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The study of the supernatural is like a mystery, if we are willing to dive in and examine it closely, we see it’s rarely just about the sensory experiences at hand.  There can be layers and connections. Many that unfold into fragments reaching into our past,( and into our future ).

Times Forgotten/ Times yet to Come

(In those times, Men were not considered the supreme rulers of our planet; the world was peopled not only with humans and animals, but with Giants, Gods, Monsters, Ghosts, Spirits, and Elves, many of them the equal of Men in cunning, strength and power.)

Nancy Arrowsmith, from (A Field Guide to the Little People).

Whether you’re an exponent for the theories and beliefs about Dimensional beings or see your feet firmly set on the ground, dismissing the subject as poppycock, there are curious records, sightings and testimonies that are difficult to avoid.

And in our research on the subject we are seeing a growing pattern for ancient efforts that have not only separated us from a clearer picture and the realities of many things now dismissed as mythology but insights into the scripture

We know the Bible lists numerous fantastic entities and other beasts, nearly all of those mentioned and a few fearful creatures that are not.  So the question I guess is , have these things (the Bible tells us were real) either all died or been killed, ?or  like the elves in the fictitious- Lord of the Rings,, gone on to their own form of the  Grey Havens. Found their own side door leaving our dimension? Or could they have left that door open a crack on their way out?

The most famous of the beings, Monsters Listed are the Angels and Demons ( I Added the monster label to these, because some if we are to believe the scriptures became servants ,, and promoters of the spread of evil.)Some even believe they became the demons that plague men and women to this day.

But after them The Godzilla’s of these beings created by God, were Behemoth and Leviathan. Few though speak of their brother a primordial creature of the air called Ziz.

In Jewish apocrypha and pseudepigrapha such as the 2nd century BCE Book of Enoch, Behemoth is the primal unconquerable monster of the land, as Leviathan is the primal monster of the waters of the sea and Ziz the primordial monster of the sky. In the 2nd century BCE 1 Enoch Leviathan lives in “the Abyss”, while Behemoth the land-monster lives in an invisible desert east of the Garden of Eden

compare the outlines of the griffins head with the rough outline of the shape in the photograph, the beak like mouth, the shape of the forehead even the shape resembling an ear,, odd to say the least, just odd

Some believe these creatures were killed during the times of the creation,, yet the following seems to counter this opinion describing an event occurring at the end of time,,, not the beginning.

(A Jewish rabbinic legend describes a great battle which will take place between them ( Behemoth and Leviathan)  at the end of time: “…they will interlock with one another and engage in combat, with his horns the Behemoth will gore with strength, the fish [Leviathan] will leap to meet him with his fins, with power. Their Creator will approach them with his mighty sword [and slay them both].”)

Sounds a bit like a Godzilla movie doesn’t it, only this is a portion of a record just as important to believers as the other scriptures and parables dealing with God and his servants.  More importantly it is one that takes place in the future, not the past. It also would lead one to believe that in the meantime both creatures are somewhere still alive and well.

There is the contradiction, do we believe they died during the creation, which makes little sense, or is the Jewish record right around the time of the feast god serves to the good a meal after their destruction as the excerpt alludes?

Also we have to weigh in mind the sources,, Christian record originating in Jesus’s teaching and the Apostles preaching ends in an anticlimactic, event during the structuring of the records that become the Bible.

In those books left out of the Bible , they deals with characters like Enoch and even Daniel , we are kept from the events these priest’s in monastic quality control felt were too wild for the message they wanted to leave us. Daniel poisons a beast Dinosaur like one of the Gods worshiped by king Nebbacenezzer.

How many other (THINGS) did the priests feel were too difficult for the peasant mind to wrap around? How many other stories of beasts and beings died there on the cutting room floor around the feet of those thought pious?

How big is this,? Is it merely a groundless obsession of those bored with the mundane world?  Not in our case, we miss those days of idol curiosity, examining things in the plant and animal world, looking for new expressions in artwork.

