is not causing fuzzy or star like glare  anywhere along its  dark outside frame.,. and the houses contents close to this portal are clear to you, the internal source of light  aids in your outside viewing  and doesn’t hinder in any way your perception of anything within the windows field of vision.  you have a smooth tight line of exterior darkness surrounding this view that accurately indicates the shape of the portal your seeing through..  This is important when your checking off the list of alternatives before making a conclusion that boarders on the paranormal.

We understand that shapes found within this sort of a patch of light usually have a basis in reality, though they might be chance patterns of dark cloud smoke etc, outlines of objects or sillouttes,  are generally representative of material or objects of  some kind.     Things found in  the other sort of reflective light must be questioned proportionately to their nearness to the most intense point of the reflection.Where the  flares of brightness lie  at the heart of a reflection.   Cigar shaped objects can easily be found in these sort of reflection’s, positioned  like wagon wheel spokes coming out from the center,and frustratingly most of these have to largely remain inconclusive images.

Most of us are familiar with the mythological tales of Zeus, and his lightning bolts, paintings throughout history have placed his face at times  staring out of the clouds in stern concern, or in anger. of course Jesus and God have likewise been placed there in artwork, In fact most artist renderings of this subject matter place a Deity or devil  of some kind among the clouds , But characters like the Naides in their billowing robes,and the Greek Okeanid Nymphs  as well as a catalog of other supernatural humanoid figures are also mentioned as mythological inhabit the realms of the sky.

Beings possibly of these types  have been shown photographically in articles not that long ago here at the Observer.  So we can choose along with our lines of belief or religious orientation or we can basically enter the twilight zone of possibilities in the world of extraterrestrials  and dimensional beings.   If we take the second path, we have to kick out all our previously ideas and limitations in such thinking.  Can i tell you with certainty what lies two hundred feet beneath the ground i live on, no,, people assumed snakes never got longer than 20 or 30 ft, and Aurther C Clark, presents photos from a helicopter of a snake easily in excess of 50 ft, for those who didnt believe that just recently in a jungle a piece of heavy equipment bull dozer tears open a large mound of earth below the trees canopy, and out slithers a snake over 50 ft into the jungle, oh i know what your thinking theres never a sample( alive or dead )to back these  stories up. wrong,, in this case inside the mound another snake(this one  dead) of equal proportions to the one that got away.    A pair of that size in the same lair,,,   Now you say well that’s on the other side of the world, not here in backwater USA,,, but we can attest to a different truth.

The following images show a creature that came out of a hollow, at least 20 ft to to 25 ft away, cameras without the zoom set( sometimes) make an object look a bit further away than it actually is. take this into consideration and then figure yourself just how big this snake was. This albino snake, much like an albino Burmese python i once had  (Mine was only 5 ft long).

picture of the yellow snake  or whatever it was  inverted. taken weith a camera phone in 2010

The point is there is much more to this supposedly natural world, we are in error about. step outside it, or just into an yet unknown or misunderstood facet of it and were children without a solid clue to go on, there are no books  of the spirit world or monster manuals for the dimensions that hold finite details,,, there is no comprehensive source of  information we can access that explains with detail and reliable accuracy the history of  every group of beings that have visited or set up shop here.

So is a giant face in the clouds only a whim of nature, or a real , possibly spiritual  or dimensional,being  or is it an Extraterrestrial  looking in on us, through some opened window, The result of  abilities far beyond those we presently have?   Mammoth sized enormous  craft have not only been seen, but clocked on radar, traveling in loops around the world at incredible speeds,,,ships as big as  cities,,could beings of that size actually be crew members? can they easily open windows in the sky remotely,,, transforming the very fabric of the air into a large   two way video screen?

Or like so many humans discoveries about ourselves, do we have some equivalent to the character in The Wizard of Oz,,,  are these sort of images magnified by a smaller race,( possibly our own) for purposes of intimidation?  maybe these brief glimpses are just the dry run to feel us out, see if any of us are even looking up to be aware?    I hope its the case , i could live with the continuing  inadequacies and cruelties of man much easier than i could the reality of  giant faces in the sky Representative of the real beings possibly a wink away.