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48 Hours

You understand that we are always trying to be aware of our surroundings. We always keep a camera nearby. Yet, there are certain events that stand out above the rest, that are jarring reminders of the reasons we take this so seriously.

Two nights ago was just such an evening.

I was out on a regular trip, a necessity. It is one that takes place every 48 hours. During the summer months, I make this trip by bicycle. It allows me to enjoy the evening air and contribute further to the regimen of exercise that I’ve found is vital to my overall health.

This, and the fact there are a lot of things I’ve never outgrown, one of which is my love of riding. Lori, is at these times safe, visiting with my mother who has a carry and conceal permit ,,and a  large Doberman named Mindy.

I had started, as I finished my chore, going down a little further to the west, to the railroad trestle and the mound I’ve written of on many occasions, just one of the hot spots in town. It is usually dark by this time, roughly 9:00 at night.

In our hundreds patrols around the overall Bates County area, on many occasions we’ve had a follower,

a light or set of lights once close enough to make our contact with our jeep’s roof. On foot, as well, we’ve not only had lights but visible structures flying over us. Not just within the city limits, but in the very heart of town (the 10 block area in which the Courthouse is centered). So, every time I go out with Lori or alone I know the chance is there.

I had gotten in and they had finished with me quickly, and as I left, I already knew there was a good cloud cover overhead hidden in the darkness. I turned and rode with the bike’s light on, west towards the mound. It was only a few blocks to the corner, past the football and track field, and then to the very dark, seldom lit spot, that stretched a city block or more on the other side of the trestle.                                                                                                                                                               

I was at the intersection, only lit by the eastern sources of light overhead and behind me. The trestle was only 40 ft or less away. Through the opening below it, a streetlight illuminated a patch of road at the far corner of the block. This was the backdrop I saw something move against. The area of road illuminated was far enough away that nothing in the foreground of view could be completely revealed in it.

I’m not about to guess at height, but the figure moved across the street with what might have been chest shoulders and head illuminated by the back drop. It was crossing to the north. This placed it in the general vicinity of the mound area.

To explain this better; as you pass beneath the low trestle, you immediately are met by two walls of foliage. The one to the south bearing view of the saw mill, and the other to the North, following the western slope and ridge the Trestle is laid upon.

To the west of this, well within a hundred feet is the Mound, itself and to it’s west is the old, deserted CO-OP building and further to the north sits a dog food plant.

After seeing the form move by, just a dark silhouette, I instantly knew it wasn’t an animal. No known animal is of that height and structure.

So, I figured it had to be a person, for some reason not wanting to be seen, avoiding the open street. Any number of explanations could be the reason for it. None I could think of were good and I decided not to go through, but felt myself heading across the street down into the hollow and through the opening anyway.

On the other side, I stopped as quick as I could, stepping off the bike with it in between me and whoever was to the north, visible nowhere.

The street, to my left, was the best lit area. I was facing the brush with the trees and the slope to my north. There was heavy movements in the brush and among the trees. I looked up the slope to see if the figure was climbing to cross over to the other side. There was nothing and the sounds weren’t receding into the distance. They were as close in their proximity as the first noises heard, very close.

I clicked a few flashes at the area the sounds were coming from, but in the light of each flash there was nothing visible that I could make out during their short bursts. I took 3 there in that initial spot. I pointed the bike’s light into the area sweeping it, and not hearing anything else swung a leg over my bike and onto the pedal and prepared to move a little closer to the mound to take a few more.

Now, what happened next would have to have been funny to an observer. No one or nothing had rushed me or made a menacing statement from the dark. I couldn’t find anything there in my immediate view so I reasoned it/they had gotten far enough back out of sight and were just waiting for me to leave.

It wasn’t by any means the scariest situation during our investigations of the area, so I figured it a curious event like many others and prepared to move on, only I couldn’t leave (I couldn’t move). I had started to stepped up onto the pedals and just couldn’t move a muscle. The bike fell over into the sparse tall dead grass and dirt, the bike half in the road, half out of it with the light still on.

I didn’t make a rush at getting up, knowing my position was not good. A car might come through and not see me till it was too late, or the noise I heard might begin again, this time coming towards me.

I just laid there like I had no place to be. The stuff in my back pack sandwiched between me and the ground. It wasn’t that I wasn’t trying to get up, i couldn’t.