Who is to say that we weren’t supposed to know about these things? Weren’t supposed to question and analyze the hints of the fantastic presenting themselves alongside the natural world,, maybe just a mysterious facet of the same?

Maybe in one of those books /scrolls destroyed in the great Alexandrian Library, or in those doubtlessly still lying undiscovered in a clay pot or cave in the sea of deserts and tunnels and buried wells, perhaps there are records that describe many things in a real light that we today can only look at  at unsure to say the least.

Richard Carter


Author:Richard Carter

Mayhem – Law ; the crime of willfully inflicting a bodily injury on another so as to make the victim less capable of self-defense or, under modern statutes, so as to cripple or mutilate the victim. (dictionary)

It’s not an uncommon occurrence for victims of a crime to be more mentally damaged than physically damaged.
In this sense the monsters both literal and human of Bates County have inflicted debilitating fear on certain residents and taken, not only their peace of mind, but their belief that they can affect the situation.

This is a report for the 12th day of Sept, 2012

Using a new vehicle and additional cameras, we left Butler in the mid afternoon. It was our hope to visit a  shop in Henry county and talk with an old friend awhile before heading back to Butler.

We took a more scenic route through the country, going out H-highway, due East and as is my practice I took pictures along the way when I felt the urge.   Out of this trip, I got a lot of pretty scenery, but also a few images that raise questions.   One was taken as we came to a stop at a turning point. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and turned to see maybe 50 to 70 yards away activity at the edge of some woods.   

I took the picture because I couldn’t tell much from my location with accuracy and hoped later the cameras zoom and further inspection might clear it  up . I found later what I’d seen was an  almost flesh-colored object moving, and a near black shape , carrying dragging or moving the other form along.

closeup of the objects ,,, i saw from a distance, as we were stopping to turn. turning The shadow of the telephone pole falls accross the pinkish white object,, do you see a set of legs,? what do you see?

I expected it to be mundane, and so I concentrated on the  work at hand of watching for new locations to shoot. We were hard up for time. The store we wished to reach was closing soon and we wondered if we were going to make it in time driving straight through.

Because of this rush, there was no time or desire to stop along the way and set up the tripod for better shots. The pictures taken along the way  were just tests for the new camera.  This may seem ludicrous given the possibilities of this particular scene, but at that time it was a vague image at a distance, one we are anxious about now that we’ve seen it enlarged, and weighed the visual clues in our minds a bit.  There is an understanding all researchers must have in field work. You will not catch everything  that is occurring near you.   You may pass a crime scene, blindly, while watching the sky. Because we are being attentive to one thing doesn’t mean we are sensitive and in touch with everything going on around us.

The daylight has its own pitfalls. The very visibility of all that stretches panoramically around you comes at you, all in a single package. It is experienced in a whole gaze, not broken down into individual layers much easier to sift through.

Is the form I spoke of a set of legs in the grasp of something? Both disappeared into the bushes, and there seemed to be  movement in both at the time.  They were in view for under 4 seconds and I believe taking the picture a second later than I did,  I would have missed the objects  all together. The enlarged scene frightens me.  I know the way the human body bends through my study of anatomy. I know its appearance and proportion from a distance and I know, even at the end of the summer, not everyone has a Copper Tone Tan.

Next we found along the way a silhouette walking or standing along the roadside. At first I thought the hips were stuck out with the abdomen and torso above it thrust forward and up, but I think now that the vacancy with its square edged shape might be an object in one hand, as though something book shaped was in the left hand, there against one hip.

The figure  like anomalies,  falls into the category I think of as Shadow folk.

Look at the dark version of this same photo in the compilation to the left. The outline is crisp. There is something there, where no trees stood or objects are erected .  Something is silhouetted against the weeds behind it, those that catch the rapidly descending suns rays.

