So whats the reason for the republishing of these other images below?

It’s the fact they all occurred on the same deserted corner , and abandoned lot, that has had strange lights, strange machinery  parked on it , and figures that don’t  meet the description of railroad personnel.

The reason is (this photo) it is made of two taken on different evenings.  I started going up on my bike without lights to initially give me away. Until I started shooting, they were both taken within 30 yards of the other side of the small trestle like bridge, the southern most one still in Butler.

On the first occasion the lights were dimmer, and I believe on the ground. In the second one they were what I would estimate as 30 to 100 ft in the air,



The wide gap, in my estimation, is because we have no way of knowing how large the lights really were. This could affect the possibilities for their position and the lack of  knowing  what they were attached to makes further efforts at measurement  pointless.



Now, the  difficulty we have always seeing this light is due to its type, we believe.   If I understand correctly, light consists of  types of electromagnetic radiation traveling in wave. This is sometimes visible to the eye, but MOST frequencies of light are not visible.  This could account for the clusters of multicolored light found in our photos . There is no way I could be that close to them and not see them in their fullness unless this was the case, unless something was muting them slightly.

This mound, behind these buildings, part of railroad property, is consistently active with strange lights and figures and objects.  There is no explanation for a deserted lot to have this kind of activity, to have squared openings show up in some photos and then not in others taken only days later from the same positions.  Sure, the obvious thing to do would be just to take an iron rod and a machete and go cut away the weeds and tap the rod looking for holes or hollow cavities or entrances covered with wood, sheets of plywood.  But, then, I’d be writing these articles on paper in my cell, because I don’t have the money on hand to waste  paying fines for trespassing on Railroad property.   We’ve made it clear, without the permission of the owners, we never cross property lines day or night. If the zoom on my camera can’t get us where we need to be  were just S.O.L.



The mound first got our attention when we noticed that taking a picture of the property on an  early winter day, we found stuff on our film that just wasn’t visible  at the time,  stuff we went back to confirm, , to see if shadow or angle or some tricky aspect  of vision could have come into play.

As it was, we found nothing looking carefully at it from every position along our way.  There was nothing to suggest the shape of something bell-like sitting amid the tall dead weeds. There was nothing to represent the walking figures, or the metallic colors to the object.

To the right there is the image of something with a round top, kind of bell-shaped, or like a short squat bullet trash can.  The object seems to have figures of some kind moving around it.  All this is old news, but when you take into consideration all this, to west of the trestle, and then take a look at whats going on  400 yards to the east of the trestle over the football field and Bates County Memorial Hospital, you have a lot of activity in a relatively small area,  lot of mysterious activity. Wander down the hill another 4 or 5 hundred yards, and turn north and you can see the courthouse we photographed the night we caught a rounded object clinging to its wall, and then floating out 30 ft or so, only to change to bright yellow and zip off to the south.   Now you’re on the block we live on and everything else, except our journey to northern Missouri to Orrick, all the weirdness in the huge collection of images we have, took place within 15 to 20 miles of here.  Yea, you’re in Missouri in the Midwest, but don’t squint your eyes or look to hard at the woods you drive through,   because you just might see something that starts you wondering if  you’re not in Kansas, but instead  Missouri and Oz, intersect.