When I was able to, I noticed that I wasn’t scratched up, but i did have an odd aching a tingling in my right hand towards the finger tips  The only thing similar I’ve ever experienced was during the worst portion of a hospital stay in the city. They kept me asleep as much as possible (out of it) but I woke once hearing their voices around me. I wanted to let them know I was awake but couldn’t talk. I couldn’t move. I was wide awake inside, in terror thinking I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move a muscle. I tried to make my eyes bulge or jump to make them move, so one of the nurses might see. Finally I heard one’s voice saying hey he’s coming around, in a minute I was once more asleep. But this was a drug induced situation ordered by a doctor.

The differences are that in the street episode I wasn’t scared, I was aware I couldn’t move but it was okay. I got up, but didn’t take pictures of the mound as I’d planned earlier. Instead, for no good reason, I turned and rode back out through the trestle, stopped on the other side and walked along the east face of it taking pictures. I heard movement through brush, but it was fainter leading me to believe whatever or whoever was there was moving along the western side, possibly monitoring my progress.

I went home with no further incident. Lori and I walked the bike home together the last few blocks, after I stopped for her at my mothers home. The pictures reflect a much different trip home, with presences near us we were completely unaware of.

In closing I need to add that 80 percent of the places we examined during the study were areas I’d never seen before, places we’d never been in before. I got out at each location for some amount of time, many times walking in the dark a block in front of the jeep, taking pictures of both sides of the road. So I’m comfortable with the process.

We’ve been on bridges, struck by invisible objects that sent shudders through the concrete and steel, and shook the Jeep, had aggressive hillbilly types try to trap us on dirt roads, and literally went home with our guts in knots for days after things we saw and heard. So, the regular pursuit of this subject, though it always is approached with caution, is not approached like Don Knots in the Ghost and Mister Chicken type fear.

There is no life without some possible immeasurable degree of fear. There is logical fear.

But, fear given its reins, cripples us and steals all the fruits of discovery. If when I go out,I’m unreasonably afraid, then it will inhibit reason as well making the trip pointless. I was not frozen with fear, otherwise I’d have been near sick with it on the ground. If it was never a factor before, I don’t see it as one in this case.

Also, there is one important detail. I tried to call Lori from the Hospital, just to see how the visit was going. My cell phone, tried both inside the waiting room and outside would not work. I tried it over and over, maybe 7 or 8 times, sure that I’d just charged it. I was kidding with Lori and asked her if she had taken the battery as a prank, she was offended a bit and we checked, everything was in place, and the phone now worked when I tried it.

Examine the photos and the facts. Is there something else that may have occurred ?

Author: Richard Carter

It would be no simple thing to forget, but still one easier than the weight of unwanted knowledge.  Every profession of man is laced with regret of one kind or another and these issues are as much a part of their lives, their professions  as the good they may achieve in them.   We know that the over used example of death and taxes, is also an accurate one, that the Policeman can only make his community as safe as those that work against him allow, that the  physician  sometimes has to walk away from the bed of the patient  too badly broken .

These are regarded as facts, but there are different types of truths, some that ring true only to those exposed directly to them. As most information we take in adapts our thinking even sometimes in nearly negligible ways, it none the less becomes part of the composite of who and what we are. It adapts  our views and responses over time.

Our exposure to what we may define as  almost unbelievable news really isn’t that much different from the news of this weeks shootings or the newest atrocity quite normal in our society.   It’s all about what we know.  Every time I learn a new way to fix something ,the right way, or I find a new art technique that is really nothing new at all, I’m wide eyed with a goofy grin for awhile or a furrowed brow trying to figure how I overlooked it.

Every new job you’re trained for, or development within your career, is a similar, though  maturely concealed, childlike moment.  But,  learning at our age is never a publicly “fun” thing. It  is  mistaken by some of us as an absence of something we should already know, but that’s  just pride conflicting with something that has always seemed a good  practice in the past,  the  open minded acceptance of facts until they are proven or dis-proven.

You can say “well that’s not reasonable”  in a world so full of conflicting views, and disinformation, and your partially correct.  At our age wariness has to enter the equation.   But also, we have been told that eggs were horrible for us at one time due to certain kinds of cholesterol, after a time indefinite that  our ancestors embraced them as one of the staples of healthy eating.  Now eggs are good for us again. There has been a rethinking,  but all the dancing around in labs, changing partners, didn’t cloud the message about them. We still ate them and for the most part were less the worst for wear.

There are all kinds of similar truths, ones that may have political or sociological veneers, but none the less have cores of clear meaning.  The question is “how we choose to respond to what were told?”  Maybe a more pertinent example for this subject would be a  scenario not that rare in the past, when villages had yet grown into cities and a portion of the community’s care was still left with the people of the area.  If a wolf or a rabid dog, or some other animal, that could be a threat to the group, was sighted, whether the witness was considered  believable  or not it was taken seriously, none the less, as a preventive against needless injury until it was proven or dis-proven a reality.