In the image with the outline drawn next to it, I think I matched it fairly accurately. Then finally there is the greenish-yellow or yellowish-green pumpkin like shape that has eyes very similar to those of Clemual.  What is so striking about this similarity is that this picture was taken on the same road he was photographed on , later this same night as the other photos shown.

Clemual’s image was taken to the Columbia conference on UFO’s and was found there to be quite clear and quite disturbing.  The color of this head (?) was different, lighter, possibly because of  rays from the headlights .

The photo to the right is a grouping of different views as we got closer. You must remember, these are views after the photos were lightened a bit, In the original image, just as with Clem, the face is almost lost in the murky darkness. Even the flash, alone, was not enough to reveal either. With a small degree of lightening and they popped out in detail.

The face, at first, was thought close to the ground, but taking into consideration the fact the fields next to the road were sloped, the height could be much taller, in the human range of height.

As always we have to assume skullduggery is possible,  but the chances, I believe, of someone in costume are slim. The reason someone would have for hiding in these locations to frighten others away just doesn’t make sense.

As far as we’re aware, it is not supposed to be an area of drug labs or other hidden activities, but when it comes down to it, (Who knows)?

The culverts nearby were the large type, with two tunnels. I’ve not been inside these, but I am rigging up a tool to expand my cameras reach to better view beneath bridges and inside these type of openings.  I don’t suggest anyone  descending to these locations  unless you are trying to retrieve something dropped and then with extreme care, if approached at all. Reptiles are creatures that seek safe environments to hold up in. They have been found at many of these type of locations,  because wood washes down these waterways and builds piles, that sometimes (especially in droughts) remain dry for some time.  They are not the best of places to hang your scaly hat, but we have found them there on occasion, sometimes in mass.

I think everyone should  keep a much better record than we have shown here. We are working to better our methods. This is very important. You are examining spots that, for the most part, are seen little if at all by other people. Maybe the city or highway crews are sent in to mow or trim back brush in busier more prominent areas, but you have to remember this isolation also makes these places the dumping grounds of choice for killers.  Just watch Cold Case programs occasionally and you’ll see how many final resting places of the unfortunate are very similar to these type locations. Evil people have used these sort of pots,  probably for ages and ages, but eventually through erosion or hunters or laborers most things are found. Someone will find  them.

The likelihood of this is small, but if you stumble upon a possible scene of a crime, it should be handled promptly and with as detailed a log of your activities as possible. You should list the times you stopped at certain areas, a record as well of  suspicious sounds you heard along the way, movement in fields etc. You must remember your willingness to help authorities will go a long way towards your elimination as a suspect. Yes you, out in the field, spending your free time in a research far from acknowledgement, will seem a suspicious presence in the same area.  There is no easy explanation, no way you can do this without risk. Life is messy and often we are left someone else’s mess to clean up.  Do the right thing, the thing your conscience requires and be sensible in this effort and you should  come through the situation in our scenario just fine.

You have none of the qualifications or rights a policeman or private investigator has, but you are responsible, none the less, for acting in a manner that mirrors their attention to detail,, and their awareness of their vulnerable position, especially when investigating remote spots. First and foremost no decision you make, no choice of actions should endanger the public in any way, and in that, alone, there are many things to consider.

What we bring you are sometimes backward glances at all the activity going on around us. We needed more eyes and have found them. The next article will cover the means in which we will use them..

Till next time, stay safe,


Still the Struggle with Belief

Author: Richard Carter

Luckily we live in a world built upon foundations of fact. It’s a place where all our realities are concrete, things you can see and hold in your hand. Everything is either proved out in science or the belief systems that vary throughout the world.

First only a portion of the above is true.  Much of history is records of warriors of various peoples representing one belief system or another, trying to elevate one form of piety above the other.   Though interests, today, lay in fuel and land acquisition as well, there are underlying bitterness that can, none the less, be traced back to the crusades and further back still.

Our history and growth is laced with contradictions. We are a paradox as a species and really quite comical when we honestly evaluate our selves.  There are sureties of course. We can analyze materials before us and know with some certainty just what we’re dealing with. We can make compounds and devise better ways to make things, and history is full of the proofs of our ascension.

