Author: Lori Carter

We varied our route somewhat from what was stated last night. We didn’t actually get on the road until 7:18 after we got gas. We took the route out 52 West with a left turn onto “V” as planned. We then took a left on 1002, which goes by the pig farm we had the pictures of the weird hand in the dumpster from. The area around the pig farm has changed, The gate was open, but the house that sat at the top of the farm is gone. It is unknown whether it was torn down or if some natural catastrophe happened. The dumpster where we found the deformed “pig” appendage are no longer up by the gate, so we just kept going and did not linger.

Our method for shooting pictures is simple. We drive slowly down the roads, stopping for a few seconds, enough time to shoot one or two pictures into areas that draw our attention. We are using two cameras now instead of one. I shoot a picture off to my side when we stop, and often shoot up the road and behind us as we go. This is more of a precaution than research, because we believe that the human element in our abduction could have approached us from the rear.

We continued, crossing over 7001 at 7:43, crossing 5001 at 7:58 and driving past Island Mound (the site of a famous Civil war battle.) We turned around at K Highway at 8:04 and decided to go back the way we came instead of taking “K” to “52” and back into town. We stopped at Island Mound on the way back, and Richard walked the fence line. I took this picture of him as he stood inside the gate. You can clearly see an orb up to the left of him. If you enlarge the picture you can see that it was in motion.

Orb Moving toward Richard at Island Mound


We continued down 1002 back to “V”, went left on “52” at 8:49 toward Butler. We decided to take a detour on the way down the dairy road. We call it this because it runs behind a Dairy Farm on “52” but we haven’t been able to locate a street sign. We had found several oddities along this road on previous trips. We drove down, over the bridge, and turned around just past a hunting cabin. We went down “Dairy” road at 8:55 and exited there around 9:20. We arrived home at 9:35. As far as we can tell, we did not lose any time on this trip. We will share the findings of our photos after Richard has had time to process them all.