Whether that was because of our faith in one another or the tighter bonds of community then, or whether in certain ways we’ve grown beyond the common sense of the past in our arrogance, and confidence in the rest of what we know.

One last example -(hopefully I won’t mangle it too badly) there is a story in the Martial arts history about an old instructor who  is interviewing a confident young man who wants to be his student.   The old man talks and the young one seems to counter his ideas, with past teaching he’s received. Finally the old man asks for tea to be brought.  He then serves the tea himself to the young man.  As he pours, he continues pouring until the cup is full and it overflows onto the table. The young man surprised says “stop, your overfilling the cup”.     The old man then explains “You are like this cup, too full. To learn you must come as an empty cup with an open mind.

Maybe that is the reason we struggle so hard against acceptance of certain things.  What we’ve been taught is too well ingrained, whether accurate or not.   With subjects of the paranormal especially, those dealing with UFO, and sometimes not so little green men, we may try but eventually balk when examining these possibilities.

To be honest, even with all we’ve personally seen and captured on film, my first instinct, even when covering a thoroughly researched case, is to shake my head.  It can’t be real, but it is and no love for my family or fear of social opinion, no religious dogma can change that fact.

Not hundreds or thousands but  millions, world wide, understand the same truth.  Through what seems like life changing experience, they have accepted an added concern in their lives as real as taxes and death. We all hope that the rest of mankind will someday empty its cup and begin to treat this issue more like the wolf at the door it really is.

In the movie “The Mist”, a fog rolls into an unsuspecting coastal town and within this extraordinary Mist, there are creatures using it as an apparent  cover. It appears the military has made a mistake and  punched a hole through the separation between us  and another dimension.

The creatures were both large and relatively small in comparison to each other. They differ in their types, seem more bestial than  intelligent.

But, then, whose to say what we interpret  as wisdom would be worth a thing in a world totally alien to us, and who’ says they have any need or desire for decorum, or sensibilities, living (possibly )in a world of biologically driven impulses and directives, more pure and basic than our own.

But when we contemplate the arrival of such beings, or creatures much more advanced, can  we be open minded enough to examine these possibilities and our responses to such a scenario, in a more realistic way? Can we frame it  in our minds? Placing ourselves in the same image with the nearly indescribable?

Watching Independence Day or the War of the Worlds, twenty times won’t prepare us, because we have no way of knowing if the threat at hand will be the type you have any physical power against.
Or if that threat will ever be accompanied by the sighting of one  UFO.

If we are to believe the literature on the vast tunnel systems beneath our country,  ones not just full of government records or offices for our leaders to flee to in a crunch, some of these are supposedly inhabited, and not by the homeless of our species.  

Di-sect this, watch it with the skeptics eye, but be open minded enough to search out the individual elements of it, and confirm as best as you can, each point, then  if it doesn’t wind up (in your view)  totally bogus, open your mind to the possibility.

If such is true, then  H.G. Wells day, that has been built upon by writers and the film industry for generations,  may not be  as  predictable. Besides, imagine  you’re a group of beings that can read minds, communicate telepathically. You can take the memories away that don’t serve your purpose,  (These are the their abilities,  as suggested by abductees and people in government positions as well).  If you could read your enemies mind, knowing  their plans to watch and  train their guns on the sky as really happened in the REAL battle of  Los Angeles, wouldn’t it make it seem more effective to attack from the other direction, from below?   This is all speculation but it makes sense. We like to us the phrase “get in the competitions head”.

Well, what if that’s not possible for us?   We have to think of them in much more basic terms to understand(what we may be dealing with).    Realize they, whatever their make up, are beings with needs that ensure their survival, to be here this long and show this much interest in the earth. There must be items here of value or necessity to them.  This may sound overly simplified but if they are really here, if they are inhabiting our unused areas of the earth, then they most likely would be about their business here just as we pursue the issues vital to our survival.

Search lights and anti aircraft fire all meet at a conjunctive point , Thousands and thousands of shells were fired at one object in one place in the sky, and it was never brought down, a few citizens of Los Angelas were killed by stray shells though.

In our moments of interaction, you can see them in the same way you view bugs and pests. They are of course familiar to us,  yet still alien in their appearance. (What happens when you get pests in your house,  mice or bugs?   They have  infiltrated the out of the way places of your home , inside the hidden structures of furniture and the inner walls of your home (the tunnels beneath our soil) and we have no idea how many routes they have to the surface of our counters, our carpeted floors, or our cabinets.   (We have no idea how many tunnels to the surface of our world these galactic pests might have, who are rumored to exist in these underground systems).

