In the movie “The Mist”, a fog rolls into an unsuspecting coastal town and within this extraordinary Mist, there are creatures using it as an apparent  cover. It appears the military has made a mistake and  punched a hole through the separation between us  and another dimension.

The creatures were both large and relatively small in comparison to each other. They differ in their types, seem more bestial than  intelligent.

But, then, whose to say what we interpret  as wisdom would be worth a thing in a world totally alien to us, and who’ says they have any need or desire for decorum, or sensibilities, living (possibly )in a world of biologically driven impulses and directives, more pure and basic than our own.

But when we contemplate the arrival of such beings, or creatures much more advanced, can  we be open minded enough to examine these possibilities and our responses to such a scenario, in a more realistic way? Can we frame it  in our minds? Placing ourselves in the same image with the nearly indescribable?

Watching Independence Day or the War of the Worlds, twenty times won’t prepare us, because we have no way of knowing if the threat at hand will be the type you have any physical power against.
Or if that threat will ever be accompanied by the sighting of one  UFO.

If we are to believe the literature on the vast tunnel systems beneath our country,  ones not just full of government records or offices for our leaders to flee to in a crunch, some of these are supposedly inhabited, and not by the homeless of our species.  

Di-sect this, watch it with the skeptics eye, but be open minded enough to search out the individual elements of it, and confirm as best as you can, each point, then  if it doesn’t wind up (in your view)  totally bogus, open your mind to the possibility.

If such is true, then  H.G. Wells day, that has been built upon by writers and the film industry for generations,  may not be  as  predictable. Besides, imagine  you’re a group of beings that can read minds, communicate telepathically. You can take the memories away that don’t serve your purpose,  (These are the their abilities,  as suggested by abductees and people in government positions as well).  If you could read your enemies mind, knowing  their plans to watch and  train their guns on the sky as really happened in the REAL battle of  Los Angeles, wouldn’t it make it seem more effective to attack from the other direction, from below?   This is all speculation but it makes sense. We like to us the phrase “get in the competitions head”.

Well, what if that’s not possible for us?   We have to think of them in much more basic terms to understand(what we may be dealing with).    Realize they, whatever their make up, are beings with needs that ensure their survival, to be here this long and show this much interest in the earth. There must be items here of value or necessity to them.  This may sound overly simplified but if they are really here, if they are inhabiting our unused areas of the earth, then they most likely would be about their business here just as we pursue the issues vital to our survival.

Search lights and anti aircraft fire all meet at a conjunctive point , Thousands and thousands of shells were fired at one object in one place in the sky, and it was never brought down, a few citizens of Los Angelas were killed by stray shells though.

In our moments of interaction, you can see them in the same way you view bugs and pests. They are of course familiar to us,  yet still alien in their appearance. (What happens when you get pests in your house,  mice or bugs?   They have  infiltrated the out of the way places of your home , inside the hidden structures of furniture and the inner walls of your home (the tunnels beneath our soil) and we have no idea how many routes they have to the surface of our counters, our carpeted floors, or our cabinets.   (We have no idea how many tunnels to the surface of our world these galactic pests might have, who are rumored to exist in these underground systems).

If you encounter insects  on their instinct driven  search for food and shelter or the possible gathering of information, they are  only  distracted from their mission long enough to avoid you and find a nook or cranny to escape into . Have you frightened them away?  Not hardly!  They will find a way to work, to search, to eat and breed ,despite you. You may not hear or see them again that night but they are busy somewhere.

It is likely much the same for an alien culture trying to entrench themselves in a distant world . Staying out of sight would be to their advantage, but the need to be about, accomplishing certain objectives might lead to their being temporarily seen(SIGHTINGS) .

But once discovered, would that  knowledge that they’d been seen cause them to turn tail and zip back across space?  It’s probably unlikely.  No, like the ant or the roach, they would probably, as the history of the phenomena shows, just retreat from sight and then once the threat or witness was engaged elsewhere just continue and  go about their business.

Ask yourself “with a wealth of probably hundreds of reports within the military alone of strange extraordinary moments, unexplainable craft and creatures, by Naval Captains, Air force pilots, and Army personnel, if these stories by totally credible individuals are true, what is happening around us?”  Is there some yet unnamed virus or frailty to our minds that erupts disease-like to fill us with  a strange false takes on reality?   Or is  just a wishful thinking by skeptics and those still trying to keep our daily grind relatively simple?

The sailors of ancient times thought men mad to proceed past a certain place on the map of the seas,where the world ended, they were the experts of their time.  Doctors, at one point, believed the best thing you could do for a wounded man was to bleed him further to release evil vapors in the body, evil hid everywhere. They were the established cutting edge of knowledge of their time.  Explorers thought  Gorillas were monsters and not just reclusive primates,  and electricity and radio waves so much a part of the heart of our lives could not at one time exist because they could not be seen.

large object temporarily revealed from inside a cloud over the hospital

Yet, now to speak of what is not easily seen, is a welcome for the derisive thoughts and tongue-in-cheek comments of others.  How little we’ve changed.   If there is one thing we can be certain of  in our  place in this world, it is that we’re not the masters of it.    We have, in our arrogance, clutched our successes to our chest like laurels and rested on them, seeing some (invisible) bar we’ve finally reached  like a diploma of sorts.

With eyes blinded by our own self confidence, we, for the most part, think it impossible that a race of beings of our stature, with our accomplishments could be blind to anything around us, but  the nature of growth is not only in the discovery of harmful agents in our bodies, or of the better manipulation of our resources, towards societies survival.  It is in acknowledging of our  childlike role  in all this.  We are  able to see all the mysteries our vision  allows, aided by lenses that allow us to extend that power of sight out into the galaxy,  but we still forget, to our discredit, the limitations of that same power.

What if -there is something called gravity?, What if -we learn to harness the glowing energy in Ben Franklin’s key? What if – we search just a little further and find the world is not flat?  Man’s history, his accomplishment, is the ability to rise each day, ask the questions that will eventually be answered to the detriment or betterment of mankind.  Like Isaac Newton and Ben Franklin,  some of us have been exposed to a wonder, one that has either great, great promise for mans future or dire consequences.

What if – our world was being taken from us, beneath our very noses?  The evidence for this is at  at hand and it is more than a falling apple or an electrically charged key .

Richard Carter,

object with a metallic surface exposed for a few moments from a cloud over our towns hospital