Yet one of our strengths or weaknesses is our ability to so proficiently hedge on our bets, to double back in our logic, trying to cover all the bases.  Belief sometimes seems more a potpourri of idiocy, a hit of an intoxicating drug than a decisions based on reason.

We put our lives in the hands of science every day.  We ingest the compounds and foodstuffs science proclaims fit for our consumption.  We ride in machines made of tons of metal and plastic at high rates of speed trusting the knowledge of engineers in the world of automotive design and construction.

Our lives are so molded by the staples and trinkets of science that when the power for them is temporarily lost, some of us, on one level or another, all but panic.  It must be concrete in our world, have substance in either mold-able material or proven theory, but, at the same time the second half of man’s growth; his cultural ascension proclaims the exact opposite to be true. Here lies the twist, the crux that makes us so odd.

That which is real in our world must have substance- it must be measurable and detectable by instruments we have devised to prove out such things, but Religion has none of these qualities, none of these requirements.  Still it has immeasurable power in our world of facts and figures and updated technologies.

On one hand we are told not to believe in supernatural beings sometimes seen with our own eyes,  yet we’re told as well to get up Sunday morning and get dressed to go worship not just (another being) but one considered all powerful.

There are no fairies or spirits of the air. They are the childish dreams inspired by bed time stories, but we are told not only that there are Angels (winged beings, of the air,) but that each of us has one, our guardian Angel.   God himself is a truckload of contradictions to the assumptions in our world based on facts. He can appear as a mist, as a column of fire, as a burning bush, or in a number of different ways.    Just take away his title and suggest you’ve seen similar anomalies and you’re not far from the 72 hour visit to the hospital or the drunk tank.

You could lose your family, your friends, your career, for passionately testifying of your experience with something fantastic, but if you claim it is a religious experience you’re thought, by most, to be blessed.

So, why is it we have such a hard time, are so inconsistent in our guidelines? Why can a once crippled man casting away his crutch as he dances away from the healing preacher at a revival or someone talking in tongues carried away filled with spirit, be that much more believable than a person relating  their strange experience with bright lights and an almost euphoric  abduction?

There is a Holy city in Italy because the early leaders of the church were closet generals, on a much larger scale. They found a weapon stronger than the edge of a sharp sword or axe, excommunication. They knew that as the belief grew so did the dedication to it by its followers. The larger the faith, the more concrete it looked from the outside to others and so man’s general need to be part of a group aided these leaders in every pronouncement , and verdict leveled at Europe and the surrounding world. The churches blessing was often tantamount to the success or failure of a venture, whether that outing was the expanded trade routes of a merchant or the campaign of a war lord.

Today the Holy city has its own police force and I believe unit of military like security. This and the millions of churches throughout the world, the countless followers all a product of a being we cannot see or touch, one whose only link with reality lies not in the requirements of science and the mature world, but in a feeling in our hearts, a conviction in our minds.

The things seen and experienced by the ever growing number of us, that have no place in our grown up mentally stable world, are no less fantastic , no less heart felt and believed than the teachings and beliefs in our religion that suffuses many of our lives.

Not so long ago an ex-preacher, responding to one of our articles, claimed if it’s not in the Bible it doesn’t exist.   If he had the time or willingness to listen, I’d show him the multiple places where the bible proves out the very events in our days that he denies are possible.

So finally those of us who claim to be believers need to bear our mantel with pride and not half-heartedness. We need to use the same logic and open mind we apply to our God, the Supreme Being who lives in the clouds with his armies of winged creatures much like us. That is what we’re taught, right?

Author: Lori Carter

We haven’t posted anything lately. Life got in the way. We just wanted to let you know that we are continuing our research and will be posting again in a few days.  We have, in no way, decided to stop our research, there have just been some things we needed to attend to. Keep checking back as we do have new photos we will be posting.