If you encounter insects  on their instinct driven  search for food and shelter or the possible gathering of information, they are  only  distracted from their mission long enough to avoid you and find a nook or cranny to escape into . Have you frightened them away?  Not hardly!  They will find a way to work, to search, to eat and breed ,despite you. You may not hear or see them again that night but they are busy somewhere.

It is likely much the same for an alien culture trying to entrench themselves in a distant world . Staying out of sight would be to their advantage, but the need to be about, accomplishing certain objectives might lead to their being temporarily seen(SIGHTINGS) .

But once discovered, would that  knowledge that they’d been seen cause them to turn tail and zip back across space?  It’s probably unlikely.  No, like the ant or the roach, they would probably, as the history of the phenomena shows, just retreat from sight and then once the threat or witness was engaged elsewhere just continue and  go about their business.

Ask yourself “with a wealth of probably hundreds of reports within the military alone of strange extraordinary moments, unexplainable craft and creatures, by Naval Captains, Air force pilots, and Army personnel, if these stories by totally credible individuals are true, what is happening around us?”  Is there some yet unnamed virus or frailty to our minds that erupts disease-like to fill us with  a strange false takes on reality?   Or is  just a wishful thinking by skeptics and those still trying to keep our daily grind relatively simple?

The sailors of ancient times thought men mad to proceed past a certain place on the map of the seas,where the world ended, they were the experts of their time.  Doctors, at one point, believed the best thing you could do for a wounded man was to bleed him further to release evil vapors in the body, evil hid everywhere. They were the established cutting edge of knowledge of their time.  Explorers thought  Gorillas were monsters and not just reclusive primates,  and electricity and radio waves so much a part of the heart of our lives could not at one time exist because they could not be seen.

large object temporarily revealed from inside a cloud over the hospital

Yet, now to speak of what is not easily seen, is a welcome for the derisive thoughts and tongue-in-cheek comments of others.  How little we’ve changed.   If there is one thing we can be certain of  in our  place in this world, it is that we’re not the masters of it.    We have, in our arrogance, clutched our successes to our chest like laurels and rested on them, seeing some (invisible) bar we’ve finally reached  like a diploma of sorts.

With eyes blinded by our own self confidence, we, for the most part, think it impossible that a race of beings of our stature, with our accomplishments could be blind to anything around us, but  the nature of growth is not only in the discovery of harmful agents in our bodies, or of the better manipulation of our resources, towards societies survival.  It is in acknowledging of our  childlike role  in all this.  We are  able to see all the mysteries our vision  allows, aided by lenses that allow us to extend that power of sight out into the galaxy,  but we still forget, to our discredit, the limitations of that same power.

What if -there is something called gravity?, What if -we learn to harness the glowing energy in Ben Franklin’s key? What if – we search just a little further and find the world is not flat?  Man’s history, his accomplishment, is the ability to rise each day, ask the questions that will eventually be answered to the detriment or betterment of mankind.  Like Isaac Newton and Ben Franklin,  some of us have been exposed to a wonder, one that has either great, great promise for mans future or dire consequences.

What if – our world was being taken from us, beneath our very noses?  The evidence for this is at  at hand and it is more than a falling apple or an electrically charged key .

Richard Carter,

object with a metallic surface exposed for a few moments from a cloud over our towns hospital

The world is rapidly changing and not the least of these changes is the alterations to the climate of certain areas.  This year alone, much of America has suffered from a killing drought one that has struck animals of all types.

Farmers in our area have mentioned how they are having to offer their animals older feed and are glad to still have that option. There is even talk among them that soon corn will no longer be grown here due to the harsh summers and depletion of crops.   Some have are already mentioned that they are considering relocation further north, next summers climate being a defining element in this decision.

Racial tensions seem to be at a near all time high,      Khallid Muhammad Calls for White Extermination   “I said if we’re going to be merciful we give ‘em [whites] 24 hours in South Africa to get out of town by sundown. I said if they don’t get out of town; we kill the men; we kill the women; we kill the children; we kill the babies; we kill the blind; we kill the cripple; we kill the crazy; we kill the fagots; we kill the lesbians; I said goddamnit, we kill ‘em all.”—Khalid Muhammad   This mans video is also a must see,  for reasons I’m sure you’ll understand.

The same views have been pressed here, and crimes committed in obvious agreement,White woman attacked on bus: 9 black youths charged; Possible hate crime;

Excerpt 😦In recent weeks, I have posted a great many articles on the ongoing outbreaks of black on white violence in this country and elsewhere—and not just “ordinary” criminal violence, but violence of a specifically savage and threatening character)( ( the title  – Black and other nonwhite violence against whites: a grim collection) If you don’t ever read the Observer again, make sure you read this article above!!

I think if you look into the information above you will agree about its serious nature, and  find  that with the coming of possible  food and water shortages, that those once satisfied with “Their Hitler like comments in the media”, might finally see the ultimate excuse to up the anti.  Insane organizational  leaders, will see the  strength in these shortages which could  lead to stark and brutal competition. They would fuel with their message with this added tension.

Your message has been the need for the extermination of the white devil, and suddenly you and that devil are in the grocery line competing for the last of the beans, you, him and people of every nationality all with the same need. What are you going to do to a group of people  you’ve already  discussed exterminating?  With those devils eating food your family and your friends families could have, will it finally be time to take action?

enhanced image

What if the problems of man’s diminishing  surpluses and our inability to replenish them quick enough continue?The United States has a massive population. Could the unspeakable really happen?

Could enemies suddenly becomes what’s for dinner in a Donner party type need, one fueled by hate and an ability to strike back finally in the most savage and basic of ways, one of the most complete? (Cannibalism has been occasionally practiced as a last resort by people suffering from famine, including in modern times)wikipedia

When we think of the Donner party and other incidents at sea, that called for this as a means of survival, it’s different. This would be a different sort of resolution among a group of people, one that could take place in America, and other spots throughout the world.  This will not only be ‘groups foraging for food, but strategic acts of war as well.”  Enemies in the past have fallen on each other with clubs, swords, muskets and automatic firearms, but these attacks would be preludes to feasting as well.

We know things of this sort have happened in the past, and Europeans , and Americans have been involved.  We know that there were numerous Crusades to claim the Holy Land, but do you remember anything about the European knights and foot soldiers that literally cannibalized villages  along the way on more than one occasion?

(Reports of cannibalism were also recorded during the First Crusade, as Crusaders were alleged to have fed on the bodies of their dead opponents following the Siege of Ma’arrat al-Numan. Amin Maalouf also alleges further cannibalism incidents on the march to Jerusalem, and to the efforts made to delete mention of these from western history).[

Finally ask yourself, outside of  a string of cannibalistic murders and attacks in the recent media, could this happen in less isolated cases?

 Earlier this year the United Nations accused rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo of cannibalizing their enemies, and of forcing families of the victims to eat the organs of their relative.

Cannibalism has recently been both practiced and fiercely condemned in several wars, especially in Liberiaand Congo/

RUF was a revolutionary group based in Sierra Leone in Western Africa. By the late 1990’s they had been mired in a long bloody campaign to topple the central government. These insurgents terrorized rural Sierra Leone in an effort to control the nations diamond mines. Aided by factions of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, these groups committed horrific atrocities which included forcing children to become soldiers, amputations of limbs and cannibalism of enemies, including peacekeepers and United Nations personnel. Their motives for eating their enemies were to receive “strength” from eating human flesh and as a tool for intimidation. The exact number of victims is unknown.Gallery2 8

There were accounts of Japanese troops cannibalizing victims in world war 2,

It seems most peoples, at one time or another, in one strait dire enough, have succumbed to need or racial hatred and been part of it, and what about our photos? What do they represent? It is possibly nothing more than animal blood and tissue strewn along a hillside, one of the two bloody white buckets visible.

But just like so many images taken in the dark , passing the strangest of scenes,   there are details forever left behind, the rest of the scene that our cameras flash just couldn’t reach.  Those details, in these all but forgotten spots, may indicate much more, things we never thought to find in our visions of the job ahead, the search.

Remember that the couple fighting down the hall from you or in the next room has an equal living in some remote house.   The odd stranger, who lives alone, coming and going at night is a fixture in the city and the country as well, except in the country as in the movie Alien,in some places, there’s no one to hear you scream.

( When police went to Ed Gein’s Plainfield, Wisconsin farm home to investigate the disappearance of a local woman, they had no idea they were about to discover some of the most grotesque crimes ever committed.)

There’s really no way to just look at someone and know what their capable of, and it seems its always been that way.  The points raised above are just facets of our changing reality, things that can’t be ignored if we wish to be wise planning and protecting our futures.   The wolf has always ranged outside the fortifications of the past looking for the unwary.  The wolves of our age are calculating  silent men and women, and those also more than willing to tell the world how badly they want your blood on their hands .
Could the   shortages we’re bound to experience in the lean years of the future and the irreparable breaches between us, lead to the horrors I’ve guessed at?
Not since Nazi Germany has there been such serious and evil intent. Our grandparents crossed the world to deal with that evil. Ours is much closer to home.    What do you think?